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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2962 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2962
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The ruler of the Human Imperial City, the supreme one, actually only has the cultivation level of 2nd order Emperor Realm!

If you don’t see this kind of thing with your own eyes, I’m afraid no one will believe it. Obviously Zhu Qing didn’t expect this, and she couldn’t help being a little stunned. She was comparable to the existence of a 3rd order Emperor Realm, and she could see through the details of the human emperor at a glance, and the 2nd order Emperor Realm cultivation level seemed a bit ridiculous in her eyes. And Human Emperor is obviously already old. Although she doesn’t know how old he is, his vitality has begun to decline. In other words, the cultivation of the 2nd order Emperor Realm is his peak, and there is no room for improvement, and will gradually decrease as time goes by.

The vainness of that aura is the best proof!

“Bold, the Human Emperor is on top, why not kneel!”

There was a sweet shout, the beautiful woman standing at the top right took the lead. In the entire hall, only she and the third prince were nine leaves, but her cultivation level was one level higher than that of the third prince, and she had the strength of the 2nd order Emperor Realm.

It can be said that among all the royal families, she is the most powerful one. Although the human emperor’s cultivation is the same as her, his strength has begun to decline, and she is different, it is the peak years of life, and there is still a lot of room for improvement. If there is a chance, it is not impossible to be promoted to the 3rd order Emperor Realm.

Yang Kai squinted his eyes and snorted coldly: “The rules of the human imperial city of you people are really strange. You have to kneel when you see anyone, why don’t you kneel to me?”

The beautiful woman took a step forward, her face was cold, her powerful aura pressed towards Yang Kai: “This palace master is the second princess of the human imperial city, which one of us should kneel?”

Yang Kai stayed still and said proudly: “The shit prince and princess is like a cloud to me. In my eyes, whoever has a big fist can stand up straight and talk. The big prince has been beaten to death by me, let alone some princess like you.”

The eyes of the second princess narrowed slightly. Shining a dangerous light: “So, do you think your fists are big?”

Yang Kai took a serious look at her, then sneered: “At the very least, it’s bigger than your chest.”

A group of princes and princess chuckled. Thinking that this foreigner’s mouth is really poisonous, and relying on the second princess cultivation level, she doesn’t put any royal family in her eyes. Even the big prince is not in her eyes. It’s a pity that she is a woman and is a flaw. If she is a man, I’m afraid she has already been appointed as the next person to be the Human Emperor.

But as a woman, she doesn’t have enough arrogance, and her butt is not round. The chest is not big, except for the face, there is nothing else to be commended.

Yang Kai’s words immediately hit the second princess’s sore spot, her angry face was blue, and she gritted her teeth and said, “Kneel down for me!”

When the words fell, she suddenly raised her hand, and a group of emerald-green light headed towards Yang Kai like an arrow from the string, showing a palm on top of his head, pressing down fiercely, as if she wanted to brute force pressed Yang Kai to kneel on the ground.

“I think it’s you who is going to kneel.” Yang Kai snorted coldly. As she stretched out his hand to pull Zhu Qing behind him, and pinched with one hand, the same green light burst out. This light is not as huge as the second princess, but it is undoubtedly much brighter and more condensed.

All the royal families in the palace are all discolored.

The light rushed up and melted directly into the emerald-green palm. Under the eyes of everyone, the palm suddenly turned a direction and pressed it towards the second princess. At first glance, it looked like the Saint Technique turn to deal with the Second Princess.

The eyes of the third prince narrowed, and an unprecedented sense of crisis haunted his mind. He glanced at the top quietly, and saw that the human emperor did not move. Sitting there with half-squinted eyes, as if already asleep.

The pressure like a mountain falling from the sky. The face of the second princess suddenly became very ugly, and there was a creaking sound in her body, and her figure slowly fell down.

She resisted desperately, constantly urging her energy, and wanted to resonate with the Saint Tree, but invisibly, there seemed to be another force that interfered with her, so that she could never establish a connection with the Saint Tree, and could not only rely on it.

She finally realized the feeling of being oppressed by the Saint Technique. The man on the opposite side cultivation was obviously not as good as her own, but with the saint technique, he was able to play with her in the palm of his hand. An unprecedented sense of humiliation flooded her heart, making her face flushed, and she could only grit her teeth and shout: “What are you looking at? Why don’t you help!”

The shocked royal family suddenly realized that and when they were about to make a move, Zhu Qing suddenly said indifferently: “Who dare to move?”

At this point, a huge red dragon figure suddenly emerged from the body. The red dragon was more than thirty meter long and hovered in the hall. The huge body almost filled hall of the Human Emperor Palace, as thick as the essence. The prestige overflows the square space, making people feel cold and breathing hard. Above the raised dragon head, two huge dragon eyes reflect everything, exuding awe-inspiring majesty.

Everyone was stunned, looking at the huge dragon shadow stupidly, and a sound of swallowing saliva sounded.

The human emperor, who had always been as steady as a mountain, finally opened his half-squinted eyes, and an astonishing light bloomed in his seemingly muddy eyes. He raised his head to look at the dragon’s eyes, and within a short time, there was a burst of spiritual power in the hall.

The red dragon raised its head and roared, deafening, and the squally gusts swayed several weak royal families.

The full urging of the dragon’s origin power directly caused Zhu Qing’s strength to surpass the level of the 3rd order Emperor Realm. Even if these royals have the blessing of the Saint Tree, they can’t ask for any benefit.

The second princess who was struggling over there was even more difficult. Yang Kai had already severed her connection with the Saint Tree. At this moment, she was shocked the Dragon Prestige, and she fell short, with one knee already on the ground.

Her face became extremely white in a moment, and a huge sense of shame filled her heart, making her experience a feeling more uncomfortable than death.

The human imperial city has been standing for hundreds of thousands of years. The human imperial family is prosperous, and has long developed a superior character. Only the common people have kneeled to the human imperial family. This is the first time in history that a royal family has kneeled to the common people.

Yang Kai did not continue to put pressure on, turning his head to look at the human emperor: “Sir, what do you say, if you look down again, your daughter will really kneel down for me. Although I don’t mind bullying her like this. It’s not always a good thing to do for a woman. There is a saying, “Good men don’t fight women.”

The Human Emperor slowly got up, and a not too loud voice sounded in the Human Emperor Palace: “There is no way to teach, guest please stop.”

When the princes and princess heard this, their faces changed slightly.

THe Human Emperor have never speak so politely to other people, and he is extremely majestic even to his children on normal days. When have he ever been so gentle? A strange color flashed in the eyes of the third prince, as if he had guessed something, the expression in his eyes had completely changed when he looked at Yang Kai again.

He didn’t expect that after only half a day, the guy he dismissed in the space law formation actually had such a powerful capital.

Yang Kai looked at the Human Emperor with a smile, without closing his hands or replying, just stayed there.

The red dragon that filled half of the hall raised its head slightly, and the dragon’s prestige became more and more prosperous.

A trace of annoyance flashed in the eyes of the human emperor, but there was no attack. Instead, he turned to look at the second princesses and said: “Fu Yu, you have no eyes. You ran into the guests invited by this Human Emperor like this, quickly apologize.”

“Imperial Father!” The second princess, who was called Fu Yu, was shocked when she heard the words and looked at the human emperor with an incredible expression. When she came into contact with the majesty of the human emperor’s angry gaze, her eyes trembled and she quickly lowered her head. Gritted her teeth and said: “Fu Yu has eyes but failed to see…Senior, please don’t blame me!”

Her tone was extremely blunt, especially the word “Senior” was extremely vague. It was obvious that she had never done anything like this before, let alone called others that way.

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “Since the human emperor has spoken, then this face is naturally going to be given, Qing’er, accept it.”

When the words fell, he took the lead in withdrawing the wizard technique, and the green palm that had been pressing on Fu Yu’s head suddenly dispersed, disappearing in the blink of an eye, and the red dragon that filled half of the hall also collapsed like a bubble, and the dragon prestige dissipated. The many royal families only breathed a sigh of relief.

Fu Yu slowly got up, lowered her head, no one could see her face and eyes, but the trembling body showed the extreme unrest in her heart.

“Give them a seat!” The Human Emperor raised his hand.

Immediately someone brought two extremely luxurious chairs from the inner hall and placed them not far below the dragon chair.

Yang Kai smiled slightly: “We don’t need to sit down. I think the Human Emperor should have a lot of things to ask me, and it just so happens that I also have something to ask you.”

The Human Emperor did not force him, nodded and said: “Yes, I do have something to ask you.”

Yang Kai put on a listening posture.

Human Emperor said: “Where did you come from?”

“Star Boundary, I wonder if you have ever heard of it.”

The human emperor nodded: “Naturally, Human Imperial City has existed for more than hundreds of thousands of years, and outsiders have come in one after another. I don’t know when it started. Those who come in claim to come from the star boundary. Looks like you are so too.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly: “You call this place the Wheel World, and there is a spatial intersection with the Star Boundary. Naturally, all that can come in comes from the Star Boundary.”

The Human Emperor said: “How did you get into the Human Emperor City? As far as I know, no one should open the space law formation for you, because that person has already been killed by you.”

Yang Kai raised his eyebrows and said, “Your news is so well-informed. It took only half a day to find out?”

“If a person is dead, it is natural to check it carefully.”

Yang Kai suddenly shook his head and said, “I think this is very unfair. Only the sir ask questions, and I am responsible for answering. This is too one sided. It is better to ask each person in turn. If we can answer each question, we will answer, and if we cannot answer, we will change the question. How is it?”

Many royal families were dumbfounded. It was the first time they saw someone bargaining with the Human Emperor, and he said so confidently, but the Human Emperor didn’t mean to be angry at all, just groaned and nodded: “As you wish. ”

The unusual look in the eyes of the third prince became deeper.

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