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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2933 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2933
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Although the speed of the Soul Devouring Insect is not slow, it can’t be processed in a short while. Yang Kai and Tian Yan chatted for a while, and simply sat down cross-legged to recover.

Although he was not injured in today’s battle, in the final critical moment, in order to teleport the many emperor realms, it was really expensive, especially the consumption of the divine soul power.

There is no better place to restore the power of the divine soul than in the world of the Divine Movement Mirror.

During the meditation exercise, Yang Kai clearly felt that the world’s spiritual energy was attracted to him, poured into his divine soul and made up for his loss, and it didn’t take long for him to be in a good condition.

Mirror Soul seemed to be a little depressed after learning that Tian Yan was leaving. He didn’t even try to catch the butterfly. He just sat aside and kicked the pebbles boredly. Tian Yan was always paying attention to the movement of the demon cloud over there. Time is peaceful and silent.

After three days of this, Yang Kai opened his eyes, no longer the previous sluggishness, and his eyes were full of radiance.

Looking up into the distance, and then perceiving the state of the Soul Devouring Insect, Yang Kai understood that it would take at least half a day to solve the crisis in the Divine Movement World. He rolled his eyes and came to the mirror soul to have a chat with him.

Mirror Soul didn’t seem to hear his voice, regardless of what Yang Kai said, making Yang Kai feel bitter.

In desperation, he could only give up and come to Tian Yan again to ask questions about cultivation.

Although Tian Yan does not have a physical body and only cultivates the power of the divine soul, but the Great Dao of the World is capable of accommodating all abilities. From his height, the angle of viewing problems is different. Many things Yang Kai does not understand or are at a loss, Tian Yan could allow him to get new ideas with few words.

Yang Kai benefited a lot for a while.

After a long while, Yang Kai looked up at the distance, summoned his Soul Devouring Insect, and said: “Senior, I have to take a step out first. The temple has undergone a sudden change. There should be things that needs to be dealt with outside, and I will come to you to discuss the matter in detail after waiting for a few days.”

“Okay, no hurry.” Tian Yan nodded slightly.

Yang Kai glanced at Mirror Soul next to him. Mirror Soul just raised his hand, and Yang Kai suddenly noticed a huge repulsive force squeezing from all around. Excluded him from this world without the slightest preparation.

When his vision changed, Yang Kai had returned to the forbidden area.

Opening his eyes and pushing open the door of the stone room, Chen Qian hurriedly greeted him when she heard the movement outside.

“Junior Brother Yang, you are awake, what’s the situation inside?” Chen Qian asked nervously.

Yang Kai said, “The inside has been handled, what about the outside?”

Chen Qian said: “Let’s talk while walking.”

Yang Kai naturally had no objection, and the two of them went to the outside and talked.

Three days ago, a group of elders from Azure Sun Temple came to the forbidden area where the Divine Movement Mirror was stored, while Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming stayed at Spirit Sword Peak to investigate the situation. After some searching, they found a place of the Demon Sealing at a thousand feet underground in the Spirit Sword Peak, with a very obvious demon thougt aura remaining.

If it weren’t for Gong Yue’s trouble this time, I’m afraid no one would have thought that there would be such a place inside the Azure Sun Temple. When Wen Zishan started his sect here, he had carefully explored the surroundings of thousands of miles, but he didn’t know anything about the hidden Demon Sealing Land.

Many of the restrictions in the Demon Sealing Land have now been destroyed, it should be Gong Yue’s handiwork, otherwise those demon thoughts would not be released.

Right now the elders of the temple are all on the Spirit Sword Peak, one is to check if there are any fish slipping through the net there, and the other is to completely seal the place. After all, it was the Demon Sealing Land, even if there were no demon thought in it. No one can be sure that there is no danger.

In addition, Demon Thought revived, and news of the escape from the Azure Sun Temple had been passed on. Numerous sects of the Southern Territory, many powerful people are urgently tracking the whereabouts of those demon thought who escaped, in order to kill them before they cause more damage.

But everyone knows that this is a bit difficult.

Demon Thought is invisible, it is just a special form of energy, perhaps it does not have its own thinking, it can only attach to the creatures, erode the thinking of the creatures, and let them become demons.

So this kind of tracking is extremely difficult, but no matter what, this matter should not be left unattended. During the three days when Yang Kai was absent, a lot of information shuttled back and forth between the major sects of the Southern Territory. The revival of demon thoughts has been raging, and the world knows it.

Not long. The two came to the Spirit Sword Peak together.

The Demon Sealing Land was not at the top of the Spirit Sword peak, but at a certain position at the foot of the mountain. A stone cave had a wide open door, and it was dark and bottomless, and bursts of gloomy and treacherous aura emerged from it, seeming to go straight to the netherworld.

A group of Emperor Realm were standing outside the entrance of this cave, all staring at the entrance of the cave grimly, and Wen Zishan’s expression was particularly solemn.

Hundreds of thousands of demon thoughts escaped from the Azure Sun Temple. As the Master of the temple, he is naturally to blame, especially now that the Great Emperor Hongchen is also in a bad situation. The smile that had always appeared on his face no longer exists at this moment.

Gao Xueting and others were standing beside him, Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming did not leave either. They needed to know the exact news of the Demon Sealing Land below so that they could pass back to their respective sects.

Seeing Yang Kai’s arrival, everyone saluted each other silently.

“What’s the situation?” Yang Kai stood beside You Kun and asked in a low voice.

You Kun shook his head and said: “Demon thoughts have probably escaped. Now we are thinking of ways to break the remaining restrictions and see what the full picture of the Demon Sealing Land looks like. Maybe we can find some clues from it. It’s just… ”

“Just what?”

You Kun laughed dryly: “The Formation Expert in the temple will take some time.”

Yang Kai probably understood what You Kun meant. The Demon Sealing Land was full of ancient restrictions and formations. Even if Gong Yue had broken some of them before, there will always be a lot of remnants. The level of the formation expert in the temple may not be too good. To our satisfaction, the progress of breaking the restriction is a bit slow. If it’s normal time, that’s not a problem. The key is now that time is tight. If you delay for a day, it may be more difficult to track those demon thoughts.

At this point, Yang Kai looked at Wen Zishan and said: “Palace Lord, I know an Emperor Formation Expert, do you need me to invite him to help?”

Wen Zishan’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, and asked: “Is it reliable?”

“It’s from my High Heaven Palace.”

“Then please come here quickly.” Wen Zishan said anxiously, suddenly showing a bitter smile: “Your High Heaven Palace is far away in the Northern Territory…”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “He can come right away.”

He disappeared in a flash while talking, and everyone didn’t know what he was going to do. Although there was an emperor formation expert in the High Heaven Palace that surprised them, but after all, they couldn’t quench their thirst. When Yang Kai brought people from the Northern Territory, the day would be cold.

Yang Kai was extremely fortunate that he had set up a cross-domain Space Law Formation on the mountain behind Spirit Sword Peak.

His original intention for setting up this Space Law Formation was mainly to connect the High Heaven Palace with the Azure Sun Temple, so as to facilitate his own communication, and there are more similar formation like this. It was only for some reasons that he did not disclose it, and even used the power of Spirit Sword Peak’s many formations to hide the formation, so Wen Zishan and others had no knowledge of this matter.

He walked directly towards the back mountain, preparing to go back to the High Heaven Palace and bring the Nanmen Dajun over.

What remains in the Demon Sealing Land are some ancient restrictions and formations. Nanmen Dajun has always liked these things well, so he should not refuse.

When approaching the place where the Space Law Formation was, Yang Kai suddenly stopped, frowning and looking aside.

He felt a very faint aura, which made him feel familiar.

Upon entering his eyes, Yang Kai’s expression changed, urging Emperor Yuan as if he was approaching an enemy.

In the woods over there, there was a little beast covered in blood and flesh, and there was no complete skin. From the remaining fur, it was vaguely seen that it should have been black, about a foot long and short, with a weak aura and a high belly. It took a long time to calm down.

Return to the Ruins!

It was still alive and ran to the back mountain.

For the past few days, Yang Kai has been staying in the Divine Movement world, so he didn’t know much about Return to the Ruins fate. He only knew that during the melee at that time, Feng Ming kicked it away and disappeared immediately.

Yang Kai always thought it was dead.

According to what Gong Yue said before, this little black dog has a trace of the blood of a Return to the Ruins Demon Beast. He has used an unknown secret technique to activate the power of the blood to fight against the Emperor Realms.

Yang Kai estimated that if it wasn’t for its impure bloodline or weak bloodline strength, everyone present at the time would suffer.

That kind of divine ability that can swallow everything and even rebound is simply sensational.

Return to the Ruins was not dead, and there was no news from Gong Yue’s control. Chen Wenhao and others were also busy investigating the news of the Demon Sealing Land, but they didn’t pay attention to its whereabouts anymore, so that it came to the back mountain to linger.

But it shouldn’t be far from death.

Yang Kai has only two encounter with this little black dog, and he can’t talk about much affection, but he is somewhat interested in its weird natural talent divine ability.

It was confirmed that it was panting and had no threat, and Yang Kai slowly walked towards it.

Return to the Ruins seemed to have noticed something. It opened a gap in its eyes and looked at the figure standing in front of it. It whimpered twice in its mouth and looked extremely weak.

Yang Kai lifted a palm, the Emperor Yuan surging in his palm.

Return to the Ruins eyes slowly closed, as if it had accepted its fate, and a hot breath spurted from its nostrils.

Yang Kai slapped it hard, but stopped at a place only three inches away from the Return to the Ruins, turned it into a grasp, lifted it up, and sighed: “It depends on your own destiny if you die or live.”

When the words fell, he threw Return to the Ruins into the Mysterious Small Boundary.

No matter how powerful the natural talent divine ability of this Demon Beast from the Demon Territory are, as long as it is still in the Mysterious Small Boundary, it will definitely be restrained by Yang Kai, so Yang Kai is not worried that it will provoke trouble after it has healed.

Whether it can survive or not are two different things.

What’s more, Yang Kai always feels that its nature is not like this. During the first two meetings, Return to the Ruins did not show any malice towards him, but rather meant to be close to him. Especially the second time, Return to the Ruins obviously came here looking for him. [MSM: aww.]

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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