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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3092 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3092
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“Miss Lu, this is goodbye.”

The battleship stopped in the starry sky about half a day away from Taiyi Star, the cabin door opened, Yang Kai arched his hand and said to Lu Huaishuang.

“Have a good trip your Excellency!” Lu Huaishuang salute politely, a group of elites of the Lu family behind also clasped their fists to send off, did not ask him to stay, because Lu Huaishuang knew that Yang Kai chose to part ways with her here, because he did not want to involve the Lu family.

The Yan family’s stronghold is the Taiyi star, and its forces have countless eyes and roots on the Taiyi star. And Yang Kai will certainly have some conflict with the Yan family, then if it’s traced down that he came with the Lu family, it will certainly involved the Lu family.

Yang Kai know this, Lu Huaishuang also know. The heart can not help but a sigh, if not scrupulous for the family, she is happy to send Yang Kai a ride, around is just a windy boat.

But behind a large family, Lu Huaishuang had to consider a lot. There is some gratitude in the heart. This Lord has a deep mind and is very considerate of others. If he insist on going with the Lu Family, Lu Huaishuang will certainly not be able to refuse.

But he chose to disembark the warship at a place still some distance away from Taiyi Star, clearing the relationship with the Lu family.

She don’t know if they will have the chance to meet again after this farewell.

She hope they can see each other again, then she will stand in front of him with a stronger cultivation and higher realm.

Yang Kai turned his head and gave a gesture to He Yunxiang.

He Yunxiang immediately summon her own star shuttle, stood side by side with Yang Kai on it, and rushed towards the Star Field as a stream of light.

The star shuttle is a very common flying artifact in the Star Field, Yang Kai had one when he was in the Heng Luo Star Field, but it was updated and eliminated after entering the star boundary.

He Yunxiang’s star shuttle is a Origin King Grade artifact, the speed is not slow, but still took almost seven hours to reach the outer edge of Taiyi Star.

The huge blue sphere, as if the eyes of the Star Field, emitted a fascinating luster. The entire periphery of the sphere has a layer of cloudy aura, as if shrouded in a layer of fog.

Yang Kai knows that it is the world’s spiritual energy of Taiyi Star.

As expected of the Yan Family’s main base, this Taiyi Star was the top among the cultivation stars that Yang Kai had seen. If we look at the entire Hengluo Star Field, I am afraid that only the Moon Water Star, the main star of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, can be compared to it.

“My lord, shall we go directly to the Yan family?” He Yunxiang harnessed her star shuttle and opened her mouth to ask.

Yang Kai stood behind her, obviously not using half of his power, but his body was as stable as a mountain, no matter how fast He Yunxiang was, he didn’t have any shaking, as if his feet had taken root.

“Go directly!”

“Good.” He Yunxiang nodded, the extremely strong confidence in Yang Kai’s words also infected her.

A Origin King Realm above, enough to cover the entire Star Field, can it still be afraid of the Yan Family? If the Yan family is sensible, cooperate obediently, just offer the method to enter the Ancestor Territory, if not, He Yunxiang can already imagine what kind of blow this Everlasting Star Field overlord will encounter.

Although they have not spent much time together, and do not even understand the specific character of Yang Kai, but He Yunxiang can feel that she has joined the Lord who is easy to talk to, not the kind of people who like to bully people and bullying the weak.

This is the demeanor the strong should have, those who like to crush others by force, forcing others to comply, is often not confident in themselves.

The best way to communicate with people is be frank and honest like this lord, and it may be rewarding.

Hopefully, the Yan family knows what they are doing, right?

He Yunxiang has come several times to the Taiyi Star, after all, it is the best cultivation star in the entire Star Field, although she is the great leader of the Wild Wind, infamous in the world, but the real face is unknown.

The only thing she need to do is to return to the original appearance, and she will naturally be able to enter the Taiyi Star in peace.

So this time it was a breeze to come over.

After flying around Taiyi Star in the opposite direction for a while, it sped off diagonally below.

After passing through the clouds, the scenery of the earth immediately came into view.

“The location seems a bit remote.” He Yunxiang observed the surroundings and was a little embarrassed.

“No harm.”

After flying high in the sky for another two hours, a huge city was finally imprinted into the eyes.

“That’s where the Yan family’s foundation are.”

When they reached the front of the city, they landed on the ground and the two of them walked forward.

Any city of any size will not allow martial artists to fly into it, because it is not convenient to manage, only some special people have such qualifications.

Yang Kai is accustomed to this, so it does not feel anything.

The city wall towering, more than 100 meter, and the gate below is open, a hideous and horrible head hangs like a ghost on the gate above, the eyes bloom scarlet light, open mouth is the entrance to the city gates, one by one martial artists enter the city, seems to be swallowed into the belly of this terrible ghost, no trace.

Whenever a martial artist walked by, the scarlet eyes of the ghost would flicker, seemingly scouting for something.

There were many martial artists lined up in front of the gate waiting to enter the city, He Yunxiang consulted Yang Kai, and then waited with him at the end of the line.

After coming into the city gate, Yang Kai suddenly felt an energy sweep from his body, similar to the sweep of divine sense, but completely different, immediately understood that this energy is the secret technique in the eyes of the statue.

There is no malice, just a record.

At this time the night is deep, but the whole city is boiling, as if a living thing, there are thousands of lights in the city, even the narrowest alley is also illuminated by the four sides of the light imprinted in the faintest detail.

The martial artists passing by flowed incessantly, shoulder to shoulder.

The streets are crisscrossed and intertwined, with stores lining both sides, making it extremely prosperous. The stores are also of different shapes, some full of strong exotic flavor, making people dazzled by the sight, and tall buildings of dozens of stories high, as if the pillars of the sky standing in this prosperous city.

In the center of the city, there is a twin peaks, the wall of ten thousand edges, towering into the clouds, left and right symmetry to the extreme, as if carved out of the same template. Yang Kai looked up, only to see that the twin peaks from top to bottom, terraced many buildings, the lights over there is particularly bright, there are patches of palaces, the atmosphere is open, the momentum is extraordinary.

“Over there is where the Yan family’s own clan lives, the Yan family’s strongest people, except for those sent out, basically everyone live over there.” He Yunxiang pointed her finger at the twin peaks and explained, and then asked, “Lord, are we going there now, or…”

“Just asking for directions, let’s go over there now.” Yang Kai said.

“Please follow me, my lord.” He Yunxiang said, and led the way ahead.

The two of them traveled straight towards that Twin Peaks.

Although the city was large, He Yunxiang was at least at the 3rd order Origin King Realm, so her feet were naturally not slow, and although Yang Kai did not use any power, he moved like the wind.

An hour later, they arrived at the Twin Peaks.

“Outsiders stop, this is where the Yan family lives.”

The guard at the bottom of the peak stopped the way, the guard’s cultivation was not bad, it was the 3rd order Origin Returning Stage, just one step away from the Origin King Realm, such cultivation is considered strong in the Star Field, but in the Yan Family’s main camp, only the guard at the door, so it can be seen that the Yan Family’s heritage is majestic.

Although the words are still polite, but the attitude is extremely arrogant, lightly swept over Yang Kai, the eyes show some disdain.

He did not feel any power fluctuations from Yang Kai, thinking that this person is just an ordinary person.

But He Yunxiang 3rd order Origin King Realm mad him stunned, he could not judge He Yunxiang’s real cultivation, but also know that the other party is a Origin King realm, plus He Yunxiang looks not bad, charm mature, immediately on the mind.

The Origin King realm powerhouse, it’s rare to appear.

On the outside, he is not a martial artist who dare to spy on the Origin King Realm, but this is the place of the Yan Family, he is also a people of the Yan Family, so even though his cultivation level is not as good, those eyes are extremely looking at the good parts of He Yunxiang for a while, and he was amazed in the heart, thinking that he could fuck this girl, it will be worth the death.

There are several Yan family guards nearby, and now they all cast their eyes over together, each one looking in awe.

He Yunxiang’s face sank, she is now the 3rd order Origin King Realm, standing at the top of the Star Field, even if it is the Yang Family people, so what? The weak should maintain the respect they should have for the strong.

If she had come alone, I’m afraid she would have had to put up with this, but she has now been labeled as Yang Kai’s people, every move represents the face of Yang Kai, how can a few underlings be so presumptuous to her?

The Yan family disciple who had been sizing her up turned pale and took a dozen steps back, almost sitting on their buttocks, with their hand covering the chest and the heart palpitating.

At that moment, he actually had a feeling of dying.

This is the pressure of the Origin King realm! And not just any Origin King realm, at the very least it was the 2nd order Origin King Realm.

His face changed, but he could only grit his teeth and swallow it in his stomach.

Even though he is a disciple of the Yan family, but the other party’s cultivation is not ordinary, the Yan family can not offend a Origin King Realm powerhouse because of this trivial thing.

He put away his arrogance and clasped his fist with a grave face: “May I ask your name and what you are here for?”

The previous arrogance was wipe clean.

He Yunxiang said, “I’d like to see Patriarch Yan, please give a message on my behalf.”

“To see the Partriarch?” The man was taken aback and shook his head, “I’m afraid this is a bit difficult.”

The Yan family’s partriarch, the real Star Field overlord, how can just anyone see him when they want to? The woman in front of him is certainly the Origin King realm, but the Origin King realm is also divided into levels.

“I just want to see the Yan family lord, please make it easy.”

The man shook his head again: “It’s not a matter of convenience, but..” after a pause, he said: “Does the lady know the family head?”

If it is an old acquaintance, then it is certainly no problem, he is also happy to pass on a message, maybe this charming woman is also the partriarch old friend from outside.

“I’ve heard a lot about him, but I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him.”


“Help me out.” As He Yunxiang spoke, a space ring had been silently popped over.

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