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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3091 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3091
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How good the cultivation technique is, He Yunxiang did not have the time to investigate, but she believed that since it came from the hand of the lord in front of her, it will not be bad, at least better than what she originally cultivated.

But whether the ribbon artifact in front of her is good or bad, it is clear at a glance.

She reached out and rubbed the ribbon, feeling the fluctuations of the aura radiating from it, and a look of excitement appeared on her face, saying with infinite fascination, “Your Excellency is really above the Origin King Realm!”

Although the martial artists in the lower realm were sure that there was a higher level above the Origin King realm, they had no idea what kind of mystery that level had and what kind of height it was, and they didn’t even know the name of that realm.

Above the Origin King Realm is what they call this realm.

This colored ribbon artifact in hand is definitely past the level of Origin King grade, and the person who can give out such an artifact must also be above the Origin King Realm.

“That’s called the Dao Source Stage.” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

“Dao Source Stage?” He Yunxiang raised her head and looked at him excitedly, knowing for the first time the name of that realm above Origin King, as if a new door had opened in front of her, presenting her with a new world.

“Only after you have transformed all the Saint Yuan in your body into Source Qi, will you be qualified to impact the Dao Source Stage, work hard, there are still long days ahead, what you need to do for now is to stabilize your own cultivation.”

He Yunxiang suppressed the excitement and yearning in her heart and said respectfully, “Yes.”

“Go, come over and inform me when we are almost at Taiyi Star, and don’t disturb at other times.”

He Yunxiang bowed and retreated, holding that colored ribbon in front of her chest, as if she was holding the most important thing in her life.

Out of the door, she also did not go to look for a secret room for retreat, but sat directly at the door with her knees crossed, the posture of an escort posed to the full.

Not long after, Lu Huaishuang came looking for her.

She previously went to deal with the matter of the warship of the He family, part of the people of the Lu Family has return to the Morning Sun Star in the warship of the He family, the death of the head of the He family and the hundreds of elites news must be sent back as soon as possible, so that the Lu family can make early preparations, so that when she returns to the Morning Sun Star again, she can directly rush to the He Family.

This is the first time she have such an advantage, and she believe the He family will never make any waves again.

When she saw He Yunxiang outside the room once again, Lu Huaishuang casually glanced at her and stared at her in awe.

Just less than two hours apart, always feel that this Wild Wind leader has changed a lot, seems to have become more charming and enchanting, even as a woman, she could not help but have a sense of heart beating for her.

Immediately after was a big surprise: “How do you… a 3rd order Origin King Realm?”

Aster just a promotion breakthrough, He Yunxiang’s aura cannot be hidden, the 3rd order Origin King Realm could be seen at a glance.

Two hours ago she was only a 2nd order Origin King Realm!

He Yunxiang smiled but did not say anything. Not that she is not willing to reveal secrets, but Yang Kai’s methods are really unimaginable, she can not guarantee that Lu Huaishuang will not start any crooked thoughts after hearing it, in case this woman also want to attach to the Lord, wouldn’t their future be like a competitors.

This kind of self-inflicted trouble, why would the Wild Wind leader do it?

But although she did not say, how could Lu Huaishuang not guess, she was shocked: “It’s him?”

He Yunxiang smiled and said, “The lord is in seclusion retreat, I also have to meditate, sister if there is nothing to do then please go back, the lord instructed that you can only come to inform when we are almost at Taiyi Star.”

Lu Huaishuang complexion changed for a while, then gently nod: “I know, i want to congratulate you.”

Seeing He Yunxiang again, the huge change in the other party brought her an unimaginable shock.

Attachment to the strong can have such huge benefits? The Lu family’s burden is too heavy, pressing on her shoulders which makes her a bit breathless, should she also go to find a strong person to attach?

The man in the room is the best choice, he can accept He Yunxiang, it’s not impossible to accept her, in terms of appearance, Lu Huaishuang confident not to lose to anyone.

This is a woman’s natural advantage.

‘No! Others walk the path of others, i walk on my own path.’

The vine can only climb higher if it is attached to a big tree, the sapling can receives sunlight, rain, can also grow into a huge tree.

Some kind of shackles that have plagued her for years slightly loosened, so that her whole aura was born with a little subtle change, the twinkling beautiful eyes firmed down, deep inside put down a little something, and said with a faint smile, “I know, I will come to inform you when the time comes.”

‘Everyone has their way of survival, I have my way of becoming stronger, the golden road and wooden bridge, although the difficulty is not equal, but always lead to the same path, when I see you again in other years, I hope you will not be surprised.’


The black battleship started again, the degree from slow to fast, gradually out of the range of the Death Star, sailing towards the endless vast Star Field.

For the first time in so many years, Yang Kai began to slow down for once.

On the road of Martial Dao, he has been running hard, not daring to have the slightest decadence and laziness, spurring him on is the threat from all sides and his own desire for power. Suddenly stopping his pace, he realized that the road of life is not only under his feet, and the scenery around him is extremely uncommon.

The first thing he need to do is to go into the Mysterious Small Boundary and chat with Liu Yan, Embodiment, and others from time to time, or boil a pot of tea in the room, holding a copy of ancient book for several days, at ease.

The way of cultivation, need good relaxation. A good archer will lower the string when he is not using the bow and arrow to ensure the service life of the powerful bow.

It is only the self-hypnosis and consolation of the poor scholar that the book has a golden house.

But it is undeniable that reading can indeed give one some kind of spiritual sublimation.

He suddenly put down the ancient book in his hand, thought seriously for a long time, and suddenly realized: “So it’s too hasty!”

His cultivation had always maintained an extremely amazing degree, and each promotion was enough to break the imagination of ordinary people, but ever since he had promoted to the emperor realm in the Star Fragments Sea, he had been stuck at this level unable to break through.

He previously thought it was because his chance had not yet arrived, so he could not advance.

But now he realized that the so-called chance had not yet arrived, but it was just his own mentality. All along, he had been too eager, eagerly thirsting for great power, eagerly wanting to break through the 1st order Emperor Realm to explore the mysteries of the 2nd order.

Desire but not attainment.

His too eager mind had created an additional barrier and shackle at the top of the 1st order Emperor Realm.

Even though he had previously gained some insight and intended to go with nature, how could he go with nature when he still wanted to gain power enhancement under that environment in the Star Boundary, consciously or unconsciously, how could he let it go naturally? Naturally, he could not make a breakthrough.

But after coming here, he not only did not dare to use his power freely, but also sealed most of his cultivation, not to mention the cultivation, under the open-mindedness, he then suddenly realized the problem.

This situation is somewhat similar to the darkness under the lamp, all along the problem was in front of the eyes, but it have not been able to show, because his own eyes have not been paying attention to the feet.

On this trip, whether or not he can return to the Heng Luo Star Field, after having this layer of enlightenment, this trip is already worth it.

He believed that when he returned to the Star Boundary, he might have a different surprise.

He continued to hold up the ancient book and read it carefully, leisurely as if he was a venerable old man living in peace in his old age.

Duk Duk Duk ……

A knock came at the door.

“Come in!” Yang Kai opened the door without raising his head.

He Yunxiang pushed the door and entered, seeming to roll up a fragrant aura, making the whole room become charmingly scented.

“My lord, we are almost at Taiyi Star.” She kept in mind of Yang Kai’s previous instructions, and when Lu Huaishuang sent someone over to inform her, she gave this news back to Yang Kai at the first opportunity.

“En.” Yang Kai casually answered, his gaze still fixed on the ancient book held in his hand.

‘Is this some kind of book artifact?’ He Yunxiang could not help but be a little curious, the lord in front of her could casually take out a set of extremely profound cultivation technique and give it to her, so it was evident that his heritage was majestic, something that could make him look at it with such relish, how could it be any worse?

It is not good to spy on others, especially on such a strong person, it is very likely to provoke the other party’s disgust, if so, then the previous efforts will all be in vain.

But women’s curiosity is such that the more you press the more powerful the rebound. He Yunxiang was initially able to keep her head down and the lord was not defensive, but that did not mean she was free to pry into his secrets.

But after waiting for a moment, she really could not resist, raised her eyes and swept the ancient book.

Three big words printed into the eyes, the corner of He Yunxiang’s mouth could not help but twitch.

Azure Mountain Log!

This is a bullshit book.


Yang Kai closed the Azure Mountain Log, then stood up and swept past He Yunxiang with a few steps, greeting, “Let’s go.”

He Yunxiang also followed him in step.

“The aura is hidden but not leaking, only then is the realm solid, more efforts are needed.” The voice came from the front, He Yunxiang nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice and meekly said, “Your Excellency is right, the time is too short.”

Only half a month had passed, indeed not enough for her to stabilize her realm, although she was now better than half a month ago, the aura of the 3rd order Origin King Realm was still extremely obvious, anyone with a little bit of eyesight would be able to see it.

“How is the refinement of the artifact?”

“Although there are some results, but it can’t run freely yet.”

That colored ribbon is a Dao Source Grade low-rank artifact, it’s unknown where Yang Kai get it, too many martial artists have died in his hands over the years, their stuff naturally became Yang Kai’s spoils of war. Refining a Dao Source Stage Grade artifact with He Yunxiang who has just promoted to the 3rd order Emperor Realm, even if they were of low-rank, it was a bit strenuous.

“What about the cultivation technique?”

“I’m reading it.”

“Ask me if there’s anything you don’t understand.”

“Thank you, my lord, there are indeed many obscure points.” He Yunxiang wasn’t polite, if she wanted to follow Yang Kai, she had to make sure she was useful, and that value depended on her strength.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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