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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3185 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3185
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The stars were resplendent and everlasting, but they were being destroyed one after another, disappearing as if an invisible hand was wiping them out from the vast starry sky.

Wu Heng couldn’t bear it anymore, gritting his teeth and shouting, “Yang Kai!”

Now, his battle with Yang Kai had completely fallen into a disadvantageous position. Not only had he lost a vast Starry Sky, but he had also lost five Cultivation Stars in the Great Desolate Star Field.

If this silent battle continued like this, he would definitely lose everything he had and his heart would overflow with regret. If he had stopped when he discovered that the Star Master of Heng Luo Star Field had been born, perhaps he wouldn’t have had to deal with so many troublesome matters.

However, at that time, he had bullied Yang Kai into becoming the Star Field’s Master, not even putting him in his eyes. In fact, when he asked Yang Kai to hand over the Heng Luo Star Field, the hatred between them had already been forged.

Regret was useless now.

No matter what, he had to get rid of Yang Kai first. Even if he had to suffer more losses, it would be difficult to tolerate him doing whatever he wanted in his own territory.

With this thought in mind, Wu Heng no longer hesitated and split his attention to investigate Yang Kai’s situation.

In the distant Starry Sky, Wu Heng quickly found Yang Kai’s figure, and when he saw what was happening, he couldn’t help being dumbfounded, “What is this?”

More than half of the sixth Cultivation Star had disappeared, and on top of this broken Cultivation Star, a giant black monster that looked like a tadpole was slowly swallowing the Cultivation Star piece by piece, as if it was eating a delicious cake.

In the blink of an eye, another large chunk of the Cultivation Star had disappeared.

Even with Wu Heng’s vast experience, he couldn’t identify what this black monster was, but when he saw it, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of dread.

Yang Kai, who was sitting cross-legged on Gun Gun’s back, seemed to sense something and looked up towards the starry sky, grinning.

In the next moment, Wu Heng appeared in front of him. As the Sect Master of the Star Field, it was naturally not difficult for him to cross millions of kilometers in an instant.

He raised his hand and clenched it, shouting, “Die!”

The power of this Star Field was instantly mobilized, transforming into invisible shackles that tightly bound Gun Gun’s massive body. Gun Gun’s round body was visibly shrinking as he opened his mouth, his teeth chattering as he struggled.

Yang Kai also felt a mountain of pressure pressing down on him, his whole body stiff and unable to move, as if all his bones had been crushed by Wu Heng.

Being too presumptuous in someone else’s territory was indeed not a good thing, but… Wu Heng’s actions now were probably a bit too late.

If Wu Heng had been able to act so decisively at the beginning, perhaps he would have had a chance to win, but now… did he really think he was a pushover? Yang Kai’s lips curled up into a mysterious smile.

Wu Heng’s expression suddenly changed as he felt that the shackles he had placed on them were being broken bit by bit by the black monster.

No, it wasn’t broken, it had disappeared.

Just like the Cultivation Star in front of him, the Star Field he had summoned was also being devoured.

*Dong! * A tremor came from the depths of his heart, and Yang Kai’s figure suddenly returned to normal, his movements becoming free again.

“You can do that?” Wu Heng was stunned for a moment. He had come here with the determination to kill Yang Kai, but every time he was delayed here, the devouring of Heng Luo Star Field would be unstoppable. The damage caused by the terrifying devouring speed was something he simply could not bear.

Originally, he had planned to directly kill Yang Kai and then return to confront Heng Luo Star Field, but who would have thought that this plan would fail?

This black ball monster was far more difficult to deal with than he had imagined. It could even swallow the power of this Star Field.

While Wu Heng was still in a daze, Gungun suddenly rushed towards him, its seemingly fat body displaying an unimaginable agility. When Wu Heng came back to his senses, a large mouth covered in fangs appeared in front of him.


As the mouth closed, a large chunk of the void disappeared.

Wu Heng’s forehead was covered in cold sweat as he appeared in another location. If it weren’t for the fact that he was the Star Field’s Master and could freely travel through this void, he would have likely suffered a calamity.

Standing on Gungun’s back, Yang Kai pinched his waist and laughed, “This is your home, why are you running? Hurry up and fight, you bastard!”

“Little brat, don’t act so arrogantly!” Wu Heng’s heart was filled with anger, like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment, but he still maintained his calm, not allowing Yang Kai’s words to disturb him. However, what he said was true. This was his territory, his home, and Yang Kai was a thief and bandit who had infiltrated his home. When the master came to deal with him, not only did he not show any signs of guilt, he even provoked him. This kind of thing was intolerable to anyone.

Wu Heng focused his attention and stretched out his hand, condensing thousands of streams of light into a spear.

This was not an Emperor Artifact, but a manifestation of the Star Energy that filled this part of the Starry Sky. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was the World Energy of this Starry Sky. Of course, it was not the World Energy of the entire Great Desolate Star Field. Although Wu Heng was the master of the Great Desolate Star Field, it was not an easy task for him to mobilize the entire Star Field. This was also something that Yang Kai found difficult to accomplish.

Even so, the power contained in this spear was no small matter. At the very least, it contained the power of the Starry Sky in a radius of ten million kilometers. This was something that only a Star Field Master could accomplish.

Spear, lightning, thunder.

The spear transformed into a fierce viper, condensing the power to destroy the world and instantly arriving in front of Gun Gun.

Yang Kai’s body suddenly froze, his hair standing on end.

If this earth-shattering attack was a poisonous snake, then at this moment, Yang Kai felt like he had transformed into a frog, encountering his natural enemy. Even though he had been mentally prepared for this moment, facing it head-on was still quite troublesome.

“Gun Gun!” Yang Kai lifted his foot and stomped on Gun Gun’s back.

Gun Gun opened its mouth and swallowed this terrifying attack.

Wu Heng wore a sneer on his face as he quietly stared at the pitch-black giant monster, but soon his smile disappeared.

The scene of him killing his opponent in a single blow did not appear. The giant black monster’s body only violently rolled a few times before a crack appeared on its back.

Even the crack was rapidly closing up.

His eyes went wide, almost suspecting that he had been mistaken. This strike he had condensed with the power of the Starry Sky for tens of millions of kilometers had been so easily neutralized?

What the hell was this black monster? How could it have such power?

What he didn’t know was that just as Gun Gun swallowed this earth-shattering blow, a stream of light streaked across the sky in the world of Mysterious Small Boundary, nearly piercing through the entire world. This stream of light gave off a world-destroying aura, causing all the living beings in Mysterious Small Boundary to raise their heads in worship.

As the stream of light flew past, it left a deep mark in the sky of the Mysterious Small boundary, as if it had been cut open and would not dissipate for a long time.

World Force was something only World Force could resist.

Wu Heng’s attack, which had condensed the power of the Starry Sky in a radius of ten million kilometers, was terrifying, but the Mysterious Small boundary was now a world of its own, and the World Laws and World Energy it contained were not much worse than the Star Field’s. In fact, they even surpassed it. The only difference was its size.

Wu Heng wanted to use this attack to destroy the Mysterious Small Boundary, but that was just wishful thinking on his part. The Mysterious Small Boundary was enough to swallow his attack, and from the looks of it, not only would it not cause much damage, it would also provide nourishing effects.

Yang Kai picked his ear with his pinky and mocked loudly, “Such a soft attack, are you trying to tickle me?”

“Shut up!” Wu Heng flew into a rage out of humiliation.

How could Yang Kai allow him to do as he wished? He shouted even louder, “As a Star Field Master, this Young Master truly feels shame for you. If anyone dares to act so presumptuously in my house, I would have beaten them up so badly that even his mother wouldn’t recognize them.”


Yang Kai sneered, “I’m impudent, if you have the guts… come and beat me!”

Even though Wu Heng knew that Yang Kai was trying to provoke him, he still couldn’t bear it any longer. He could only feel his mind fluctuating violently and his eyes turning red.

Although Yang Kai’s words were arrogant, there was one thing he was right about. To be unable to kill a thief and bandit in his own territory was truly shameful.

As such, he didn’t say anything else and simply waved his arms, causing a small glow to appear on each of his hands, condensing the power of the stars and transforming it into a lightning attack that rumbled forward.

Although he didn’t know what this pitch-black beast was, he instinctively felt that it wasn’t as powerful as it appeared to be. Even if it could swallow his attacks, there should be a limit.

The wound on its back slowly closing was the best evidence.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t deal any damage to it, it was just that the damage wasn’t enough! Since it wasn’t enough, he would just have to deal a bit more damage. At least one blow would be enough to completely crush it.

The power of the stars rushed towards it and was swallowed into its stomach again, causing two more wounds to appear on its back.

On the other hand, Gun Gun suddenly became excited. Without Yang Kai’s instructions, it actually took the initiative to pounce towards Wu Heng, seemingly wanting to swallow him as well.

How could Wu Heng just sit back and wait for death? Relying on the Star Field’s Master’s speed, Wu Heng’s figure flickered as he evaded the rolling attacks, condensing Star Force in his hands to form an attack.

In an instant, the world inside the Mysterious Small Boundary changed dramatically.

Streaks of light streaked across the sky like a meteor shower, and lightning flashed across the Mysterious Small Boundary as if it was the end of the world.

Regardless of their cultivation, all of these billions of living beings were trembling in fear as they prostrated themselves on the ground and begged for mercy.

They didn’t even know how they had offended the World Master who had appeared before, only thinking that the World Master was angry, causing the world to change.

Above the sea, the waves rose and fell, the wasteland cracked, and countless new buildings collapsed. In an instant, the peaceful world became filled with danger.

The more they thought about it, the more they felt that this Divine Grace was like the ocean and this Divine Grace was like a prison.

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