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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3173 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3173
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In the main hall, Yang Kai looked at the old man with a smile, while the others also wore looks of surprise.

The old man asked, “Sir… who are you?”

“Acting dumb!”

“This old master doesn’t know what Little Brother is talking about.”

Yang Kai looked him up and down and grinned, “Judging from your Corpse Qi, you should be proficient in Corpse Refining. Who are you if not from the Underworld Sect?”

“Underworld Sect!” Ye Xiyun and the others’ expressions changed as they glared at the old man. Although they couldn’t see anything special about this old man, since Yang Kai had said so, they couldn’t be wrong.

All the cultivators in the Star Field hated the words ‘Underworld Sect’ deeply. They had thought that after sweeping through the world three years ago, everything would be settled, but they had never imagined that there would be a fish that had escaped the net and was right under their noses.

“Little brother must be mistaken, this old master is not some Underworld Sect…”

“Why have you come to Shadowed Star? What are you looking for?”

The old man shook his head, “This old master does not understand.”

Yang Kai raised his hand and a thick murderous intent enveloped the old man. In an instant, the old man’s hunched figure suddenly straightened and his aura erupted.

Ye Xiyun and the others were flabbergasted. Only now did they realize that this old man in front of them wasn’t a Origin Returning Stage, but a peak Origin King Realm master. His aura was stronger than all the Origin King Realm they had encountered so far, as if he could break through to the Origin King Realm at any moment.

Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of Secret Technique he had used to conceal his cultivation so perfectly, but if it weren’t for Yang Kai’s sharp eyes, no one present would have been able to see through it.

The killing blow he had imagined did not come, and Yang Kai’s raised hand once again fell to the ground. How could the old man not know that he had been played? He no longer put on any airs and simply snorted, “You forced me to do this.”

He had indeed been hiding on Shadowed Star in search of something and had not wanted to confront High Heaven Sect so quickly, but now that things had come to this, he could only kill.

As he spoke, he took out a large banner and waved it, causing the entire hall to turn a deep red.

Inside the hall, everyone from High Heaven Sect suddenly felt as if they had fallen into a raging river of blood. The surrounding Blood Qi gave off a strong corrosive aura, making it difficult for anyone to breathe as their Saint Qi became weak.

Their expressions all changed.

All of them knew about this Blood Sea Banner. In all the years they had fought with the Underworld Sect cultivators, all of them had experienced the power of this Blood Sea Banner, but none of them had ever been so terrifying!

As long as this Blood Sea Banner was summoned, even a 3rd order Origin King Realm wouldn’t be able to resist.

“There is a road to heaven, but you refuse to take it, and there is no gate to hell, you want to break through it. Today, this old master will turn all of you into…” The old man suddenly bit his tongue as a small figure slowly walked up to him from the sea of blood and looked up at him innocently.

There was no energy fluctuation coming from this figure, but it was strangely unaffected by his Blood Sea Banner. The short figure suddenly became as tall as a mountain, giving him a feeling of awe.

“How is this possible!?” The old man was shocked.

This artifact of his had long since surpassed the limits of the Star Field and was also a treasure bestowed upon him by a great master. It was precisely because of this artifact’s power that he was so confident after his identity was exposed.

Because it was impossible for anyone in this Star Field to escape the imprisonment and decay of his Blood Sea Banner, anyone who fell into it would undoubtedly die.

But now, this seven or eight year old little girl had completely ignored the power of his Blood Sea Banner.

The little girl in front of him blinked her eyes, raised her hand, and made a grabbing motion. The old man couldn’t help taking a few steps back as if he had been struck by lightning, his face slightly pale as he became even more shocked.

His connection with the Blood Sea Banner… had been severed!

When he looked up again, the blood-red color that had shrouded the hall had disappeared, and the Blood Sea Banner was now in the little girl’s hand. She casually stuffed it into her Space Ring, then without even looking at him, she turned around and walked back.

The old man felt his throat go dry and swallowed hard.

The old man’s greatest reliance had been taken away so easily, and even his mind had suffered a backlash. The old man who had acted so wantonly and arrogantly suddenly became like a venomous snake whose fangs had been pulled out, his aura dispirited and he no longer had his previous arrogance.

Compared to the damage caused by the loss of his artifact, he was even more shocked.

The feeling this little girl gave him… wasn’t any weaker than that Senior.

How could there be such a powerful person in this Star Field? No wonder the Great Desolate Star Field had been wiped out all these years. With this person in charge, how could the invasion succeed?

“Did that person help you upgrade this artifact?” In the main hall, Yang Kai sat with his hand on his cheek, calmly staring at him.

The old man trembled as he bowed to the ground and respectfully said, “If there is anything Sir wants to know, this old master will tell you everything he knows. Please spare this old master’s life.” The situation was not as good as his, so he became much more obedient.

“You don’t seem qualified to negotiate with me.”

The old man lowered his head, “Sir, please let this old master live. This old master has never done anything harmful to this Star Field.”

Yang Kai thought for a moment before nodding, “Good, I won’t kill you.”

“Does Sir mean what he says?”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Normally, I’m just bluffing.”

The old man’s face immediately paled.

“However…” Yang Kai changed the subject, “This time, if I say I won’t kill you, I won’t kill you.”

“Many thanks, Sir,” The old man said gratefully, “What does Sir want to know?”

“Are you the Sect Master of the Underworld Sect?” Yang Kai asked.

The old man smiled wryly, “Sir’s vision is as sharp as a torch, this old master is not talented and is the 345th Sect Master of the Underworld Sect.”


“He’s the Underworld Sect’s Sect Master?”

The hall was filled with noise as everyone stared angrily at the old man. The Underworld Sect was the main culprit behind the invasion of the Great Desolate Star Field, but although they had killed many people from the Underworld Sect over the past few years, including several Vice Sect Masters and Elders, they had never been able to find the figure of the Sect Master of the Underworld Sect. The Elders and Vice Sect Masters didn’t know where he was, but they had heard that after coming to Heng Luo Star Field, the Sect Master had left alone. As for where he had gone, no one knew.

There was almost no news of this person from the information they had obtained.

Who would have thought that this old man would actually hide on Shadowed Star at some point and was only found by Yang Kai today? This was probably the result of being too clever. He had thought that the most dangerous place was the safest place, but after Yang Kai became the Star Field Master, his perception of Shadowed Star had become even more acute. How could he not have noticed such an obvious existence with the aura of the Underworld Sect?

If he were to hide on another Star, Yang Kai probably wouldn’t be in the mood to look for him. Perhaps he could hide for a while longer.

“Did that person help you improve your artifact?” Yang Kai asked again.

“That person? I wonder what Sir is referring to…” The old man stared at Yang Kai in surprise.

“It’s that guy from your Great Desolate Star Field.”

“You met that Senior?” The old man was shocked.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’ve never seen him before.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “We fought once in secret.”

Hearing this, the old man was dumbstruck, instinctively feeling that this fellow was just boasting. No matter what cultivation this person in front of him had, how could he possibly survive if he were to fight with this Senior? But suddenly recalling the various abnormalities he had felt a few days ago, he cried out in alarm, “You’re already the Master of this Star Field?”


“No wonder, no wonder!” The old man muttered to himself. No wonder he had felt that there was something strange about this Star Field a few days ago. No wonder he was able to exchange blows with that Senior. It turned out that he was already the master of this Star Field.

Only by becoming a Star Field Master would one have the qualifications to fight with another Star Field Master.

Yang Kai observed his expression and suddenly thought of something, asking, “You’ve been hiding for so many years and acting alone, could it be you’re looking for the Star Field Origin of my Heng Luo Star Field?”

The old man’s expression changed slightly, but since Yang Kai had pointed it out, he didn’t try to hide anything and simply nodded, “I was just following orders.”

Yang Kai coldly snorted, “That guy really has a big appetite!”


Thunder boomed and lightning struck down. The wind and clouds in the sky suddenly condensed into a black mass, like a thick blanket. Under this brilliant heavenly might, it was extremely oppressive.

As the Star Field’s Master, his every action, laughter, and anger would affect this world.

Seeing this, the old man no longer had any doubts, finally confirming that this person was the Star Field Master.

Yang Kai still sneered, “You want to swallow my Heng Luo Star Field in one go?” Now it seemed that the invasion of the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators was no longer appropriate to call the Underworld Sect as the culprit. It was likely that the Underworld Sect was being used by others, and the shadow behind it was naturally the master of the Great Desolate Star Field.

Making use of the war between the two Star Field to throw Heng Luo Star Field into chaos and affect the situation of Heng Luo Star Field was the only way to let the Star Field Origin reveal some clues. At that time, as long as this old man found the Star Field Origin, the people on the other side of the darkness would be able to swallow and refine it.

Once he successfully refined the Origin of Heng Luo Star Field, the two Star Field would probably fuse together and become one.

At that time, that person would become the master of two Star Field, and his strength would rise along with the tide.

His methods weren’t particularly brilliant, but they were extremely effective.

If Yang Kai hadn’t returned to the Star Field, he would have succeeded by now. At that time, Heng Luo Star Field would have become a vassal of the Great Desolate Star Field.

“This old master doesn’t know what that Senior’s goal is,” The Underworld Sect’s Sect Master lowered his eyes.

“Is that so?” Yang Kai smiled meaningfully at him, causing this Sect Master’s heart to skip a beat.

“Forget it, come with me,” Yang Kai said as he stood up, grabbed the old man’s collar with one hand, and stepped out into the starry sky.

“Senior, please spare my life!” The old man shouted, his face filled with fear.

When he was facing this strange little girl before, he had felt that he couldn’t defeat her, but after facing Yang Kai, he realized that he couldn’t even resist.

This was the power of a Star Field Master!

He didn’t feel that Yang Kai’s strength was much stronger than his own, and the only reason he was able to control him so easily was because of the Star Field Origin’s approval. If he had such an opportunity…

“What are you being noisy for?” Yang Kai slapped the back of his head.

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