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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2993 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2993
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“Do you want me to help?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.

“No need!” The girl politely refused, her expression confident, and when she said this, she fisted the skull that Xiong Kaishan was hiding in. Her fist raged, and the surrounding space was squeezed out by layers of irregular fluctuations, which was terrifying.

Although Xiong Kaishan is fast, he was not as fast as this punch.

There was a loud bang, the skull head was smashed and faltered, a gap was cracked in the skull, and the muffled sound of Xiong Kaishan came from inside.

Yang Kai’s eyes showed dazzling brilliance, and he thought to himself that the little girl really had a good chance after arriving in the Star Boundary. She was able to exert such a powerful strength with the 1st order Emperor Realm cultivation level, and he don’t know how Yang Yan taps her potentials.

Thinking of Yang Yan, Yang kai’s heart was moved again. He has been looking for Yang Yan’s whereabouts for several years, but he was never successful. He only vaguely guessed that Yang Yan is in a force called Star Law Court. Now he encounters Lin Yun’er, maybe he can inquire about the traces of Yang Yan from her.

As long as he finds Yang Yan, he can find a way to return to the Heng Luo Star Field and take over his relatives and friends.

The time he spent in the Star Boundary was not short, and now he also has his own foundation here, the huge High Heaven Palace is enough to allow those people on the shadowed star to obtain a better cultivation environment and cultivation resources.

“Little girl, stay in the line to meet each other in the future, why bother to be so aggressive!” Xiong Kaishan’s somewhat flustered voice came out, but as Yang Kai’s thougths were flying, he was beaten by Lin Yun’er with no way out.

The huge skull that was hiding in had cracked countless gaps, and the ghost fire in its eyes was dim, and it was going to be extinguished.

He also noticed Lin Yun’er’s strength, knowing that he was not an opponent, and wanted to turn the fighting weapon into a jade silk.

It’s a pity that Lin Yun’er won’t act as he wished, it’s unknown how long the little girl has cultivated, although her mind is simple, her mind is extremely stubborn, she doesn’t listen to what he is saying, just presses her lips, punches and punches. Slammed down at the skull.

After dozens of punches, the skull burst into ashes with a bang, and Xiong Kaishan rushed out of it embarrassedly, with a trace of blood spilling from the corner of his mouth, apparently suffering an injury.

Yang Kai watched with a cold sweat, ruining the Emperor Artifact with her flesh body alone. This skill is a bit extraordinary. Now this tyrannosaurus-like girl is completely different from the little girl who hadn’t grown up in his impression.

What a big girl…

The skull was destroyed, and Xiong Kaishan had ashen face. When he became angry, his anger started from his heart, and the evil grew to the guts. He gritted his teeth and sternly said: “If you don’t want this king to live, then don’t think it would be better for you.”

He pinched the magic arts with both hands, and the remaining intact skulls suddenly flew up, and all of them burned at once, bursting into a gloomy and icy flame, and simultaneously rushed towards Lin Yun’er.

Yang Kai’s expression changed and he vaguely sensed the entanglement of this flame. This flame should be regarded as a kind of strange fire of the world. If contaminated, there will be no good results.

With a deliberate reminder to Lin Yun’er, she still greeted it without being surprised or afraid.

In an instant, the girl’s body was wrapped in this gloomy and cold flame, and she was suddenly submerged without a trace.

“Hahahaha!” Xiong Kaishan laughed loudly, “The little girl is really stupid. You’re actually contaminated by this king ghost fire easily? Now see how you will die…hiss!”

The laughter stopped abruptly, and Xiong Kaishan’s eyes widened, as if his neck was pinched by an invisible big hand, his eyes filled with shock and horror.

He saw a graceful figure wandering out of the so-called ghost fire ahead, and the icy flame rolled around her, but it couldn’t hurt her at all.

At this moment, Lin Yun’er was full of dazzling light, and there seemed to be a magical power in that light. It was the existence of this layer of light that prevented the ghost fire from harming her and kept her safe and sound.

Yang Kai squinted slightly, shocked.

He naturally saw that this light was not the power of a defensive Emperor Artifact, but Lin Yun’er spurring an unknown secret technique.

What secret technique has such a strong defense power?

“Master said, everyone who wants to kill me will be killed!” Lin Yun’er said softly, her face was pious, as if she would treat the master’s words as a golden rule, and when the words fell, she slammed her fist towards Xiong Kaishan.

Xiong Kaishan took a cold breath, his strongest divine ability were destroyed so easily, how can he still have the confidence to fight the girl? Seeing the young girl rushing so fiercely, he bit the tip of his tongue, burned his blood essence, turned around and fled.

Only a few steps away, he suddenly noticed that the space had become extremely sticky, which made him feel like he was struggling.

“You…” Xiong Kaishan turned his head and looked at Yang Kai, his face full of grief and anger, and his eyes were full of accusations of blood and tears. He clearly noticed that Yang Kai had mad some moves, cutting off his hope of escape.

“Go all the way to hell!” Yang Kai smiled and waved at him, like an old friend saying goodbye.

Xiong Kaishan only felt the blood tumbling in his chest, and a mouthful of blood spurted out uncontrollably.

In the next moment, Lin Yun’er slammed into his back and smashed out with two punches.

The sky was full of blood, blooming like a rose in full bloom, with bones dripping down, but the young girl was like a white lotus, out of silt but not stained.

At a leisurely pace, the girl’s momentum was closed, and the black gloves on her fists disappeared without a trace. She flew into Yang Kai’s arms like lightning, and said softly, “Uncle Yang!”

The change was a little bit faster before and after, Yang Kai was caught off guard and was hugged by her, and he took a dozen steps back to stabilize his figure.

The scent of the girl’s body lingered around the tip of his nose, and her hair exuded an intoxicating fragrance. The fullness of her chest was squeezed onto Yang Kai’s chest, and Yang Kai immediately noticed the astonishing elasticity coming.

Yang Kai looked embarrassed, and he didn’t expect the girl to be so enthusiastic.

Lin Yun’er buried her head in Yang Kai’s arms, took a few deep breaths, then raised her head with a look of intoxication on her face, squinted her eyes and muttered to herself: “It’s the familiar smell, I can only dream of it.”

Looking at the girl’s sincere face and listening to her heartfelt voice, Yang Kai’s heart flashed a warm feeling, raised his hand to pat her head, and smiled: “Xiao Yun’er has grown up too.”

Lin Yun’er chuckled, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, and took the initiative to move a little away from Yang Kai. She looked at him up and down, and kept nodding her head: “Uncle, you haven’t changed much, otherwise i might not recognize you.”

After speaking, she hugged Yang Kai again, as if she would never let go.

“This is not a place to talk. Let’s talk while walking.” Yang Kai suggested.

“Wait a moment.” Lin Yun’er didn’t move, as if she wanted to remember this familiar smell and feeling deeply.

She didn’t move, and Yang Kai couldn’t force it, so he could only stand there.

After a while, Yang Kai suddenly frowned, clearly feeling a warm sensation coming from his chest. Looking down, he saw that the girl’s long eyelashes vibrated gently, and the corners of her eyes were moist.

“Why are you crying?” Yang Kai laughed blankly.

“I miss you!” Lin Yuner’s tone was full of grievances, “I miss Aunt Yang Yan, Aunt Huang, Aunt Ye, and you, but even if i miss you, I can’t see you, and I don’t know where you all are, so I can’t find you.”

Yang Kai was a bit sore in his nose. Although the little girl was amazing, she was still young, and her sentimentality was normal. What’s more, she was taken away when she was very young, and now she finally saw a person from her homeland. The depressed emotions were immediately vented.

Raising his hand to pat her back, and enjoy this rare warmth with her.


A strange noise broke the atmosphere, Yang Kai was startled for a moment, and after realizing what the sound was, he almost didn’t laugh.

Lin Yun’er lowered her head, flushing from her neck to her cheeks, filling her delicate earlobes.

“Hungry?” Yang Kai lowered his head and asked.

Lin Yun’er nodded insignificantly. To her, this seemed to be a shameful thing.

Yang Kai can’t figure it out. According to reason, Lin Yun’er has cultivated to the 1st order Emperor Realm. It doesn’t matter if she hasn’t eaten for decades. At this level of strength, the world’s spiritual energy is enough to satisfy. How can she be hungry.

The emperor realm eats, either to satisfy the appetite or to cultivate.

Yang Kai hasn’t experienced what it feels like to be hungry for a long time.

Without asking too much, Yang Kai immersed hiis Divine Sense in the Mysterious Small Boundary and searched.

Although he didn’t have any delicious food in his hands, there were a lot of spirit fruits. There were so many strange flowers and grass in the medicinal garden of the Mysterious Small Boundary, and it couldn’t be easier to find a few fruits.

And these fruits are not ordinary spirit fruits, they are all very high-grade existences.

When Yang Kai turned his hand over, three red fruits appeared on Yang Kai’s hand, all of them the size of a baby’s fist: “Would you like this?”

“Uncle Yang, you are so kind.” The girl suddenly regain her spirit, and forgot her shame. She hurriedly take the fruit, put it in her mouth and bit it, squinting her eyes with satisfaction.

She seemed to eat slowly, but she was very fast but elegant. There were tears in the corners of her eyes, but there was a smile on her face, which looked rather contrasting.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai greeted.

“Wait a second.” After Lin Yun’er said this, she shook her body and went not far away.

Lying there was a severely injured Emperor Realm who was the first to be injured by Yang Kai before.

Yang Kai was curious about what the little girl was going to do, but saw Lin Yun’er ate the spirit fruit while slamming a punch at the man, directly blasting the half-dead guy’s bones.

Yang Kai’s eyelids twitched when he saw this scene.

Lin Yun’er turned around and came to another emperor realm, doing the same. There was no hesitation in the whole process. It seemed to her that she was not killing two emperor realms, but two insignificant insects.

On the one hand innocent, on the other hand killing people like flies, Yang Kai realized that he couldn’t understand this girl.

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