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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3113 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3113
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When the old Sect Master had left, he had asked her to take care of the Red Cloud Sect, so she had stayed here for a hundred years. At that time, she was a 2nd order Dao Source Stage cultivator while Han Zhengyuan had only just entered the Dao Source Stage. Without her protection, Red Cloud Sect would definitely have been attacked by others, so how could they have protected their ancestors’ foundation?

Even she, the one who had protected Red Cloud Sect for a hundred years, couldn’t be contain, let alone a rising star like Su Yan. If Su Yan were to break through to the 2nd order Dao Source Stage and join forces with her master, Red Cloud Sect might not have place for the Han family.

Sending Su Yan out to guard the Fire Cloud Mine was both a warning and a beating. If she knew what was good for her, she would marry into the Han Family as soon as possible and her future would be smooth. But after ten years, Su Yan had not even returned to the Red Cloud Sect and was determined to stay there.

“This Sect Master’s actions are not for you to dictate!” Han Zhengyuan coldly snorted, “As a respected Elder of the Red Cloud Sect, you eat my Red Cloud Sect’s salary. Not only are you not helping this Sect Master resolve his troubles, you even colluded with foreign enemies. Ruan Biting, today this Sect Master will abolish your title as an Elder. From now on, you will no longer be related to my Red Cloud Sect.” Han Zhengyuan felt extremely happy. This was an unexpected surprise. He had long wanted to expel Ruan Biting from the Sect, but unfortunately he had never been able to find a suitable reason. After all, this woman had always protected the Red Cloud Sect many years ago, if not, it would definitely shake their disciples hearts.

Now there was a reason!

Ruan Biting stretched out her hand and gently stroked her ear as she calmly said, “Good, I didn’t fail to live up to Old Sect Master’s request. Now, even if Red Cloud Sect loses me, it won’t be a problem. As you wish, from today onwards, my Ruan Biting has nothing to do with Red Cloud Sect.”

“Send her out!” Han Zhengyuan shouted.

Ruan Biting said, “He will go with me!” Her slender jade finger pointed towards Yang Kai. Since he was Su Yan’s husband, there was no way she would let him stay here alone.

“In your dreams!” Han Zhengyuan shouted angrily.

Ruan Biting slowly said, “It wasn’t easy for the Red Cloud Sect to protect its ancestral foundation, so don’t let it be defeated by you.” Although she was extremely disappointed with Han Zhengyuan, this Sect had been under her protection for a hundred years after all, so how could she bear to see it fall so quickly?

“Red Cloud Sect’s Sect Master is me!” Han Zhengyuan shouted angrily.

“Han Zhengyuan, you must reconsider!” Ruan Biting grit her teeth and shouted.

Han Zhengyuan stared at her coldly, “If you don’t want to leave, you can forget about leaving today.”

The last bit of hope in her heart also collapsed. With such a Sect Master, how could Red Cloud Sect last long? Being able to protect them for a hundred years was already her limit.

“Are you done?” Yang Kai suddenly asked, his eyes flashing a faint red light as he stared back and forth between Han Zhengyuan and the group of Red Cloud Sect Elders, sending shivers down their spines.

Han Zhengyuan felt a trace of uneasiness, but it was quickly replaced by anger as he waved his hand, “Capture him!”

Two figures rushed forward like lightning.

In the blink of an eye, it flew back at an even faster speed and exploded into a bloody mist in midair, not even leaving behind a corpse.

The hall was silent as everyone stared at this scene with their mouths agape.

Ruan Biting closed her eyes. Han Zhengyuan, oh Han Zhengyuan, today’s matter is the most foolish decision you’ve ever made! Do you think I’m taking him away for his sake? I just want to help Red Cloud Sect one last time.

Being poisoned, Ruan Biting could already tell that Yang Kai was unfathomable. With the addition of that strange little girl, how could anyone from Red Cloud Sect be a match for him? It was laughable that Han Zhengyuan thought he had everything under control, but he didn’t know that his status as a hunter and prey had quietly changed.

“Activate the formation!” After staring blankly for a moment, Han Zhengyuan shouted and quickly formed a series of hand seals.

The runes in the hall flashed and a Spirit Formation appeared, enveloping the entire hall. Only then did the Elders of the Red Cloud Sect feel a sense of security as they stared at Yang Kai as if he was the most terrifying devil.

In that instant, it seemed as if he had just casually waved his fist and the two 1st order Dao Source Stage Elders who had rushed towards him had been smashed to pieces. What kind of power was this? Fortunately, the Sect Master had the foresight to not clash with him at the mountain gate and instead lure him here.

With the help of the Spirit Formation and the strength of his group, he would definitely be invincible.

“Kill them!” Yang Kai stretched out a finger and gently pointed forward.

Liu Yan opened her mouth and spat out a stream of flames as if it had a mind of its own. In an instant, the entire hall burst into flames and a scorching heat filled the air, causing the runes in the hall to flicker.

Everyone was shocked and quickly tried to resist.

He Yunxiang also wore a blank expression.

She had interacted with Liu Yan for some time now, but she had never thought that this little girl, who looked like she was carved from jade, would be able to display such terrifying strength. A Red Cloud Sect Elder had tried his best to resist the flames, but to no avail. The flames had covered his entire body and burned him to ashes in the blink of an eye.

That was a Dao Source Stage master! She was not surprised that Yang Kai could easily kill a Dao Source Stage master. She had already witnessed Yang Kai’s strength along the way, but what was the situation with this little girl named Liu Yan?

Could it be that her strength was similar to Yang Kai’s?

“Go!” Yang Kai grabbed Ruan Biting’s wrist.

Ruan Biting asked absentmindedly, “Where are we going?” She was also shocked. Although she had seen Liu Yan heavily injure that red-faced Elder Chen with a single blow and knew that her strength was extraordinary, she had never thought she had underestimated her.

Who in Red Cloud Sect could resist such power?

“Take me to Su Yan!”

Without any explanation, Yang Kai dragged Ruan Biting out of the hall and stood in front of the door, punching out and shattering the Spirit Formation in the hall.

From behind him came a miserable scream and Han Zhengyuan’s shout, “Elder Ruan, Elder Ruan, save me!”

Ruan Biting turned around and showed a look of pity.

“If you open your mouth, I’ll spare their life!” Yang Kai seemed to have sensed something and stared at her. Su Yan’s master, he had to give her face.

Ruan Biting opened her mouth but eventually sighed, “Let’s go.”

Now that the grievances had been settled, the Red Cloud Sect no longer had anything to do with her, but she had let down the old Sect Master’s request. Although this was the first time she had met Yang Kai, she had learned a little about his personality. This young man seemed to be extremely decisive. Even if she begged him to spare Han Zhengyuan’s life this time, he would definitely cripple him.

If a cultivator were to be crippled, it would be better to die a quick death. She didn’t know if Han Zhengyuan was regretting not listening to her advice just now.

He should be…

In front of the Space Law Formation, several Red Cloud Sect disciples glanced at each other and cupped their fists, “Greetings, Elder Ruan.”

The leader asked, “Where is Elder Ruan going?”

In a daze, Ruan Biting said, “To Fire Cloud Mountain.” The Fire Cloud Mine was located in the belly of Fire Cloud Mountain.

The disciple was stunned, “Elder Ruan also wants to go to Fire Cloud Mountain?”

Ruan Biting nodded, but Yang Kai understood the hidden meaning behind her words, “What, other than Elder Ruan, did someone else go to Fire Cloud Mountain?”

“You are…” Seeing Yang Kai’s unfamiliar face, the disciple couldn’t help asking.

Ruan Biting also asked, “Who went to Fire Cloud Mountain?”

The disciple naturally didn’t dare to refuse the Elder’s question and quickly replied respectfully, “A quarter hour ago, Young Sect Master brought two Elders to Fire Cloud Mountain.”

“What?” Ruan Biting’s expression changed as she cried out, “Not good!” Reaching out, she pushed aside the disciples who were blocking her path and stood together with Yang Kai on the Space Law Formation. Activating her strength, the light from the Formation burst out and wrapped around the two of them. When the light disappeared, the two of them had already disappeared.

Inside the belly of Fire Cloud Mountain, there were many tunnels leading to various mines. This place produced Fire Cloud Ores and was one of the most important industries of Red Cloud Sect, with many Dao Source Stage Elders overseeing it.

However, the environment here was quite harsh. Under normal circumstances, the Elders of Red Cloud Sect wouldn’t be willing to accept this task, and even the two Elders who cultivated Fire Attribute Secret Arts wouldn’t be stationed here.

As such, they basically took turns to guard this place, and after a year or so, each Elder would be replaced.

But since ten years ago, there had only been one person guarding this place and no other Elders had come here.

Her white robes were purer than snow, and she was completely isolated from the world.

Anyone who saw such a beautiful woman would have a favorable impression of her, yet she had been sent here to guard this dirty mountain cave. Her white and clean figure was a stark contrast to the chaotic environment around her.

The disciples all knew that she had offended the Young Sect Master, which was why she had accepted such a difficult task. Although they were dissatisfied with the Young Sect Master, they didn’t dare to say it out loud and could only silently feel sorry for her. Such a beautiful woman couldn’t be loved more, so how could they bear to let her do such a thing? The Young Sect Master was too cruel.

Ordinary disciples who mined Fire Cloud Ore would return to the Sect’s residence every ten days or half a month to rest and recuperate before returning, but she had stayed here for ten years.

The most talented disciple in the history of Red Cloud Sect had only been in the Sect for five years and had broken through from the Origin King Realm to the Dao Source Stage. However, in these ten years, her cultivation had not improved at all and could only barely maintain the Dao Source Stage.

It was all thanks to Ruan Biting’s constant help that she was able to maintain her Origin Realm.

Inside the cave, a disciple who looked like a steward had his head lowered and was currently reporting the recent mining situation to the white-clothed woman in front of him. This steward was also quite unkempt and had his head lowered the entire time, not daring to look at the woman in front of him, but rather unwilling, as if his existence had violated that beauty and purity.

After a hurried report, the woman gently nodded, “I understand, thank you.”

Her voice was gentle and pleasant, gentle and kind, and the steward’s face was filled with satisfaction. Every ten days, he would report to her, not for anything else but to hear her say something.

“Please rest,” The steward respectfully stepped back and suddenly bumped into someone.

With a look of anger, he turned his head and looked over. What kind of person didn’t know what was good for them and actually entered this place without any notice? Didn’t they know this was Senior Sister Su’s place of retreat?

Turning his head, he was startled and quickly dodged to the side, bowing, “Young Sect Master!”

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