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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2983 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2983
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The demon kings discussed with themselves, Zhu Qing and her brother did not pay attention to their meaning, Li Jiao shrank from the side, without the demeanor of the Palace Lord, and want to deliberately find the two Dragon Clan to chat and draw affection, but didn’t have the guts, frowned for a moment.

An hour later, a figure flashed above the square, and Yang Kai suddenly showed his figure. Although difficult, his eyebrows were full of joy.

Zhu Qing and her brother looked at it and immediately knew that his previous guess should be good, otherwise he would never show such a happy look, and secretly cheered up.

But those demon kings all looked terrified, and they were secretly bitter in their hearts.

The Return to the Ruins cub on Yang Kai’s hand was actually covered by a layer of frost. Obviously it had swallowed a lot of cold wind on the Cloudy Wind Mountain. With the lessons learned, it was easy to solve this problem, but it was not what the demon kings hoped for.

Yang Kai nodded slightly to Zhu Qing, and then turned his gaze to a group of demon kings, like a butcher looking at a group of lambs. Zhu Lie and Zhu Qing did not say a word, and lifted into the air together, forming a triangle with Yang Kai to surround these demon kings.

Li Jiao thought for a while, and quickly joined in, urging his own Emperor Prestige, with a hideous face, a posture that he could bite others at any time.

“Seniors, wait a minute.” It’s unknown if she was taking the initiative or forced, the succubus quickly stood up, with a cold sweat, and said in a loud voice: “We have just discussed and are willing to cooperate with the seniors to enhance the strength of the Return to the Ruins and help the senior to leave this place as soon as possible.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows and asked enthusiastically: “It’s rare that you have this kind of heart. If I don’t satisfy you, i would be ashamed. Then, may I ask who you choose to die first?”

The succubus quickly wiped the sweat from her forehead and forced a smile to say: “Return to the Ruins loves the Demon Race and can use the power of the Demon Race to increase its strength, but it doesn’t mean that it need to devour our clan people, sir.”

“I know.” Yang Kai nodded and said naturally, “But isn’t this the most direct and most efficient?”

Succubus said: “The most direct is right, but the most efficient is not necessarily.”

Yang Kai smiled nonchalantly: “How inefficient?”

The succubus courageously said: “The existence of the demon king level in Demon Fury City is only a little bit. I dare to ask the senior, what if Return to the Ruins swallowed us all, but you still can’t get enough power to leave this place, what do you do?”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “Although you are the only Demon King, there are many Demon Races in Demon Fury City, and there will always be a day when it can swallow them.”

The succubus said: “How can those people compare with me and others? Senior is also strong, and you should know that strength has nothing to do with quantity.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly: “What you said also makes sense. Well, i will give you a chance to convince me.”

The succubus was shocked, and immediately said: “This mistress has heard of a sentence called killing chickens to get the eggs. Senior are doing this right now. If you want the egg, you don’t have to kill the chicken that lays the egg.”

“Would you like to be the chicken that lays eggs?”

The succubus smiled miserably: “It’s better than death. I’m willing to take the initiative to cooperate and let Return to the Ruins swallow my Demon Qi. Although this is not as fast as directly swallowing me, it will not be too bad. Once we cut off the source of power, as long as we are still alive, we can always provide Return to the Ruins with the power to grow. Senior are smart people and should be able to figure out the gains and losses.”

Yang Kai snorted and said lightly: “What if I insist on killing chickens and getting eggs?”

The succubus pursed her lower lip, turned her head to look at the other demon kings, and said bitterly: “If senior insists on this, we can only try to resist. Although I know that there is no hope, but I can only die. And… …If we die, Return to the Ruins will not get any benefits. I’m afraid the senior still doesn’t know. Return to the Ruins will not eat the dead, only the living.”

After speaking, she looked at Yang Kai nervously, and many demon kings also didn’t say a word, and the atmosphere suddenly became a little solemn.

Under the gaze of everyone, Yang Kai’s expression was stern, and he groaned for a long time before revealing a sudden look: “No wonder it didn’t eat the dead Demon Race last time, it turned out to be so picky!”

The succubus couldn’t help being a little dumbfounded. Seeing Yang Kai thinking so serious just now, she thought Yang Kai was thinking about the proposal, who knew it was irrelevant.

Just as she was about to speak, she heard Yang Kai say: “If you say so, it’s not impossible to try, killing the whole city is against the heavenly law, if it is not forced, this young master is unwilling to try. Whether you are dead or alive, it depends on your own performance.”

When the words fell, Yang Kai threw the little black dog over.

The demon kings were shocked when they saw it, and instinctively avoided it. They saw the scene where the little black dog swallowed the Blood Demon just now, and they learned from the past.

After all, the succubus was more reliable and courageously caught the little black dog.

The little black dog opened its big mouth, instantly concealing the light in front of the succubus. The succubus was so frightened that she softened and watched the big mouth bite at her, but she couldn’t escape.

There was a sound of hitting the ground, Yang Kai slapped the dog’s head, the little black dog whimpered and closed its mouth, finally letting the succubus escape.

“You can’t eat it!” Yang Kai looked at it with a serious face, “Don’t pretend to be a fool. If i say you can’t eat it, you can’t eat it.”

The little black dog’s ears drooped immediately.

“It’s all right now.” Yang Kai looked at the succubus and laughed.

The succubus froze in place, and it took a long time before she said with difficulty: “I am a little soft, who of you will come first?”

A group of demon kings, look at each other. In the end, a bone demon came out with a hoarse voice: “I’ll come first.”

While speaking, he strode to the little black dog, Demon Qi rushing all over his body, and in a moment the Demon Qi rushed towards the little black dog fiercely.

The little black dog was suddenly excited, and opened its mouth again, and a strong suction came from the big mouth, sucking the power of the bone demon into its mouth and swallowing it into its abdomen.

Visible to the naked eye, there seemed to be a black line connected between the little black dog and the bone demon. A steady stream of power poured into the little black dog through the bone demon, and the frost covering the little black dog quickly melted away.

The strength of this bone demon is not bad, and the aura that emanates from his body is between the 2nd to 3rd order Emperor Realm, and it can definitely rank in the top ten among a group of demon kings.

But such a Demon King, persisted in front of the little black dog with a lot of effort.

No matter how he urged his own power, the little black dog could swallow it cleanly without a drop, and that little belly seemed to be a bottomless pit that could never be filled.

After a stick of incense, the Bone Demon staggered away from the Demon Qi, and the ghost fire in his eye sockets dimmed a lot. This was obviously a feature of excessive power consumption.

He walked aside and sat down cross-legged directly.

With such a good start, the other demon kings walked up to the little black dog one by one, doing the same thing.

One after another, the demon kings flashed in front of the little black dog, all of them were almost sucked to death.

Even the most powerful Demon King, in such torture, insisted for only two sticks of incense time before being exhausted.

It was only three hours before and after, all the demon kings sat on the ground, arranged in several rows.

Yang Kai’s face was a bit dark. Although he knew that the little black dog was definitely stronger, it was definitely not enough to take them out of here.

The succubus was observing his expression, and said with a strong spirit: “This mistress can call all the Demon Chief Commanders in the city. Although their strength is lower, they are better than the number of people.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, and the succubus cast a spell to call people.

Not long after, one after another demon chief commander-level figure flew from all sides of the city.

As the succubus said, although the cultivation level of the demon chief commander is lower, there are enough people to provide the little black dog with some capital to become stronger.

Many Demon Chief Commander came here, and at first glance at the miserable situation of the demon kings, they were all taken aback, uneasy in their hearts, and did not know what fate was waiting for them.

The succubus summoned some of the strongest Demon Chief Commander to come to her side, whispered a few words to them, making their faces turn pale, and looked up at the little black dog from time to time, extremely fearful.

Soon, the Demon Chief Commander knew what they were doing while waiting for others to come here.

There are many demon kings as precedents, but they also know that they can’t resist, and lined up in front of the little black dog, urging their own demon Qi.

The Demon Chief Commander are far worse the demon king. A demon chief commander, comparable to the existence of the Dao Source Stage, can often only persist for dozens of breaths. The suction from the little black dog’s mouth seems to be able to remove the surging power from them. The power inside the body was sucked away frantically, making them unable to hold on for too long.

One Demon Chief Commander after another was exhausted.

After one day, the demon chief commanders had all rounded once. Looking around, all the demon race were meditating and recovering, and the scene was extremely spectacular.

In just one day, it is not enough for the demon kings to recover completely.

The little black dog barked impatiently. From birth to now, it has not eaten so refreshingly. Although it is no better than eating the delicacy of a Demon Race directly, but this way of eating in a long lasting way, making it a bit reluctant.

The bone demon had to stand up again and do what he did yesterday.

Yang Kai stood by and watched coldly, knowing that this would only be a vicious circle. The Demon Race would not get enough rest, and the power that could be provided to the little black dog would only become less and less, and eventually become very few.

After thinking for a while, Yang Kai took out a few bottles of recovery spirit pills, awakened the succubus, and let her distribute them.

The succubus looked up, deliberately want to ask what kind of Spirit Pills these were, but she didn’t have the guts.

Yang Kai snorted and took the initiative to explain, which made her feel relieved.

After a short time, the spirit pill was distributed. The demon kings who took the pill were all happy, and obviously felt that the speed of power recovery had become much faster.

The succubus walked back, seeming to be able to see what Yang Kai was thinking, and said in a low voice: “Senior, don’t worry too much. At this time, the world’s law is leaning towards the Star Boundary. After the law is changed, we will recover faster. There should be no problem at that time.”

“I hope so.” Yang Kai was noncommittal.

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