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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3152 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3152
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“Ningchang!” Xue Yue was stunned and stood rooted to the ground, never having expected such an unforeseen event to occur. She had thought it was because of Yang Kai’s return, but now it seemed that things were not so simple.

Yang Kai sat on the bed and allowed Xia Ning Chang to lie in his arms. His hands passed under her armpits and gripped her small hands, pouring pure energy into her body.

Now that he had sealed his own cultivation, although he could only display the strength of a Peak Origin King Realm, the essence of his Emperor Qi had not changed much. Emperor Qi was two levels higher than Saint Qi and Source Qi, so when he poured it into Xia Ning Chang’s body, it had a miraculous effect.

The seven black dots that were slowly spreading out from Xia Ning Chang’s body had clearly slowed down and were even showing signs of being suppressed. Even the surging black aura around her had stabilized.

Yang Kai tried his best to suppress the seven ‘ink dots’ to the size of his fist for half an hour, not daring to relax in the slightest.

He knew that these “ink dots” were just the external manifestations of Xia Ning Chang’s body, but the most fundamental reason was that the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators had tampered with Tongxuan Continent. If he wasn’t mistaken, it should be the effect of those gloomy Spirit Formation. Tongxuan Continent was closely related to Xia Ning Chang, and if one side was damaged, the other would be damaged. If he wanted to solve Xia Ning Chang’s current problem, he had to first solve the disaster on Tongxuan Continent.

In other words, unless he uprooted these Spirit Formations, these “ink dots” could not be removed.

It wasn’t difficult to remove these Spirit Formations, so Yang Kai only needed to make a trip, but he had to first stabilize Xia Ning Chang’s life force.

The black aura and ink dots that shrouded her body constantly devoured her and Tongxuan Continent’s vitality, causing her to become extremely weak. Now that she was in danger, she was immediately severely injured.

If he didn’t stabilize Xia Ning Chang’s life force first, she would be in danger of dying.

Raising his hand, Yang Kai tossed several jade bottles towards Xue Yue, “Take out some pills and feed them to her.”

Xue Yue took it and opened the bottle, pouring out some pills, pinching Xia Ning Chang’s little mouth open, stuffing these pills into her mouth and pressing her hand against her chest, releasing her Saint Qi to help her dissolve the medicinal efficacies.

However, the effects weren’t great. These Spirit Pills were only at the Dao Source Grade, so their effects were quite limited. Yang Kai had many Emperor Pills, but with Xia Ning Chang’s cultivation, he couldn’t give her any of them, otherwise one would be enough to kill her.

Slapping his head, Yang Kai cursed himself for being so foolish and forgetting about that thing at the critical moment.

After immersing his consciousness into the Mysterious Small Boundary, a moment later, a green leaf appeared in Yang Kai’s hand. On the leaf was a drop of milky white liquid. This liquid was white and flawless, but it contained an unimaginable amount of life force, as if it was not just a drop of liquid but a living being.

The leaf was the same.

The leaves were the leaves of the Eternal Tree, and the sap was also the sap of the Eternal Tree.

Both of them were incomparably precious, and even if they were placed in the Star Boundary, they would be extremely valuable. But now, Yang Kai had taken them out without hesitation. If he could resolve Xia Ning Chang’s current crisis, he wouldn’t hesitate to let her refine the Eternal Tree. However, Yang Kai had yet to find a way to refine the Eternal Tree. A single leaf and a drop of liquid was the limit Xia Ning Chang could bear.

Squeezing open her mouth, Yang Kai poured the leaves and juice into her mouth before gently patting her back and sending the two items into her stomach.

With a slight surge of his Emperor Qi, Yang Kai seemed to be holding an exquisite piece of porcelain in his arms, his movements extremely gentle. Any slight carelessness could cause Xia Ning Chang to suffer a fatal blow.

The Eternal Tree’s leaves and juices slowly melted, along with the medicinal efficacies of the Spirit Pills she had consumed.

A faint green light suddenly burst out from Xia Ning Chang’s body and fused into the black Qi, dissipating it.

Seeing this, Xue Yue cried tears of joy.

Although she didn’t know what method Yang Kai had used and what he had fed Xia Ning Chang, the scene in front of her undoubtedly showed that Xia Ning Chang was improving.

It was indeed impossible to not have a man at home.

At this moment, there was nothing she could do but call out Xia Ning Chang’s name, hoping to wake her up.

The green light gradually became denser and the withered vitality gradually recovered. The black Qi that shrouded Xia Ning Chang’s body was suppressed and the two colors intertwined, gradually reaching a balance.

The effects of the Eternal Tree were extremely powerful. If it was anyone else, even if they were seriously injured, they would still be able to jump up and down at this moment. However, Xia Ning Chang’s situation was different. The root of the problem was still not solved.

With a soft moan, Xia Ning Chang’s eyelashes fluttered and her eyes opened slightly.

Xue Yue whispered, “Ningchang, Ningchang!”

“Elder… Elder Sister Yue.” Xia Ning Chang’s eyes were somewhat dazed. After seeing Xue Yue’s appearance, her thoughts gradually returned to normal, but soon, she felt that she was lying in a spacious and comfortable embrace, her mouth and nose filled with a longing aura.

Leaning back, she rested her head on Yang Kai’s shoulder and stared at his profile. Xia Ning Chang smiled bitterly, “Junior Brother!”

She didn’t want to see him, but in the end, she still let him see her like this. It would definitely be ugly.

“Call me husband!” Yang Kai gently touched her forehead.

Xia Ning Chang’s pale face blushed slightly as she lowered her head and called out softly.

Yang Kai laughed, “It’s fine if Su Yan calls me Junior Brother, but you can’t just call me that all the time. As the Patriarch of the family, where should I put my face in the future?” Turning to Xue Yue, he asked, “What about you?”

Xue Yue said shyly, “You save Ning Chang first.”

Xia Ning Chang said, “I feel much better.” After saying a few words, her complexion became much better, and even her voice became a bit louder. She no longer felt as uncomfortable as before. Enveloped by the green light, her entire body felt warm and comfortable, and she wished she could lie in this man’s arms until the end of time.

Xue Yue said angrily, “Ningchang, how could you do this?”

Xia Ning Chang smiled.

Xue Yue called out, “Husband!” She glared at Yang Kai with a look of satisfaction.

A person appeared outside the door. It was Meng Wuya, who wore an anxious look on his face. He and the others had been outside the hall just now, so they weren’t aware of what was happening here. Seeing Xia Ning Chang lying in Yang Kai’s embrace with a shy look on her face, Xue Yue’s smile once again appeared on her face. For some reason, she felt a sense of relief in her heart as the haze she had been suppressing for a long time began to dissipate.

Looking at each other, Yang Kai and Xue Yue immediately understood.

Putting Xia Ning Chang back down, Yang Kai said, “Lie down and wait for your husband to kill some people to avenge you.”

When he turned around, his clothes were pulled back, and Xia Ning Chang, who was lying on the bed, stared at him with a look of horror, her eyes filled with heartache. She was afraid, afraid, afraid that Yang Kai would once again disappear like he did last time, never to be seen again for decades, afraid that everything just now was just a beautiful dream. If that was the case, she would rather not vent her anger, rather let he stay by her side and not leave.

Yang Kai patted her hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. If you count to a hundred, I’ll appear in front of you again.”

“What if you doesn’t come back?” Xia Ning Chang asked.

“I will definitely come back!”

Xia Ning Chang nodded lightly, released her hand and closed her eyes.

Yang Kai gave Xue Yue and Meng Wuya a meaningful look before the group walked out.

Liu Yan stood outside the door and looked up at him.

Yang Kai patted her head, “Stay here and watch over her.”

Liu Yan nodded obediently.

Meng Wuya frowned slightly, not knowing why Yang Kai had called a little girl to guard this place, and he didn’t even understand what the relationship between these two was. Could it be Yang Kai’s daughter?

It had to be said that Liu Yan’s image was easily misunderstood.

But even if she was Yang Kai’s daughter, there was no trace of cultivation on her, so what could she possibly do here?

A moment later, the group entered the outer hall and Meng Wuya hurriedly said, “Those bastards seem to be escaping from this place. Little brat Yang, tell us what to do.”

It was because he had noticed the signs of the Great Desolate Star Field’s cultivators fleeing that he had rushed over to Yang Kai to discuss countermeasures.

As they spoke, the group of people arrived outside the hall, all of them looking up.

Following his gaze, Yang Kai immediately saw streams of light flying out from all directions towards the Starry Sky, many of which were giant Starships.

As Meng Wuya had said, the cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field were fleeing Tongxuan Continent.

The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth curled up into a sneer. Flee, where could you run? He had originally planned to deal with the people from the Great Desolate Star Field after meeting Xia Ning Chang and Xue Yue, but he hadn’t expected them to flee like frightened birds.

But did they really think they could escape death just like that? How could the pain Little Senior Sister had suffered not be repaid a thousand times over!

Everyone turned to look at him. Although he had just returned, when he stood here, he was the backbone of everyone.

Pointing towards the sky, he said in a low voice, “Hold them back, there’s no need to fight, just don’t let them escape so easily.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Wait!” Suddenly, someone shouted.

Everyone turned to look at him and saw that the one who spoke was Violet Star current leader, Zi Wuji.

Yang Kai glanced at him but didn’t recognize him, frowning slightly.

“Greetings Brother Yang, this one…”

Yang Kai interrupted him, “If you have something to say, say it quickly.”

A trace of displeasure flashed across Zi Wuji’s eyes. Although he knew that Yang Kai’s strength was extraordinary and that he had reached the 2nd order Origin King Realm a few dozen years ago, and had even gone to a mysterious place where his cultivation was probably higher, he was still the master of Violet Star. Although he was living under someone else’s roof, his own strength was also extraordinary. Now that he was facing a powerful enemy, every bit of his strength was extremely precious. Whether it was Xue Yue, Xia Ning Chang, or Meng Wuya, all of them had treated him quite politely these past few years.

Yang Kai’s sudden display of strength naturally made him unhappy.

Restraining his thoughts, Zi Wuji said, “The Great Desolate Star Field has many people. According to what I know, there are several 3rd order Origin King Realm, and now there are more than a dozen Starships escorting them. If we were to charge forward alone, I’m afraid we would be like sheep entering a tiger’s den.”

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