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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3204 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3204
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Fan Wu lowered his stance, wanting to befriend Yang Kai, so Yang Kai naturally didn’t refuse. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, the host and guests were all enjoying themselves, and after three rounds of drinking, Fan Wu asked, “May I ask why Brother Yang has come to the Wild Ancient Land?”

“Just passing by,” Yang Kai replied casually.

“Passing by, haha…” Fan Wu chuckled lightly, obviously not believing this nonsense. According to the information he had obtained, Yang Kai had established a High Heaven Palace in the Northern Domain, but this place was the Eastern Domain, and it was a remote Wild Ancient land. No matter how much he passed by, it was impossible for him to pass by here.

What he didn’t know was that Yang Kai was telling the truth. Coming from Heng Luo Star Field, Yang Kai had really just happened to come here. Since he had come here, he might as well set up another Space Law Formation in the Wild Ancient Land. For him, it was just a matter of convenience.

However, when Fan Wu heard this, he couldn’t help feeling that this little brat had some ulterior motives and was probably planning to recruit the Monster Kings of the Wild Ancient Land, so he became even more vigilant.

If Yang Kai were to wander around the wild ancient land and wave his hand, even the twenty-nine Monster Kings would follow him. How could Fan Wu allow such a thing to happen under his nose?

“Does Brother Fan have some kind of advice for me?” Yang Kai glanced over at him and felt that today’s matter was a bit strange. Frowning, he said, “If there’s anything you want to say, why don’t you just speak frankly? There’s no point in beating around the bush.”

The three Holy Venerable cursed in their hearts while Luan Feng couldn’t help rolling her eyes. If it had been anyone else who said this, the three of them would have already turned hostile. Regardless of whether they really had such intentions or not, as long as there was something suspicious about them, they would immediately kill them to protect their own interests.

However, Fan Wu was certain that Yang Kai’s future was limitless, and it was likely that his strength would rise to the same level as them sooner or later. With the backing of the Heaven Punishment descendant, how could he dare to easily offend him?

Chuckling, Fan Wu said, “I heard that Brother Yang established a Sect in the Northern Domain. The three of us have been staying in the Wild Ancient Land for a long time and haven’t been able to come here to offer our congratulations, so I’m really sorry.”

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Brother Fan is being too serious. I’m just making a small fuss, how can I compare to the three of you living freely in this wild ancient land?”

These words were the truth. Although the Wild Ancient Land was a bit more dangerous and filled with the power of the Primordial World, making it impossible for ordinary people to withstand it, this place was a natural treasure trove. There were all kinds of spirit flowers and spirit grasses, as well as many Earth Vein Source Crystal Ores. The three Holy Venerable occupied an extremely good Heavenly Abode in the world, with dozens of Monster Kings under their command, making Yang Kai extremely envious.

If High Heaven Palace could be established here, in less than a hundred years, it would definitely become one of the top Sects in the entire Star Boundary.

However, when these words reached the ears of Fan Wu and the other two, they couldn’t help feeling like there was more to this guy’s words than met the eye. What, not only did this guy take a liking to their Monster Kings, but he also took a liking to their territory? Could it be that this guy wanted to snatch their territory? This was simply too much!

The faces of the three Holy Venerable who had first set their sights on Yang Kai became somewhat ugly, no longer bothering to beat around the bush with him. Fan Wu took out a few Space Rings and placed them on the wooden table, gently pushing them towards Yang Kai with a smile on his face.

Yang Kai looked at the Space Ring and then at the three Holy Venerable, blinking and asking, “What do you mean?”

Fan Wu smiled slightly and said, “Brother Yang’s High Heaven Palace has just been established, so I’m afraid it will require a great deal of financial resources. The three of us won’t be able to help much, but at least the Wild Ancient Land still has some output, so we would like to ask Brother Yang to accept this small gift as a token of our support.”

What was going on? Yang Kai was stunned.

It was undeniable that when he had asked the Twin-Horned Monster Commander to deliver a message to Luan Feng yesterday, he had indeed made up his mind to extort some money from her. He had already thought of a way to say that the Space Law Formation had cost him a great deal of wealth and effort. Since it had been smashed by Luan Feng, he would have to pay some compensation. If Luan Feng refused, he would refuse to leave and would definitely ask for some benefits.

Two of the Space Lw Formation he had set up had already been destroyed, one by Luan Feng and the other by the Iron Blood Great Emperor. He didn’t dare to cause trouble for Irong Blood Great Emperor, if he ran into him, he would have to run away.

However, this matter was only directed at Luan Feng and had nothing to do with Fan Wu and Cang Gou. Moreover, he and Luan Feng were not enemies, and he had even borrowed Luan Feng’s influence in the past, so he naturally wouldn’t go too far. As long as Luan Feng gave him some compensation, this matter would be settled. He wasn’t an unreasonable person.

Unexpectedly, before he even had the chance to extort them, they had come to him on their own accord, not just one, but three.

How strange, how could there be someone in this world who would voluntarily send themselves to be knocked down?

With nine Space Rings in front of him, Yang Kai didn’t even need to think about it to know that these Space Rings had been distributed by Fan Wu and the other two, so each of them would definitely give three.

Could there be some kind of trick? Yang Kai felt that today’s events were a bit strange. Fan Wu and the others seems to be too enthusiastic today, so much so that he couldn’t bear it.

However, even if this was a trap, Yang Kai wasn’t so timid that he didn’t even have the courage to investigate a space ring. Stretching out his hand, Yang Kai picked up a Space Ring and swept it with his Divine Sense. His brow furrowed and his eyes widened.

So many Source Crystal!

There was no way to calculate it carefully, but the Source Crystals inside this ring were all mid-grade and above, as well as quite a number of high-grade Source Crystals. A rough estimate would be no less than a hundred million high-grade Origin Crystals. A hundred million high-grade Source Crystals was a massive number, and if converted to mid-grade Source Crystals, it would be ten billion, while low-grade Source Crystals were a trillion!

Clearing his throat, Yang Kai quietly picked up another Space Ring and examined it. Countless spirit flowers and herbs appeared before his eyes, each of them extremely old.

The third Space Ring contained rare ores.

Source Crystals, herbs, ores, as well as Monster Beast Cores.

The first three were basically useless to the Monster Race, not to mention Source Crystals and ores. The Monster Race’s cultivation did not rely on Source Crystals, but rather on absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, relying on their accumulation over the years.

Although the herbs were somewhat useful, no one in the Wild Ancient Land knew how to refine pills, so the Monster Race only took them and swallowed them whole, unable to display much of their medicinal efficacy.

On the other hand, the Monster Beast’s Core was extremely useful to them. Swallowing the Monster Beast’s Core would allow their strength to rapidly increase.

However, the last time Yang Kai had come to the Wild Ancient Land, he had robbed many Monster Beast Cores. This time, Fan Wu and the others couldn’t gather enough, so they replaced them with rare ores.

The three Space Rings were divided into three categories, and the nine Space Rings were all the same.

The last time Yang Kai had left the Wild Ancient Land, he had taken away quite a lot of treasures, almost three times as much as the nine Space Rings, but that time was different. The two sides had fallen out with each other and fought a great battle. Later on, the bloodline of the Heaven Punishment descendant had awakened and the three Holy Venerable had been in a panic, so naturally they had paid a heavy price to appease Yang Kai’s anger.

This time, they just wanted to quickly send Yang Kai away. These things were already extremely valuable.

What he lacked, just the things he needed!

There were still more than a hundred thousand people waiting to be settled in the Mysterious Small Boundary. Once they were placed in High Heaven Palace, they would have a huge demand for resources, especially Source Crystals. Which cultivator didn’t need them for cultivation? There were also pills.

In Tongxuan Continent, for the sake of Xia Ning Chang, he had used up almost all of the Source Crystals in his Space Ring to set up the 108 Profound Heavenly Spirit Formation, so he was in desperate need of a large number of Source Crystals.

Although Hua Qingsi still had Source Crystals on her side and the trade route between High Heaven Palace and the Southern Domain should have been established, in the long run, who would complain about having too many Source Crystals?

With this wealth, at the very least, the disciples of High Heaven Palace didn’t need to worry too much about their cultivation.

“For me?” Yang Kai secretly swallowed his saliva. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen the outside world before, but the three Holy Venerable’s act of providing charcoal in snowy weather was truly puzzling.

Fan Wu laughed loudly, “Since we’ve taken it out, Brother Yang can’t possibly ask us to take it back, right? That would be too excessive.”

“That’s right, Yang… Little Brother Yang, don’t tell me you won’t give me this little face,” Cang Gou also chimed in. Why did he feel that Little Brother Yang’s tone was so awkward?

“Little Brother Yang, don’t refuse,” Luan Feng smiled.

“Since that’s the case…” Yang Kai smiled like a blossoming flower, pretending to be aloof as he quickly put away the nine Space Rings and said, “The kid won’t refuse, hahahaha!”

Regardless of what they were planning, Yang Kai decided to take the benefits first. This was far more profitable than he had expected. However, given how rich the ancient land was, shouldn’t he make full use of it?

If they could use this ancient land as High Heaven Palace’s back garden, what worries would their future disciples have about cultivating? If they lacked Source Crystals, they could directly come here to mine, if they lacked pills, they could find herbs to refine, they could be completely self-sufficient. If that was the case, it would be difficult for High Heaven Palace to not rise.

A thought flashed across his mind and he blurted out, “Thank you for thinking so highly of me. This little brother is willing to become sworn brother and sister. I don’t wish to be born on the same day, month, or year, but I hope to share both fortune and misfortune together. What do you think?”

It was true that they shared good fortune and misfortune together, but if the three Holy Spirits couldn’t handle it, there was nothing he could do.

“Ah?” This change in topic was too fast and her thoughts were too jumpy. Luan Feng couldn’t help letting out a low cry as she covered her red lips with her hand.

Fan Wu and Cang Gou also frowned.

“Pfft…” Mu Na, who had been sitting on the Elder’s shoulder all this time, couldn’t help laughing as she looked at Yang Kai with interest, wondering if this boy was really stupid or just pretending to be stupid.

“This…” Even though Fan Wu’s mind was sharp, he didn’t know what to say at this moment, feeling a sense of helplessness.

This little brat really didn’t know shame, daring to boast so shamelessly about becoming sworn brother and sister with the three Holy Spirits. He didn’t deny that Yang Kai had great potential, and perhaps his future achievements would be higher than his, but that was only in the future. Who knew if he would be able to survive until then? A genius who died young had no value to befriend.

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