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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3100 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3100
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This didn’t matter, everyone was surprised, because the young man who was the leader of the three was actually looking at them with interest.


A series of gasps rang out. How was this possible?

From the Star Field to the Ancestor Territory, one must have experienced Void Travel. This kind of teleportation was extremely long, so it was accompanied by some residual effects. The most obvious characteristic was that one’s Soul was unstable and dizzy.

Depending on one’s strength, the duration of this aftereffects varied from long to short. The shorter ones could be healed in a few breaths, while the longer ones would take more than ten breaths.

But looking at the young man’s appearance, there was not the slightest bit of residual effects!

What was happening?! Everyone was stunned.

After scanning it with their Divine Sense again, a strange expression appeared on the face.

This young man actually didn’t have the slightest bit of Spiritual energy fluctuations. How could any ordinary cultivator not have any Spiritual energy fluctuations? It was either because the difference in cultivation was too great that the weaker cultivators couldn’t see through it, or he had some kind of hidden treasure that could conceal his cultivation.

However, what kind of treasure could a cultivator from the Star Field possess? With so many people present, how could they not see through it?

What a strange fellow.

After a while, He Yunxiang and Yan Luo also gradually recovered. When they saw the scene around them, He Yunxiang’s beautiful face paled and her Saint Yuan immediately surged as she looked around vigilantly.

She hadn’t expected to encounter such a situation as soon as she stepped into the Ancestor Territory, and judging from the cultivation of the surrounding cultivators, none of them were below the Origin King Realm, and many of them even exuded auras that made her tremble with fear!

Above the Origin King Realm! This was an aura that only those above the Void dKing Realm had. It was definitely the Dao Source Stage that the Sir had mentioned!

Had they arrived at the Ancestor Territory? If they hadn’t, how could there be so many above Origin King Realm gathered here? But what were they doing here? Were they trying to rob them? What kind of cultivators from the Star Field could attract their attention? The two sides weren’t even on the same level.

Was it fun for adults to rob children?

Just as she was vigilant, Yan Luo suddenly moved and walked off to the side.

He Yunxiang was stunned. Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and stared at his back.

On the other side, there were three people standing on a small hill, two men and one woman. The one in the lead was a young man who exuded an air of elegance, his aura deep and profound. Beside him was a young woman who was less than thirty years old, smiling lightly while the other was an old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion.

Yan Luo’s expression was filled with excitement as he stood in front of the hill and knelt down, his voice trembling, “Yan Luo greets Old Ancestor!”

As soon as these words came out, He Yunxiang’s expression changed drastically as she stared at the old man, a flash of light flashing across her mind as she immediately understood who this old man was.

It was rumored that five hundred years ago, the Yan Family’s Old Ancestor had gone to the Ancestor Territory and no one knew if he was dead or alive, but Yan Luo had immediately called him an old ancestor. The identity of this old man was obvious.

He was none other than Yan Family’s Old Ancestor, Yan Renhao, who had left Everlasting Star Field five hundred years ago!

He Yunxiang immediately had a bad feeling. Yan Renhao had been the strongest cultivator in the Everlasting Star Field five hundred years ago, a peak 3rd order Origin King Realm. Now that five hundred years had passed and he was cultivating in the Ancestor Territory, it was likely he had long since broken through to the Origin King Realm Above.

This was simply a trap!

No wonder Yan Luo had so easily agreed to bring Yang Kai to the Ancestor Territory, no wonder he had requested to follow him, so he had been waiting here.

She didn’t know what method the Yan Family had used to contact Yan Renhao, but Yan Renhao definitely wouldn’t have waited here for no reason. Obviously, after they left Taiyi Star, someone from the Yan Family had sent a message to the Ancestor Territory.

Yan Renhao had deliberately waited here to welcome the arrival of Yan Luo.

This was bad! Sir’s cultivation was indeed extraordinary, and he wasn’t afraid of the Yan Family of Taiyi Star, but could he defeat Yan Renhao? Not to mention, Yan Renhao seemed to have two helpers with him, and that woman was only a 3rd order Origin King Realm. He could probably deal with her, but that young man seemed to be even stronger than Yan Renhao, so how could the Sir be his opponent?

In the blink of an eye, He Yunxiang thought of many things and glanced at Yang Kai with an ugly expression, but seeing his calm expression and not the slightest bit of anxiety, she couldn’t help being stunned.

“Good, good, good!”

On the other side, Yan Renhao laughed heartily as he stepped forward and lifted Yan Luo up, examining him from head to toe before patting his shoulder with a look of approval, “Not bad, not bad!”

He was naturally happy that the descendants of the Yan Family had come. Before him, no one from the Yan Family had ever successfully entered the Ancestor Territory. In this world, although his strength had greatly improved, his life was far from being as carefree as it was in Everlasting Star Field. The arrival of Yan Luo had given him a pleasant surprise. In the future, if the two of them worked together, it was not impossible for the Yan Family’s prestige to extend to the Ancestor Territory.

“Old Ancestor is safe and sound, Yan Luo is relieved,” Yan Luo said excitedly, “Old Ancestor, your cultivation…”

Yan Renhao chuckled and waved his hand, “Let’s not talk about cultivation. Come, I’ll introduce you to a Senior.” Holding his arm, he brought Yan Luo to the young man and introduced, “This is my Azure Ocean Palace’s Senior Brother Duan Mu. You may call him Martial Uncle Duan Mu.”

“Azure Ocean Palace…” Hearing this, Yan Luo’s eyes flashed with a thoughtful light.

Although the Yan Family was able to communicate with the Old Ancestor, they were unable to communicate with him for a long time and had only contacted him once five hundred years ago, so the Yan Family had no idea how Yan Renhao was doing in the Ancestor Territory.

Hearing the Old Ancestor’s introduction, Yan Luo immediately understood that his Old Ancestor must have joined this Azure Ocean Palace force in the Ancestor Territory, and judging from the Old Ancestor’s attitude towards this Duan Mu, it seemed he was somewhat respectful.

Yan Luo wasn’t young and seemed to be much older than Duan Mu, but in this world, the strongest come first, and if one’s cultivation was inferior, they could only lower their stance.

Not daring to delay, Yan Luo quickly bowed and greeted, “Yan Family’s Yan Luo greets Martial Uncle Duan Mu.”

Duan Mu smiled and nodded, “Martial Nephew doesn’t need to be so polite, we’ll be family in the future.”

Yan Renhao said, “Your Martial Uncle Duan Mu’s strength can be ranked among the top ten in the entire Azure Ocean Palace. Back then, I was only able to join Azure Ocean Palace because of his recommendation. In the future, you must ask him for guidance.”

“Yes!” Yan Luo’s expression became serious.

“This is your Martial Aunt Shen Cuiling,” Yan Renhao pointed at the woman.

Yan Luo thought to himself that this young woman was only a 3rd order Origin King Realm, and her cultivation was equal to his own. If they were to really fight, it would be hard to say who would win, so how could she possibly be one generation higher than him? He was an overlord in Everlasting Star Field, standing at the peak, so when had he ever been inferior? However, seeing her intimate appearance with Duan Mu, Yan Luo immediately understood what was going on and bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Martial Aunt Shen.”

Shen Cuiling pursed her lips and smiled, “Martial Nephew doesn’t need to be so polite. You are the descendant of Senior Brother Yan, so when you enter the Azure Ocean Palace in the future, we will naturally take care of you. Since this is the first time we’ve met, we haven’t made any preparations, so this bottle of pills will be given to you. I’m sure it will help your future cultivation.”

“This…” Although Yan Luo was moved, it was his first time meeting someone, so he felt a little embarrassed to take their things, so he could only ask his Old Ancestor.

Yan Renhao said, “Your Martial Aunt Shen is an Alchemist, these Spirit Pills were all refined by her. Since you can have them, take them.”

“Thank you, Martial Aunt Shen!” Yan Luo quickly thanked him and received it with both hands, his heart filled with excitement. Coming to the Ancestor Territory was indeed the right choice. He had only just arrived, but he had already obtained a bottle of pills. Although he didn’t know what grade those pills were and what effects they had, since they came from the Ancestor Territory, how could they be inferior?

With just a few words from these people, how could the surrounding cultivators not understand the relationship between these two? They immediately sighed in their hearts, knowing that they wouldn’t have a chance to snatch these two from Azure Ocean Palace.

Since the other party’s Old Ancestor was in Azure Ocean Palace, he would definitely have to join Azure Ocean Palace, so how could he choose another family?

As for the two people who had come with Yan Luo, they should also be from the same Star Field. With such a connection, they definitely wouldn’t have any other choice, so everyone lost interest in recruiting them.

Under normal circumstances, cultivators from the same Star Field would band together for warmth, unless there was some kind of grudge between them.

But if there was enmity between them, how could they come to the Ancestor Territory together?

After exchanging greetings, Yan Renhao and Yan Luo’s eyes met for a moment, as if their Divine Consciousness were surging.

In the next moment, Yan Renhao looked towards Yang Kai and He Yunxiang with a smile and said, “Since the two of you have come here together with Yan Luo, please follow this old master.”

There were too many people here, so even if he had plans to deal with Yang Kai, it was impossible for him to make a move here, lest he give the other forces something to use against him and cause them to criticize him. However, as long as he left this place and returned to Azure Occean Palace, wouldn’t he be able to do whatever he wanted?

‘You actually dared to kill my Yan Family’s Elder and destroy my Yan Family’s foundation, how could I let you off so easily? Do you really think you can do whatever you want just because you have some strength? If I say you’re a frog at the bottom of a well, then you’re a frog at the bottom of a well. Don’t even think about jumping out of it for the rest of your life.’

However, he had to first find a way to bring them to Azure Ocean Palace.

Yan Luo also smiled and said, “Brother Yang, please? Yan Luo was able to come to the Ancestor Territory all thanks to Brother Yang’s care, so please give this Yan a chance to repay you.”

Without the previous groveling and caution, his Old Ancestor was standing right behind him, and with Martial Uncle Duan Mu watching over him, why would he need to fear Yang Kai? In his opinion, no matter how strong Yang Kai was, it was impossible for him to be stronger than his Old Ancestor and Duan Mu.

Previously, he was bullying the Yan Family, now that the tables had turned, it was time for him to taste the taste of being bullied.

He Yunxiang’s pretty face sank as she stared at Yan Luo with some annoyance.

Although the matters of the Yan Family were all within Yang Kai’s calculations, in the end, the Yan Family only had themselves to blame. If the Yan Family could agree to her initial proposal, she believed that Yang Kai would definitely not treat the Yan Family unfairly and would definitely compensate them handsomely. Unfortunately, the Yan Family was too arrogant and courting death, so how could they blame others?

What’s more, Yang Kai clearly had the power to wipe out the Yan Family, but he didn’t try to bully the weak, but in the end, he still fell into the Yan Family’s trap. Now that Yan Luo had achieved his goal, he had revealed such a despicable face, making He Yunxiang feel ashamed.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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