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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3007 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3007
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Iron Pot?

Li Jiao’s eyes shrank, and suddenly he remembered something, the dusty memory was opened, and a thought that made him frightened popped out of his mind.

“This treasure…” Hua Xing obviously recognized the origin of the iron pot, with a terrifying expression on his face: “Could it be that…”

Before the words fell, there was a sudden pain in his arm, Li Jiao took advantage of his distraction and attacked him, directly exploding one of his arms into ashes.

“Old dog Li, you lie to me!” Hua Xing yelled in grief and anger, and hurriedly backed away, widening the distance from Li Jiao, blood spurting from the wound on his arm like a fountain.

Li Jiao approached and pursued, showing no mercy in his hands, he said: “You can eat rice indiscriminately but you can’t talk nonsense. When did Li lie to you?”

“Who told Hua that these two people have nothing to do with the Great Emperor?” Hua Xing had a distorted face, angry on the one hand, and anxious on the other. If he had known that the female was related to the Great Emperor, he would not dare to do anything, let alone be an enemy.

Li Jiao sweated: “If this Li said, I don’t know this, do you believe it or not?”

This is the truth. He knows the situation of Yang Kai, and he has nothing to do with the Great Emperor. He thought that the female would not have a big background, but when he saw the black iron pot that could even take away the descendant of the Holy Spirit in an instant, he realized that he was wrong.

This female is not only related to the Great Emperor, it is even better.

Moreover, that Great Emperor was still the most militant and cruelest among the ten great emperors, the existence that the other Great Emperor did not want to provoke easily.

This girl is related to this Lord, how can she be offended?

“I believe your mother is a slut!” Hua Xing roared, his whole body was like a volcanic eruption, with blood attacking his heart, his defenses were full of flaws, and had no power to fight Li Jiao back.

He could have dealt with Li Jiao for a while, but he could no longer maintain his mentality after repeated changes. In addition, he lost an arm, and the gap between the two was immediately revealed.

With another move, Hua Xing flew back, bleeding countlessly.

Before he could stabilize his figure, a huge creature suddenly fell from the sky, and a huge shadow enveloped him.

Hua Xing was shocked. When he looked up, he saw Yang Kai smash a fist with a vicious expression.

He didn’t dare to neglect, and hurriedly defended, but all the defenses were like paper under this punch.

The violent force smashed him down and knocked the ground out of a deep pit. Yang Kai chased down and stepped on him. Hua Xing couldn’t move for an instant, and his eyes were full of panic: “Forgive me!”

Yang Kai looked down at him condescendingly, and said faintly, “My word doesn’t count here.” He looked up at Lin Yun’er and shouted, “What do you want to do with this man?”

Lin Yuner said: “Master said, cutting the grass does not remove the roots…”

Her voice fell, and the strength under Yang Kai’s feet was already surging out.

Hua Xing died!

Li Jiao was sweating cold sweat.

This is the 3rd order Emperor Realm, and even the head of a top sect. He actually killed him with one word. There is no room for maneuver. Palace Lord Yang is too fierce, but after thinking about it, this is not the first time Yang Kai did this, He even clear out the Asking Passion Sect from the Northern Territory. What about killing Hua Xing?

He turned his head and glanced at the noisy Wind and Cloud Pavilion, and sighed in his heart, knowing that Wind and Cloud Pavilion was completely finished. This large sect that has been passed down for thousands of years was overwhelmed in one day. No one is left, all dead and clean.

Palace Lord Yang was turning the Northern Territory upside down when he was there, and when he arrived in the Western Territory, there was no difference at all.

But looking at the girl over there, Li Jiao knew that even if Yang Kai pierced the sky, there would be nothing wrong with this girl… the background is not small.

After a few crackles, Yang Kai return to his original appearance.

Flying Wild Goose Black Dragon Armor is extremely flexible, and if it weren’t for this precious Treasure Armor, he would be naked again at this moment.

“wang wang!” The little black dog ran over leisurely.

When the world turned upside down just now, it’s unknown where its hide, but at the moment when the dust settled, it appeared immediately, and its ability to seek fortune and avoid misfortune was first-rate.

Yang Kai glanced at it angrily, and ignored it.

There are many wounds on his body, all from the Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram. There are countless dense and numerous wounds. The big wounds are deep and the bones is visible. He doesn’t care about it. He takes out a new set of clothes and puts them on his body. Li Jiao took a look and said, “look after the girl and clean up the battlefield. I’ll come as soon as I go.”

Li Jiao hurriedly said, “Palace Lord Yang, don’t worry, Li will do his best to protect the girl’s safety.”

Yang Kai nodded, and disappeared in a flash.

There was chaos in Wind and Cloud Pavilion, and countless disciples rushed to flee.

The pavilion lord is dead!

The Great Elder is dead!

Everyone in the entire elder layer is dead!

Even the elites of the 3rd order Dao Source Stage are dead and clean!

Wind and Cloud Pavilion is doomed to perish, and no one is a fool. There are several plague gods in the pavilion. If they don’t run away at this moment, are they waiting to be killed?

A huge sect, thousands of disciples fled in just a quarter of an hour, every moment there was someone flying away without looking back.

Yang Kai searched for a long time before finding the warehouse of Wind and Cloud Pavilion.

For such a large sect, there must be good things in the warehouse. Yang Kai naturally can’t miss it. Although he is now richer than the enemy, he can’t stand the consumption of the entire sect. He still wants to save more cultivation resources, and wait for those relatives and friends in Shadowed Star to come and use it.

Those people are not a small number.

After a lot of busy and tossing about half a day, he returned with a full load.

For top sects such as Wind and Cloud Pavilion, the storage in the warehouse is amazing, not much worse than the original Asking Passion Sect. The high-rank source crystal alone is nearly one billion, not to mention there are countless cultivation resources.

These are all good things indispensable to the High Heaven Palace.

He wandered around in Wind and Cloud Pavilion again, but he collected everything that was good.

Didn’t come back until the evening.

Lin Yun’er and Li Jiao shifted their positions and went to a nearby mountain peak.

When Yang Kai came over, he first smelled a tempting scent. The scent seemed to be meaty and full of aura. When it got into his nose, it caused his appetite to rise, and he felt a sense of hunger, thinking of Xiao Yun’er. Is it possible that this foodie is cooking?

“What are you doing?” Yang Kai walked over and asked curiously. After a glance, he was dumbfounded.

On the top of this peak, Lin Yun’er had already raised the fire, and put the black iron pot on the fire, and gurgling sounds came from the iron pot, as if something was being boiled.

That scent actually floated out of this iron pot.

Yang Kai sweating cold sweat, ‘is this really cooking? And she use that iron pan to cook, this, this…’

Yang Kai was a little dizzy.

“Palace Lord Yang, you’re back.” Li Jiao greeted him, and handed over the bag of space ring in his hand: “This is the spoils that Li received from cleaning the battlefield just now, Palace Lord Yang take it.”

Whether it is Hua Xing or the elders of Wind and Cloud Pavilion, there must be stocks in the Space Ring, especially Hua Xing. As the Pavilion Lord of Wind and Cloud Pavilion, how can the Space Ring have no good things? Not to mention that there are hundreds of 3rd order Dao Source Stage elites.

This is a great asset.

After Li Jiao had collected all of them, he didn’t dare to keep it private, so he gave them all to Yang Kai at this moment.

Yang Kai took it casually, did not count, nor did he search for the things in the ring. He just looked at Lin Yun’er, who was squatting in front of the iron pan, and the corners of his mouth twitched and said, “What’s the situation?”

Lin Yun’er stared at her iron pan with both eyes bright, and the corners of her mouth were crystal clear and moist. It was obvious that her saliva was about to flow down. She noticed that Yang Kai has return, just greeted him casually and pour more energy into the iron pot in front of her.

“This girl probably wants to make something to eat.” Li Jiao replied bitterly.

“What did she use as food?” Yang Kai asked casually, but soon his face turned black, and he looked at Li Jiao and said, “Could it be…”

Li Jiao nodded sternly.

Yang Kai was shocked: “Is this okay?”

Li Jiao hesitated: “Palace Lord Yang doesn’t know the origin of this strange treasure?”

“You know?”

Li Jiao said: “I have heard of it. if Li is not mistaken, the name of this pot is Guiyi.”

“Guiyi…” Yang Kai frowned. He really hadn’t heard of this name, but he only cared about one thing now, so he went up and whispered, “Xiao Yun’er.”

Lin Yun’er said without raising her head: “It’s almost done, Uncle Yang, wait.”

Yang Kai wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and said, “Did you really cook that Fire Qilin?”

“Yes, that’s the descendant of the Holy Spirit. I haven’t eaten it yet. It must be delicious.”

Li Jiao shivered after hearing this.

He is also a descendant of the Holy Spirit, and he is also a dragon descendant. ‘Don’t get caught by this girl.’ For a moment, he is looking at Lin Yun’er with shocked and fear, as if seeing a natural enemy.

Sure enough, there is no good life going with Palace Lord Yang.

That’s it for the dragon clan. The big deal is the bloodline suppression, but this little girl is too terrifying, holding an iron pot, and collecting the descendants of the Holy Spirit, she just cooks… Li Jiao felt that his heart could not bear it, thinking sooner or later, he will be scared to death staying with Yang Kai. It’s better to cherish his life, and stay away from Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s face turned blue and said, “Xiao Yun’er, you have to think clearly, you can’t eat things indiscriminately. That guy just swallowed a lot of Wind and Cloud Pavilion disciples before.” He couldn’t help turning pale when he said this.

If it’s just a descendant of the Holy Spirit, it’s all right. The taste is so fragrant, and it certainly doesn’t make much difference. The key point is that Yang Kai watched the fire Qilin eat a lot of Windand Cloud Pavilion disciples before.

It’s all in the pot at the moment. When he think of this, how can he have any interest in eating? It’s good enough not to vomit immediately.

Lin Yuner smiled and waved her hand: “Don’t worry, Uncle Yang, I have dealt with it.”

Yang Kai was stunned, turned his head and glanced at Li Jiao.

Li Jiao nodded and said: “It’s really done, and the long sword artifacts that were taken away by this girl before, I also put them in the ring.”

Obviously when he was not here for a while, Lin Yun’er took care of the Fire Qilin for a while.

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