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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 3002 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 3002
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The Formation way has a long history, and it can often turn defeat into victory. Looking at the world, which big sect does not have its own Formation? Not to mention the large-scale formation of the sect protecting formatin, there are also many formations that are formed by people.

Because they are all the same sect fellow disciples, there are many opportunities to practice, using them when dealing with powerful enemies, often has miraculous effects.

Wind and Cloud Pavilion naturally also has a formation, and it is a powerful sword formation, the main killing force.

This sword formation is called the Yin-Yang Five Elements Great Yi Xuan Sword Diagram. It is something passed down by the ancestors of Wind and Cloud Pavilion.

At least five people can form a formation in the Yin-Yang Five Elements Great Yi Xuan Sword Diagram, and the more people there are, the greater the power.

Often as long as ten disciples of the 3rd order Dao Source Stage form a formation, they can compete with the general emperor realm. If there were twenty people, it would be enough to kill the 1st order Emperor Realm.

Every disciple of the Wind and Cloud Pavilion has to cultivate this formation after reaching the Dao Source Stage. There is also a large-scale joint exercise every month, so the Dao Source Stage martial artist of the Wind and Cloud Pavilion have long been familiar with this formation.

In fear that Wind and Cloud Pavilion will provoke a powerful opponent one day, just in case.

The last time Wind and Cloud Pavilion used the Yin-Yang Five Elements Great Yi Xuan Sword Diagram was hundreds of years ago. At that time, Hua Xing had not returned after traveling abroad. The former master of Wind and Cloud Pavilion was old, and Wind and Cloud Pavilion was a sign of loneliness, which caused some big forces in the Western Territory coveted.

At that time, there was a 3rd order Emperor Realm powerhouse who broke into the Sect Protecting Formation.

The disciples of Wind and Cloud Pavilion relied on this large formation to repel the strong enemy. The Wind and Cloud Pavilion became famous in that battle. After Hua Xing returned and took over the Wind and Cloud Pavilion, the situation gradually stabilized.

A hundred years later, the Yin-Yang Five Elements Great Yi Xuan Sword Diagram is re-emerging.

And this time, the opponents were only two 1st order Emperor Realm.

It was not that the elder made a fuss, but he knew the horror of these two people. During this period of time, Wind and Cloud Pavilion did not send a few strong people to kill them, there were more than one 2nd order Emperor Realm who was attracted by the 20 million high-rank source crystals reward, but the result?

These two juniors have been alive and kicking, and even rushed into the Wind and Cloud Pavilion, but the so-called strong men have fallen to pieces one after another.

The great elder is nothing more than 2nd order Emperor Realm, the lesson from the other, and the experience of his strength after fighting with Yang Kai, he did not hesitate to use the trump card.

When the elders and disciples of Wind and Cloud Pavilion heard the words, they all looked solemnly.

“Star the formation!” The great elder shouted, holding the long sword in his hand to the sky, and the sword intent burst into the sky.

Five or six elders at the 1st order Emperor Realm, and hundreds of disciples of the 3rd order Dao Source Stage also sacrificed their own artifact long swords, each holding a different magic arts, and the long swords were shaken. With dazzling swordsmanship, one after another shouted: “Star the formation!”

The voices of a hundred people gathered together, and even their aura seemed to be connected by some mysterious force, the world buzzed, and the void trembled.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed. Although he didn’t know what the formation was, he instinctively sensed that it was not good. As soon as he turned his gaze, he looked at the place where the crowd was the most dense, and said in a low voice: “Million Sword attack, Wolf Chasing the Moon!”

The Million Sword were swung down, and the overwhelming sword light spawned out, like a locust crossing the border, and blasted towards the Dao Source Stage martial artist.

Under normal circumstances, if he shoots like this, even the 1st order Emperor Realm does not want to easily catch it, and the Dao Source Stage can only be killed.

But when the sword light attacked, those Dao Source Stage martial artists were not even a little flustered, they just watched indifferently, maintaining their own sword power, and the sword intent urged.

“Come!” The great elder’s sword flicked, pointed a sword towards the void, and shouted loudly.

In midair, a strange formation appeared, and the formation slowly rotated, turning into a barrier visible to the naked eye, blocking the front of the Dao Source Stage martial artist.

Boom boom boom boom…

All the sword lights were hit on that formation. Unexpectedly, these sword lights didn’t play any role, but were absorbed by the formation.

Yang Kai raised his brows, feeling a bit tricky, this big formation seemed extremely extraordinary.

Before turning his thoughts, the Great Elder shouted in a low voice: “Go!”

The formation suddenly turned in the opposite direction. From the formation, sword lights rushed out, and in the blink of an eye, they hit Yang Kai.

“Uncle Yang, be careful!” Lin Yuner exclaimed.

Yang Kai had been prepared for a long time. When the Million Sword was swung, he blocked those sword lights and raised his eyebrows: “Rebound?”

He discovered that the sword light that hit him was actually shot made by himself just now, and then he thought about the mystery of the diagram, and he understood it all at once.

The formation that appeared out of thin air can not only absorb his own attack, but also release the attack back in the opposite direction. This formation is heaven-defying.

“Transfer!” The great elder over there took another set of swordsmanship, and he whispered.

In the next instant, the world changed.

Everyone suddenly disappeared, and the whole world seemed to change drastically. Looking around, there was a long sword with a strong aura that stood in the void. The long sword is real and virtual at the same time, like stars in the sky, countless, and at a glance. Can’t even see the end.

This is simply the world of swords.

The sensational sword intent squeezed from all sides, and the invisible sword Qi cut everything in this world, causing Yang Kai’s skin to ache.

A drop of sweat slipped from Yang Kai’s forehead, and he felt that something was wrong. Although he didn’t know the true power of this big formation, Yang Kai had a good vision after all, and he still couldn’t see the weirdness of this formation.

“Inside the Sword Diagram, there is no way to live, junior will die!” The voice of the great elder came from the void, there was no trace, making it impossible to grasp his position.

“Entering the Sword Diagram, there is no way to live!” Hundreds of people shouted together, and there seemed to be a shocking sword intent in their words, which turned into an invisible sword, rushing into the minds of Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er.

This is obviously a means of divine soul attack, and it is a divine soul attack that contains the sword intent, and its power is unpredictable.

Yang Kai only felt a pain in his head, and the consciousness sea was turbulent, and the defense of the consciousness sea was suddenly broken. In the consciousness sea, a huge sword light cut towards his Divine Soul.

Yang Kai was shocked, and quickly urged the colorful Mild Soul Lotus power to turn into a shield to block.

With a bang, the sword light was cut off, blocked by the shield, and the colorful glow bloomed.

The two sides held a stalemate for a long time, before the sword light suddenly dissipated.

Yang Kai turned to look at Lin Yun’er in amazement, but saw that the little girl stared with big eyes, clenched her fists, and looked around, but she was not affected at all.

This little girl is heaven defying too!

It was obvious that the divine soul attack could not be aimed at only one person, Lin Yun’er must also be in the sequence of being attacked, but the little girl had nothing wrong, or even reacted, which was a bit weird.

Although Lin Yun’er’s cultivation level is the same as his own, Yang Kai felt that she could not be stronger than him in terms of the power of the divine soul.

At any rate, he has the colorful Mild Soul Lotus, which has nourished his Divine Soul for so many years, which is enough to be comparable to the level of 3rd order Emperor Realm. It would be a bit outrageous for Lin Yun’er to be stronger than him.

The reason why she was safe and sound was either due to her physique, or she was wearing some powerful artifact.

Yang Kai is more inclined to the latter. The Tyrant Strength body is mainly embodied in the flesh and blood, which should have nothing to do with the divine soul.

Without time to think about it, Yang Kai came to Lin Yun’er in a flash, stretched out his hand to embrace her, the Space Principle fluctuated, and suddenly disappeared in place.

This formation is weird and unpredictable. If they continue to stay here, the ship will capsize in the gutter.

“Want to go?” The great elder snorted coldly, and a long sword hanging in the void suddenly trembled, disappearing like lightning, and plunged directly into the void.

In the next moment, the figures of Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er staggered and appeared from a distance. Lin Yun’er was holding a long sword in one hand with a look of anger.

“This is not good.” Yang Kai moved slightly.

Space Divine Ability are rarely broken, but once such a situation occurs, it means that the enemy’s strength is beyond Yang Kai’s expectation.

“Space Force?” The great elder was also a little surprised. In normal times, it is absolutely impossible to break Yang Kai’s Space Principle with his cultivation level. However, in this Sword Diagram, he is the formation eye and controls everything in the sword diagram, so he can grasp Yang Kai’s movements and traces.

It was precisely by this fact that Yang Kai was knocked out of the void and his plan fell short.

“Yun’er don’t be afraid.” Yang Kai scanned the surroundings coldly. Although his Divine Sense were pushed to the limit, he still couldn’t find where the people of Wind and Cloud Pavilion were. There were only swords, sword intent, and sword power. Nothing else.

“Not afraid!” Lin Yun’er replied. Putting more strength in the small hand, the long sword caught in her hand collapsed and disappeared, turning into a little bit of fluorescence.

It was only an illusory sword, but it was lifelike in this sword diagram.

“Okay.” Yang Kai laughed, “Then break this shit sword diagram with Uncle Yang!”

“Boasting Shamelessly!” The Great Elder shouted in a low voice, “No matter what you do, you can never escape from this!”

His voice fell, and countless long swords all around trembled. They turned their directions, and pointed their swords at the place where Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er were.

Yang Kai’s face sank, and Emperor Yuan within his body was slightly stagnant, enveloped by the thick sword intent.


With a shout of anger, the sound of ‘whoosh’ broke through the air, endlessly.

Looking around, countless long swords attacked Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er from all directions, and each sword bloomed with amazing sword light, which seemed to be able to cut everything ahead.

The entire sword diagram world was full of such attacks, and Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er had nowhere to escape.

“Yun’er squat down!” Yang Kai shouted in a low voice.

Lin Yun’er didn’t even think about it, and she squatted down with her head in her arms.

“Dragon Transformation!” Yang Kai let out another low growl.

When the high-pitched dragon roar came out, the sword diagram swayed slightly, as if it had received some shock.

There was a dense sound of clicks, and Yang Kai’s body suddenly swelled and turned into a five meter behemoth, with dragon horns on his head, hand-shaped dragon claws, full of scaly armor, arrogant and powerful.

He knelt down, curled up his huge body, and protected Lin Yun’er in his arms.

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