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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3069 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3069
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The small bulge on both sides of the head, now also like a thriving sapling breaking out of the ground, two dragon horns standing upright, which is not much worse than the pure dragon bloodline.

Dragon Prestige is enveloping the void, actually making the three dragons breathless, chest like being pressed by boulder, which is extremely frustrating, the Dragon Yuan flow actually run slower for no reason.

The three dragons were horrified.

Especially when they found that one of their own dragon scales actually flickered with a strong light, the horror and fear in their heats were even more serious.

The flickering light of the dragon scales, is clearly the root of the Dragon Temple Blessing Technique, such anomalies appeared, clearly because the Blessing Technique has become unstable.

When Yang Kai was still in eight meter dragon body, they are not affected by the bloodline suppression, but when Yang Kai transformed into 15 Meter dragon body, even with the blessing of the Dragon Temple, the terrifying pressure also made them feel a trace of fear from the bloodline.

Zhu Lie said before that the Dragon Temple’s blessing technique could offset the bloodline suppression to a large extent, but only to a large extent, not completely. When this suppression exceeds a certain limit, the Dragon Temple’s blessing technique also can not ignore the difference in bloodline.

Just like Li Jiao when facing Fu Chi, the three dragons at this moment feel a deep chill and fear when facing Yang Kai.

A quick decision must be made, otherwise it will not end well today.

Three dragons instantly have a decision, after Yang Kai transformed into 15 meter dragon body, the look in the eyes of the dragon become more and more determined, moving forward.

Yang Kai suddenly punched, and a house size fist attacked on the giant dragon’s head from the left at an incredible angle, a loud boom accompanied by a mournful dragon roar came, the dragon was smashed by this fist and his head crooked, several pieces of dragon scales fell off his head, the huge body kept rotating and flew down to the distant sea.

But by such a delay, the dragon on the right side has been close at hand, probing the dragon claws with cold light wantonly, as if it has unmatched sharp edge, moving fiercely towards Yang Kai’s chest.

Yang Kai can not evade, his body is bound, even the space divine ability can not be exercised.

If this claw hit, it will definitely not end well.

At the moment of crisis, almost from instinctive reaction, there is a sudden movement behind.

A dragon’s tail rolled over, as if a divine whip descending from the sky, with a terrifying and incomparable force fiercely smashed down.

With a snap, the dragon tail slapped the dragon’s spine, accompanied by a high-pitched dragon roar, the dragon coming from the right side fell down like a meteorite.

Yang Kai has a strange face, Divine Sense swept behind himself, his eyebrows could not help but raise.

Behind his buttocks, he actually have a dragon tail somehow.

This discovery made him a little surprised.

Although after more than a month of hard training, he knew that he had made great progress in the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, but what exactly would he become after performing the Dragon Transformation, he himself did not know.

Until this moment!

15 Meter Dragon Body, Dragon Horns on the head, Dragon Tail, all the dragon scales are glowing gold, such a change can be said to be almost earth-shaking, and it is completely different from the 5 Meter Dragon Body.

The body is towering, Yang Kai look out in all directions, just feel that the whole world seems to be prostrated under his feet, and his heart was full of pride.

The dragon that has been bound to Yang Kai at this moment is unable to help but stare at the dragon’s eyes, all this change happened in a flash of lightning, his two clansmen were knocked out easily by Yang Kai’s fist and tail, leaving him alone to face the second degree Dragon Transformation of Yang Kai, his heart could not help but tightening.

The eyes flashed, the dragon’s head moved, opened its bloody mouth towards Yang Kai head to bite down.

Yang Kai crossed his arm in front of him, the sharp teeth were embedded in the flesh of his arm, blood flowed, but Yang Kai smiled coldly, under the gut-wrenching gaze of the dragon eye, stretched out his other hand, grabbed the dragon’s horn on his head and broke it fiercely.

“Roar!” The dragon’s roar shook the sky, the dragon horn broke, the side of the head sprayed blood wildly.

Yang Kai put away the dragon horn, and probed a dragon claw towards the dragon’s abdomen again.


Just a moment, the dragon’s abdomen was pulled open with a few feet of blood, writhing internal organs from the wound was vaguely visible, dragon scales flew off more than a dozen pieces, one of which is the root of the Dragon Temple Blessing Technique.

When the light flashed, the dragon could no longer maintain the true dragon body, changed into a person in the blink of an eye, he hurriedly fled from Yang Kai, hand covering the abdomen, blood flowed out along the finger, his face pale beyond compare.

Yang Kai two crimson dragon eyes glanced at him contemptuously, and did not have the intention to pursue.

The Dragon Temple’s blessing technique was lost, this dragon clan can no longer can make any waves in front of him.

He gave a low cry, his huge body fell straight toward the sea, bizarrely it did not splash the water.

A moment later, under the sea came a violent energy fluctuations, followed by a column of water rising, Yang Kai broke the sea and emerged, hands each captured a dragon, water splashes overflowed, the sky immediately hung a round of rainbow.

These two huge dragons are the two that were just knocked out by Yang Kai, the huge palms stuck on the necks of the two dragons, dragging them towards the air.

Yang Kai was laughing madky, with a force, the two dragons is slammed towards each other with a loud noise, both dizzy.

Boom boom boom boom

Yang Kai seems to be addicted to play, and constantly let them ram each other, dragon blood splattered, the sound of broken bones constantly heard.

After crashing dozens of times and getting out of a foul breath, Yang Kai threw them away. In the same way, the Dragon Temple Blessing Technique was broken from the two dragons body.

The two dragons had no choice but to take on human form, staggering as if they were drunk, even standing still was extremely difficult, fleeing a few dozens meter, looking at Yang Kai with eyes full of terror and fear.

Yang Kai ignored, his gaze locked a certain place, the next moment, the Space Principle surge, the body suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he had already broken into Zhu Qing’s battlefield.

The two dragon clans that intercepted Zhu Qing saw him appear at first glance and were both shocked.

They were tangled with Zhu Qing, and not far from Yang Kai’s position, so they naturally saw the previous scene clearly. The three dragons joined forces, and in an instant, they were completely wasted, simply without the ability to fight back.

Now how can the two of them have the courage to face Yang Kai’s ferocity? The dragon prestige rushed over, and their bloodline was instantly suppressed to some extent.

They looked at each other, and suddenly turned into light to vanish. In other words, it was not something that could be solved based on numerical superiority. If they wanted to save the face of Dragon Island, only the Great Elder and Second Elder could do it personally.

They needed to rush over to the two elders to report the news.

But how could they have this opportunity?

Just before they tried to escape, the space around them became sticky and seemed to be blocked by some mysterious power.

Space Principle.

The two dragons were frightened and angry, desperately pushing their own pressure, trying to break the influence of the Space Principle on their own body, Yang Kai has already pounced on, grabbed a dragon’s tail, ruthlessly turned it a few times before smashing towards the other dragon.

The two dragons flew out with a loud bang, and Yang Kai took the opportunity to pounce on them, lifting two of their scales and forcing them to appear in human form.

The next thing is simple, fifteen meter dragon body Yang Kai, in front of this group of dragons below the eighth order, he is simply invincible, unstoppable.

After settling the opponent of Fu Ling, the scene suddenly quieted down.

Yang Kai cast his gaze to the depths of the sea, where the Embodiment was fighting with another dragon clan, seemingly evenly matched.

The sudden awakening of the Embodiment gave him a surprise, after all, since that fusion with the Stone Fire Origin in the Wild Ancient Land that day, the Embodiment has been in a drowsy state, this timeit is suddenly awake, and it is really out of Yang Kai’s expectation.

He had been paying attention to the Embodiment’s situation recently, according to his projection, it should take a while for the Embodiment to wake up, but he didn’t know if it had sensed the situation on his side and that’s why it had advanced.

But although early, there is no big problem, Yang Kai can feel the Embodiment has completely fused with the stone fire origin, it is now the Holy Spirit Stone Fire!

After giving a word of advice to Zhu Qing, Yang Kai was about to go over to help the Embodiment when a dragon roar suddenly rang out in the depths of the Dragon Island.

This dragon roar is very different from the dragon roar that Yang Kai had heard before, and its sorrowful, actually gave a feeling of people dying, and it’s sound sad.

When the dragon roar sounded, Zhu Qing and Fu Ling changed color and turned their heads towards the direction of the source of the sound and looked over.

Not only them, but all the Dragon Island’s dragon clan is the same.

The sound of the dragon roar lasted for more than ten breaths before it abruptly stopped.

The next instant, Yang Kai suddenly reached out and touched his cheek because a few drops of something suddenly fell on his face, he looked up at the sky and frowned: “Rain falling on a clear day, the weather on Dragon Island is really weird.”

In the sky, a round sun was hanging high in the blue sky, not a single cloud was seen.

But the sky actually have a raindrops falling, and it was still pouring rain, clattering fiercely.

What surprised Yang Kai even more was that the rain seemed to be full of spirituality.

“This is not rain!” Fu Ling’s face was pale and kept staring in the direction of the source of that sound, hearing Yang Kai speak subconsciously back, her delicate body trembled.

Zhu Qing’s expression was also incomparably ironic as she said in a deep voice, “Dragon Fall Transformation Rain!”

“What?” Yang Kai twisted his head towards Zhu Qing and couldn’t help but frown, vaguely feeling that something big had happened, otherwise Zhu Qing’s expression couldn’t have been so grave.

“A Dragon Clan has died!” Zhu Qing turned her head to look at him with a horrified look.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, and his pupils couldn’t help but shrink: “How do you know? That dragon roar just now?”

Even if that dragon roar is incredibly sad, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a dragon clan has fallen, right? Maybe it was just a serious injury.

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