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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3205 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3205
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At this time, if they really agreed, the ones who would suffer would be the three Holy Venerable. At that time, they would all become brother and sister, so how could they not help with the matter of High Heaven Palace? They would definitely have to send a dozen Monster Kings to help this Fourth Brother.

This was the thing they were most worried about, how could they take the initiative to approach?

The harmonious atmosphere suddenly froze.

Yang Kai observed their expressions, but how could he not know what they were thinking? He coldly snorted in his heart, thinking that in this world, strength was the most important thing. These three were probably looking down on him, otherwise why would they show such a difficult expression?

He was just saying it casually and didn’t really mean it. All he wanted was the rich resources of the Ancient Land. Since others didn’t want to, how could he force them? Forcefully picked melons weren’t sweet, not to mention Yang Kai didn’t think he was any worse than these three. He had already slaughtered his way through Dragon Island, so how could these three Holy Spirits, who were much worse than the Dragon Race, be worthy of his attention?

He laughed and said, “It’s just a joke, don’t worry about it.”

Fan Wu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and squeezed out a smile, “Brother Yang is truly a wonderful person. Come, come, this Fan will offer you another toast.” Saying so, he shot Luan Feng and Cang Gou a meaningful glance.

After a few glasses of wine, the awkward atmosphere eased significantly.

At dusk, a brilliant light filled the sky as Fan Wu and the other two stood up to bid farewell.

Yang Kai said enthusiastically, “I’ll see you off.”

“No need, no need,” Fan Wu quickly said, “We’ll take care of ourselves. Brother Yang, please rest.” He didn’t want Yang Kai to wander around the Ancient Land, so how could he let him send them off?

“Then… alright!” Yang Kai nodded and cupped his fists, “Then I’ll have to trouble the three of you.”

“Not at all, Brother Yang, please stay!” Fan Wu smiled and bid farewell to the Elder and Mu Na before flying up into the sky with Luan Feng and Cang Gou.

Yang Kai waved his hand enthusiastically, “This little brother will remember your good intentions today and will pay you a visit another day to express my gratitude. Good day!”

Fan Wu and the other two, who were just about to turn around and leave, staggered and nearly fell from the sky. Fan Wu took a few deep breaths while Luan Feng turned around to glare at Yang Kai.

The three figures turned into streaks of light and disappeared. Yang Kai stood in place, his brow furrowed as he scratched his head, “Strange, really strange!”

“Pfft!” Mu Na laughed again.

The Elder also couldn’t help smiling.

Yang Kai turned around and looked at them, “Elder, Patriarch, what do you think these three are doing today? Did they come all the way here to deliver something to me? I don’t seem to have much of a relationship with them.” He was only a bit familiar with Luan Feng, why having some dealing with Fan Wu and Cang Gou.

Even if he had Zhang Ruoxi behind him, there was no need for them to act like this.

“Do you really not know, or are you just pretending not to know?” Mu Na was also speechless towards him. The thoughts and actions of Fan Wu and the others today were like lice on the top of her head. It was obvious, but Yang Kai was completely confused and even said something about becoming sworn brother and sister.

Wasn’t this forcing him to his death?

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he cupped his fists, “Please enlighten me, Patriarch.”

“How did you survive until now?” Mu Na stared at him in amazement.

The Elder chuckled, “He can’t think clearly about this matter, so he can’t be blamed for being slow-witted. I’m afraid he doesn’t know the inside story either.”

Hearing this, Mu Na thought for a moment before saying, “That’s right, little brat, I’ll tell you what happened today…”

Listening to Mu Na’s explanation, Yang Kai suddenly understood and pointed at himself, “Are they afraid I’ll kidnap those Mosnter Kings?”

Mu Na said, “The Monster King’s cultivations have almost reached the peak, so if they want to improve further, they can only target the Blood Gate. As for you, you are the only one who can speak with the descendant of Heaven Punishment. Shi Jiu was able to enter the Blood Gate thanks to you. With this precedent, can you understand what kind of position you hold in the hearts of these Monster Kings?”

Yang Kai was still somewhat stunned, “Although I already knew about this, I didn’t expect it to have such a big impact.”

Ying Fei, Xi Lei, and Xie Wuwei were all Monster Kings on duty under his command. When he had brought them out of the Ancient Land, he had only used them as an excuse. After the matter was settled, when Yang Kai wanted to send them back, the three Monster Kings had been unwilling, but after learning that the Space Law Formation had been destroyed and they could remain in High Heaven Palace, the three of them had been overjoyed.

It wasn’t that they had forgotten their roots, it was just that when people walked higher, water flowed lower, so did the Monster Kings.

Yang Kai said thoughtfully, “If that’s the case, wouldn’t I be able to take all the Monster Kings with me if I waved my hand in the Ancient Land?”


Yang Kai said, “If I ask them to kill Fan Wu and the others with me…”

“In your dreams!” Mu Na looked at him disdainfully, “The Three Holy Venerable have ruled the Ancient Land for many years, and under their influence, which Monster King has the courage to confront them head-on? In order to enter the Blood Gate, they may be willing to follow you and listen to your orders, but if you dare ask them to deal with Fan Wu, Luan Feng, and Cang Gou, I’m afraid they won’t be satisfied.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “I’m just casually saying.” His expression brightened as he said, “It seems I’ll have to visit the Ancient Land more often in the future.”

As long as he came, he didn’t even need to do anything. All he needed to do was spread the word and that Fan Wu, Luan Feng, and Cang Gou would probably give him some benefits and send him away.

Of course, this kind of thing could only be done once or twice, the Holy Spirits were not to be trifled with. If they were provoked, it would not be good to fall out with them.

In any case, after figuring out the whole story, Yang Kai’s mood became much better. Although he couldn’t treat the entire Ancient Land as High Heaven Palace’s back garden, in the future, he might be able to form a cooperative relationship with the three Holy Venerable of the Ancient Land, allowing them to obtain benefits from each other.

The Ancient Land produced a lot of resources, so High Heaven Palace could easily exchange them for some pills. The Monster Race didn’t know how to refine pills, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t use pills. On the contrary, the pills refined by humans were extremely rare among the Monster Race, so even if they were sold ten or twenty times as many pills, the supply would still be insufficient.

When the time came, High Heaven Palace would cooperate with the Vioulet Source Chamber of Commerce in the Southern Domain and the Wild Ancient Land in the Eastern Domain. As long as they could earn a certain price difference, High Heaven Palace would never have to worry about their disciples’ cultivation resources.

Moreover, this was an exclusive business, so even if others were jealous, they wouldn’t be able to learn it. After all, they didn’t have a cross domain Space Law Formation.

He already had a vague idea that when he returned to High Heaven Palace, he might be able to get Hua Qingsi to come up with a feasible plan.

“Right, Patriarch, you said you had something to say to me before, what is it?” Yang Kai suddenly remembered something and asked.

“Follow me,” Mu Na’s expression became solemn as she turned around and flew towards the tree hole.

Yang Kai didn’t know what she wanted to do, so he could only follow.

Inside the tree hole, Mu Na turned around to face him. After Yang Kai walked in, she raised her hand and the tree hole suddenly closed, isolating them from the outside world.

Yang Kai’s heart was filled with suspicion, but he also knew that Mu Na wouldn’t harm him. The Wood Spirit Race didn’t like to fight.

Just as he was about to speak, Mu Na suddenly flew towards him and whispered, “Close your eyes.”

Yang Kai obediently did as he was told, and then he felt a very natural fragrance lingering at the tip of his nose, causing him to involuntarily take a few more breaths. Speaking of which, Mu Na was also a natural beauty, but due to the limitations of a Wood Spirit, she was only the size of a palm. If she were to be enlarged into the appearance of an ordinary human, she would definitely be a stunning existence.

Her aura was very pleasant, causing Yang Kai’s state of mind to suddenly become tranquil, as if he had entered an ethereal and natural state.

A moment later, Yang Kai heard a strange noise and a strange look appeared on his face because he felt that Mu Na was constantly sniffing around him.

“Patriarch, what is this?” Yang Kai secretly opened his eyes and asked.

If it was a normal woman, Yang Kai would have thought she was trying to seduce him, but Mu Na obviously wasn’t. Did he have some kind of strange aura on him? Otherwise, what was she sniffing?

There was no response, Mu Na continued downwards until she finally stopped at Yang Kai’s dantian. After sniffing a few times, a look of shock appeared on her face as she covered her red lips.

The tree hole was quiet. Yang Kai waited for a while before asking, “Can I open my eyes now?”


Yang Kai opened his eyes and saw Mu Na frowning, a troubled look on her face.

Today’s events were truly strange. First, Fan Wu and the others had come to deliver gifts, and now, he had been dragged into the tree hole by the Wood Spirit Patriarch…

“Do you know what our Wood Spirit Race is best at?” Mu Na suddenly asked.

“Cultivating spirit fruits, brewing fine wine! Right, singing and dancing are also quite good,” Yang Kai replied without even thinking.

Mu Na put her hand to her forehead, “My Wood Spirit Race is just like this in your eyes.”

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Is it not?”

Mu Na smiled wryly, “Of course not. We’re good at cultivating Spirit Fruits because we are born with the ability to communicate with plants. I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that in ancient times, our Wood Spirit Race was the caretaker of those Herbs Garden.”

Yang Kai nodded heavily.

“This is the innate Divine Ability of our Wood Spirit Race. In this world, any plant can play its greatest role in our hands because we are familiar with the habits and characteristics of these plants. This is something no other race can compare to.”

Yang Kai put on a look of enlightenment, but he had no idea what Mu Na was trying to say.

“It’s precisely because of this innate Divine Ability that our Wood Spirit Race can sense the existence of some very special plants,” Mu Na stared at Yang Kai with a burning gaze, “Do you have some particularly precious plants on you, like flowers, grass… trees!”

Yang Kai’s eyes twitched as he asked seriously, “Why do you say that?”

He really did have some precious plants on him, and he even wondered if Mu Na already knew something.

Mu Na said, “Don’t be nervous, I can tell because I smelled something.” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “Actually, when you came here last time, I noticed something, but I wasn’t too sure.”

“Are you certain now?”

“En,” Mu Na nodded, “Can you tell me what it is?”

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