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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3210 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3210
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It took Yang Kai half a month to completely settle down these hundreds of thousands of people. During this time, he was so busy that his feet didn’t even touch the ground. Fortunately, Hua Qingsi and Bian Yuqing were there to help him, otherwise he would have been worried to death.

High Heaven Palace had more than a hundred Spirit Peaks of various sizes. Originally, it was empty, but now it was filled with people. The smaller Spirit Peaks had a few hundred people living on them, while the largest peaks had two or three thousand.

With more than a hundred thousand people scattered around these hundreds of Spirit Peaks, High Heaven Palace suddenly became extremely lively.

With so many people, managing all of them was indeed a troublesome matter, but Hua Qingsi had suggested that each peak choose a Peak Master and over a hundred Peak Masters would be responsible under her, while the new disciples on Spirit Peak would be handled by the Peak Masters. This way, things would be much easier.

Chi Yue, Ai Ou, Gu Cangyun, and Guizu naturally had the ability to guard their respective peaks, and all of them were Spirit Peaks of the main peak. Although their cultivation had yet to reach the Emperor Realm, all of them were at the 3rd order Dao Source Stage, far stronger than cultivators from Star Field.

Because of this, the four of them gave up on Five Saint Peak and moved to their respective Spirit Peaks. The disciples under them were easy to divide, and Gu Cangyun was the Union Master of Sword Union. Yang Kai had brought almost all of Sword Union’s elites with him this time, so he could easily hand over all of Sword Union’s disciples to him. He believed that these disciples would be more than happy to do so. If there were not enough people, they could also be transferred from other places.

On the other hand, Ai Ou was commanding a Spirit Peak formed by a group of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce cultivators, Guizu was from the original High Heaven Sect, and Chi Yue was also sharing some of High Heaven Sect’s people. This was because Yang Kai had assigned the three thousand Monster Race to the three Monster Kings, so she had no one to use.

The other Star emperor Sect Elders like Ye Xiyun, as well as Qiu Yimeng, Old Demon, and the other Origin King Realm had all become Peak Masters.

With such a bargain, the situation of High Heaven Palace immediately became clear and it would be extremely convenient to manage in the future.

Yang Kai, together with Hua Qingsi and Bian Yuqing, patrolled the various peaks and after confirming that everything was going smoothly, he finally had time to rest for a few days.

As for resting, it wasn’t like he had nothing to do, it was just that he wasn’t as busy as he was in the beginning.

With more than a hundred thousand people living here, they would definitely need a large amount of cultivation resources and cultivation techniques. Now that everyone had come to the Star Boundary, the cultivation techniques in the Star Field would no longer be able to keep up with the pace, so naturally they would need to change to higher-level cultivation techniques.

Fortunately, ever since Yang Kai entered the Star Boundary, he had killed countless people and had even destroyed a top Sect like Asking Passion Sect, so he had indeed collected a lot of cultivation methods. There were many different kinds of cultivation methods that were suitable for all kinds of cultivators.

Hua Qingsi, on the other hand, had long since prepared for the worst. She had built a library on a main peak that contained countless Secret Technique and Cultivation Technnique, allowing over a hundred Peak Masters to choose from.

The problem of the Martial Skills had been temporarily resolved, and the only thing left was the cultivation resources.

Most of the cultivators in the Star Field used Saint Crystals, while the Star Boundary used Source Crystals. The two were on completely different levels. Fortunately, High Heaven Palace had accumulated a great deal of Source Crystals over the years, Yang Kai also managed to extort some from the three Holy Venerable a few days ago. Coupled with the fact that Hua Qingsi had been trading with the Southern Domain’s Violet Source Chamber of Commerce for the past fifty years, High Heaven Palace’s disciples wouldn’t need to worry about using Source Crystals to cultivate.

As for the Violet Source Chamber of Commerce’s trade, it was held every year, and the amount of goods they traded was enormous, so after fifty years, there would definitely be a surplus of goods.

There was no need to think too much about Source Crystals, the only thing he had to consider right now was the issue of pills.

This trip from the Star Field had brought many Origin King Realm cultivators, and as time passed, more people would be promoted to the Origin King Realm.

The Origin King Realm was nothing, but the Origin King Realm breaking through to the Dao Source Stage was the process of consuming pills, because any cultivator would need to use Source Congealing Pill to assist in the conversion of Source Qi.

Yang Kai had experienced this process many years ago, as had Chi Yue, Guizu, and the others. Without the assistance of the Source Congealing Pill, it would take at least ten or twenty years for a Origin King Realm to completely convert their Saint Qi into Source Qi, and this was if they were fast, if they were slow it might take decades or hundreds of years.

Therefore, in the next ten or even a hundred years, High Heaven Palace would need an uncountable number of Source Congealing Pill. With such a massive amount of Source Congealing Pill, just relying on the refinement of one’s own Sect would definitely be insufficient, even if High Heaven Palace now had a Spirit Pill Peak, it would still be far from enough.

While cultivating their Alchemists, they also needed to purchase a large number of pills.

Because of this, Yang Kai had Hua Qingsi, who had just returned, make a trip to the Southern Domain and take away a large number of Monster Beast Cores, preparing to exchange them with the Violet Source Chamber of Commerce for a batch of Source Congealing Pill.

Yang Kai had more than a million Monster Beast Cores, all of which he had obtained after entering the Wild Ancient Land and the Monster Beast Tomb. This was the accumulation of tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years in the Wild Ancient Land, but Yang Kai had swept away all of them, including quite a few 12th order Monster Beast Cores. He believed that Violet Source Chamber of Commerce would be happy to make such a deal. For this emergency Source Congealing Pill, Yang Kai had taken out more than ten thousand different kinds of Monster Beast Cores. It could be said that he had spent a lot of money.

After a busy month, Yang Kai finally relaxed.

On this day, he led Xia Ning Chang up a Spirit Peak.

This peak was also one of High Heaven Palace’s main peaks. Compared to the other Spirit Peaks, it had a more beautiful scenery and rich Spiritual Qi. The fragrance of flowers and birds filled the air.

Unlike the other Spirit Peaks, even though this main peak was extremely tall, it was still cold and quiet, simply because Yang Kai didn’t allow any cultivators from the Star Field to disturb this Spirit Peak.

This peak was High Heaven Palace’s Spirit Pill Peak!

There were two other similar Spirit Peaks, Spirit Formation Peak and Spirit Artifact Peak. The corresponding Peak Masters were Nanmen Dajun and Hou Yu. Of course, these two Peak Masters had been forcibly appointed by Yang Kai, so whether they agreed or not, from now on, the two of them would be the Peak Masters of Spirit Formation Peak and Spirit Artifact Peak.

Spirit Pill Peak did not have a Peak Master, but it was the mountain where Emperor Pill Master Ji Ying resided.

Strictly speaking, Ji Ying couldn’t be considered a member of High Heaven Palace. After all, he was the Fifth Disciple of Wonderful Pill Great Emperor. It was only because he had failed in his Pill Refining competition with Yang Kai that he had remained in High Heaven Palace to help Yang Kai refine pills.

Ji Ying was a good person. Not only did he have the cultivation of an Emperor Realm, but he was also an Emperor Pill Master and was also the personal disciple of Wonderful Pill Great Emperor. These three identities were extremely eye-catching no matter where they were placed, and the combination of these three identities was even more terrifying. If he didn’t admit it, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. He couldn’t possibly kill him, because if he did, he would definitely offend Wonderful Pill Great Emperor. The anger of a Great Emperor was no joke.

However, he really stayed behind to fulfill his bet with Yang Kai and refine a large number of Spirit Pills for High Heaven Palace. The quality of the Spirit Pills he refined was not only extremely high, but also guaranteed.

He also brought a few of his disciples to Spirit Pill Peak.

In the entire Spirit Pill Peak, only Ji Ying and his few disciples lived here. Other than them, there were only a few young boys who were in charge of odd jobs.

Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang quickly arrived at the summit. In front of the main hall, a man in his twenties was waiting. When he saw Yang Kai, he bowed and said, “Palace Master Yang, Master is waiting for you, please follow me.”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded, knowing that Ji Ying had noticed his arrival.

As the disciple entered the hall, Ji Ying quickly walked over and greeted him warmly, “Brother Yang, it’s been a long time.” The two of them had not seen each other for more than ten years, which was quite a long time. The reason he was so enthusiastic was not only because he had lost to Yang Kai in Pill Refining, but also because of Gongsun Mu.

Thanks to Yang Kai, Wonderful Pill Great Emperor’s Third Disciple Gongsun Mu was able to return to Medicine Pill Valley after his death, so Ji Ying was naturally grateful to him.

“Brother Ji!” Yang Kai replied with a smile.

Ji Ying grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and said, “Brother Yang, you’ve come at just the right time. Recently, i’ve been experimenting with a new Pill Refining technique and have gained some insights. I was just about to ask Brother Yang for advice.”

He was an Emperor Pill Master, so there were only a few people in the world who could discuss Pill Refining with him. He had a few Senior Brother and Sister, but all of them had been taught by the same master, so there was no point in discussing it with them.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was different. Although Ji Ying didn’t know who had imparted his Pill Refining skills to him, he knew that Yang Kai’s skill in Pill Refining was not inferior to his own, and he had his own unique style. If Ji Ying could exchange a few pointers with him, he would definitely benefit greatly.

“Uh…” Yang Kai was speechless, thinking to himself that Alchemists were all madmen. He had come here for a reason, but he hadn’t expected to be caught by Ji Ying.

Thinking that he still had something he needed to ask later, Yang Kai could only humbly say, “I don’t dare to offer advice, but I’d like to discuss it with Brother Ji.”

In the last Pill Refining competition, defeating him was also a kind of luck. Yang Kai didn’t think he was really better than Ji Ying. He had his own specialties and Ji Ying was also stronger than him.

Ji Ying laughed heartily, “Brother Yang is too modest, even Master is praising your Pill Refining skills, but unfortunately…”

“What is it?” Yang Kai was stunned, wondering if Wonderful Pill Great Emperor had any complaints about him.

“Unfortunately, you can’t focus on Pill Refining.”

So that’s it… Yang Kai grinned, “Three thousand Great Daos, one of them is enough for me to enjoy.”

Ji Ying was stunned for a moment before nodding, “You’re right.”

Without further ado, he pulled Yang Kai into his Pill Refining Room and began refining some precious herbs.

Xia Ning Chang naturally followed along. Ji Ying didn’t know her background, but seeing that her relationship with Yang Kai was somewhat unusual, he didn’t stop her. In any case, his Pill Refining skills weren’t something anyone could learn just because they wanted to.

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