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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2992 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2992
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One by one huge skulls flew in the air, and sprayed out a series of extremely cold Yin Qi from their mouths. The Yin Qi seemed to make the emperor yuan freeze, and obviously they all had great power.

The girl was surrounded airtight in a moment, and her figure disappeared.

Xiong Kaishan coldly snorted: “There are always some young people who don’t know the height of the sky and the thickness of the earth. Today, this king will tell you what it means to be outside the sky, there are stronger people in the world!”

Magic Arts continued to be pinch, and the power of the flying skull became more and more astonishing.

With a bang, Xiong Kaishan’s expression changed, and his shock was beyond words. When he looked up, he saw that the skull over there was flying around and was blown away by a huge force.

The young girl’s figure reappeared, standing above the sky, unstoppable like a god of war.

“The lowly maid dare to ruin my Emperor Artifact!” Xiong Kaishan’s eyes turned red. Those skulls are his biggest support. At this moment, there is a dim light in the eye socket, floating, somewhat uncontrollable, obviously suffer a great spirituality lost.

He didn’t expect that his Emperor Artifact can be blasted away by the flesh body power of the young girl. [MSN: Well, old man. There is always stronger people in the world.]

At this moment, there are two more gloves on the girl’s fist. The gloves are completely dark, giving people a very deep feeling. Judging from the aura, this is obviously also an extremely powerful Emperor Artifact.

It is precisely by relying on the power of this Emperor Artifact that the girl can blast away the skulls that are gathered around her.

Shouting and shouting, Xiong Kaishan once again drove the skulls to hit the girl. At the same time, he shouted: “Are you all watching the show?”

After a fight, he didn’t have the confidence to win the girl. He could only pin his hopes on other people. As long as everyone on the scene could unite, the girl would be no match with to fists against four hands, no matter how strong she is.

The red nose immediately echoed: “What are you waiting for, when will you act?”

When the words fell, he was the first one to take the shot, and when he flipped his hand, it turned out a wine gourd-like Emperor Artifact, which rose up against the wind, and the gourd mouth was facing the direction of the girl, and a violent flame was ejected from the mouth, which seemed to burn everything.

With his shot, the remaining emperor realm who were still waiting and watching finally couldn’t hold back, and one after another summon their own Emperor Artifact to fight the girl, and the Emperor Artifact and secret technique flew together in a moment, and the scene was extremely lively.

The girl’s strength is not bad, but she can’t cope in the face of so many combined attacks from the strong. She is in a chaos in an instant, constantly avoiding various attacks, deliberately trying to break through the siege, but missed the opportunity, always trapped in place.

From this point, it can be seen that her combat experience is indeed inadequate. She thought she was strong enough to lead these people to this place, but she let herself be restrained instead.

However, she was also quite strong enough, a pair of fists lashed out, and it was able to explode with great power every time, even to compete with the Emperor Artifact.

This pair of fists is almost comparable to the existence of Emperor Artifact. She can stand tall under the joint hands of nearly ten Emperor Realm, and it is enough to demonstrate her strength. To achieve this level with a flesh body power, So far Yang Kai only know it’s only possible for the Dragon Clan.

“This friend, why don’t you take action?” Suddenly someone turned to look at Yang Kai and asked curiously.

The emperor realm present has already started, either rushing up, or offering artifact and secret techniques, but Yang Kai stayed still, naturally conspicuous.

Yang Kai nodded lightly and said, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, i’m going to make a move.”

When speaking, he pointed a finger to the side.

“You…” The man was shocked. He didn’t expect that Yang Kai would attack him. He think that he didn’t provoke this young man, and he had never met him before, but he was suddenly targeted for no reason.

What’s going on!

Suppressing the doubts and shocks in his heart, he hurriedly urged the Emperor Yuan protection, and at the same time, he connected a point under his foot to open the distance between Yang Kai.

It’s a pity that everything is in vain, no matter how he retreats, he can’t get rid of the power of Yang Kai’s finger.

Pointing the fingertips on this person, the surging power vented out, and the Emperor Yuan protection urged was easily burst like a bubble, and when his mouth was opened, blood spurted wildly, and his aura suddenly languished.

Yang Kai slapped again with a huge palm print covering it, making this person’s eyes dark and fainted directly.

The shock of this incident shocked everyone else.

The red nose old man shouted angrily: “This person and this bitch are in the same group.”

Yang Kai chuckled and said, “It’s up to you what you want to think.”

The reason why he came here was just to see if the girl was someone he knew. Now he can probably determine that he had recognize the wrong person, but he doesn’t want to stand by on the sidelines.

These guys are obviously not a good things, they should be taught a lesson.

While talking, the old man with red nose moved his hand, and the huge gourd flew back immediately. The mouth of the gourd was pointed at Yang Kai, and the world’s spiritual energy was instantly disturbed. When the mouth of the gourd was about to emit flames, a person appeared three inches in front of him.

“Hiss…” The old man was shocked, his eyes focused, only to realize that the young man had somehow arrived in front of him.

What divine ability is this! There is no trace at all.

He looked flustered, opened his mouth and bit the tip of his tongue, a bloody arrow spurted out directly, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

He thought that he would be able to succeed with this blow, but unexpectedly the bloody arrow went in vain. It seemed to be drawn by an invisible force, and it flew out while rubbing the young man’s ear.

“How could it be?” the old man exclaimed in silence.

At a distance of three inches, he suddenly attacked, and even the 3rd order Emperor Realm would be hit, how could it be in vain?

“The old thing is sinister enough!” Yang Kai nodded, slowly raised his hand, and patted the old man’s chest.

The old man was frightened for a moment, but soon realized that there was nothing strange. Just as he was secretly rejoicing, a powerful force burst out from his chest, and the whole person was suddenly as if devoured by thunder, and he flew out on his back.

The bottle gourd Emperor Artifact lost control, suddenly changed back to its original size, and fell from the air.

Yang Kai abolished two Emperor Realm as soon as he shot, and it was less than three breaths before and after.

This level of horrible combat power scared the others. They thought that the girl was scary enough, but they didn’t expect a more terrifying one to pop up here.

Now, how can everyone have the confidence to fight again? Their expressions changed, and they scattered in all directions, wanting to escape from this place, only that Xiong Kaishan was still entangled with the girl, it was not that he didn’t want to run away, but no one cooperated with him, and suddenly missed the opportunity and was entangled by the girl, could not escape.

“It’s rare for this young man to fight for justice. If you run away, where do I put this face?” Yang Kai stood still and did not move, but the Space Principle fluctuated.

With him as the center, the radius of one hundred meters turned into a cage in an instant.

All the Emperor Realm that rushed to the edge of the cage was blocked by an invisible barrier, and bumped to the barrier.

“Huh?” A surprise came out. The girl who was suppressing Xiong Kaishan’s continuous onslaught raised her head and glanced at Yang Kai, her head tilted, her expression confused.

She vaguely felt that this person’s voice was familiar, and she was familiar with the figure.

Then a figure jumped out of her mind instantly, and she opened her mouth and exclaimed, “Uncle Yang?”

This call shocked Yang Kai, and the broken thoughts rekindled hope. He looked back at the surprised girl over there, and said in surprise: “Xiao Yun’er?”

“It’s me, Uncle Yang, I’m Xiao Yun’er!” Lin Yun’er cheered, and the excitement was beyond words. Perhaps it was the old friend who were met in another country, and the girl’s excited eyes were covered with water.

“It’s really you.” Yang Kai wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and looked up and down at Lin Yun’er: “I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Although he had doubts before, Yang Kai really couldn’t believe that this girl was really Lin Yun’er.

After all, many years have passed. When Yang Kai took Lin Yun’er into the High Heaven Sect on the Shadowed Star, she was only a five or six-year-old girl at that time. Later, Yang Yan left the Hengluo Star Field and returned to the Star Boundary. She took Lin Yun’er away alone. After going there for many years, there was no news.

In the blink of an eye, the little girl of that year has grown into a big girl. If it were just like this, Yang Kai would still not be able to recognize her. Although the female had aged, there were some traces of the past.

There are many similarities between Lin Yun’er now and back then.

What made Yang Kai guessing was Lin Yun’er’s current cultivation level.

1st order Emperor Realm! And being able to fight at a higher level, the martial artist with the same cultivation level was actually as vulnerable as a piece of paper in front of her.

If not, Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to say he recognize her.

When Yang Yan took her away, she was not old and had a pitiful cultivation level. Even if Yang Yan brought her to the Star Boundary, she had her own chance, would she grow so fast?

Even he is only at 1st order Emperor Realm now.

Lin Yun’er’s strength is almost equal to his own. What is the situation?

However, no matter how shocked Yang Kai is, the fact that the girl is Lin Yun’er cannot be changed. Calling him ‘Uncle Yang’ is the best proof.

When she was in the Shadowed Star’s High Heaven Sect, the little girl always called him that way.

When the two talked here, Yang Kai’s Space Principle was also interrupted, and the imprisoned emperor realm finally regained their freedom, and they all used their physical skills to escape, and ran away in the blink of an eye.

Yang Kai turned his head and glanced, frowned, and raised his hand to wave a dozen moon blades.

The space was cut, and there were several screams from afar. It was obvious that someone was hit, but half of them escaped.

Xiong Kaishan wanted to escape too. The fight with Lin Yun’er made him feel the threat of death. Only then did he understand the horror of this little girl. When Lin Yun’er was distracted, he hurriedly called back his skulls. In a flash, he was hiding in one of the skeletons and wanted to escape.

Lin Yun’er also regained consciousness at this time, and she reached out and wiped the corner of her eyes and said: “Uncle Yang, I will solve him first, and I will talk to you later.”

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