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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3052 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3052
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But what greeted her was an unimaginable storm. The cultivation level was sealed, the dragon bloodline was suppressed, and was given to Fu Chi for a marriage. After a month, the marriage was about to be completed. Everything came so suddenly.

She would rather be exiled into the dragon tomb to fend for herself, than marry other Dragon Clan. There are not many Dragon Clan. She knows exactly what kind of virtue Fu Chi has. Long ago, this guy already had idea about her, asking the elders to grant marriages several times and repeatedly harassing her.

Zhu Qing always ignored him, but didn’t expect him to succeed this time.

Secretly made up her mind, when it was a last resort, she could only fight to the death.

There was the sound of rustling footsteps.

Zhu Qing opened her eyes and saw a beautiful woman in a white palace dress in front of her.

This woman looks less than 30 years old, her figure is full and round, her face is beautiful, she has a silver head, like a white silk, her hair was tied into a bun in the back of her head, but her pretty face is like ice that never melts forever. Just a glance gives people a feeling of cold, which makes people feel involuntarily cold.

“Second Elder.” Although Zhu Qing complained of her arbitrariness in her heart, there was no lack of courtesy.

Fu Zhun said indifferently: “Have you figured it out yet.”

Zhu Qing’s face was calm and said: “The Second Elder knows what Qing’er thinks, so why bother to ask?”

Fu Zhun said: “That’s okay. It will be a big wedding after ten days. You still have time to think about it. When you figure it out, the great elder and I will unlock the seal for you.”

Zhu Qing frowned and said: “The twisted melon is not sweet, why should the second elder force Qing’er like this? You should know that Qing’er is unwilling.”

Fu Zhun said: “The Dragon Clan reproduction is the most important thing. What does the little children’s love count for? What’s more, you dare to find a human race, you are humiliating the Dragon Clan!”

Zhu Qing said: “That’s Qing’er’s own personal business, what does it have to do with the dragon clan?”

Fu Zhun’s face was even colder: “Since the blood of the dragon clan is flowing in your body, your words and deeds are related to the reputation of the dragon clan, and this palace master cannot allow you to act recklessly.” [TL: what if when you force her like this and she kill herself? it will be -1 dragon clan right? fool]

Zhu Qing said sadly: “In the eyes of the second elders, is there nothing else besides the reproduction of the dragon clan?”

Fu Zhun brushed her sleeves: “The number of dragon clan is already scarce, and the ratio of males to females is extremely uncoordinated. If everyone don’t listen to the teachings, the Dragon Clan will soon perish. As a dragon clan, you must think for the Dragon Clan.”

Zhu Qing laughed at herself: “I didn’t expect Qing’er still shoulder the heavy responsibility of the dragon clan. Qing’er is really flattered.”

“I know you blame me in your heart, but it doesn’t matter. As long as you can give birth to a dragon clan child, what’s wrong with being blamed by you?” Fu Zhun looked at her and said: “Don’t do anything unrealistic thought, before you and Fu Chi’s child are born, this palace master won’t let you have the chance to kill yourself. Now that’s the case, you should think about it again. Instead of suffering in the future, it’s better to figure it out earlier.” [TL: yep, really stupid. If she kill herself after giving birth, it’s still the same number.]

After speaking, she turned to the outside.

Zhu Qing trembled slightly, and suddenly gritted her teeth and shout: “Second elder, don’t you have any regrets about what happened more than ten years ago? She is still suffering in the dragon tomb. It is too late to release her now! Even if you regret it, it’s too late.”

The second elder paused slightly, without turning her head back: “The Dragon Tomb can only go in but not out. She takes the blame!”

The second elder’s figure disappeared from the field of vision, and a wry smile appeared on Zhu Qing’s face. This time, she really realized the Second Elder ruthless heart, deliberately mentioning something from ten years ago, there is no effect at all, Zhu Qing knows that she does not matter. Don’t even try to persuade the second elder.

A few miles away, a sturdy figure greeted her, with a fawning smile on his face, and said, “I have seen the second elder.”

Fu Zhun frowned and looked at Fu Chi: “What are you doing here?”

Fu Chi cautiously said: “Come and see how Qing’er is. You just met her, what did she say?”

Fu Zhun said: “You don’t have to care what she says, she will be yours after ten days.”

Fu Chi chuckled and said, “That’s right, second elder, can I go in and see Qing’er? Talk to her more, maybe she can change her mind.”

“She has a bad temper right now. It would be counterproductive if you went to see her.” Fu Zhun passed by his side, and her voice floated: “Rather than work hard on her, you should prepare yourself.”

“Yes!” Fu Chi replied respectfully.

Being rejected by the second elder, he didn’t dare to insist anymore. He came over today, thinking about seeing Zhu Qing to see if her attitude changed, but after hearing what the second elder said, he immediately understood, Zhu Qing is still like that.

He couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

He is a dragon clan, an eighth-order thunder dragon, what human race is better? Zhu Qing, this bitch not only refused the marriage gift from the elders, but also cherished that Human Race so much.

That person seemed to be called Yang Kai.

Fu Chi secretly wrote down the name, and prepared to wait for the right time to find Yang Kai. He hated Yang Kai for getting Zhu Qing virginity, but Zhu Qing was different from Fu Ling. The reputation on the dragon island are very good, and because of this, he likes Zhu Qing very much.

He have pursued her many times before, but he still couldn’t be happy with Zhu Qing. He didn’t expect her to go out and have a relationship with a human race.

This makes Fu Chi hate it.

But now it doesn’t matter anymore. After a dozen days, Zhu Qing will become his own woman, and the second elder seem to have talked about it. If he and Zhu Qing do not give birth to a dragon clan child in the future, they will not lift the seal for Zhu Qing.

So even if Zhu Qing is now a ninth-order dragon blood, he is not afraid at all. After the wedding, how can she make any waves? Although there are many playthings on the island, how can those ants compare with Zhu Qing?

Fu Chi was looking forward to the big wedding in ten days’ time. After hesitating on the Iceland for a while, he immediately flew towards his spirit island. In order for the big wedding to proceed as scheduled, he must ensure the progress of the construction of the palace.

In the Mysterious Small Boundary, Yang Kai opened his eyes, the light in his eyes flickered, his body filled with Dragon Prestige.

Hundreds of dragon blood pills have all been consumed, and even the middle-grade dragon blood flowers have been eaten cleanly, and now only the low-grade dragon blood flowers are left in the ring.

Counting the days, the time is almost here.

Yang Kai withdraw the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique and regained his normal appearance.

Divine Sense swept, and found Li Jiao and Lu Sanniang somewhere in the Mysterious Small Boundary.

The two of them seemed to have the intention of releasing their previous suspicions. As they were standing together talking, Lu Yuqin hid in the distance, looking timidly.

When Yang Kai suddenly appeared, Li Jiao and Lu Sanniang were shocked, and the expressions of both sides became a little unnatural.

After all, they were caught upright, and the face was a little bit awkward. Lu Sanniang’s face was red at the time.

Li Jiao had no words, just ask, “Brother Yang, what is this place?”

He and Lu Sanniang and her daughter stayed here for a few days, sensitively aware that this place is a small world, and secretly shocked.

It was not until this time that he understand why he had escaped the erosion of Demon QI in the Wheel World. In the Wheel World, Yang Kai knocked him out many times, and every time he was knocked out, it was when the world’s law change.

At that time, he should have been thrown into this small world by Yang Kai, so he could avoid the bad luck of being surrounded by Demon Qi.

Thinking about it now, at that time Yang Kai didn’t trust him too much, so he knocked him out many times, but now, he obviously has the trust of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t answer his question: “I’m going to teach Fu Chi a lesson!”

Li Jiao was startled for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said: “I’ll help you Brother Yang.”

He didn’t know who Fu Chi was before, but he had communicated with Lu Sanniang many times in recent days, and he also learned that the culprit who harmed Lu Sanniang back then, he already hated that Fu Chi. At this moment, he heard Yang Kai say this, how could he let it go?

He and Fu Chi have a grievance equivalent to the hatred of taking his wife, how can he not report it!

Fu Chi is an 8th order Thunder Dragon. He really has no chance of winning when he meets him. Just a bloodline suppression makes him powerless.

But if Yang Kai was there to help, the situation would be different.

He didn’t expect himself to be Fu Chi’s opponent, he only hoped that he could fight for his life and bite a piece of flesh from Fu Chi to vent his anger.

Lu Sanniang’s face changed drastically when she heard this, and she screamed: “No!”

Li Jiao looked at her, his face softened, and smiled slightly: “Wait for me, I will avenge you!”

“Can’t go!” Lu Sanniang’s face paled, and she stepped forward and grabbed Li Jiao’s arm, looking like she wouldn’t let go even in death.

Li Jiao couldn’t bear to attack her, so he could only turn his head and look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai understands, raised his hand and pointed towards Lu Sanniang.

With a finger poked, Lu Sanniang fell softly.

“Mother!” Lu Yuqin ran over from a distance, exclaimed, and held Lu Sanniang in her arms.

“Your mother is okay.” Li Jiao reached out and touched her head, and sighed: “Take care of your mother, if I can, i will come back, if I can’t come back…” After a long time, he said: “Tell your mother to take you back to the Ruyi Sect.”

“Uncle Li…” Lu Yuqin obviously noticed something, and looked at Li Jiao with red eyes.

Although she didn’t know what the relationship between Li Jiao and her mother was, she also saw what happened these days. She had never seen her mother so happy, she knew that this uncle Li must be a very important person in her mother’s heart.

This life and death farewell scene made her almost cry.

Li Jiao smiled slightly: “If I see you next time, remember to call me father!”

Life and death are uncertain, and the future is uncertain. Until this moment, Li Jiao really relieved his knot, and his heart was full of magnanimity. He only felt that the whole person’s thoughts were clear and refreshing.

With a wind blowing, Li Jiao and Yang Kai have disappeared.

Lu Yuqin was slightly lost.

Father? She sat on the ground stupidly, hugging her mother in her arms, and it was a long time before she cried and laughed again: “Mother, I have a father too, you wake up soon, Qin’er also has a father.”

If other people listen to this, they will definitely find it ridiculous. Who in the world has no father? But it was the most sincere desire of the little girl in more than ten years.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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