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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3083 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3083
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Lu Huaishuang turned her eyes, a face of intolerance, no matter how evil this youth, this death is too miserable, not to mention, just now he also helped her, if not for his sudden move, I’m afraid she has been injured.

Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui are wildly happy, almost can not help but to laugh, it is indeed the Heavenly Law.

Two people glance at each other, no need to discuss it, they has seen each other’s mind.

For a while, the lightning poured down from the sky before it subsided, the black clouds in the sky vortex also disappeared.

The field is full of silence.

The youth still maintains the posture of holding Ge Ming, but both he and the third leader of the Wild Wind, at this moment have standing hair, full of scorched color, and the aura is almost gone.

Not to mention that the youth, the third leader of the Wild Wind couldn’t be more dead than now!

Just now, the power of the lightning penalty was seen by everyone’s eyes, even a 3rd order Origin King Realm is impossible to survive, let alone Ge Ming who is only the 1st order Origin King Realm? This is simply an unwarranted disaster, although the youth has the ability to take his life, but from the beginning to the end it’s unknown if he really want to kill him.

Instead, it was a thunder penalty from Heavens that took Ge Ming’s life.

Two figures suddenly shot up.

Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui two people, one left and one right, obviously going in for the kill.

Cutting the grass and getting rid of the roots, the snake does not die on the stick, such a simple truth how can they not understand? Previously they’re accompanied by caution, because the bizarre youth showed superhuman strength.

Now this youth was struck by lightning penalty, whether dead or not, first cut the body, they want to ensure that the youth died thoroughly, only then can they have a way to live, otherwise they can only deliver life and death to the hands of others.

Although Ma Chaoqun is fat, but the movement is flexible to the extreme, the white body can not be described as athletic and agile, the two golden ball in the hand emitted a dazzling light, before the person arrived, two golden ball flew out frist, with an unbeatable momentum, towards the youth head and chest, the momentum is like a thousand pounds.

He Wuzui’s hand pinched the magic arts, sent out a powerful divine ability secret technique.

A python suddenly appeared in mid-air, the python head rose up and opened its bloody mouth to bite down on the youth.

This action is lightning fast, over there Lu Huaishuang completely did not have time to react, suddenly a sudden heart burst, raised her hand is a sky and a sword Qi cut towards Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui.

But her hindsight, obviously a little late, this move is only to doing their duty, but it can not help much.

Crackling sound came, sword Qi flew over, Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui lunged forward as if they had hit an invisible wall, their bodies brushed to a halt, terrified to stare ahead, their heart sank to the bottom.

It is not Lu Huaishuang’s sword qi that make them stop, but the youth’s reaction.

The lightning penalty blasted a dozen breaths of effort at the youth, and he suddenly moved now, he stretched out his hand, wiped a handful of his own messy hair, originally calm and deep eyes now overflowing with resentment, seems to be extremely dissatisfied with something.

It was such a simple action that let Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui both lost the courage to attack and had to stop their pace.

The scene seems to be bound by an invisible hand, time also seems to stop flowing, everyone is frozen in place, eyes dull.

‘Not dead? Blasted by that kind of lightning penalty for more than ten breaths, actually did not die?’ Lu Huaishuang also could not help but widen her pair of beautiful eyes, the eyes flooded with a strange luster.

Only Ma Chaoqun’s two golden balls, still rushing towards the youth, blasted in front of him in the blink of an eye.

The hand of the youth touching his hair let go and swayed slowly.

Ma Chaoqun was stunned, he actually lost contact with the two golden balls this time. Fixed his eyes to see, the body shaking violently.

The two golden balls, has reached the hands of the youth, the youth five fingers moving nimbly, two golden balls moving back and forth in the palm of the hand, and turn into an afterimage.

The two golden balls fluttered back and forth in the palms of his hands, transforming into afterimage. What kind of divine ability is this? What the hell is this guy?

He Wuzui’s Python also pounced, but He Wuzui’s mind was shaken and lose the ability to continue to maintain it, the Python just shifted and turn to nothing.

Gulp, a mouthful of saliva swallowed, facial skin uncontrollably began to twitch.

“That ……” Ma Chaoqun pursed his dry lips, trying hard to find something to say out, but found that his courage has long since dissipated, and his voice trembled beyond words.

“He is not killed by me.” The youth faithfully tossed Ge Ming’s corpse that he had been carrying in his hand.

Ge Ming die, all because of the lightning penalty, he has not rushed to kill Ge Ming from the beginning to the end.

“My lord…… i’m afraid this is a misunderstanding.” Ma Chaoqun said accompanied by a smile, but it is more difficult to see than crying.

“What misunderstanding, tell me.” The youth looked at him indifferently.

How can Ma Chaoqun say something? He was always suppressing people with his strength, fighting at the drop of a hat, and his mouth was always average, and his tongue was not good at talking. Sweat seeped out of his forehead, constantly reaching out to wipe, if he can’t say it, he might die today.

He gritted his teeth and say nothing, turn around and use the fastest speed to run from here.

If they still have some way to live before the lightning penalty, then now they have no other way out but to escape.

Who let him and He Wuzui two people rush to kill him, he only hate himself for having no eyes in this trip.

Once he fled, how can He Wuzui dare to stay? Immediately decided to flee in the opposite direction, which is the subconscious instinctive reaction. He only expected that the youth would go after Ma Chaoqun, and then give himself a little space to escape.

But the result was destined to disappoint him.

The youth didn’t even look at them, just tossed the golden balls in his hand, then took a step back, leaned back, and threw his arm violently, the golden balls broke through the air and attacked.

“Puff……” a miserable cry came out, followed by the sound of something falling to the ground.

He did not dare to turn his head, take out the strength to flee like a child, at this moment, only hate his parents for giving birth to him with only two legs.

He heard the voice of Fatty Ma.

There was a sudden pain behind, the whole person was carried by a strong force, involuntarily fell to the ground, He Wuzui hurriedly climb up, he could not help but looked stunned, only to see the ground actually have a pool of red blood, and… feeling his chest seems to be missing something.

Looked down and saw the last sight of this life.

A huge hole broke open at the chest, and from that wound, he can clearly see the writhing of his own internal organs.

The eyes went dark, fell limply to the ground, and life rapidly flowed away.

It was silent all around, the nameless land of the Death Star was silent even a pin drop could be heard.

Whether it is the hundreds of disciples of the Lu family, or the star pirates of the Wild Wind, or the elite of the He family, everyone was deeply shocked, a pair of eyes looking towards the youth who stood there without moving, in awe as if they saw the gods.

In other words, he used purely the power of his flesh.

Then Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui fell with a sound, without even a chance to resist.

Ma Chaoqun died.

He Wuzui also died.

The two 1st order Origin King Realm were as vulnerable as three-year-old children in front of this youth.

When these guys were planning their tricks before, they would never have thought that they would end up like this.

Horror, panic, fear, all kinds of emotions spread among the three groups of martial artists, with the terrifying power displayed by this youth, if he wanted to, he would have been able to casually kill all the thousands of people in this place.

Lu Huaishuang’s beautiful eyes were complicated.

Looking at the youth, in addition to gratitude, there is a hidden worry.

The youth did help her, but Lu Huaishuang and this person only met for the first time, and do not know whether the other party is good or evil, she is not a little girl who does not know the world, followed by hundreds of Lu family elites, she need to consider not only their own likes and dislikes.

She wanted to go forward to find out the nature of this young man’s heart, but did not have the courage.

When hesitating, she suddenly saw the youth turned his head towards her, the corners of his mouth held a faint smile.

Lu Huaishuang heart has a sudden burst, always feel that this smile was a bit bad, and being stared by this eyes, it actually gaave the illusion of standing naked in front of him, unable to hide anything, so she can not help but tighten the body.

“If I were you, I’d be a good boy and roll over obediently.”

With one word, Lu Huaisheng’s face changed slightly.

‘What do you mean?’ She did not seem to have offended him in any way, with the sudden change just now, she also wanted to help him, and in that lightning penalty, he also threw her out, he does not seem like any bad guys, why suddenly changed his attitude towards her again.

Is it possible to leave the wolf’s den only to enter the tiger’s den?

But his fists are bigger than her, Lu Huaishuang also dare not resist anything.

Her cultivation is no stronger than Ma Chaoqun and He Wuzui, these two were killed by the youth, if he want to kill her, she can’t resist.

Haa, she sigh in the heart, but she can only resign to fate.

When she lifted her foot to take a step, she suddenly noticed that there was a movement behind her, and she was stunned when she take a look at it. She saw there was an extra figure over there, exuding the powerful cultivation level of 2nd order Origin King Realm.

Lu Huaishen couldn’t help but shrink her beautiful eyes.

Sheng Yao!

The first leader of the Wild Wind.

Although it was the first time she see this person, Lu Huaishuang still recognized him at once.

Who else but Sheng Yao could appear in this place at this time with the cultivation level of 2nd order Origin King Realm?

This is the big boss of the Wild Wind, who can live incomparably well even when surrounded by all the major powers in the Star Field, but at this moment, he is as humble as a tortoise in a green house, groveling and trotting all the way over, with a careful smile on his face.

He passed by Lu Huaishuang, came directly to the young man, knelt on the ground, and spoke loudly: “Sheng Yao has seen the sir, the master’s divine ability, Sheng Yao is convinced, i would like to follow the lord to work like dogs and horses, please accept me my lord!”


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