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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3037 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3037
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The timid girl looked familiar, but Mrs. Hua couldn’t remember where she had met her.

She had been on this Spirit Island for almost two hundred years, and if she had ever seen her, it would have happened two hundred years ago.

But looking at the cultivation level and appearance of this girl, she was obviously only a teenager. In other words, she hadn’t been born two hundred years ago, so how could she have seen her? Moreover, the girl’s face and eyes… always give her an extremely unpleasant feeling, very similar to another person she knows.

Mrs Hua turned her beautiful eyes and looked at Lu Sanniang who was hiding behind Yang Kai again. She seemed to understand something, and sneered: “Hiding? Don’t get out yet!”

Lu Sanniang shook after hearing this, how dare she go out?

Upon seeing this, Mrs. Hua became more affirmed of the judgment in her heart, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, and a smile appeared: “Sanniang, I haven’t seen you in more than ten years, don’t you even recognize your sister?”


Yuan Wu was taken aback, looked at Mrs. Hua in surprise, and quickly realized that Mrs. Hua and Lu Sanniang were acquainted, and he was stunned in his heart. If the relationship between Mrs. Hua and Lu Sanniang is good, he will have a bad luck.

However, after carefully observing Mrs. Hua’s expression, Yuan Wu settled down. Mrs Hua has a good relationship with Lu Sanniang? There is obviously something going on between the two.

Turning his eyes, Yuan Wu pretended not to know, and asked, “Miss knows her?”

Mrs. Hua sneered slightly: “I know, of course I do. This lady has been with Sanniang sister for more than two hundred years and has been taking good care of Sanniang. How can we not know each other?”

Yuan Wu smiled flatly and said, “This is a coincidence.”

He understood that both Mrs. Hua and Lu Sanniang should be imprisoned by the dragon clan here, and looking at Mrs. Hua’s strange appearance, it is estimated that the two of them had been against each other on this island. For women, some is very competetive. Later, Lu Sanniang was expelled from the Dragon Palace by the Dragon Clan and lived in the half-dragon city, but Mrs. Hua stayed. Now that the enemy meet each other, Mrs. Hua doesn’t have a good face.

“Sanniang, aren’t you going to come out and say hello to your sister? What are you doing like this? Your elder sister has seen you.”

Seeing that she couldn’t hide, Lu Sanniang had to walk out from behind Yang Kai, her head slightly lowered, with a cramped expression on her face.

Mrs. Hua snorted softly, and the two women beside her also yelled together: “It’s really you!”

Both of them obviously knew Lu Sanniang, but because of Mrs. Hua’s attitude, they didn’t have a good face for Lu Sanniang. They all looked at her coldly, and even had a trace of contempt and gloat.

When Lu Sanniang was still on the island, she was very favored by Fu Chi. The status of Lu Sanniang on the Spirit Island was the same as that of Mrs. Hua today. Mrs. Hua has competed with her for two hundred years but is still weak, now that the fortune takes turns, Mrs. Hua is in charge, but Lu Sanniang has been ruthlessly expelled. Naturally, there is no need to put her in the eyes as the winner. [TL: well, that would be your future.]

“Sister Hua, two younger sisters…” Lu Sanniang lowered her head and greeted softly, her expression becoming more awkward. If it is possible, she would not come out, but her identity has been guessed by Mrs. Hua, and it will not help to hide. What’s more, it would be a big trouble if things are not resolved properly.

Just looking at these familiar faces, Lu Sanniang inevitably recalled the past, feeling down.

“Presumptuous!” The woman holding the fish tank yelled, and looked at Lu Sanniang coldly, “Sister is something you can call us? Look at the mirror. How dare the expelled person call us sister? Really shameless.”

Although the other woman didn’t scream, her expression clearly meant the same.

They used to be afraid of Lu Sanniang because of Fu Chi’s grace for her, but now they are superior. Lu Sanniang is just a piece of stinky meat discarded by the dragon clan in their eyes. It is stinky meat, so why be afraid?

Mrs. Hua smiled slightly, and seemed to say generously: “Forget it, the sisters have been together for so many years, so why bother Sanniang.”

When she said that, the woman didn’t say much.

Mrs. Hua assumed a victorious posture, looking down at Lu Sanniang and said, “I haven’t seen you in more than ten years, how is my sister doing?”

Lu Sanniang lightly pursed her red lips and whispered softly, “Elder sister is kind, Sanniang is fine.”

Mrs. Hua nodded gently and said: “It’s okay, when sister left this island, you didn’t know how sad I was. Elder sister went to Lord Fu Chi to intercede for you, and wanted him to keep you, it’s a pity that the lord’s will has been determined, and the elder sister can’t do anything. Please don’t blame me.”

Lu Sanniang shook her head and said, “What are you saying, Sanniang never blamed you.”

Mrs. Hua smiled and said: “I know that Sanniang is the most reasonable. No wonder she was the most favored by the Lord on this island, thinking about the past…” As she said, she tilted her eyes at Lu Sanniang. Seeing her look sad, she felt very satisfied, continued: “How majestic my sister was in the past, even this sister have to rely on your breath, but who knows that there are unpredictable circumstances, it is really unfair.”

Lu Sanniang stood there without saying a word. She also knew that Mrs. Hua was taunting herself, but now she have to bow her head under the eaves, not to mention that she is not the kind of temperament who likes to fight.

“Oh, by the way, how did my sister go back to the island this time? Did the lord let you come back?” Mrs. Hua said for a while, and the conversation suddenly changed.

“It’s not what the Lord meant.” Lu Sanniang shook her head lightly.

Mrs. Hua pretended to be surprised: “Not the meaning of the Lord, how dare you come back? Aren’t you afraid that the Lord will blame you if he know it?”

Yuan Wu smiled and said authentically: “Miss, this time i am here to build a palace for the Lord, and all of them are here to help, not summoned by anyone.”

Mrs. Hua suddenly realized: “So that’s it, you need to be more careful. This palace is prepared for the Lord’s wedding, and it must not be sloppy. If there is any omission, none of you can be peaceful.”

“Wedding?” Yuan Wu was startled.

He really didn’t know the news. A few days ago, Fu Qi brought five hundred of them here and left after only giving the task. He didn’t say what exactly was the purpose of building this palace, until now he heard the purpose of this palace. He realized that this palace was actually prepared for the dragon clan marriage.

Dragon Clan wedding!

This is an incredible thing. The members of the dragon clan are scarce, and the growth period is very long. In addition, the ratio of men and women is not coordinated. The chance of wanting to be a partner with each other is very small. As far as Yuan Wu knows, the last time there was a big dragon clan marriage. It was probably ten thousand years ago, one can imagine the importance of this matter.

Knowing this, Yuan Wu immediately said: “Miss, rest assured, Yuan will do his best to build the palace to satisfy the Lord of the dragon clan.”

“Yeah.” Mrs. Hua nodded slightly, and sighed, rather helplessly: “The Lord is going to get married, and I still don’t know how to live the rest of the day. This Sister is a little envious of my sister, for more than ten years. She left this place to get free, and the poor sister and others will stay here, and I don’t know who will i serve in the future.”

“Then you can leave, no one wants you to stay!”

Lu Yuqin suddenly snorted in anger.

Although she is young and not deeply involved in the world, she can still distinguished between good and bad people. This Mrs. Hua and the two women have targeted her mother everywhere, and there is an inexplicable sense of superiority in the words. With constant cold talk and sarcasm, she was already out of anger, and it finally broke out at this time.

Lu Sanniang’s face changed, and she tugged at Lu Yuqin, and shouted in a low voice, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Mrs Hua’s long and narrow eyes stared at Lu Yuqin, and said softly, “Sanniang, this is the little scourge, right?”

When Lu Sanniang was expelled from the island, Lu Yuqin was already born. It was because Lu Yuqin had no dragon clan bloodline at all that her mother was ruthlessly expelled.

Combining her age and appearance, it’s not impossible for Mrs Hua to not know the relationship between Lu Yuqin and Lu Sanniang.

After being hit by Lu Yuqin, she was too lazy to be polite to Lu Sanniang. She didn’t have a good impression of Lu Sanniang, and she would not be polite to Lu Yuqin. What’s more, this is still the child of Lu Sanniang and that Lord, even if there is no Dragon Bloodline, that is also the descendant of the Lord.

Lu Yuqin’s existence is like a thorn in Mrs. Hua’s heart, making her feel unhappy.

Lu Sanniang’s face was pale and said: “The child is ignorant, elder sister please don’t blame her.”

The woman holding the fish tank said coldly: “Children are not sensible, the adult not sensible?”

Lu Sanniang bit her red lips and said, “Sister, please be kind, Sanniang will accompany you for her.”

Mrs. Hua sneered: “What’s the meaning of what the younger sister said, as if the elder sister is unkind, is the elder sister so terrible?”

“this sister meant…”

Mrs. Hua waved her hand and said, “I don’t care about this matter with you.”

Lu Sanniang was a little surprised, but she was still grateful: “Thank you, sister.”

Mrs. Hua said: “I don’t care about this, but Xiao Hong’s matter can’t be left alone. Sister, you don’t know. Since you left, this sister has been thinking about it day and night, sleeping and eating is disturbed, and I miss you very much.

Naturally, Lu Sanniang would not believe her. When she was on this island, Mrs. Hua had always stumbling on her and had been fighting with her. Even if she ignored her, she didn’t mean to give up. When she left, it would be her happy day, how could she think about it day and night? This is obviously nonsense.

“Fortunately, this sister met Xiao Hong.” Mrs Hua turned her eyes and looked at the red carp in the fish tank tenderly. “In the past ten years, Xiao Hong has given this sister a lot of comfort, and this sister has already regarded it as a family member. Now that Xiao Hong is injured by someone, this sister will not let it go. I hope my sister can understand this.”

She looked at Lu Sanniang coldly, and said: “Who hurt Xiao Hong?”

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