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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3039 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3039
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“You also think it’s fair!” Madam Hua squinted at Yang Kai, with cold light in her eyes.

“It’s quite fair.” Yang Kai nodded.

“If you think it’s fair, then go aside, and this lady will deal with you later.” Mrs. Hua waved her sleeves and shouted impatiently.

Yang Kai grinned, suddenly put out a hand slowly, and grabbed it forward.

The woman who was slapped by him was startled when she saw that, thinking that Yang Kai was going to be murderous again, she quickly stepped aside.

But Yang Kai didn’t pay attention to her at all, and made her seem fussy. She pressed her hand to her cheek and it was hot, not knowing whether it was from embarrassment or being beaten.


Water splashed out.

When Yang Kai closed his hand, somehow a carp with a golden back and a red body appeared on his hand.

Golden-backed red carp, this is the golden-backed red carp that Mrs. Hua has kept for more than ten years!

No one could see exactly how he caught this red carp in his hand. He seemed to just poke his hand and the red carp called Xiao Hong by Mrs. Hua appeared on the palm of his hand.

The woman holding the fish tank was obviously stunned for a while, looked at the red carp in Yang Kai’s hand, and at the fish tank she was holding, her beautiful face suddenly turned pale and exclaimed, “Ah!”

Mrs. Hua also reacted, her face was very ugly, and she shouted sharply: “What are you doing? Hurry up and release Xiao Hong!”

“It’s just a red carp, you treat it as a treasure? In my eyes it is nothing.” Yang Kai sneered slightly.

Mrs. Hua suddenly had a bad premonition in her heart, and her face changed color and said: “I will count three. If you don’t let go, you will die.” When the words fell, she counted: “One!”


A muffled sound came out at the same time, and Mrs. Hua’s pupils suddenly tightened.

Because under her gaze, Yang Kai’s hand that was holding the red carp suddenly used force and directly pinch Xiao Hong to death. Although Xiao Hong is a monster beast, but only a 5th order, how can it withstand Yang Kai’s blow.

Under the force of the big hand, the body directly burst into two pieces, and the heads and tails of the fish fell to the ground one after another, showing the original shape of three meter. When they landed, it was already dead and could not die again.

Yuan Wu took a breath and looked at Yang Kai like a fool. He couldn’t think that this guy was so courageous.

A red carp is nothing, but it depends on whose red carp it is!

This was raised by Mrs. Hua. It was a pet that had been with Mrs. Hua for more than ten years. It was injured by someone before and had two fish scales off. Mrs. Hua moved the crowd to come to ask the guilty in person. This time it was strangled to death. How can she give it up?

This kid is dead, there is absolutely no way to survive.

Yuan Wu was overjoyed in his heart, and the look in his eyes became gloat, he still remembered the hatred of being humiliated by Yang Kai a few days ago. He didn’t have the ability to pay back, but it would be a good consolation if he could kill him with the help of Mrs. Hua. [TL: and how will she kill him? she is weaker than you. where is your brain?]

Lu Sanniang and her were also dumbfounded. They didn’t have much contact with Yang Kai. They only knew that he was Li Jiao’s friend, but they never thought that Yang Kai was so bold. He simply didn’t put Mrs. Hua in his eyes.

‘What can i do now? Things can’t be done right. If it were the situation before, at most, me and my daughter would be punished a little, and Mrs Hua anger would probably pass, but now…’

She was anxious in her heart, blaming Yang Kai for his impulse, and hating herself for causing Yang Kai to be involved, how should she explain to Li Jiao in the future.

“You…you actually killed Xiao Hong!” The woman holding the fish tank turned white, looking at Yang Kai incredulously, and there was a cry in the depths of her heart.

‘Where did this lunatic popped up from? Don’t you know what tragic consequences there would be?’

Another woman was also stunned on the spot, her hand covering her cheek no longer felt pain, and her whole body and mind were shocked by the scene before her eyes.

Everyone was horrified, with different expressions, but the perpetrator did not have the slightest conscious of causing a catastrophe. He just looked at Mrs. Hua sarcastically and said with a sneer: “You want to report the sin, I don’t know how you are going to do it now? show me.”

Mrs. Hua’s chest suddenly rose and fell violently, her pretty face became extremely distorted, and she shouted hysterically: “Kill him, kill him, kill him for me!”

She was already intolerable. When she first came here, she just wanted to be fair to Xiao Hong and teach the guy who hurt Xiao Hong. After seeing Lu Sanniang and her daughter, she changed her mind and decided to humiliate her. The stinky woman who is fighting for favor, but now, she only sees Yang Kai in her eyes, she just wants him to die!

Xiao Hong was killed in front of her eyes, and only the life of this person could calm her anger in her heart.

An order was given, but no one moved.

Although the two women brought by Mrs. Hua were also playthings of Fu Chi, they were only at the 3rd order Dao Source Stage. How could they have the courage to step forward in the face of Yang Kai’s 1st order Emperor Realm? Moreover, looking at Yang Kai’s performance just now, it is clear that he is a lunatic who cannot be judged by common sense. At this time, they would only humiliate themselves when they goes up. Therefore, the two women hesitated for a moment, and did not act, but their expressions were very difficult.

Madam Hua was even more angry when she saw this, and gritted her teeth and shouted: “Don’t do it yet? Should this lady do it herself?”

If Mrs. Hua was really forced to do it herself, the two of them might have no way to survive. The two women looked at each other helplessly, and then simultaneously rushed towards Yang Kai, whether they’re opponent or not, the attitude was always to do well, so as not to be settled by Mrs. Hua.

With a dazzling effort, the two women attacked Yang Kai from left and right.

It’s a pity that the two of them only have the cultivation level of 3rd order Dao Source Stage. They have lived on this dragon island for many years as sex slave. They have long forgotten how to fight, and they can’t even show their strength.

Furthermore, even if they can perform supernormally, they won’t be enough in front of Yang Kai, the emperor realm.

There was no action seen by Yang Kai at all, but the two women who rushed in front of him screamed together. They flew out like rags and sacks, bleeding in midair, and when they fell to the ground, their Source Qi was lost, and when they stood up, the strength is gone.

“Dogs!” Madam Hua screamed, her voice sharp enough to tear people’s eardrums.

Xiao Hong was crushed to death, the woman on the Spirit Island was hurt. Yang Kai’s actions exceeded Mrs. Hua’s imagination. She was trembling with anger, and her anger burned like a volcanic eruption, but she was pampered all year round and got used to it. Even if she was angry, she didn’t plan to do it herself. Instead, she turned her head and stared at Yuan Wu fiercely: “What are you looking at, quickly kill him for this lady!”

Yuan Wu was immediately restless, his expression difficult to look.

If he were Yang Kai’s opponent, when Mrs Hua tell him to do anything. He would have rushed to show his loyalty. It would definitely be good for him to be able to establish a relationship with Madam Hua. This matter is the best opportunity right now.

However, opportunities belong to opportunities, and you have to have the ability to seize them.

A few days ago, he had a conflict with Yang Kai. Facing this human race whose cultivation level lower than him, he had no power to fight back. If it weren’t for Yang Kai not caring too much, he was already dead. How can he have life to stand here?

This time, he brought Madam Hua over to fake tiger skin. Who would have thought that Yang Kai would not even give Madam Hua’s face, kill Xiao Hong, and wound the two women she brought. This is going crazy.

“I…” Yuan Wu didn’t have the guts to fight with Yang Kai, and unable to say a word.

Mrs. Hua immediately said coldly: “You dare not listen to this lady’s order, okay, this lady will go and tell Lord Fu Chi that you guys are ganging up to bully me!”

“Madam, calm down.” Yuan Wu was shocked, scolded Madam Hua bloody in his heart, thinking that he was just here to join in the fun, why is he involved in it. It was really a disaster. The face was panicked, and if Mrs. Hua were to report the matter here to Fu Chi, then he would never survive.

He didn’t believe that a dragon clan was willing to show mercy to his subordinates. In the eyes of the dragon clan, dragon descendants were just ant-like hybrids, and they could be killed at will.

What is this? What is happening?

If he had known this, he would never come here. Now it’s come to this, in a dilemma, Yuan Wu can’t wait to slap himself severely.

Mrs. Hua couldn’t be offended, he could only look at Yang Kai anxiously.

Yang Kai’s cold eyes swept, Yuan Wu immediately fought a cold war, and recalled the scene that he was easily suppressed a few days ago, his eyes rolled, and Yuan Wu shouted fiercely: “Ms. Hua, don’t worry. This matter will be handed over to Yuan.”

At the same time, he looked at Yang Kai and said: “Yuan is forced to do so, little brother, don’t blame me.”

When the words fell, his Emperor Yuan was urged and immediately rushed towards Yang Kai, exactly the same as the movements of the two women before, as if they were carved out of a mold.

Only then did Mrs. Hua show a satisfied look, looking at Yang Kai with a vicious expression on her face.

Her face was lost today, but it doesn’t matter, as long as she can catch this kid, there is always time to vent the anger in her chest.

She could perceive that Yang Kai’s cultivation level, just like herself, was only at the 1st order Emperor Realm, and that Yuan Wu was the dragon descendant of the 2nd order Emperor Realm. There was a huge gap in strength between each other. Since Yuan Wu has started, then there is no possibility of failure.

Mrs. Hua was already thinking about how to torture Yang Kai, and vent her anger.

‘If you dare to kill Xiao Hong, this lady will tell you to try all the torture in the world!’

A scream came, Mrs. Hua was stunned, and the wishful thinking in her heart was also shattered.

Yuan Wu, who rushed toward Yang Kai aggressively, was slapped inexplicably, and then flew back on his back, spitting out a mouthful of blood in the air, dazzling under the sun.

what happened? what’s going on?

Mrs. Hua could hardly accept this scene she saw.

Shouldn’t Yuan Wu easily solve the young man? Why was Yuan Wu beaten back? What exactly happened here?

With a bang, Yuan Wu fell to the ground, twitching a few times, and fainted directly.

Mrs. Hua’s face collapsed in an instant.

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