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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2991 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2991
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The Divine Sense swept away, and everyone let go of their hearts. There were no traps or formations hidden here, and there were no traces of ambush by the strong.

On the contrary, the posture of the woman with her back to the crowd made people very annoyed. Everyone felt that they had been underestimated, and they were extremely upset in their hearts.

An old man with a red nose sighed: “Why did the little girl provoke the Wind and Cloud Pavilion, and provoke trouble for no reason. Although the old man is unwilling to bully the small, but the reward is generous, it is really impossible to make people insensitive. Listen. The old man persuades you to surrender, otherwise it won’t be good if you start hurting later.”

He had a bitter tone, but his eyes were rolling when he spoke, obviously making some bad ideas.

It was silent, but everyone was secretly urging their Emperor Yuan, ready to take action at any time.

The old man said again: “Little girl, you have no chance of winning. Resistance will only cause you more damage. It is not easy to have this level of cultivation at a young age, but it is a pity that you are too sharp to hide! The old man is willing to be a peacemaker, go to Wind and Cloud Pavilion with you to plead with the old pavilion master to resolve this grievance, what do you think?”

The old man’s voice fell, and the woman chuckled: “If you didn’t cast a spell on me secretly, I might really think you are a good person, but it’s a pity that your methods are too inferior. The master is right. The people outside are all sinister. Cunning people, really annoying.”

At this point, the woman suddenly raised her finger and swiped in the void, and then made a soft noise. There seemed to be a sound of something being cut, and a cloud of brilliance light burst out in the air. The old man with red nose was shocked and his face paled, it was obvious that the secret technique was broken and he suffered some backlashes, and suffered injuries.

He was horrified. He didn’t expect that this charming little girl would be able to break his secret technique at will. He had a clear understanding of her strength in an instant, and he was extremely fearful for a while.

At the same time, three feet away from the woman’s side, a figure suddenly appeared strangely.

This person secretly lurked next to the woman. Before that, there was no trace of it. When the woman broke the secret technique of the red nose old man, he came out. It was the time when the woman’s mind was most relaxed. The timing was so great and his Emperor Yuan was fully urged, and as soon as he raised his hand, a big net-like artifact covered the woman. The big net was flashing in multicolor and radiant, and it was a good Emperor Artifact at first glance. And it’s the kind of Emperor Artifact that is specially used to capture people.

When the big net comes, it seems to be able to cover a whole world, wrapping the space around the woman tightly.

The man who shot laughed: “Haha, look where you can go now!”

Although the woman is good at strength, she obviously has no combat experience. When this incident happened, she frowned and fluttered back.

Unexpectedly, the big net was like a tarsal maggot, and she couldn’t get rid of it anyway, and the net mouth was also shrinking rapidly, trying to envelope her.

If she were to be caught by this Emperor Artifact’s net, she would not have the strength to escape, after all, there were a lot of emperor realm gathered here, and as long as she is swarmed up, they would definitely be able to take her down.

The moment the woman turned around, Yang Kai looked dazed, staring blankly at the somewhat familiar and somewhat unfamiliar face, and couldn’t connect her with the person he knew in his heart.

Is this really her? Yang Kai couldn’t be sure anymore.

At this moment, the emperor realm who made the move suddenly pinched a few magic arts, and yelled, “Close!”

The big net suddenly shrank and completely wrapped the woman. A flustered look appeared on the woman’s face. She deliberately escaped from the net mouth, but the surrounding space was blocked. A trace of determination flashed in her beautiful eyes. Can only use her trump card to break this Emperor Artifact.

But at this moment, a strange force suddenly wrapped her up, somehow, when the big net was put together, she found that she had escaped.

The owner of the big net was obviously also a little surprised, with a blank expression on his face, completely unaware of what happened.

“The master said, whoever hits me, I will hit him twice, if you take my two punches, I will let you go if you don’t die.” After being attacked just now, the woman was obviously a little angry and her beautiful face was full with angry look, but beautiful women are beautiful after all, even if they are angry, they are still beautiful.

As she spoke, the delicate body shook, and rushed towards the person, a pair of fists burst into light, and smashed forward after a distance of more than a dozen meter.

The man was still wondering why his Emperor Artifact didn’t work, and he furiously said: “The little girl uttered a wild word, and she doesn’t put people in her eyes. I don’t know who your master is, but with a disciple like you he is obviously not a powerful guy, don’t say two punches, even if it is a hundred…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly noticed something wrong.

When the fist of the woman fell, the whole world suddenly solidified, and he himself had an illusion of being held down by the vast mountain, his chest was stuffy, his breathing was poor, and the blood stopped flowing all over his body.


With a thunderous sound, accompanied by the movement of broken bones, the emperor realm martial artist was smashed to the ground like a meteorite. He vomited blood in mid-air, and his face was extremely pale for a moment.


A huge hole was knocked out by him on the ground, and cracks spread around the hole with him as the center, as if the sky was falling apart.

A sip of cold breath sounded, everyone’s eyes widened, looking stupidly at the girl who looked a little weak, and never expected that this bland blow would have such a mighty power and vision. The impact of the above gives people an extremely unreal feeling, and people can’t help but wonder if they have seen something wrong.

Yang Kai was also a little dumbfounded, and he felt that this girl was not the one he knew. Although this girl only has the cultivation level of the 1st order Emperor Realm, but the strength that can be displayed is extremely terrifying, if it is the person he knows, she should not be able to achieve this level.

“Second punch!” The girl flew down and came to the top of the hole. When she spoke, she blasted her fist downward.

This time everyone was mentally prepared, and it became clearer that it was still a simple and unpretentious blow. There was no trace of secret technique, but just such a punch made the hole more than ten times larger, and the earth shook. The emperor realm who had been smashed into the hole only let out a muffled hum, and stopped moving.

Many Divine Sense swept through, everyone’s expression was shocked.


The man actually died.

He was beaten to death by a frail looking girl with two punches!

Below the hole, the person’s death was so terrible, it could be said that there was no bones left.

“You…who is your master!” the red nose old man asked in surprise. Even the stupid person can see what’s wrong at this time. The strength of the girl is amazing. It is obviously not something that ordinary people can train. The disciple is so powerful, how could the master be so bad? There is very likely to be a strong person behind her. After thinking about it, looking at the girl, everyone seems to see a figure behind her.

For a while, everyone felt grieved and felt that this time they provoke someone who shouldn’t be provoked. It was not unreasonable for her to dare to kill the young pavilion master of the Wind and Cloud Pavilion.

Although Wind and Cloud Pavilion is not vulgar, there are several forces in the Western Territory that can compete with it, not to mention that there is also an ethereal Shadow Killer Palace above it.

“Who are you to care who my Master is? You just calculated against me before, I want to punch you twice too!” The young girl solved the opponent before, fixed her eyes on the old man with red nsoe, and raised her fist.

The old man was shocked. Although his strength was good, he didn’t dare to say that he was better than the one who died just now. The man couldn’t handle the girl’s two punches, and he certainly couldn’t. The fist that was raised was white. Although it looks good, it is a sharp weapon in the eyes of the old man, and it is almost life-threatening.

Feeling flustered, he shouted sharply: “Little girl is amazing, let’s go together!”

“The little girl has a beautiful skin, I’m here to hurt you!” An angry shout came out, and a burly figure flew towards the girl.

Everyone was in a daze, thinking that there are people who are not afraid of death. With the lessons learned before, they are all ready to withdraw. After all, they are not an iron plate. If everyone can really work together, there may be a great possibility of winning against that young girl, but everyone knows that everyone has their own careful thoughts, if they really swarm up, they will only give the girl a chance to break through, and it will be fatal.

At this moment, someone rushed out, undoubtedly causing some changes in the situation. He fixed his eyes, and after seeing the person’s appearance and cultivation level, his heart was shaken.

“Xiong Kaishan!”

“It’s actually this guy!”

“It’s all right now. With him in the lead, this matter may be promising.”

All the emperor realm who were about to retreat for a while stayed behind, quietly paying attention.

Over there, Xiong Kaishan has rushed to the girl, and the emperor yuan is surging, and his fists larger than the sea wave have been swiftly smashed forward. Every punch has the power to push the mountains and the sea, and the sky is full of fist image in an instant, and his body is burly. At the time of the attack, he took a wide open and closed route, which seemed extremely fierce.

In the face of this violent attack, the girl pursed her red lips, without saying a word.

Rumbled for a while, and in just a few breaths, the two sides fought each other hundreds of punches.

Suddenly, Xiong Kaishan withdrew and backed away, his face was shocked, and his arms trembled uncontrollably.

A group of people were dumbfounded, only to see that Xiong Kaishan’s fists were completely bloody, but the girl was safe and sound, the enemy retreated, and she did not take advantage of the situation to chase, but just looked at the other side angrily.

“So hard?” Xiong Kaishan looked down at his fist, a little unbelievable, but the facts lay before him, and he couldn’t tolerate his disbelief.

His own 2nd order Emperor Realm actually lost to a young girl in a fist fight, which made Xiong Kaishan’s face a little uncontrollable. With a roar, the skull collar that had been hanging around his neck unexpectedly collapsed when magic arts was pinched. When they opened, the white skulls flew out and turned into huge skulls, with gloomy ghost fires flashing in their eye sockets, and slammed them towards the girl.

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