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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3193 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3193
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The main reason he had accepted his fate so readily was because his immediate superior was Yang Yan. If it had been the man with the feathered crown just now, Yang Kai would not have been so happy.

Yang Yan looked at him strangely, “What do you want to do with this Star Field? Why do you reject the jurisdiction of the Star Court?”

“What can I do?”

Yang Yan smiled and said, “Actually, you don’t need to act like this. Although it’s called jurisdiction, no one actually cares about it. You are still the Star Field’s Master, so you can do whatever you want. Of course, the only thing you can’t do is… destroy the Star Field!” As she finished speaking, her voice suddenly became low and her beautiful eyes looked towards the endless darkness, revealing a dignified look.

Yang Kai quickly changed the subject, “I understand. Speaking of which, since you appeared in such a timely manner, could it be that you have been paying attention to this Star Field?”

“It’s not that, it’s just a coincidence.” Although she was in charge of Heng Luo Star Field, how could she pay attention to this place at all times? Moreover, even if she was in a Star Court, paying attention to this place would take a lot of effort, so how could she have so much time and free time? It was just that when the feathered crown man received the summons and came to the Great Desolate Star Field, she had noticed something and inadvertently looked at the situation in Heng Luo Star Field, discovering Yang Kai’s existence. In the end, she had no choice but to come here and help Yang Kai survive.

However… she had a feeling that Yang Kai still had some kind of trump card. Even if she didn’t act, Yang Kai wouldn’t die from that move, and he would even have the strength to resist. It had only been a few dozen years, but he had already grown to such a level? When she had left that year, she had deliberately not brought him with her because she wanted him to temper himself more. The strength he had worked so hard to obtain was truly his, and what others gave him was only external.

She had long seen that Yang Kai was not an ordinary person, but she had not expected him to be able to transform into a dragon in such a short time.

She had underestimated him!

“Whether it’s a coincidence or not, I’ll have to thank you first,” Yang Kai casually rubbed his belly. The seal there had almost been released just now. If Yang Yan hadn’t descended, he would have definitely transformed into a Demon with his Dragon Transformation physique. At that time, he would have given the man with the feathered crown a big surprise, “You still haven’t told me what kind of conditions you made with that guy. He took away the Star Slaying Sword, don’t tell me he didn’t have to pay any price? Isn’t that too easy on him?”

“What guy, his name is…”

“Stop!” Yang Kai raised his hand, “I have no interest in knowing his name.”

Yang Yan smiled and said, “You’re quite vengeful.” She had watched the battle between Yang Kai and the feathered crown man from the beginning to the end, so she naturally knew about their previous exchange.

Yang Kai said seriously, “One day, he will take the initiative to tell me his name—when he dies.”

“That will depend on whether you have the ability or not,” Yang Yan didn’t try to persuade him otherwise. It wasn’t a bad thing for Yang Kai to have such a hateful heart. At the very least, he would be able to realize his shame and strive to become stronger. Hatred and women were two great motivations for a man to become stronger.

She waved her hand and pointed towards the endless darkness, “The Star Field that has been swallowed will belong to you from now on.”

Yang Kai looked at her expectantly, but after waiting for a long time, he couldn’t come up with anything, so he couldn’t help asking, “Nothing else?”

Yang Yan angrily said, “Then what else do you want?”

Yang Kai gnashed his teeth, “You really aren’t Yang Yan. Speak, who exactly are you!?” A few years ago, she had been so calculative over a few pieces of Saint Crystals, so how could she be so generous now? Yang Kai was still hoping to swallow the entire Great Desolate Star Field, but now it seemed like he had nothing to do with it. Moreover, the Star Field that had been swallowed belonged to him and could no longer be divided. Even if Yang Kai didn’t return it, the feathered crown man wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

This benefit… was simply not good.

“Do you think you’ve suffered a loss?” Yang Yan sneered.

Yang Kai’s blood was dripping in his heart, “Isn’t this a loss?”

“Wake up, little brat, if he reports this matter to the Star Court after returning, I guarantee you won’t live past three days. You’ll soon be captured and chopped into pieces!”

“I don’t think so,” Yang Kai felt somewhat guilty, “Senior Iron Blood is one of the ten Great Emperors, why would he personally attack me?”

“If you were just an ordinary Star Field Master, Iron Blood would naturally not bother with you, but are you an ordinary Star Field Master? What kind of cultivation method did you cultivate?”

Yang Kai muttered, “The Star Refining Art you taught me!”

“I’m not blind!” Yang Yan stretched out her hand and poked her own eyes, then pointed at the darkness in front of her, “Do you think I can’t see through this familiar feeling? Boy, you’re really something. It’s only been a few years since we last met, but you’ve actually inherited Heavens Devourer Battle Law and even cultivated the Heavens Devourer Battle Law.”

“What Heavens Devourer battle Law? I’ve never heard of it.”

“Trying to deceive me?”

“Good, good, it’s the Heavens Devourer Battle Law!” Seeing this, Yang Kai quickly admitted.

Yang Yan’s expression changed, “It really is the Heavens Devourer Battle Law!”

Yang Kai stared at her in shock, gritting his teeth, “Are you trying to trick me?”

However, Yang Yan’s entire body was trembling with anger, her face ashen as she clenched her fists tightly, her aura suddenly releasing a faint killing intent, causing Yang Kai’s hair to stand on end. Although he had not fought with Yang Yan, he had a feeling that Yang Yan was even stronger than the man with the feathered crown. Even if he really transformed into a Demonic Dragon, he might not be her opponent.

The killing intent came and went quickly. Yang Yan’s eyes drooped and her long eyelashes cast a shadow, causing others to be unable to see her expression as she painfully asked, “How could you be related to the Heaven’s Devourer?”

She was different from the man with the feathered crown. The man with the feathered crown only felt that something was wrong and felt that this cultivation technique was extremely profound, not something a person like Yang Kai could grasp or come into contact with. However, Yang Yan was someone who had participated in the Battle of Great Emperors and had personally witnessed the might of the Heaven’s Devourer Great Emperor, so she knew how terrifying the Heavens Devourer Battle Law was.

Yuan Ding, Yan Wu, Cang Hai, Qing Lian, and the other Great Emperors were all famous geniuses, but all of them had died at Wu Kuang’s hands.

She didn’t dare to be too certain that this was the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, so she had decided to trick Yang Kai with the mindset that she would rather miss it than regret it. She hadn’t expected to receive an answer that made her feel despair.

Wu Kuang was a sinner of the ages, and the root of this was none other than the Heavens Devourer Battle Law. Anyone who cultivated this Heavens Devourer Battle Law could not be allowed to exist in this world.

She said that if the Iron Blood Great Emperor knew about this matter, he would definitely tear him to pieces, she wasn’t just trying to scare him. Iron Blood was a forthright person who loved to fight and couldn’t stand the slightest bit of humiliation, and when the Great Emperors died in Wu Kuang’s hands, Cang Hai Great Emperor was his best friend.

If Iron Blood knew that there was still someone in this world who had obtained Wu Kuang’s Legacy Inheritance, how could he just let it go? At that time, even if Yang Yan and Lin Yun’er pleaded for mercy, it would probably be useless.

The agreement she had reached with the feathered crown man was that Yang Kai would return the Star Slaying Sword and the Starry Sky that had been swallowed would belong to Yang Kai. This was a condition that was easily accepted, and Yang Yan didn’t treat the feathered crown man too harshly. It was only because of this that the feathered crown man would view today’s matter as a humiliation and would probably never mention it in front of others.

Naturally, no one would notice the changes in Heng Luo Star Field. The Great Desolate Star Field was under the jurisdiction of the feathered crown man, and Heng Luo Star Field was under the jurisdiction of Yang Yan. As long as the two Star Envoys didn’t report this matter to the higher-ups, it would be settled.

That was why she said Yang Kai didn’t suffer any losses. Just concealing this matter was enough to put the feathered crown man in great danger.

Yang Yan’s voice was filled with grief and disappointment, causing Yang Kai to feel as if he had done something wrong. Suddenly feeling guilty, he pursed his lips and asked, “Is this really a big deal?”

He also knew that the Heavens Devourer Battle Law couldn’t be seen in public, so he had always been cautious all these years. However, he always felt that there was no such thing as evil in this world. What was evil was humans. The Heavens Devourer Battle Law’s characteristics were a bit strange, but no matter how strange it was, it was still just a cultivation technique.

However, he had never expected Yang Yan to have such a big reaction, causing his heart to feel warm. Although Yang Yan had changed a lot, she still cared about him. Only when she cared about him would she feel sad, and if she didn’t care about him, capturing Yang Kai and returning to the Star Court would clear her name.

“What do you know!” Yang Yan let out a sigh. It was no wonder his cultivation was so outstanding after only a few dozen years of cultivation. After cultivating the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, how could his cultivation not be fast? This was the best method to increase one’s cultivation and strength. Looking up, Yang Yan suddenly walked over to Yang Kai and grabbed his arm, her beautiful eyes sparkling.

“What are you doing!?” Yang Kai was startled, sensing something was wrong from her bright eyes.

Yang Yan said, “Your aptitude is quite good and your temperament is firm. Even if you start from the beginning, I’m sure it won’t be a big deal. Don’t worry, this time I’ll bring you back to the Star Court and personally guide you in your cultivation. I guarantee you will be able to restore your strength within a hundred years.”

“What do you mean?!” Yang Kai suddenly had a bad feeling.

Yang Yan decisively declared, “I will cripple your cultivation!”

Yang Kai was furious and raised his fist towards her, “You dare!”

With his current cultivation, how many times had he risked his life to survive? How could he be crippled just like that?

“Even if you don’t agree, you must agree!” Yang Yan insisted, a look of self-reproach appearing on her face, “This is all my fault. Back then, I left you here with good intentions, but I never expected you to take such a crooked path.”

“You’re the one who went astray, your whole family went astray, quickly let go, or else I’ll beat you up. Don’t think that just because you’re a woman I won’t beat you up.”

“You fight, you fight!” Yang Yan tilted her head and took the initiative to approach.

Yang Kai swung his fist, sending out a violent gust of wind, but Yang Yan did not try to dodge.

Yang Kai’s fist stopped three inches in front of her and she smiled proudly.

“Crazy woman!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and cursed.

Yang Yan said seriously, “Don’t be afraid, it’ll pass soon, just bear with it.”

“Calm down!” Yang Kai grabbed her other hand tightly, “Calm down.”

“The one who needs to calm down is you.”

“Good, I’ve also calmed down, I was really angered by you,” Yang Kai said helplessly, “En, listen to me, if you want to cripple my cultivation, then I won’t resist.”


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded firmly.

“Then tell me!”

Yang Kai gathered his thoughts for a moment before saying, “You’re right, I know the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, but I’ve never cultivated it before.”

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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