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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3122 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3122
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On Shadowed Star, Qiyun Mountain, this place was rich in Spiritual Qi and rich in energy. It was one of Shadowed Star’s most famous crystal mines and was one of High Heaven Sect’s most important industries on Shadowed Star. Every year, it would mine more than a tenth of High Heaven Sect’s income.

Such an important business naturally had a master overseeing it.

Dressed in a tight-fitting dress that outlined her graceful curves, her beautiful hair was tied up neatly behind her head, giving her a valiant and heroic appearance. Originally the Eldest Young Lady of the Qiu Family, the current Patriarch of the Qiu Family, Qiu Yimeng, was the one who guarded this place. After tens of years of floating, she exuded the aura of a 1st order Origin King Realm.

It could be said that among the younger generation who had walked out of the Central Capital together, besides Yang Kai, her cultivation was the highest. This was something that even many of the older generation couldn’t compare to. Of course, this was due to her outstanding talent, but there was an even greater reason.

The stars in the sky were too far away from her, so if she wanted to pluck the stars and moon, how could she dare not use her strength? Even if she couldn’t pluck them, even if she was a bit closer, it would be good.

As one of the main battlefields of the two Star Field, Shadowed Star was naturally well taken care of by the Great Desolate Star Field. There were dozens of battlefields on Shadowed Star, and all kinds of resources and land were frequently used.

On Qiyun Mountain’s side, the Great Desolate Star Field had also set their sights on them. The other side also had a Origin King Realm master who had hundreds of Origin Returning Stage cultivators under his command. Qiu Yimeng’s High Heaven Sect disciples had been entangled with them for five years and had fought hundreds of battles, both big and small, but neither side was able to defeat the other. The Great Desolate Star Field had wanted to seize this Crystal Stone mine, but they had been unable to succeed. Qiu Yimeng had wanted to kill all of them, but even if she asked High Heaven Sect for help, they would not be able to do so. If she asked for help, the other side would do the same. In addition, High Heaven Sect’s side had sent out even more Origin King Realm, so the enemy’s strength would increase.

Over the past five years, they had come to a consensus that they would only rely on their current strength to fight each other, and no one would ask for anything from their backers.

Qiu Yimeng’s heart was filled with ruthlessness. A few dozen years had passed, but he had probably gone further, right? If she couldn’t even deal with these people in front of her, how could she get any closer to him?

When there was no struggle, she would cultivate diligently, not daring to waste her time.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Qiu Yimeng opened her eyes.

The door opened and a burly man walked in, his murderous aura almost tangible. This burly man was none other than the Blood Warrior who had accompanied Yang Kai in the Inheritance War, Tu Feng.

The Yang Family’s Blood Warriors were all outstanding talents and were extremely loyal to the Yang Family. After Yang Kai arrived on Shadowed Star, the strength of these Blood Warriors had increased dramatically. As one of the best Blood Warriors, Tu Feng was now a 3rd order Origin Returning Stage master and was only a step away from breaking through to the Origin King Realm.

As for Qiu Yimeng’s people, almost all of them were from the Central Capital Eight Great Families, so it was only natural that the Yang Family’s Blood Warriors would obey her orders.

“Elder Qiu!” Tu Feng cupped his fists.

After breaking through to the Origin King Realm, Qiu Yimeng naturally became an Elder in High Heaven Sect.

“What is it?”

“There’s movement from that group of dog food.”

“Again?” Qiu Yimeng’s brow wrinkled as she felt that something was wrong. Wasn’t this frequency a bit too fast? The last battle was only five days ago, so logically speaking, everyone should have been able to withdraw their troops for at least a month, so how could they suddenly make a comeback in just a few days?

Tu Feng’s expression became strange as he replied, “He’s not going here, he wants to escape.”

“Trying to escape?” Qiu Yimeng’s brow wrinkled even more. Everyone had been fighting here for five years, so who didn’t understand each other? Why would they suddenly want to escape? She vaguely understood something and asked, “What was that noise just now?”

When she was cultivating just now, although she heard some strange sounds, she didn’t think too deeply about it. Now that she thought about it, those sounds seemed to come from the starry sky, and the source of those sounds…

Could it be…

Tu Feng said excitedly, “I was just about to tell you about this, but those Starships in the Great Desolate Star Field seem to have been destroyed.”

“The Great Elder took action?” Qiu Yimeng’s expression became serious.

The dozen or so Starships were parked outside Shadowed Star, glaring at the entire Shadowed Star like a tiger eyeing its prey. Not only did the cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field have the confidence to wreak havoc on Shadowed Star, but they also managed to restrain High Heaven Sect’s overall movements.

Although High Heaven Sect’s current strength was not weak and they had many Origin King Realm masters, the only 3rd order Origin King Realm in charge of the Sect right now was Great Elder Ye Xiyun, and the others were not on Shadowed Star.

Unless Ye Xiyun personally took action, no one could do anything to those Starships.

No, even if Ye Xiyun were to take action, she wouldn’t be able to accomplish this unless those people also returned to High Heaven Sect to join forces with her. Those people had returned? Qiu Yimeng couldn’t help thinking about this, so it made sense.

Tu Feng replied, “I don’t know the exact situation, but this is the best time for us to act.”

Qiu Yimeng stood up and sneered, “It’s time to settle the score.”

With their backer gone, it would be strange if the people from the Great Desolate Star Field didn’t panic. Qiu Yimeng naturally wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity.

Outside the door, many pairs of eyes turned towards her, each of them exuding a powerful aura. Looking at these familiar faces, Qiu Yimeng nodded slightly.

Turning her head, she saw that several hundred kilometres away in the sky, streams of light were flashing like dazzling meteors, but instead of falling down, they were flying upwards. These were the cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field trying to escape from Shadowed Star.

Turning her head to the other side, she saw the same scenery even further away.

It seemed that the destruction of the Starship had caused these people from the Great Desolate Star Field to panic. How could they have the courage to remain on Shadowed Star? All of them began making plans to flee.

“Don’t let a single person off!” Qiu Yimeng shouted. How could Shadowed Star be a place where you can come and go as you please?


Her Saint Yuan surged as one figure after another flew towards the five year old enemy.

Brilliant light flashed as the atmosphere on Shadowed Star became extremely lively. Similar scenes could be seen everywhere.

As they chased, the distance between them became smaller. After all, the people from the Great Desolate Star Field were not to be trifled with. If they dared to invade another Star Field, how could they not have some strength?

Seeing that if she didn’t use her full strength now, they would be able to escape from Shadowed Star, Qiu Yimeng grit her teeth and formed a series of hand seals. Suddenly, a faint red mist appeared around her body.

Her speed suddenly increased like lightning.

The group of fleeing cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field seemed to have sensed something and turned around, only to see a bright red light rushing towards them at an extremely fast speed. The leader’s face immediately sank, “Stinky woman!”

He was a Origin King Realm master from the Great Desolate Star Field Qiu Yimeng had fought for several years. He was a thin man about forty years old, and although he coveted Qiu Yimeng’s beauty, he had never been able to suppress her. Now that he saw her charging towards him alone, he was immediately tempted.

Before leaving, it would be good to snatch a wife back.

After sending a few voice transmissions with his Divine Sense, the fleeing formation suddenly dispersed.

This scene was naturally seen by Qiu Yimeng, but her speed didn’t decrease in the slightest.

“Come, come, come, this is what it means to never return,” The thin man sneered.

“Bian Hong, die!” Qiu Yimeng’s tender voice rang out before she even arrived.

The man named Bian Hong laughed loudly and pretended to escape while turning his head back to tease, “Little girl, if you can’t bear to part with your Uncle Bian, then come with me. Uncle Bian will definitely love you and feed you well.”

These vulgar words caused everyone to laugh.

Qiu Yimeng responded with a Divine Ability.

Raising her hand, a long sword began to tremble as a brilliant light flashed and the power of the wind gathered around it.

As the long sword slashed down, the sword light transformed into a hundred-meter long sword and slashed towards the cultivators of the Great Desolate Star Field. The wind force on the sword was so strong that it actually produced a tornado.

Seeing this, everyone from the Great Desolate Star Field wore solemn expressions. No matter what, the one who had attacked was a Origin King Realm, so how could they simply ignore her?

The scattered formation suddenly closed up and Saint Yuan fluctuations surged out. In the blink of an eye, the cultivators from the Great Desolate Star Field combined their Saint Yuan into a light shield.

With a loud bang, the giant sword struck the light shield, sending out a burst of light and energy.

Qiu Yimeng grit her teeth and pushed her strength down, wanting to break the Light Shield and kill a few people first.

Crack! Crack! The light shield immediately cracked, seemingly about to collapse.

Qiu Yimeng was stunned. Although her attack was extremely powerful, it was absolutely impossible for it to break through her opponent’s defences so easily. After all, the other side also had a Origin King Realm. Unless…

Looking over, Bian Hong’s figure was nowhere to be seen in the crowd. It was unknown when he had disappeared.

This was bad! Qiu Yimeng’s heart skipped a beat as she realized she had been too anxious to chase after her enemy.

A strong gust of wind blew behind her, causing Tu Feng and the others to cry out in alarm.

Although Qiu Yimeng was shocked, she didn’t panic. After so many years of fighting, her combat instincts had become more flexible, and her Saint Yuan surged behind her back to form a protective barrier.

As her Saint Yuan surged and collided, Bian Hong’s palm landed on her back and he sneered, “Die!”

Qiu Yimeng’s figure staggered as she spat out a mouthful of blood, taking this opportunity to pull away from Bian Hong.

Bian Hong’s face was ashen as he lowered his head to look at his palm, only to see that it was completely black, giving off a numb feeling. He desperately tried to use his strength to suppress it, but even so, he found it difficult to do so. Gritting his teeth, he angrily shouted, “What did you do?”

Qiu Yimeng chuckled and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth before tilting her head to look at him, “Do you like this gift? It was specially prepared for you.”

Seeing her expression, Bian Hong’s heart jumped, “You tricked me!”

How could he not know that Qiu Yimeng had deliberately used an extremely powerful Divine Ability to expose a weak point behind her back, luring him to launch a sneak attack?

She must be wearing some kind of treasured armor, one that was highly toxic! When he had struck her with his palm, instead of taking her life, he had been poisoned. Although this poison was not deadly, he had to spend a great deal of effort to suppress it. In front of her, how could he have the strength to do such a thing?

Qiu Yimeng stretched out her hand and brushed her hair behind her ear, her eyes like water, “Yes, so what?”

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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