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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3006 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3006
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In Wind and Cloud Pavilion, the Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram is broken. The hundred people in the formation show up, and the disciples who are watching from the periphery exclaimed, especially after seeing Yang Kai’s hideous appearance and huge body, they were terrified.

What kind of monster is this?

“You’re on the left, i’m on the right!” Yang Kai scanned the surroundings coldly, and commanded Lin Yun’er.

Lin Yun’er didn’t say a word, she rushed out with the iron pot on her head. The Wind and Cloud Pavilion disciples had not responded to what had happened, they were bombarded with a punch by her.

Yang Kai also moved. He stretched out his hand and grabbed it in the void. The Third Elder, who was several tens of meter away, was strangely caught on the palm of his hand. No one knew how he did it.

A chill came from the head to the soles of the feet. Before the third elder had time to speak, he was squeezed and exploded with a strong force and follow the footsteps of the great elder.

Yang Kai waved his big hand again, and the other elder standing near the third elder was swept out directly, vomiting blood in midair, and died when they landed.

Under the Dragon Transformation, Yang Kai’s dragon bloodline was aroused, and his strength was immense. How could the few 1st order Emperor Realm be his opponent?

Just like cutting melons and vegetables, Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er were overwhelming them. The disciples and elders of Wind and Cloud Pavilion suffered heavy casualties, and no one could resist them.

In just three breaths, more than half of the hundreds people died.

Those who were left came back to their senses and fled around.

Faced with such two monster-level opponents, and their own artifact were also taken away. They couldn’t even give birth to the courage to fight a battle, so naturally it was important to escape.

Chi Chi Chi Chi…

One after another moon blade flew in all directions.

The Wind and Cloud Pavilion disciples who participated in the formation was group together, and they all screamed and fell, when the moon blade struck, the limbs flew.

Lin Yun’er only killed a dozen people. Turning around, there was no one left.

Blood was raining down in midair.

The disciples of Wind and Cloud Pavilion who were watching from afar were silent and their face paled like ashes.

What kind of enemies did the sect provoke? The whole elite of the sect was wiped out. From Great Elder to the 3rd order Dao Source Stage fellow disciples were all dead and clean.

Only the Pavilion Lord is the Emperor Realm left.

Wind and Cloud Pavilion inheritance has been passed down for thousands of years, and has never suffered such a severe damage as it is today. After this battle, even if it could drive out the enemy, the Wind and Cloud Pavilion would not be able to regain its vitality.

What’s more, can these two monsters be expelled at will? This is clearly the rhythm of being destroyed.

At this moment, Hua Xing’s grieving roar resounded through the clouds: “Release the Holy Beast!”

As soon as these words came out, many Wind and Cloud Pavilion disciples’ complexions changed drastically, and they were even more frightened than when they saw Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er slaughter the sect’s people.

“What did the pavilion lord say?”

“You want to release the holy beast?”

“Escape, what are you doing standing stupidly.”

“If you don’t run away, you will die.”

The disciples of Wind and Cloud Pavilion who were watching from afar fled in all directions, as if the holy beast was a plague god.

There are also some disciples who have just started escaping with a blank expression. Although they know that there is a holy beast in Wind and Cloud Pavilion, no one has ever seen it before, and they don’t know what the holy beast is. They only know that the holy beast is extremely good. It is no difference compared to the Pavilion Lord Hua Xing.

Seeing those fellow disciples who fled earlier, they were also panicked.

No matter what the holy beast is, it is by no means a kind thing.

And just after Hua Xing roared, somewhere in the depths of Wind and Cloud Pavilion, there was a sensational hostility, like a sleeping dragon awakening, and the world suddenly trembled.

“Huh?” Yang Kai turned his head and looked in the direction of the source of aura. There was a faint scorching sensation in the blood all over his body, as if he was being pulled by some force, which made him feel eager to fight.

Xiao Yun’er also flew to him, still holding the black iron pot on her head, her beautiful eyes looked over there, her nose lightly sniffed, her beautiful eyes brightened.


The roar came out again, and then a huge figure flew out from there, which looked like a beast.

The beast stepped into the air, bursting into flames.

‘This is the holy beast of Wind and Cloud Pavilion?’ Yang Kai raised his brows, and his fighting spirit became stronger, he actually felt a trace of the Holy Spirit’s aura from this holy beast.

The holy beast of Wind and Cloud Pavilion is actually a holy spirit!

This is ridiculous.

But soon, the scene that made Yang Kai shocked appeared. The holy beast did not fly straight towards them, but first rushed towards some of the escaping Wind and Cloud Pavilion disciples, and rushed in as fast as lightning to the crowd.

The next moment, a scream came out, obviously being bitten to death by the holy beast.

Hua Xing’s heart is bleeding.

Wind and Cloud Pavilion has raised the holy beast that protects the mountains, and it has been bred for thousands of years, but this holy beast is a fierce beast. It was captured by the tenth generation ancestor of the Wind and Cloud Pavilion. The beast is still obedient, but since the fall of the tenth generation ancestor, the ferocity of this holy beast has been exposed.

Although it has not left the Wind and Cloud Pavilion, it is not controlled by anyone. Only the Pavilion Lord of the Wind and Cloud Pavilion of each generation can communicate with it a little.

Every time you ask it to go out of the mountain, you will have to pay a great price. If you are prepared, you can prepare a lot of blood for it in advance, but you can barely ask it to resist the powerful enemy.

But this time he was unprepared, and the price paid was the tragic death of the disciples.

Even a hundred years ago, when Wind and Cloud Pavilion was in crisis, the old pavilion lord of the previous generation did not release the holy beast out of the mountain. It was for this reason, but in this crisis, Hua Xing couldn’t take care of it that much.

The screams were endless, and one after another Wind and Cloud Pavilion disciples were thrown to the ground by the holy beast, screaming while being swallowed into the abdomen.

“What the hell!” Yang Kai squinted his eyes and looked over there, but unfortunately the distance was a little far away, so he couldn’t see clearly.

All he know is that this so-called holy beast hasn’t done anything to them yet, but it has slaughtered a lot of enemies.

“It looks so delicious!” Lin Yun’er’s nose moved even more severely.

Yang Kai was sweating, why is this little girl only knew how to eat.

After the cup of tea time, the holy beast stomach was full, and then flew over in the air, all four feet is on fire, and the two beast eyes were burning like flames.

After getting closer, Yang Kai could see the appearance of this holy beast.

Dragon head, antlers, lion eyes, tiger back, bear waist, snake scales, horse hoof, oxtail.

“Fire Qilin?” Yang Kai’s eyelids twitched.

No wonder there is aura of the Holy Spirit, it turned out to be a Fire Qilin. There are many types of Qilin, but no matter what kind of Qilin, it is a Ancient Holy Spirit.

His dragon bloodline is also the power of the Holy Spirit, and even the best in the Holy Spirit, and is naturally drawn by the other’s aura.

“It’s not a Fire Qilin.” Lin Yun’er seemed to have studied the Holy Spirit very much, and said with bright eyes: “It just has the blood of some Qilin, and it’s not pure.”

Yang Kai turned his head and glanced at her, his face was speechless: “Girl, your drool.”

Lin Yun’er raised her hand and wiped the corners of her mouth, and said excitedly: “Leave this to me!”

When the words fell, she rushed forward directly.

“Don’t be careless!” Yang Kai urged quickly.

Although Lin Yun’er performed well, facing such a fierce beast with the blood of the Holy Spirit, Yang Kai was still a little worried, wondering if she was an opponent. But Lin Yun’er was performing so well that Yang Kai did not want to splash her with cold water, so he could only make up his mind to be ready to respond at any time.

One person and one beast approached quickly.

The descendant of the Fire Qilin clearly had human nature. Seeing Lin Yun’er rushed over, it’s roaring furiously, the flames on it’s body became more and more fierce.

Lin Yun’er ignored it and rushed straight away.

The Fire Qilin opened its mouth, and a huge fireball blasted towards her, terrifying.

Lin Yun’er did not evade, put the iron pot on top of her head and gave it away.

The iron pot was obviously not big, only the size of a basin, which was countless times smaller than the fireball, but it was such a simple delivery that actually made the fireball disappear.

Yang Kai’s body, which was about to move, stabilized again, staring at the black iron pot with scorching eyes, and there was only one question in his heart.

‘What the hell is this?’

At this moment, Lin Yun’er had already rushed in front of the Fire Qilin, with her feet in the air a little bit, and suddenly rushed to the top of the Fire Qilin’s head, and the iron pot was buckled down.

Huo Qilin lifted its claws and grabbed it towards the iron pot. Wherever the claw marks passed, the space was squeezed out with irregular lines.

Lin Yun’er twisted her body forcibly, and barely avoided, but she was still scratched on her lower abdomen, and the blood drenched immediately.

She ignored it, and directly buckled the iron pot on the Fire Qilin’s forehead.

The next moment, a sensational scene appeared.

A fierce beast comparable to a 3rd order Emperor Realm powerhouse, a Fire Qilin with the blood of the Holy Spirit, unexpectedly screamed and shook its body. The small iron pot above its head seemed to grow on it, and terrifying suction came from it.

The body of the huge fierce beast was dragged by an inexplicable force, twisted and transformed, and was quickly sucked into the iron pot like a stream of water, and disappeared.

Yang Kai was stunned.

Li Jiao was stunned.

Hua Xing was also stunned!

Lin Yun’er seemed to be stunned for a while, scratching her head foolishly, with a dazed expression on her face.

She knows what power her treasure can exert. Although she has the confidence to use this treasure to collect the Fire Qilin, it is absolutely impossible to be so easy. She is also going to fight this guy.

Never thought that it was a success just as soon as she shot it.

The little girl is simple minded, she didn’t think much, she caught the iron pot excitedly, don’t know where she get the lid, closed the iron pot with a slap, and looked around with a smile, the more she looked, the more delighted she became.

Li Jiao’s face changed, he had seen strong winds and waves, but he felt a little creepy at the moment.

Hua Xing release the holy beast from Wind and Cloud Pavilion, he also paid attention to it in a hurry, and realized the power of the holy beast. If it was him, he might not be sure that he would win, but it was such a terrifying existence was actually sucked into the black iron pot.

After only one move.

This is simply inexplicable.

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