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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2978 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2978
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It took a full two hours for Yang Kai to get rid of the cold air that had penetrated into the meridians and flesh. When he opened his eyes, Zhu Lie was still standing by, motionless. Although Zhu Qing is safe and sound, she is helping the little black dog to get rid of the chill, and he doesn’t know how long it will last.

Perceiving Yang Kai’s gaze, Zhu Qing raised her head and said: “It’s okay, it just takes some time.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, not surprised.

Since the little black dog bloodline of Return to the Ruins was activated by Gong Yue, its vitality has been tenaciously out of place. Just now, they can walk such a long distance on Cloudy Wind Mountain. It can be said that it is all its credit. In that position, even Yang Kai and Zhu Qing can’t do better.

So as soon as he found that it couldn’t hold on, Yang Kai immediately took Zhu Qing away.

Strictly speaking, the strength of the little black dog is not strong, because it only emits the aura of 5th or 6th monster beast from the beginning to the end. Such a monster beast of this level can also be caught in any place in the Star Boundary, nothing rare at all.

But such a 5th or 6th order Monster Beast can deal with ten emperor realm with its own power, can swallow a demon king alive, can swallow the cold wind that even Yang Kai and Zhu Qing have headaches with, and take them for a long time on the Cloudy Wind Mountain.

The boundaries between rank and strength seem to be completely meaningless to the little black dog. When it is weak, it is harmless.

And the previous bizarre performance of the little black dog made Yang Kai feel that if he wanted to leave the wheel world through Cloudy Wind Mountain, he might have to pin his hopes on it. Yang Kai had experienced the horror of the cold Demon Qi deeply, and he didn’t feel that he could reach the top of the Cloudy WInd Mountain with his own ability.

Zhu Qing and her brother probably won’t work either. The cold that wipes out all vitality is not something people like them can resist.

If it is so easy to leave the Wheel World, someone in the human imperial city will have done it long ago, and no one will be able to leave this world in these hundreds of thousands of years.

Therefore, for the present plan, he can only start with the little black dog.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked in the direction of the Demon Fury City, frowned and thought for a while, then said: “Qing’er, I’ll be back.”

After saying that, before Zhu Qing responded, he flew over there.

After a short while, he suddenly felt someone coming from behind. When he turned his head and looked around, he saw Zhu Lie chasing him quickly, with a solemn expression on his face.

Yang Kai squinted, slowed down, and waited for him to catch up before humming: “You actually want to kill me? You are courageous.”

Yang Kai wasn’t aware of this at this moment. Although Zhu Lie’s expression was solemn now, there was no murderous intention. But when he was meditating to heal his injuries before, he suddenly noticed the killing intent flashing in Zhu Lie’s heart.

That killing intent was very concealed, and the people present at the time, besides Zhu Lie, were him, Zhu Qing and Li Jiao.

Zhu Qing is his own sister, so naturally it is impossible to give birth to any murderous intentions. And if it was because of Li Jiao, Zhu Lie had already started, and he wouldn’t have any scruples at all.

What does it matter if the dignified dragon clan kills individuals? If you want to kill, kill, and who can do anything to him?

So at that time, there was only one person who could make Zhu Lie have killing intent. Yang Kai could see through his heart. It wasn’t easy to break loose in front of Zhu Qing just now. Naturally, there was no need to hide it at this moment.

The enemy hiding in the dark is terrible, and most of the conspiracy and tricks put on the table are vulnerable.

“Since you are aware of it, there is nothing to conceal.” Zhu Lie admitted freely. After all, at this cultivation level, some things can’t be hidden once they are revealed. He calmly said: “Yes, I want to kill you. If it is possible, I have already killed you.”

Yang Kai’s face was cold, and he flew side by side with Zhu Lie, but there was a delicate distance between the two, and said: “You’d better give me a good reason, otherwise even if you are Zhu Qing’s brother, I can’t spare you either.”

If it was before, it wouldn’t matter if Zhu Lie was murdered by him. After all, the two were not familiar with each other before, but now they are different. With Zhu Qing’s relationship, whether he admits it or not, the two have some connections. Zhu Lie suddenly did this for no reason, and Yang Kai couldn’t tolerate it.

He has nothing to do with Zhu Lie. If they were to fight life and death battle, then the hardest thing to deal with would be Zhu Qing. Yang Kai didn’t want to see that kind of situation, so he had to figure it out.

Zhu Lie gritted his teeth and said: “Just because I am her brother, I want to kill you.”

“What kind of bullshit is this!” Yang Kai stared.

“You don’t understand, the reason why I came here is just to tell you that if you can leave this world, you’d better stay away from Zhu Qing, and don’t expose the relationship you have had before, of course… if you can’t leave this place, that’s it. I won’t say anything.”

He looked serious, as if when Yang Kai didn’t agree, he was ready to fight.

Yang Kai was immediately exasperated by him: “Stupid boy, it is not your turn to say this. If Zhu Qing really has any thoughts, she will naturally tell me.”

Zhu Lie exclaimed: “Just because Zhu Qing can’t speak, so I have to speak for her!”

Yang Kai looked at him up and down, then squinted his eyes and said, “In what capacity do you speak, Dragon Island’s Dragon Clan, or Zhu Qing’s younger brother?”

Zhu Lie said in a deep voice, “Does it matter?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai grinned and replied while squeezing his fists: “If it’s the former, I’ll beat you up, and if it’s the latter, I’ll beat you up.”

Zhu Lie said angrily: “Are you kidding me?”

Yang Kai looked at him coldly: “There is also a difference between beatings, killing and disabling is one, and a little punishment is also one. Which one do you like?”

Zhu Lie shook his head earnestly: “I won’t fight with you. I only ask you one thing. If you can get out of this world, please part ways with Zhu Qing, it will be good for you and her.”

For a dragon clan, it is the limit to be able to say the word ‘please’. How can the arrogant dragon clan surrender his status to plead with others, if he is not Yang Kai’s opponent, Zhu Lie would have taken advantage of him. Kill him a hundred time, how could he be so long-winded with him.

Yang Kai sighed and said: “Although I can feel your care for Zhu Qing, you have used this concern in the wrong place. I’m sorry, I will not agree to what you said, let alone consider it. Zhu Qing is my person, today is, tomorrow is, and always will be, unless one day I die, understand?”

Zhu Lie expressionlessly said: “If your sweet words are heard by Zhu Qing, she will definitely be very happy.”

Yang Kai shrugged: “What do I say?”

“Unfortunately, you will kill Zhu Qing and yourself as well.”

Yang Kai smiled and said slightly: “Do you want to tell me that I am a human race, and Zhu Qing is a dragon clan, and Dragon Island will not allow her to be with me. If this news goes out, It will only cause great trouble!”

“You know?” Zhu Lie frowned slightly.

“I’m not stupid.” Yang Kai snorted, “What virtue Dragon Island have, I can infer one or two from your stupidity. It would be weird if Zhu Qing was allowed to be with. If the news of my relationship with Zhu Qing is really passed back to Dragon Island, I’m afraid Dragon Island will send more Dragon Clan to fight me right away? Maybe Zhu Qing will be forced back to the Dragon Island to be punished. Prisoned for a lifetime.”

“These are what Zhu Qing told you?” Zhu Lie was completely dumbfounded, because what Yang Kai said was exactly what he expected.

The dignified ninth-order red dragon actually committed herself to a lowly human race. Once this kind of news goes back to the Dragon Island, it will surely cause an uproar. It is certain that Dragon Island will sent a strong man to defeat Yang Kai, and forcibly bringing back Zhu Qing is also certain, as to whether she will be confined for a lifetime, it depends on Zhu Qing’s performance in the future.

Yang Kai curled his lips, nodded his head and said, “Such a simple matter, i can guess it anytime. Your Dragon Island has been inherited for so long. The longer the inheritance, the more pedantic it is. The name is so big and the self-esteem is so big, how can it agree to the clan member commitment to the Human Race? Isn’t this humiliating your Dragon Clan? It’s worse than peeing on your head.”

“That’s the truth.” Zhu Lie nodded his head, “Since you know everything, why are you still obsessed with it?”

“You know that you will die eventually, why are you still living?” Yang Kai looked at him contemptuously.

Zhu Lie was slightly startled, and felt that there seemed to be some truth to this, but there seemed to be something wrong.

Yang Kai hummed, “I don’t have much merit, just like to protect shortcomings. Zhu Qing is already my person. If Dragon Island really wants to bully her, don’t blame me for not showing affection to her family. So don’t do anything similar in the future. Besides, you and I are both close to her, and conflicts will only make her difficult. I don’t think you want to see that scene, right?”

Zhu Lie frowned, nodded lightly, and shook his head slowly, not knowing whether he agreed or not.

Yang Kai said again: “But then again, only you and Li Jiao know about the matter between Zhu Qing and me. If you don’t tell the Dragon Island, how can the Dragon Island know?”

Zhu Lie said solemnly: “This matter is of great importance, how can I not report it after knowing?”

“People who like to make small reports, i hate it the most!” Yang Kai snorted coldly.

“Whatever you say, this is the principle. The matter between Zhu Qing and you has broken the rules of the Dragon Island. If I know about it and don’t report it, the matter will only become more serious.”

“Really can’t hide it?” Yang Kai squinted at him.

Zhu Lie shook his head firmly.

“I remember you.” Yang Kai snorted coldly.

“You don’t understand.” Zhu Lie sighed, “Although Dragon Island has a huge reputation and a long heritage, but in any era, the number of my Dragon Clan is extremely rare, and the Dragon Clan with pure dragon blood are even more rare. It is extremely precious. In order to ensure the inheritance of the dragon clan’s blood, Dragon Island must have its own rules, and anyone who violates this rule must pay a very heavy price.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, without comment, and said leisurely: “Although Dragon Island has been passed down through the ages, it will never last forever, and the waves will wipe out the heroes, even Dragon Island is no exception.”

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