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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3005 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3005
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“Junior, you dare!”

“Hurry up and let go of the great elder, otherwise you will die without a burial place.”

There were shouts from all around, Yang Kai pinched the great elder with one hand, his eyes swept across the void sharply, and sneered slightly.

Since this formation was open, he has been passively beaten. He can’t even find the enemy’s shadow. He has been holding his stomach for a long time and has nowhere to vent. Now he has finally caught a flaw and captured the opponent. How can a person with half the brain give up easily?

Hundreds of people deployed to deal with both him and Lin Yun’er. Several of them existed in the Emperor Realm, and even the 2nd order emperor realm, all kinds of chasing and killing. Now that he have seized the opportunity, they’re actually threatening him? Actually wanting him to let the enemy go, how can there be such a cheap thing in this world?

He chuckled, his eyes slanted, staring at the great elder, and spit out a word coldly in his mouth: “Die!”

“No!” The greaat elder’s face changed drastically, and he shouted.

But no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t get rid of the shackles of that big hand.

The violent force squeezed from all directions, the sound of bone fracture was heard, the eyes of the great elder suddenly rounded, and the pores began to bleed. He could clearly feel the fracture of his bones, and his internal organs were squeezed, burst into pieces.


Blood splattered, flesh and blood flew everywhere.


“The Great Elder is dead!”

The disciples of Wind and Cloud Pavilion exclaimed, almost unable to accept everything they saw. What kind of person is the Great Elder? In Wind and Cloud Pavilion, apart from the pavilion lord Hua Xing, he is the most powerful. But such a powerful existence was crushed by that monster with one hand.

“Junior is presumptuous!”

“Avenge the Great Elder!”

The shock was silent for a moment, and the clamor became stronger.

The sword diagram started to revolve, and a sharp sword appeared in all directions, and the killing intent sharply rose.

The Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram is based on the sword, based on the martial artist who practiced swordmanship. It was originally the main killing formation. The death of the great elder caused everyone’s killing intent turbulent, this time it raised the power of the formation a lot.

Unfortunately, even so, the power of the entire formation is weakening, the great elder who was originally the formation eye died, and the third elder who succeeded him only had the cultivation level of 1st order Emperor Realm. The formation eye’s strength was reduced by one level, and the power of the entire sword formation was also weakened. It is simply impossible to make up for such a loss.

Yang Kai laughed wildly: “If I can kill one of you, I can kill all of you. Wash your neck and wait. I will pick you out one by one, and then kill you!”

“Boasting Shamelessly!” The third elder yelled, without hesitation, the overwhelming sword light attacked Yang Kai again.

Before Yang Kai could make any movements, Lin Yuner yelled again: “Receive!”

When the words fell, the countless sword lights actually seemed to have been summoned. They all changed their directions and drove towards a certain place, and then poured into a certain position and disappeared.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, raising his brows, revealing an unexpected color: “Huh?”

At this moment, Lin Yun’er raised her hands, holding a basin-sized object on her head. The object was dark in color and looked plain, just like an ordinary iron pot.

But this iron pot, unexpectedly have unimaginable swallowing power, and all the sword qi urged by the Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram was sucked into the pot, and then disappeared.

That iron pot is like a bottomless pit, no matter how many sword lights come in, they will all be collected, and there is no sign of saturation at all.

What surprised Yang Kai was not the power it showed, but the aura it exudes.

It was an extremely pure, ancient and desolate aura, which was exactly the same as his own Mountains and Rivers Bell, as if it had come from the ancient times.

“A great wild treasure!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.

He didn’t expect that Lin Yun’er actually had a rare wild treasure in her hand.

After all, the precious treasures inherited from ancient times and are too rare. Apart from his own Mountains and Rivers Bell, Yang Kai knows only the small drum of Hua Yulu, and he don’t know much the power of the small drum in Hua Yulu’s hands.

But this iron pot is incredible.

Just looking at the swallowing power, it is not comparable to ordinary treasures.

The appearance… make him a little awkward. At first glance, he thought it was for cooking.

“Is this your trump card?” Yang Kai asked.

With the iron pot on her head, Xiao Yun’er rushed to Yang Kai with a chuckle, and stood on his shoulder with a light touch of her feet, and answered the question: “Uncle, you are so handsome like this.”

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “I also think i’m handsome, Xiao Yun’er has good vision.”

When the third elder heard this, he almost didn’t vomit a mouthful of blood.

This is a battle of life and death, this is a battle of gambling everything, the enemy actually chatted over there, this is obviously not putting himself and others in their eyes.

Although he didn’t know the name of the iron pot, it could perform such a magical effect, but he was also irritated by Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er’s carefree attitude.

When he was about to urge the majesty of the formation, suddenly there were bursts of exclamation from all directions.


“what happened!”

“My sword!”

“Brother help me! My sword is about to be sucked away.”

“Help you my ass… so is my sword! I can’t even protect myself now.”

When the voice came, the face of the third elder changed drastically, and when he remembered the weird scene encountered by the great elder before, he suddenly understood something, and his face was horrified.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that the long sword in his hand was being pulled by a force and jumped out in one direction uncontrollably, as if to rush away, and that direction was the woman holding the iron pot.


A stream of light burst through the air.

This time, it was not the illusory sword light, but the genuine artifact long sword.

All the martial artists who have formed the Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram are all martial artists above the 3rd order Dao Source Stage. The level of artifacts they possess is naturally not too bad, at least they are also Dao Source Grade middle-rank, and many Emperor Artifacts.

It’s just that at this moment, whether it’s the Dao Source Grade Artifact or the Emperor Artifact long sword, they all flew away one after another, and disappeared into the iron pot.

In the blink of an eye, the iron pot received dozens of long swords, and more were coming.

“What the hell is this!” The third elder were horrified. This iron pot actually has the magical effect of collecting other people’s artifacts. How can this be beaten? He have never heard of such a weird artifact in this world. [MSN:well, just dont use artifact. JK]

The pulling force that pull the long sword in his hand became stronger and stronger, making him a little difficult to control. The third elder did not dare to take it lightly, and quickly immersed himself in controlling his Emperor Artifact.


In less than ten breaths of effort time, more than ninety long swords were sucked away by the iron pot.

After a while, even the long swords in the hands of the third elder and the others could no longer be hold, free of their control and flew out.

“Ah!” the third elder exclaimed, frantically urging the secret technique, wanting to recall his Emperor Artifact, but what is the use? Naturally, he couldn’t do things that even the Great Elder couldn’t do.

When the last long sword fell into the iron pot, there seemed to be a sound of collapse in the void.

A group of figures suddenly appeared, gathered around Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er, all of them were shocked and inexplicably surprised.

These people are all disciples and elders of the Wind and Cloud Pavilion who participated in the layout of the mysterious Sword Diagram.

The Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram is based on the sword, and is based on people. Now all the long swords have been taken away. Even if there are people, this formation will be broken, naturally causing them to be unable to hide their figure.

“Hiss…how could it be possible!”

In the sky on the other side, Hua Xing took a breath of cold air into his lungs and looked at it incredulously.

The Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram was broken!

Several times to save the Wind and Cloud Pavilion from the fire and water, the undefeated Yin-Yang Five Elements Yi Xuan Sword Diagram that stretches Wind and Cloud Pavilion’s life is actually broken!

Hua Xing almost thought he was dreaming!

This is impossible. Before this formation was passed down thousands of years ago, only five people were needed to set up the formation. The more people there are, the more powerful it will be.

This time there were hundreds of people in the formation, which was already a huge scale, and the people in the formation eye was his great elder, with the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm.

Such a lineup, even if he fall into it, he will die, how could it be broken by two unknown juniors?

Where’s the great elder? What happen to him?

His eyes swept away, but he didn’t see the figure of the great elder among those people, and he felt a little bit confused in his heart, knowing that something was going wrong.

The great elder is obviously the Formation Eye who host the formation, but there is no sign of him at this moment, then there is only one possibility that the great elder is dead!

How did he die? Who killed him?

Hua Xing couldn’t understand, and he didn’t know everything that happened in the Sword Diagram, so he was naturally puzzled.

At this moment, Hua Xing’s skin suddenly tightened, and he instinctively sensed a trace of danger.

Not good!

Only then did he remember that he was fighting with someone. The opponent’s strength was also stronger than him.

If it were normal times, he wouldn’t have made such a low-level mistake, but the shock of the scene just now was too great for him, and it was inevitable that he would be a little distracted.

This distraction gave Li Jiao a chance to take action.

The fierce Emperor Yuan squeezed from the front and exploded on his chest.

Hua Xing was shocked, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

“Old dog Hua, dare to be an enemy of Palace Lord Yang, today Li will never let you go!”

After saying this, Hua Xing vomited another mouthful of blood, and said angrily: “Li Jiao, I’ll fuck your mother!”

Just now the two of them were fighting just like playing, exchanging blows, seemingly lively, they didn’t even use 10% of their power. Suddenly, he started desperately, and Hua Xing was caught off guard.

He also knew why Li Jiao was like this. It was clearly that the wind turned the rudder, but he couldn’t help the anger in his heart. The ship of a hundred years of friendship was turned over at this moment. Hua Xing gritted his teeth and yelled: “Do you think you already won? Nobody will leave today.” After a pause, he roared: “Release the Kraken!” [MSN: it was actually “Holy Beast”. Hehe]

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