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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3033 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3033
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Yuan Wu’s face was blue, and after being supported by the middle-aged man, he coughed violently, and then he said, “It’s okay!”

Looking towards Yang Kai bitterly, he was touching Yang Kai’s gaze and quickly dodged. After experiencing the incident just now, he didn’t dare to challenge Yang Kai anymore, he could only suppress this resentment in his heart, hoping to repay it in the future.

The middle-aged man breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a flattering smile: “It’s okay to be fine, it’s okay to be fine. The construction of the palace in the future will require the master lead. If something happens, what can we do? We people have no backbone.”

He slapped the horse so hard that many people looked sideways at him, wondering why this guy was so shameless.

But in this way, Yuan Wu’s face looks pretty good, and he feels that he has recovered a bit of face.

The middle-aged man said again, “Sir, if there is really no one to choose, then leave it to me to mine the ice soul snow jade, what do you think?”

“Huh?” Yuan Wu was taken aback, turned to look at him, and looked at this guy seriously for the first time.

The rest of the people also looked stunned, with weird expressions.

Everyone knows exactly how dangerous it is to mine the icec soul snow jade, so just now no one was willing to take the initiative to take this job, and one after another offered to take up other tasks, just because they were afraid that Yuan Wu would assign this to them.

The middle-aged man also has the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm, and everyone believes that he also knows this.

‘But what is this for? Obviously dangerous, but still actively leaning forward? Is this guy’s brain sick? Even if you flatter, you won’t be joking about your own life.’ For a while, everyone looked at the middle-aged man as if looking at a fool.

The middle-aged man didn’t realize it, and he smiled slightly and said, “Of course, I’m just saying that. It’s up to you to decide how to make a specific decision.”

As soon as this statement came out, Yuan Wu had a good impression on the middle-aged man. Yang Kai made him lost face, after he assign this task to him he was slapped and was severely humiliated. This was also a huge blow to him, it was very likely to affect his position in the hearts of these five hundred people.

It happened that at this moment there were still people supporting him. How could Yuan Wu not be grateful? Moreover, this guy speaks very decently, giving himself a lot of face.

Looking at him deeply, Yuan Wu said, “What is your name?”

He didn’t recognize the other party very well, and didn’t remember that there was such a guy in Half Dragon City. He couldn’t help feeling a little strange in his heart. After all, such a strange appearance can always leave a very deep impression on people.

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “Wu Chen!”

“Okay, you are fine!” Yuan Wu stretched out his hand and patted Wu Chen on the shoulder. The icing on the cake is easy, but it is difficult to give charcoal in the snow. This Wu Chen is undoubtedly giving him charcoal in the snow, even if the two have not met before and are not familiar with each other. From this moment on, Wu Chen’s position in Yuan Wu’s heart was much higher than that of the others, and he nodded and said, “The matter of mining the ice soul snow jade, this king will entrust it to you. I will give you thirty people, is this enough manpower?”

Wu Chen was startled, revealing an expression of surprise, and immediately overjoyed: “Thank you sir.”

When the other heard this, they looked at Wu Chen with envy, secretly regretting it. If they had known this before, how could they stand by and watch the show? They would have rushed to flatter him, but now Wu Chen has only said a few words to Yuan Wu, and is considered to be a small leader among the five hundred people, and Yuan Wu also entrust the matter for mining ice soul snow jade to him, which is simply a pie falling from the sky.

Yuan Wu squinted his eyes and said, “Since you are responsible for this matter, you can choose who is needed, and you can tell me after you choose.” At this point, his gaze slowly swept over the crowd, and he said indifferently: “If anyone dare to decline, just tell this king, and this seat will take care of him.”

“Yes, yes, thank you for your love!” Wu Chen’s brows danced, obviously very happy.

With Yuan Wu supporting him behind his back, he can naturally let go his worry. After all, not everyone has the courage and strength of Yang Kai and dares to challenge Yuan Wu like that. Even the 3rd order Emperor Realm on the scene didn’t have that confidence.

With the precedent of Wu Chen, no other emperor realm still sat and surrounded Yuan Wu one after another.

They could see that the construction of the palace was too cumbersome and huge. Yuan Wu could not do everything himself. If he wanted to build the palace within one month, he would inevitably assign some small leader in charge of other things. Naturally at this time they needs to behave well.

In the blink of an eye, Yuan Wu once again tasted the taste of being in power. The previous humiliation and resentment were swept away, and he glanced at Yang Kai coldly, hesitating in his heart whether or not to instruct these people to get rid of Yang Kai first.

However, this thought only flipped in his mind, and Yuan Wu gave up.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of Yang Kai, but he just felt that mentioning it at this time seemed too eager for quick success.

‘Let you be proud for a while, anyway, there is still a month to find a chance, why should i be afraid of not killing you?’

Yuan Wu sneered slightly in his heart, no longer thinking about Yang Kai’s affairs, but directly starting to assign tasks.

During the previous investigation, he already had some understanding of what to do in the next month. For the present plan, it is natural to send someone out to mine the materials needed to build the palace. Otherwise, it will be too late after the materials in the ring is used up.

More than two hundred people were selected one after another, divided into seven or eight teams, and the seven or eight teams were allowed to mine different materials.

However, Yuan Wu did not appoint other people in charge apart of Wu Chen. He was grateful to Wu Chen for saving his face and reciprocating himself. The others didn’t do anything just now.

‘Want this king to value you? First show your attitude!’

Every kind of material is produced on the island of Dragon Palace, scattered on different spirit islands. Yuan Wu have given their missions and pointed out the direction for them. The two hundred people reluctantly flew away at night.

Time is running out and there is no time to rest, so although everyone has complaints in their hearts, they have nothing to do.

Suddenly, the number of people dropped by a fraction.

In the next period of time, Yuan Wu began to assign different tasks to the remaining points. Although the Dragon Clan planned a site on this island, it was only a rough map, and everything was left for these 500 people to deal with.

Building a palace is not a simple matter. It involves all aspects. Fortunately, the remaining three hundred people are not useless. Many people have some experience in this aspect. Yuan Wu called them together to discuss briefly, and then gave various orders.

Waves of people flew out, each led a different task, and began to prepare on this island.

In an instant, the entire island was lively, and even at night, the sound of busyness continued to linger.

Before dawn, everyone’s tasks were basically finished, only Yang Kai and Lu Sanniang and her daughter were left standing still.

Yuan Wu obviously didn’t intend to provoke Yang Kai anymore, and he even ignored Lu Sanniang and her daughter.

Staring coldly at Yang Kai’s back, Yuan Wu snorted and turned to leave.

As soon as he left, Lu Sanniang immediately looked at Yang Kai and said helplessly, “Brother Yang, what shall we do now?”

This time, the development of things was a bit unexpected. She thought that they probably could not escape Yuan Wu poisonous hands, and she was psychologically prepared to resist, but she didn’t expect nothing happen to her at all.

It was Yang Kai’s blessing.

Only at this time did she understand why Li Jiao left with peace of mind, and didn’t even tell her anything before leaving.

Obviously Li Jiao knew Yang Kai’s abilities, so he didn’t need to say more at all.

“Big Sister Lu, i want to ask you something.” Yang Kai turned to look at her.

“If you have anything, just ask.” Lu Sanniang looked at Yang Kai with some restraint. She no longer dared to treat Yang Kai as equals. Before, she was able to relax in front of Yang Kai because everyone was at the 1st order Emperor Realm. But after seeing Yang Kai’s strength, she immediately understood that Yang Kai’s 1st order was not something she can compare.

The strong respects the strong, the unchanging principle, Lu Sanniang is naturally awed by Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t realize it, he groaned and said, “You have lived here for a long time. Have you ever heard of a dragon named Zhu Qing?”

“Is it the Zhu Family Dragon Clan?” Lu Sanniang was taken aback.

“Not bad!” Yang Kai nodded gently.

“I have never heard of it before.” Lu Sanniang shook her head and said, “Although I have lived here for two or three hundred years, I have never left the place where I live, so I don’t know much about the Dragon Palace.”

“That’s the case…” Yang Kai was a little disappointed.

He thought that since Lu Sanniang had lived here for so long, she should know some inside stories of the Dragon Clan, at least she could give him a direction or something, who would have thought that she had been under house arrest for two to three hundred years. Now he can’t count on her to help him.

Lu Sanniang was a little surprised: “Brother Yang, do you know the Dragon Clan?”

Yang Kai think is heart that it is more than knowing, and the relationship is not shallow, but obviously he can’t say this, and he said: “I want to go out, will you follow me, Big Sister Lu?”

Lu Sanniang was taken aback, and said in horror: “Go out? Where to go?”

“Walk around!”

“Don’t!” Lu Sanniang suddenly changed her face, looked around, and then whispered after finding that there was no one around, “Brother Yang, I know you are good, but here is the Dragon Palace, where the Dragon Clan live. If you run around at will and be discovered by the Dragon Clan…”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “A lot of people have gone out, and it doesn’t matter if they are discovered by the Dragon Clan.”

Just now, seven or eight teams, with more than two hundred people flying away in different directions, were all going to different spirit islands to mine the materials for building the palace, which happened to give Yang Kai a cover.

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