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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3078 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3078
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Sometimes happiness comes so suddenly.

The dragon secret technique that Mo Huang could not do anything about was broken with a snap of his fingers in Yang Kai’s hand, and his heart was overjoyed beyond words.

The Dragon Seal was lifted, which meant that Fu Xuan’s status as a dragon sinner no longer existed, so naturally she would no longer have to be exiled to the Dragon Tomb.

He looked up towards Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun, and secretly made up his mind that he would take Fu Xuan away today no matter what, and if these two still insisted on stopping, then the only way was to fight.

The more than ten years of self-blame make it impossible for him to leave Fu Xuan behind.

But he secretly breathed a sigh of relief that neither Zhu Yan nor Fu Xuan seemed to have much reaction to the unlocking of the dragon seal, and the two only looked at the gradually shrinking void tunnel in silence.

The same look was also coming from Zhu Qing.

A few moments later, the tunnel disappeared, Zhu Yan turned his head to look at Mo Huang and said: “Wu Kuang escaped, this matter also need to inform the others, take precautions, especially the Star Law Court side.”

Mo Huang nodded and said, “I am aware of this, I will go to the Star Law Court later to discuss with Iron Blood about how to handle this matter.”

Zhu Yan said, “The Dragon Island is responsible for the matter of Wu Kuang, if there is a need, Brother Mo just ask.”

“Since the Grand Elder has said so, then there will be places where the Dragon Clan will have to be troubled in the future, so today Mo will take his leave for now.” With these words, he was about to take Fu Xuan away from here.

Fu Zhun suddenly said, “You can go, but Fu Xuan stays!”

Mo Huang raised his eyebrows, “Does Second Elder want to fight with this king again?”

This woman is simply a bit unreasonable, Mo Huang is also really angry, if she really insists on still being difficult for them, today he will stir up the Dragon Island to the bottom.

Fu Zhun said lightly: “She have been imprisoned for more than ten years, and the foundation of Fu Xuan has been damage. My Dragon Clan has a secret technique that can let her recover soon. Does you Spirit Beast Island have it? If so, feel free to take her away, this palace master will not say anything.”

Mo Huang was stunned, then he was overjoyed and said with a smile: “So the second elder means this.”

Fu Zhun said: “What do you think I mean?”

Mo Huang coughed lightly and nodded, “That’s good, then …… Xuan’er you stay, I will go to the Star Law Court first, and when I come back I will bring Xiao Qi to see you.” While talking, he glanced intentionally or unintentionally at Fu Zhun, he saw her frown, but she did not have any objection, and he was even more happy.

It looks like what that kid Yang Kai did today hit her pretty hard, otherwise she wouldn’t have changed so much. Although she did not agree with him to bring his daughter to Dragon Island, but at the very least, there is no longer any opposition.

In the past, Fu Zhun would certainly not have behaved in this way.

And hearing him talk about Xiao Qi, Fu Xuan’s eyes also revealed an expectant look as she nodded, “Good.”

“Wait for me!” Mo Huang reached out and stroked Fu Xuan’s cheek, really not having the face to come down for a kiss in public like Yang Kai did.

That kid is too thick-skinned!

Turning around, he walked towards the outside of the Dragon Temple with light steps.

Zhu Qing stepped forward and helped the weak Fu Xuan. The two dragon girls who are connected by the same life can always become close involuntarily.


The vast starry sky, the stars flash, a pitch-black warship like a giant beast travel, that warship is 33m long, smooth shape, although the size is huge, but the level is not slow.

There are meteorites all around, a piece of large or small meteorites like meteors weaving around the battleship, from time to time there will be meteorites smashed on top of the battleship, so that the surface of the battleship shines a little light, such as ripples spread in all directions, but basically smaller meteorites do not pose any threat to such a battleship, even if smashed on the surface of the battleship, with be the battleship’s protection to resist, it turned into rubble.

Only those slightly larger meteorites will make the battleship shake a little, but all the way through, it is not shocking.

Inside the battleship, the sound of various spell formations buzzing, the control center of the ship’s warehouse, a group of martial artists’ expressions are extremely serious, through the crystal refining transparent window, watching a piece of meteorites pass by, all of them squeezed a sweat.

Meteorite sea!

There are two kinds of things that warships fear most when sailing in a Star Field.

One is the meteorite sea, the other is the starry sky storm.

The former is okay, most meteorite sea can be avoided in advance, only some particularly large scale is impossible to avoid, but the vast Star Field, the chances of running into it is not very large.

And the starry sky storm in all the Star Field, are things that makes people change expression while talking about it, that is really a natural disaster that can kill human life, even if such as such a 333m warship was caught in the starry sky storm, it is also a bad luck.

Every year, countless martial artist are killed in those meteorite sea and starry sky storm.

The battleship in front of this one is not too lucky, originally the battleship is strong, and the best star map maker mapped out the navigation route, reasonably speaking they will not encounter any danger, as long as it takes a little time to reach the destination, but there is a large wave of meteorite sea from the front.

By the time it appeared, there was no way to avoid it.

The battleship had to meet it head on, weaving in and out of the meteorite sea to avoid.

The ship’s bunker at the center of the position, a palace dressed woman standing there, looks twenty years old, green hair like a waterfall, the face is stunning, at present she is diligently giving out orders, because of the tension, the tip of the nose even oozed a faint sweat, a fragrance spread out with her as the center, all the martial artists in the battleship, regardless of men and women, keep a higher frequency than usual breathing air, as if to breathe the fragrance into the lungs, imprinted in the depths of the mind, do not forget forever.

“How much longer!” The woman suddenly turned her head towards a direction.

There, an old man is holding an astrolabe to carefully investigate, the astrolabe lit up a three-dimensional pattern, that is clearly where the battleship is currently located in the map, it’s unknown how the old man draws the pattern, a symbol of the battleship light is slowly advancing, surrounded by countless dense small points of light flying away, each of those small points of light, represents a meteorite threat to the battleship.

Hearing the woman ask, the old man mused: “Half an hour, half an hour to cross this meteorite sea, we have gone halfway.”

The woman nodded and said, “That’s good, it’s thanks to Elder Chen.”

The woman was obviously the person in charge of this warship, and her cultivation level was also extremely uncommon, but she was still polite in the face of the old man surnamed Chen, who was one of the most prestigious star map masters in the entire Star Field, and she had paid a huge price to hire him on this voyage.

The star chart master has a very high status in the star field, no less than those alchemists and item refiners, because in the Star Field navigation, the star chart is very important existence, a good star chart master can avoid many unpredictable dangers for the warship.

Chen Lao was ashamed to say: “Young Lady Lu is polite, originally old man should have detected the existence of the meteorite sea in advance, now the danger present is the responsibility of the old man.”

“Life is not always as it should be.” Lu Huaishuang persuaded him, seems to recall something, her beautiful face slightly turn dark, and said with a strong smile: “Chen Lao do not need to blame himself, this trip also thanks to Chen Lao, otherwise do not know how many crises we encounter before, can arrive here safely, is also the credit of Chen Lao.”

Chen Lao said, “Many thanks young lady Lu, I’m grateful.”

As he was talking, suddenly there was an alarming cry from the side: “Young Lady, it’s not good.”

Lu Huaishuang’s face changed and she turned her head to look over there, “What’s wrong?”

At this sensitive time, she was most afraid of hearing any bad news, so she couldn’t help but be a little nervous.

“There’s a meteorite crashing over from a hundred miles away.”

“How big is it?”

“Not too big, but the …… energy fluctuations are terrifying.”

While talking, Lu Huaishuang has rushed over, take a look closer, and indeed see a bright point of light on the array astrolabe over there, it is crashing towards the warship at a very fast speed, and it is such a moment of work, it is close to half.

Just sweeping a glance, Lu Huaishuang frowned, that Chen Lao also said with a surprised face: “strange, this meteorite is not big, why is the energy fluctuations so terrifying?”

He is also considered to have seen a lot of knowledge, but it is the first time he encountered such a strange thing, making him quite a bit puzzled.

“Star Cannon!” Lu Huaishuang shouted, followed by adding, “Ten!”

When sailing in the vast starry sky, one will always encounter such dangers, and for some threats that cannot avoided, the cannon is the best way is to crush them, and star cannons are the most effective means.

Star cannon will not be used easily, because it requires a large number of crystals to convert into attack energy, every time you use it means the loss of property.

It must be said that although Lu Huaishuang is a woman, she has the determination that many men do not have.

Ten star cannons fired in unison, but it requires a lot of courage.

But the order was quickly carried out, the battleship around, ten star cannons poking out hideous holes, dazzling white light began to condense, sensational energy fluctuations passed out.

The next moment, the side of the battleship let out the sound of shock and thrust back, shocking the entire battleship, ten white pillars of light shot towards a certain place in the void and gathered in one place with great accuracy.

The light blooms, the dark starry sky seems to suddenly have a dazzling round sun, so that everyone in the ship’s warehouse can not help but squint their eyes.

Boom ……

The earth-shattering sound then came, shocking people’s eardrums hurt, the light enveloped the area, showing a doomsday scene, meteorite around the target was hit, regardless of size, everything turn into pieces in an instant, and disappeared.

A group of people gently exhaled, although they had long known that the power of the star cannon was terrifying, but the shock caused by ten star cannons hitting the same point still made people unable to speak for a long time.

Whatever the name of the meteorite that came crashing through, it has already dissipated at this moment.

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