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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3022 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3022
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As a mother, how can a woman want her daughter to see a scene of her being tortured?

The girl was dumbfounded, her eyes widened, tears streaming down, don’t know if she was scared or something.

“If you agree earlier, isn’t it the end?” The shady man snorted coldly, rubbing the big foot on his chest, and the sound of bone dislocation was heard immediately, but he didn’t seem to hear it. He lowered his body and said: ” If you agree earlier, you won’t have to suffer this sin.”

The woman’s complexion was painful, but she gritted her teeth without saying a word. She only looked at her daughter and tried to squeeze a smile, but it was even more ugly than crying.

“Bitch, it’s your blessing to be able to be seen by this king, you dare to push away!” The shady man seems to have not tortured her enough, he wants to vent his anger, and he seems to enjoy the ravages very much. The feeling that the woman brings is pleasant, the corner of her eyes is full of joyful expressions.

In the teahouse, Yang Kai’s eyes were slightly cold.

After seeing the incident over there, he and Li Jiao naturally understood what happened.

Although the situation of Half Dragon City is still unclear after the first arrival, Yang Kai can’t stand it anymore because a mother and daughter is beaten under their noses.

When he was about to make a move, Li Jiao suddenly stood up and stared at the woman in the palace dress who was stepped on the ground with a dull face, with an unbelievable look in his eyes. The next moment, his anger instantly burned him.

“It’s too late to beg for mercy now.” The shady man was still trampling the palace-dressed woman. “You mother and daughter can’t escape, so go back with this king.”

With that said, he held the girl with one hand, and grabbed the girl’s mother with the other.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of him, and the sensational Emperor Prestige descended from the sky and directly enveloped the shady man.

The shady man paled in shock, move his feet, and he floated backwards, while yelling in a low voice, “Who is it!”

Li Jiao’s hand throw a punch, and he blasted at his face.

The shady man was horrified and quickly urged Emperor Yuan to resist, but in the next instant, the fist was infinitely enlarged in front of his eyes, directly hitting the bridge of his nose.

With a creak, something seemed to break apart, and the shady man was directly blown out by the punch. At the same time, with a light hand, the girl who had been caught by him unexpectedly got out of his control.

With a creaking sound, the shady man flew into the shop behind. It’s unknown how many things he had crashed. He climbed up hard, only feeling dizzy, and his mouth and nose were filled with bloody smell.

He stretched out his hand, his hand was full of blood, and the bridge of his nose seemed to be broken.

The shady man was furious, and rushed out of the shop in an instant, staring at Li Jiao with cold eyes, killing intent like a tide, and gritted his teeth and shouted: “Presumptuous!”

Li Jiao ignored him. Instead, he looked at the girl who was rescued by him, then at the woman in palace dress lying on the ground, and said in a low voice, “Go and help your mother up.”

The girl didn’t move, she should be scared silly.

The palace-dressed woman looked at Li Jiao in shock. She didn’t expect that someone would stand up for her at this time. After all, the shameless man is not someone who could be offend, although his cultivation is not top in Half Dragon City. There are many people who are better than him, but they can’t offend him at all.

Anyone who offends him has no good end, it has nothing to do with the level of cultivation.

After seeing Li Jiao’s face clearly, the woman couldn’t help but widened her eyes and let out a low whisper in her mouth.

With eyes facing each other, a trace of pity and nostalgia flashed in Li Jiao’s eyes, but the woman immediately looked away and dodged.

Seeing her appearance, Li Jiao sighed slightly, and pushed the girl again. The girl recovered, start weeping, stepped forward to support her mother.

Li Jiao’s unpredictable attitude undoubtedly angered the shady man, but it was strange to say that although he noticed that Li Jiao’s cultivation was a little stronger than him, he was not afraid, but stared at Li Jiao viciously: “You dare to hurt this king, no matter who you are, you are dead today.”

“This sentence is what I want to say.” Li Jiao turned his head and looked at the shady man. Although his expression was light, anyone could hear his suppressed anger.

In the teahouse, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, took a cup of tea and sipped, looked at the woman in the palace dress, then looked at Li Jiao, his expression moved, and he understood something.

Over there, the shady man stayed for a while, then laughed loudly, and said grimly: “You are so courageous. In this Half Dragon City, no one dares to talk to me like this.”

“Now there is!” Li Jiao took a breath and calmed the anger in his heart. He had never been so angry before. The anger that rolled in his chest was almost bursting, making him want to vent his anger, and turn this shady man into ashes.

“Looking for death!” The shady man was also furious, and his momentum was urged. The color of the dragon scales at the bottom of his neck suddenly deepened a lot, and a faint Dragon Prestige instantly spread.

Among the people watching around, many dragon descendants suddenly showed uncomfortable expressions.

This is the suppression of the bloodline. The bloodline of the dragon clan of the shady man is higher than that of them, and he has the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm.

Even if the Human Race and Monster Race is not the Dragon Descendants, they all looked difficult at this moment, and they moved away a little.

However, Li Jiao’s expression remained unchanged, not moving like a mountain, just staring at the shady man with cold eyes.

Seeing his indifferent appearance, the expression of the shady man couldn’t help changing. He thought this was not right. He also noticed that Li Jiao had the bloodline of the Dragon clan, so he was so unscrupulous, because he was sure that Li Jiao’s dragon clan blood was definitely pure as his.

But when Dragon Prestige was diffused, Li Jiao’s performance surprised him.

The other party is safe and sound!

‘How can that be? Bloodline suppression doesn’t work anymore?’

Bloodline suppression can’t be useless, there is probably only one reason why the opponent is so indifferent, the opponent’s bloodline is definitely not lower than himself!

At this moment of thought, the man’s face changed drastically. Originally, his cultivation level was inferior to Human Race, if his bloodline no longer had an advantage, then he was not an opponent at all.

After taking a close look at Li Jiao, a suspicion flashed in the eyes of the shady man, because he found that Li Jiao looked strange, and he had no impression of seeing him before at all.

In Half Dragon City, although the number of dragon descendants is large enough to be as large as tens of thousands, there are not many dragon descendants in the Emperor Realm.

There are only a few hundred people in the Emperor Realm in the entire Half Dragon City. Among them, the human race and monster race accounts for as much as 80%, and the Emperor Realm who bears the blood of the Dragon Clan is no more than 100 people. He basically had some impressions of these hundred people, even if they hadn’t had a deep friendship, he had met several times.

After all, they are all discussing life in the Half Dragon City. Although the city is large, they will always meet each other over the years.

Li Jiao was completely a face he had never seen before.

Where did this guy come from? The cultivation level of 3rd order Emperor Realm is not weaker than his own… such a guy is simply unheard of.

At this moment of thought, the shady man was stunned!

The girl in the palace dress was also stunned!

The martial artist who looked around were also shocked! Everyone looked at Li Jiao in surprise, as if there were flowers on his face.

After a while, a cold sweat broke out on the forehead of the shady man, and he felt like he was kicking on an iron plate.

“Shameful thing!” Li Jiao snorted coldly, and also urged his own power. The next moment, a Dragon Prestige that was obviously stronger than the shady man came, and the shady man Dragon Prestige was like a bubble, instantly disintegrating.

Muffled hums were heard from all around, all of which were reactions after being suppressed.

“3rd order Dragon Bloodline!”

“It’s actually a 3rd order Dragon Bloodline?”

“There are 3rd order Dragon Bloodline in Half Dragon City?”

An exclamation came out, and Li Jiao frowned. Although he knew his Dragon Bloodline was impure, he didn’t know what rank he belonged to. After all, he didn’t have a comparison object, let alone a standard.

The division of the dragon bloodline comes from Dragon Island, from the dragon clan, this division is unknown to outsiders.

Hearing the exclamation of the surroundings, Li Jiao found that the dragon descendants of this Half Dragon City seemed very clear about the bloodline level.

Was he a 3rd order Bloodline? Li Jiao knew it for the first time.

“Do we have such a Dragon Bloodline in Half Dragon City?”

“Who is this person, why have I never seen him before.”

“Looking at his power, it should be 3rd order high-rank, right?”

“It’s not enough, probably only middle-rank.”

“Someone is going to be unlucky now.”

“Don’t laugh, you don’t know where that person came from. It’s not necessarily him who is unlucky.”

The expression of the shady man changed endlessly, and his heart cursed endlessly. It was a hell, where did a 3rd order middle-grade Dragon Bloodline pop out from? He only had 2nd order high-rank, and he was two small level away from the opponent.

The cultivation level is inferior, the bloodline is inferior, how to fight?

Dragon Prestige pressed towards him, and the complexion of the shady man suddenly became extremely difficult. He only felt that the Emperor Yuan in his body was not working well, and the blood and flesh of the meridians were squirming. The throbbing from the depths of his heart made him uneasy.

It was also the first time that Li Jiao had tasted the benefits of bloodline suppression. In the past, he had only been suppressed. In front of Zhu Lie and Zhu Qing, he shrank like a grandson, and now he finally turned over and became a grandfather.

The anger in his heart did not subside, and when he raised his hand, he swept the face of the shady man with a slap.

The shameless man obviously wanted to resist, but he couldn’t avoid it when he slapped him over.

With a slap, one side of the man’s cheek was swollen, and several teeth flew off. The whole body flipped several times before landing heavily, which shows how powerful Li Jiao’s slap is.

Li Jiao turned his head, his cold expression changed leisurely, and looked at the girl kindly and said: “He slapped you, and I slapped him too. Have you vented your bad breath?”

The girl was shocked. She didn’t know Li Jiao, and she didn’t know why the other party would stand up for her. It was just that she and her mother were bullied by the evil man just now and were full of grievances and fears.

She also have a good feeling for Li Jiao, a person who she met by the muddy water, and nodded her head.

Li Jiao smiled and said, “If you feel that it is not enough, I will slap him a few more times.”

The girl thought for a while and shook her head.

Li Jiao said: “Okay, I’ll help your mother vent her anger now.”

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