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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3056 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3056
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Dragon Island Token came out, the crowd was in uproar, hundreds of martial artists are living in the half dragon city for a long time, the Dragon Island Token is naturally something they’re familiar with, but only heard about it, this is the first time to see the real thing, a few hundred pairs of eyes are looking towards the Dragon Island Token intently.

Fu Shi snorted and said: “Just take a token out and say this is the Dragon Island Token? Do you really think my dragon clan is easy to fool?”

He was really angry with Yang Kai, that’s why he say something sarcastic.

Yang Kai looked at him like a fool: “The Great Elder said this is the Dragon Island Token, you have better vision than the Great Elder? Or do you not believe the Great Elder?”

Fu Chi was stunned and his face was ugly: “Kid don’t spout nonsense.”

The hat of not trusting the Great Elder was a bit unbearable even for him as an eighth-order Thunder Dragon, so he looked at Zhu Yan and said, “Great Elder, I didn’t mean that.”

Zhu Yan waved his hand slightly and looked at Yang Kai and said, “Although I also feel that this Dragon Island Token has a pure aura, but whether it is a real Dragon Island Token, I still need to check it carefully, if it is convenient, can you show it to me?”

Yang Kai looked down towards Zhu Qing and saw that Zhu Qing nodded, then he smiled and said, “Then everything is up to the Great Elder.”

With a toss of his hand, the Dragon Island Token flew towards the Great Elder.

The Great Elder took it, pinched a spell in his hand, and pointed a finger on the token.

In a flash, the dragon shape on the token suddenly swam, a loud and clear dragon roar came out.

Fourth Elder Zhu Kong nodded and said, “Not bad, it is indeed the Dragon Island Token.”

In fact, when they saw the token, several elders were already eight percent sure, but the matter was important, so naturally it was better to verify it.

Yang Kai smiled faintly: “I heard that the holder of the Dragon Island Token can ask one wish…… to the Dragon Island.” At this point, his face suddenly changed and he said angrily: “What are you doing?”

At this moment when he was speaking, the second elder actually suddenly reached out and grabbed towards the Dragon Island Token held by the great elder, her movement was incredibly fast, and one of her outstretched hands created a burst of phantoms and swept towards the Dragon Island Token.

The great elder obviously did not expect Fu Zhun to suddenly strike, flip of the wrist to avoid, but did not expect the second elder had prepared, following like a shadow.

The two elders of the dragon clan did not move, but their hands turned into countless afterimage, silently exchanging blows.

After a snap, everything was calm.

Zhu Yan’s eyebrows wrinkled, Fu Zhun’s expression remained cold, Zhu Kong looked at Zhu Yan, and then looked at Fu Zhun, and let out a long sigh.

In full view of everyone, the Dragon Island Token in the great elder’s hand suddenly turned into a pile of powder, spilling from between his fingers and disappearing cleanly in the blink of an eye.

“What does the Second Elder mean by this!” Yang Kai face sunken, gritted his teeth and looked at Fu Zhun, he did not expect this woman would actually openly destroy his Dragon Island Token, this is simply shameless, he could hardly imagine a powerful person comparable to the great emperor in front of so many people can actually do such a thing.

He had not trusted this woman before, so he gave the Dragon Island Token to the Grand Elder after consulting Zhu Qing, but he didn’t expect to make a mistake.

Zhu Yan also looked sideways at Fu Zhun, seemingly waiting for her explanation.

Fu Zhun said lighthly: “Since the Great Elder and Fourth Elder are convinced that it is the Dragon Island Token, this palace master naturally will not talk more. For the time being, let’s assume that it is the Dragon Island Token.”

“For the time being!” Yang Kai forehead veins jumping, isn’t this saying nonsense? A tentative sentence can deny the authenticity of the Dragon Island Token?

But Fu Zhun did not dwell on this issue with him, just coldly said: “You do not have the permission of the dragon clan and trespass on the dragon island, this is a crime, making trouble in the dragon clan wedding, this is a second crime, tarnish my dragon clan dragon girl’s reputation, this is a third crime, the crime should be punished. But this palace master will not kill you today, the Dragon Island Token will be considered as an exchange for your life, quickly back away!”

Yang Kai said unconvincingly, “Did I say that I want to exchange the Dragon Island Token for my life? Second Elder is too dictatorial, right?”

He was really angry, he took out the Dragon Island Token and before he could say what he wanted, this woman ruined it, and then rightfully said he wanted to trade the Dragon Island Token for his life.

The woman said that he would take the Dragon Island Token for his life.

“Not for life, you want to die!”

Yang Kai strained his neck and shouted, “I want your Dragon Island to let people go! Let me and Qing’er leave here.”

“Delusional!” Fu Zhun laughed coldly.

Zhu Qing said painfully, “Second Elder, the Dragon Clan rules, those who hold the Dragon Island Token can make a reasonable request to the Dragon Clan, although you are the Second Elder, you cannot disregard the ancestral legacy!”

Yang Kai turned his head towards Zhu Yan, his eyes like a knife: “Great Elder, I need a statement.”

This bitch is like a piece of ice that can’t be melted, no matter how much you say, it won’t help, it will only make you angry, Yang Kai can only shift his focus to Zhu Yan.

The Dragon Island Token was destroyed in his hands, no matter how he can not escape responsibility.

Zhu Yan nodded at his words and said, “Yes, there is indeed such an article in the dragon clan’s rules.”

Yang Kai looked uplifted and said with a clasped fist, “In that case, I have no other request but to ask the Great Elder to let me and Qing’er leave safely.”

Zhu Yan was silent for a moment and shook his head, “I’m afraid that won’t work.”

“Great Elder ……” The expectation in Zhu Qing’s eyes dimmed, if today’s matter was not decided by the Great Elder, she and Yang Kai would not be able to leave this place.

Yang Kai sneered: “The dragon clan is really great, today I have seen a lot.”

The great elder shook his head: “Not that I want to make things difficult for you, but your request …… is against the principles of the Dragon Clan, I can not agree, the second elder is right, you hold the Dragon Island Token, we should meet your request, but this request must be reasonable! You want to take Zhu Qing away …… this can never be done, so, you’d better go by yourself.”

This statement from the Great Elder was expected by Yang Kai, so he wasn’t much disappointed.

Previously he had talked to Zhu Lie about whether he could take the Dragon Island Token to exchange Zhu Qing out, and at that time Zhu Lie had dismissed his idea. Today, the Dragon Island Token is just trying luck.

Now it seems that Zhu Lie is right, even if there is a Dragon Island Token, want to take away a dragon girl is not so simple, the dragon clan is also impossible to agree.

Zhu Kong also said: “Good, you go, my dragon clan today will not to make things difficult for you.”

According to the personality of the dragon clan, if other people dare to make trouble like this today, they would have died without a burial place, but Yang Kai does have the Dragon Island Token, even if he is rude today, the Dragon Island Token is enough to save his life.

Of course, the premise is that Yang Kai has to know the time to do so.

“Go?” The second elder suddenly snorted coldly, “Did I say let him go?”

The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth hooked as he sneered, “Is Second Elder going back on her word and wanting to kill people? Fine, then let’s see the real thing underhand, this young master is not good, and your dragon clan will not be able to rest in peace.”

“What a big mouth!” Fu Chi snorted coldly.

Many dragon clan are also gloomy, Yang Kai’s words are undoubtedly offensive to the public, dare to steal the bride at the dragon clan wedding, the dragon clan have long looked at Yang Kai displeased, now dead to the end still dare to speak so shamelessly, really do not know how high the sky is and how thick the earth.

“If you have a big mouth, it depends on how strong you are.” Yang Kai looked at Fu Chi, and secretly made up his mind that if he really wanted to make a move, he would be the first to strike at him.

Stupid thing like actually dare to grab his woman, Yang Kai held a month of anger always have to vent out.

“Second Elder ……” Zhu Yan frowned at Fu Zhun, “What do you mean by this?”

The Dragon Island Token has been destroyed, what’s the harm in letting him off the hook? He was trying to understand why Fu Zhun had gone back on her word.

“This palace master is naturally true to its word.” Fu Zhun looked at Yang Kai indifferently, “This palace master will not kill him, but when did I say I would let him go? He will not be able to leave Dragon Island without leaving the Dragon Origin behind!”

Once this statement was made, Zhu Yan and Zhu Kong both looked straight and immediately knew what Fu Zhun was up to.

Yang Kai is carrying the Ancestral Dragon Origin, since he has thrown himself into the net, naturally he cannot be easily let go, the Ancestral Dragon Origin is of great importance, if they can get it, the strength of the whole dragon race may have to be improved by a large margin.

The first thing that he want to do is to invite Yang Kai to Dragon Island, but he also want the Ancestral Dragon Origin.

So after perceiving the second elder’s intention, Zhu Yan was not able to refute anything.

As far as he knew, Yang Kai was proficient in Space Principle. If he really let him leave today, he don’t know if there would be any chance to find him in the future, he sighed leisurely and shut up at once.

“Second Elder you don’t go too far!” Zhu Qing’s body trembled with anger.

“You dare to speak to me like this?” Fu Zhun’s eyes snapped.

“What’s with the shouting?” Yang Kai’s eyes were even more ruthless than Fu Zhun’s, “Qing’er talked to you like that, so what?”

“Kid, you don’t know how to retreat, looking for death!” When had Fu Zhun ever been so offended? In a fit of rage, she could no longer hold back and raised her hand and slapped it towards Yang Kai.

Her palm instantly turned into ice crystals, as if it was carved out of ice, and the matchless ice cold laws turned into a vortex that engulfed Yang Kai.

The palm quickly enlarged in front of Yang Kai’s eyes, as if it could cover the sky.

Yang Kai shouted lowly, “Are you Dragon Clan bullying people too much, or is this young master taking an inch too far?” As he spoke, he pushed Zhu Qing away, and under everyone’s jaw-dropping gaze, he advanced instead of retreating and went straight towards the Second Elder.


As a roar came out, Yang Kai’s body surged and instantly turned into an eight-meter tall behemoth with a short horned head, covered in scaly armor, his flesh and blood squirming rapidly, a crackling sound coming from within his bones, and his hands turning into sharp dragon claws.

The unparalleled dragon prestige diffused out, and two piping hot air spurted out from the nostrils.

“Dragon Transformation Secret Technique!”

A cry of shock rang out as the many Dragon Clan looked dumbfounded.

The Dragon Transformation Technique is a secret technique of the dragon clan, and they are naturally familiar with it, but this is the first time they have seen someone perform the Dragon Transformation Technique with such power.

The eight meter tall body, although only half dragon body, but also gives a strong sense of oppression, especially the dragon breath is also pure and incomparable.

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