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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3112 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3112
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Others might not be able to understand the meaning behind these words, but as Su Yan’s master in the Red Cloud Sect, how could she not understand? When Su Yan came from the Star Field, she had brought along an Origin King Grade artifact longsword. This longsword was called the Profound Frost Divine Sword, and one of its sword techniques was called Snow As the Blue Sky.

With these words, Yang Kai’s identity had been confirmed, otherwise how could he simply call out these things? Moreover, Ruan Biting had also heard about Yang Kai’s existence from Su Yan. After all, they were master and disciple, and they had only met today.

“Little brat, follow me!” Ruan Biting confirmed Yang Kai’s identity and grabbed him.

She had just received a secret message from a disciple saying that Senior Sister Su Yan’s husband had come from Heng Luo Star Field to find her, but in the end, he had been taken to a side hall by Elder Chen to drink tea. Ruan Biting immediately knew something was wrong and rushed over, but she was unable to stop the tragedy.

In her heart, she was also a bit annoyed. She had already reminded Yang Kai to put down the teacup and even tried to snatch it from him, but this little brat didn’t even pay her any attention and instead drank the tea in front of her.

Su Yan, oh Su Yan, just what kind of dogshit husband did you find? With that brain of yours, how did you survive until now? Didn’t an adult teach him not to eat and drink outside?

The jade hand grabbed Yang Kai’s wrist and pulled, but instead of pulling, she staggered.

Ruan Biting’s beautiful eyes narrowed as she became even more shocked. She was a 2nd order Dao Source Stage cultivator, so even if she didn’t use her full strength, she shouldn’t be unable to pull him, right?

Yang Kai smiled at her. Originally, he didn’t have the slightest good impression of this Red Cloud Sect, after obtaining accurate information about Su Yan, he decided to go on a killing spree. But now, it seemed that there was someone here who truly cared about Su Yan.

It was enough, wasn’t it? In the end, the world wasn’t full of dangers. There would always be a glimmer of warmth in the darkness that illuminated the world.

Gently patting Ruan Biting’s hand, he motioned for her to let go.

Ruan Biting frowned, “What are you doing?” Her Divine Sense surged as she sent a voice transmission, “We can’t stay here for long, let’s go!”

Seeing that she was really concerned about him, Yang Kai’s heart warmed. He had never met her before, but because of Su Yan’s relationship with him, she was so concerned about him. Obviously, she was really good to Su Yan.

“Elder Ruan, what are you doing?” The red-faced Elder Chen sneered at Ruan Biting, showing no trace of the respect a weakling should have for the strong. Although they were both Elders of the Red Cloud Sect, the other party was just an unaffiliated wanderer who had no power or influence in the Red Cloud Sect. If it weren’t for the old Sect Master’s instructions, she wouldn’t have been able to live in the Red Cloud Sect for so long with an Elder title.

The true relationship between Ruan Biting and the Red Cloud Sect was not known by many, but it was rumoured that she had shown some kindness to the old Sect Master back then, which was why she had remained in Red Cloud Sect. However, ever since the old Sect Master passed away and found that the Sect Master was now in charge, Ruan Biting had become an outsider.

“None of your business!” Ruan Biting glared at Elder Chen.

Elder Chen smiled and said, “That’s not appropriate, I am here on Sect Master’s orders to entertain this little brother. Elder Ruan’s actions are quite rude, please leave quickly.”

Ruan Biting ignored him and turned to Yang Kai, “Are you leaving or not?”

“The matter is not settled yet, how can we leave!” Yang Kai smiled and looked towards Elder Chen, “Elder Chen seems to be very happy, what are you laughing about?”

“Of course it’s something to laugh about,” Elder Chen sneered, “How does my Red Cloud Sect’s Red Cloud Tea taste?”

“The tea isn’t bad, but the taste isn’t pure,” Yang Kai put down the teacup and asked, “Is there something inside?”

“It’s too late to know now!” Elder Chen’s expression suddenly became cold, no longer feigning civility like before. After being poisoned by this poison, he would quickly become weak, and even a 3rd order Dao Source Stage master would not be able to easily resolve it. At this moment, Yang Kai was like a fish on a chopping board in his eyes.

“Elder Chen seems to have a lot of confidence in that thing,” Yang Kai lowered his head, his hair covering his face, giving off a gloomy feeling.

“You… you knew that there was poison in the tea?” Ruan Biting suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help crying out in alarm. At the same time, she couldn’t help cursing in her heart, this guy’s brain must be full of holes.

* Swish swish *

Amidst the tense atmosphere, a strange sound rang out. The three of them turned their heads and saw Liu Yan holding another tea cup and finishing it in one gulp.

Both Elder Chen and Ruan Biting were dumbstruck. Was this what they meant by ‘one is marked by the company one keeps’? Yang Kai was ill, but this little girl was also quite ill.

“It’s said that the tea is poisonous, yet you still drink it,” Yang Kai rubbed Liu Yan’s head.

“Just trying it,” Liu Yan replied casually, “It’s not good, I’ll give it back to you!”

Opening the mouth, a stream of tea shot towards Elder Chen like a sharp arrow. While it was still in mid-air, the tea suddenly turned red like a fire snake.

The temperature in the hall rose sharply.

Elder Chen’s expression changed drastically as he instinctively felt a sense of crisis envelop his entire body. Without even thinking about it, he summoned his artifact to protect himself. With a loud bang, the tea arrow struck the shield-like artifact, causing it to flash wildly before suddenly becoming dim and losing its spirituality. The fiery red tea arrow’s momentum didn’t decrease in the slightest and directly melted a hole in the artifact.

“Ah!” Elder Chen let out a blood-curdling scream as he fell to the ground. When he looked down, a black hole had appeared on his shoulder and blood was flowing out from it. At the same time, a terrifying Fire Attribute energy flowed from this wound, burning his meridians and flesh wherever it passed.

His eyes bulged.

How could this be? How could this be?

Weren’t they poisoned? How could they still be able to use their strength? And what the hell was this little girl? Just a simple tea arrow had such power.

Ruan Biting was also stunned as she stared blankly at Liu Yan. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would have found it hard to believe that such a little girl could so casually… no, so casually injure Elder Chen! Looking back at Yang Kai, he had already stood up and his complexion was still the same. How could he have been poisoned?

“Are you… alright?” Ruan Biting almost lost her ability to think.

Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Trash, what can it do to me!”

Trash… Trash! That was the strongest poison of the Red Cloud Sect, yet it was trash in his mouth. Did he really come from Heng Luo Star Field?

What she didn’t know was that after Yang Kai cultivated the Dragon Transformation Art and fused with the Golden Holy Dragon’s Origin Energy, he already possessed the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, and the Dragon Clan’s ability to resist all kinds of negative energies was publicly acknowledged to be powerful. Poison was one of them.

With Yang Kai’s current body, although it couldn’t be said that he was impervious to all poisons, a poison that could cause him to fall in the Ancestral Domain was definitely impossible to find. Yang Kai drank his tea in peace, not because he was stupid, but because he had nothing to fear!

“Elder, if you act like this, I won’t be able to explain it to Su Yan later. If she sees this, she’ll think I’m fooling around outside again,” Yang Kai turned to Ruan Biting and winked.

Only then did Ruan Biting realize that she had been holding onto his wrist the whole time and couldn’t help glaring at him, her face blushing slightly as she quickly let go.

Today’s incident had caused her to lose her composure.

* Shua shua shua shua… *

Numerous figures suddenly appeared, all of them the Elders of the Red Cloud Sect who had been lying in wait outside. When they heard Elder Chen’s miserable cry, all of them were stunned.

Yang Kai was fine, but it was Elder Chen who seemed to be seriously injured.

Han Zhengyuan said coldly, “Elder Ruan, do you need to give me an explanation?”

When Ruan Biting rushed in just now, he had also seen her, but he hadn’t had the time to stop her. Now that he saw Elder Chen injured, he thought it was Ruan Biting who had done this. This woman… he had tolerated her for long enough. Today, he would kick her out no matter what!

Ruan Biting said, “Han Zhengyuan, don’t go too far!”

Han Zhengyuan asked, “Who was the one who went too far? As an Elder of Red Cloud Sect, you actually sided with an outsider, how can you face the entire Red Cloud Sect, how can you face the old Sect Master’s instructions!”

“We’ll talk about this later, I just want to know, I came here to find Su Yan, why do you have to target me like this!” Yang Kai’s cold eyes swept the surroundings and stopped on Han Zhengyuan’s face.

It was impossible for Elder Chen to act on his own, he had obviously received Han Zhengyuan’s instructions.

For a Sect Master to make enemies for him for no reason, this little bit of pride was truly laughable.

“Because Su Yan isn’t even in the Red Cloud Sect, everything he said just now was a lie,” Ruan Biting explained.

Yang Kai asked, “Where is she?”

“She was sent out to guard the Fire Cloud Mine and hasn’t returned to the Sect for more than ten years. It’s a mine under the jurisdiction of Red Cloud Sect and one of the Sect’s foundations.”

“Defending the Fire Cloud Mine!” Yang Kai’s brow rose, his heart relaxing again. If that was the case, Su Yan would not be in any danger, but he quickly understood the crux of the matter and coldly snorted, “Why?”

The Fire Cloud Mine definitely had a lot of hot air and was extremely suitable for those who cultivated Fire Attribute Secret Arts and Secret Techniques. If someone who cultivated this kind of Secret Technique received such a task, they would definitely be extremely happy.

However, Su Yan cultivated an Ice Attribute Secret Art! Not only that, but she also cultivated an Ice Crystal Jade Physique and spent most of her time in a place filled with heat. Forget about cultivating, it would be a miracle if she could maintain her cultivation.

Yang Kai didn’t believe that the Red Cloud Sect didn’t know about Su Yan’s attributes. Since they knew about it, why would they send her to guard the Fire Cloud Mine? It was obviously intentional.

Damn it! Ten years, although it was not long, it was definitely not short! In other words, Su Yan had wasted ten years! Yang Kai was furious.

“Why?” Ruan Biting sneered, a bit disappointed, “Naturally, he want to force her to submit. You may not know this, but her son has a special affection for Su Yan.” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “Moreover… Su Yan’s growth is too fast, some people are afraid that her cultivation will surpass their own and threaten their position!”

“Nonsense!” Han Zhengyuan coldly snorted, “You and your disciple agreed to guard the Fire Cloud Mine, so why are you here to criticize this Sect Master?”

Ruan Biting shook her head, a look of disappointment on her face, “Han Zhengyuan, as the Sect Master, you have no tolerance for others. In this regard, you are far inferior to the Old Sect Master.” If not for this, she would not have been ostracized.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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