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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2964 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2964
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These guards guarded this place all year round, and they were not allowed to be within a hundred feet of the Saint Tree, and for so many years they had not seen anyone come here except the royal family.

But today they saw two of them at once, and they were brought here by the Human Emperor himself, which naturally made people can’t help but care.

A thick haze in front of him seemed to be able to cut off the exploration of divine sense, blocking the line of sight, making it impossible to see what’s going on inside.

The human emperor stopped, pointing to the front and said, “The Saint Tree is there. If the guests want to see, they can enter it.”

Yang Kai stared at the turbulent mist, smiled slightly, turned his head and said to Zhu Qing: “Wait for me, I will come out soon.”

“Be careful!” Zhu Qing exclaimed solemnly. After all, this is someone else’s site. Although neither she nor Yang Kai is a soft persimmon, it is hard to guard against hidden arms. There is no harm in being careful.

“Don’t worry!” Yang Kai smiled slightly and walked inward, only to take two steps before his figure suddenly disappeared into the mist.

Zhu Qing frowned slightly, even though she knew that this was the effect of the formation, she couldn’t help but be wary.

“Are you the Holy Spirit Dragon Race?” Human Emperor said suddenly.

Zhu Qing stared at the fog in front of her with beautiful eyes, as if she hadn’t heard him speak.

The human emperor didn’t care, just smiled and said: “There is no Holy Spirit in the Wheel World, but there are many records in the ancient books. It is said that the dragon clan is the head of all souls, and it is extremely arrogant. How can you be mixed with mortal? Losing the face of the Dragon Clan for nothing, and the relationship with that person… seems a little unusual.”

“If someone like you is outside, you don’t even have the qualifications to talk to me.” Zhu Qing suddenly turned her head and looked at the human emperor seriously.

A haze flashed in the eyes of the human emperor, and many princes and princess were also full of anger. No one has ever dared to talk to the Human Emperor in this way.

“So you’d better be cautious in your words and deeds. Since you know the dragon clan, you should know the temper of the dragon clan.” After Zhu Qing finished speaking, she turned her head again and stared at the depths of the mist.

The Human Emperor was silent for a long time before he laughed: “The dragon clan is proud and well-deserved.”

He suddenly hooked his hand slightly, and a turquoise light emerged from the mist in front of him, turned into a rope, and directly tied Zhu Qing up.

“Although the dragon clan is strong, in front of the human emperor, it is still not enough.”

Zhu Qing’s expression became extremely cold, and she looked down at the restraints tied to her body, and raised her head and said, “I hope you know what you are doing.”

The human emperor sneered: “This human emperor naturally knows what he is doing. The human imperial city has been standing for hundreds of thousands of years. It is this human emperor who is blessing the multiplication of the human race, so that the human race has a foothold in this world. This human emperor will not allow any accident, your friend… is the biggest accident. It is an accident and it must be erased.”

“So you brought us here, so it’s easy to do it?”

The human emperor sighed: “The methods are indeed a bit despicable, but this human emperor has to consider the human race and hope that the honorable driver can understand. Here, my royal family can exert all their strengths, but you don’t have to worry, it will not a lonely road to the underworld.”

Zhu Qing didn’t speak any more, just a dragon roar came out, and when it turned around, it suddenly turned into a 30 meter long red dragon.

The green rope tied to her body was not broken. The rope seemed extremely tough and could be changed in size at will. Even if Zhu Qing showed the true form of the Holy Spirit, it still bound her tightly, with a red body. The bright green light is particularly conspicuous.

Many princes and princess all changed color, and they used saint techniques to blast towards the dragon, hitting on the hard scales, sputtering sparks.

The guards on the surface and in the secret ground were also dispatched together. There were almost sixteen Emperor Realm powerhouses in total, and the first two were even at the level of the 3rd order Emperor Realm.

With one against many enemy, Zhu Qing use divine ability, and instantly caught under siege, and the dragon roar shook the sky.

Among the princes and princess, the second princess made a particularly vicious move, as if she wanted to pay double the insult she had received from Yang Kai.

The little black dog dared to rush out from the side, taking the advantage of Fu Yu’s failure to bite her thigh, grinning and shaking its head, it was about to gnaw a bite of flesh and blood on her leg.

“Fuck!” Fu Yu was furious, and shot a furious palm. The powerful cultivation level of the 2nd order Emperor Realm, coupled with the power of the Saint Tree, made this blow extremely terrifying.

The little black dog was extremely agile. It escaped the blow as soon as she attack, and bit the shirt on Fu Yu’s leg, exposing a large area of ​​white skin.

Fu Yu’s nose was crooked, and she didn’t bother to pay attention to Zhu Qing anymore, desperately trying to kill the little black dog.

Human Emperor stood there with a cold sweat, and since the first shot, he hasn’t take action. In his opinion, although the dragon clan is strong, the gathering power of all the royal clan and the guards here is enough to kill the red dragon.

What he needs to deal with now is the guy who can perform Saint Technique. Turning his head, the human emperor’s eyes became icy.

He had never considered actually letting Yang Kai go to observe the Saint Tree, and it was only a convenient solution to bring him here, because the closer he was to the saint tree, the stronger the power he could exert. [MSN:so stupid, did he forgot YK could use the tree power too? LMAO]

In the mist, it is impossible to distinguish the north, south, east, and northwest.

Yang Kai was able to follow the omnipresent induction in the dark to move forward.

He felt the location of the Saint Tree, and that feeling made him kind and not unfamiliar at all. It seemed that he had had a similar experience.

The closer the distance, the more obvious this feeling.

Finally, surpassing layers of obstacles, Yang Kai came to the front of a towering tree. The dense mist seemed to suddenly disperse, exposing everything around him.

This is an extremely magnificent ancient tree with dense branches and leaves that spread out in the crown. Looking up, the branches and leaves cover the entire sky. The huge crown is like an infinitely broad chest, which can provide strong protection against all wind and rain.

Yang Kai’s pupils suddenly shrank to the size of a pinpoint, staring at the towering old tree in a daze, his thoughts were flying, the sound of war and fighting sounded in his ears, and the sight of blood flying in front of his eyes appeared.

His lips trembled lightly, and he reached out and touched the tree.

The very familiar feeling wrapped him all at once.

Yang Kai laughed blankly: “How could it be you? Senior Qing…”

Suddenly, it made him feel as if he had returned to the ancient world. The scene when he first time he came to the Frost Snow City to see the green tree, the shock of his soul was as vivid as yesterday.

Back then, in Frost Snow City, in the Frost Snow City, the Evergreen Divine Tree stood on the ground like this, protecting the entire city from natural disasters and man-made disasters.

On the final battlefield of the war between human race and demon race, it supported the last hope of the human race.

This kind aura, the countless tree cave in the trunk, are exactly the same as the Evergreen God Tree back then, it can be said to be exactly the same.

This is definitely the Evergreen Divine Tree, and Yang Kai believes that he did not make a mistake.

There may be other trees in this world that can be so magnificent, but this familiar aura will not change. He lived in the tree cave for a long time.

Yang Kai did not expect that the so-called Saint Tree in this Human Imperial City is actually Senior Qing!

Shouldn’t Qing be dead? In order to block the passage between the two boundary, Qing sacrifice himself, exploding all the essence accumulated in his life, thriving from the earth, reaching the demon territory, and blocking the entrance of the demon territory to the star boundary with his own sacrifice.

In that battle, millions of armies fought life and death battle in the wilderness, giving up their lives and forgetting themselves. In that battle, countless powerful men souls flew after death, and accumulated corpses into mountains. That battle was enough to be recorded in the history.

Butterfly said that everything experienced in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland has traces of reality.

Therefore, the two years that Yang Kai spent in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland was an illusion based on a certain period in the ancient times. In other words, there was indeed such an earth-shattering battle in a certain period in the ancient times. There was only no Yang Kai in that battle, but there were countless existences similar to Yang Kai, which allowed the Barbarian Race to win the final victory.

Qing undoubtedly exists. He is the greatest hero of the barbarian race’s victory and the key to turning the tide of the battle. This will not change whether it is in fantasy or in reality.

The history of hundreds of thousands of years ago had an amazing intersection with today’s trajectory, which made Yang Kai a little confused.

But soon he found out that it was wrong, because in the Saint Tree there was only a hazy and chaotic will, like a newborn baby, without its own thinking.

When he was in contact with the Saint Tree, this will obviously also noticed the existence of Yang Kai, and opened its mind to accept his existence without defense.

In an instant, Yang Kai and the Saint Tree in front of him had an indescribable resonance, as if they were connected to each other.

Yang Kai’s expression was slightly shocked, because he felt the vast sea-like energy from the inside of the Saint Tree. The energy was huge enough to be comparable to any great emperor, and even beyond.

The royal family in the human imperial city can use these energies to perform Saint Technique and form ultimate moves that far exceed their true level.

And at this moment, if he is willing, he can also vent this surging power. The Saint Tree does not resist him at all, but accepts his existence very kindly.

“Huh?” Yang Kai frowned suddenly, realizing that there was an additional discordant factor in the Saint Tree. This factor made him feel like a pustule growing on his body, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Get out!” Yang Kai yelled sharply, and suddenly grab the Saint Tree with one hand, grabbing something abruptly.

With further force, a figure stumbled out of the Saint Tree.

This man was the Human Emperor who had just separated shortly. His face was horrified. He didn’t expect to have such an encounter. His whole head was a little dazed. After meeting Yang Kai’s cold eyes, he woke up. With a pinch in his hand, the chant sounded in his mouth, reaching out to Yang Kai.

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