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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2931 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2931
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The voices of many emperor realm swallowing saliva sounded, all of them put on a defensive posture, and felt sad for a while, and simply didn’t know what to do.

Gong Yue had just broken open the Demon Sealing Land that they didn’t know where it was hidden in the Spirit Sword Peak, and released a lot of demon thoughts. Suddenly another guy who claimed to be the Heavens Devourer Great Emperor came, the changes in the Azure Sun Temple now is more than what’s been happening in thousands years.

“What about Wen Zishan? What did you do to him?” Gao Xueting asked tremblingly.

Wen Zishan should be assisting the Great Emperor Hongchen to separate his divine soul. At this moment, Wu Kuang ran out using Duan Hongchen’s body, but Wen Zishan was silent, so Gao Xueting can’t help but feel worried.

“Huh, who is Wen Zishan? I just pinched a lot of small bugs, and I don’t know if there is him.”

Gao Xueting’s pretty face turned pale, almost limp on the ground.

Wu Kuang glanced scorchingly at the Emperor Realms present. He kept pointing his fingers and spitting out numbers in his mouth: “One, two, three…”

Yang Kai said with a cold face: “Wu Kuang, what are you counting?”

Wu Kuang laughed: “Yes, not bad, there are actually nine small bugs of the Emperor Realm. This king is a little weak just after getting out of trouble. You just give me some nutrition. Although your strength is not very good, you are still considered fat. ”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone’s face changed drastically.

Everyone present has heard of the prestige of Heavens Devourer Battle Law, and they also know what this evil technique is all about. It is a cultivation technique that could devour almost everything. It is rumored that countless Star Field is destroyed under this Heavens Devourer Great Emperor’s hands, the places he had traveled back then, the cultivation stars in the Star Field of the lower planes all became desolate and dead stars, all the vitality was swallowed clean by him, the creatures were charred, and the vitality became extinct.

So when Wu Kuang said this, everyone understood what he planned.

No longer paying attention to the Demon Thought that rushed out, the many emperor realms were like seeing a big enemy, secretly urging the emperor yuan, ready to take action at any time.

Wu Kuang frowned. Suddenly he grinned and again: “Just kidding, don’t be so nervous. I just got out of trouble, and I’m in a pretty good mood. I don’t intend to kill you. So I just let you go.”

No one responded to him, they didn’t know what this guy meant. They didn’t dare to speak easily, for fear of offending him.

Wu Kuang snorted, seeming to find it rather boring. Turning his head and looking at the distance, he stretched out his hand and grabbed it in the void. His movements were light and gentle, but when he spread his hand again, a black light appeared on the palm of his hand.

No one knows where he get this black light from.

“Interesting things.” Wu Kuang held the many demon thoughts that the emperor realm was afraid of, but he looked at it with interest. The black light also stayed in place obediently, not eroding him, as if a dead thing, “Thanks to your help, I was able to get out of trouble. Well, I can help you.”

When the words fell, he raised his hand and pointed it somewhere.

The void vibrated, as if something had been punctured.

That was the movement of the Sect Protecting Formation being broken. Qiu Ran quietly ordered the opening of the Sect Protecting Formation just now, and it didn’t take long before it was actually broken.

The entire Azure Sun Temple was like a balloon bursting through a hole in an instant. All the demon thoughts trapped in the large formation found a catharsis, ran out of the loophole, and disappeared.

Yang Kai and others can only watch, but they can’t do anything.

Wu Kuang swept the crowd again, smiling slightly, “The next time i see you again. I won’t be merciful anymore. Be careful, the outside world is very dangerous.”

He laughed and turned into a stream of light. Rushed out along the gap of the big formation.

It wasn’t until he disappeared from everyone’s sight that the many emperor realm exhaled heavily. For a moment just now, they clearly sensed Wu Kuang’s murderous intent, although they don’t know why Wu Kuang changed his mind again, but the feeling of being able to pick up a life is extremely fortunate

“Quickly. Go to the forbidden area!” Gao Xueting said, cheering up, and taking the lead to fly over there.

Qiu Ran and the others were concerned about the safety of Wen Zishan, and hurriedly chased them.

Yang Kai turned to Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming and said, “The Spirit Sword Peak has a place to confine the devil, please check it carefully.”

Chen Wenhao nodded and said: “Okay, hand over the matter here to me and brother Feng, your side… also be careful.”

Yang Kai nodded and hurriedly chased Gao Xueting and the others.

There are several forbidden areas in the Azure Sun Temple, but the most important forbidden area is only the belly of the mountain where the Divine Movement Mirror is stored. The Divine Movement Mirror is the greatest secret of the Azure Sun Temple, and ordinary disciples don’t even know its existence.

The last time Yang Kai was able to enter it, it was because he made a contribution to the temple in the Land of Four Seasons. Wen Zishan gave him an exceptional reward, and he still remembered the location of that place.

Chasing all the way, finally caught up with everyone in front of the mountain wall.

Gao Xueting opened the restriction on the mountain wall and rushed in.

A group of people went all the way down the tunnel in the belly of the mountain, and quickly reached the place.

Looking around, everyone’s heart sank. In this cave, a middle-aged woman leaned back against the cave wall, her mouth was filled with blood, her face was as pale as paper, and she looked very injured.

The Divine Movement Mirror was placed on a stone platform not far away, but the Divine Movement Mirror at this moment was a little different from what Yang Kai had seen for the first time. It was not as smooth as a mirror, and a trace of black Qi was spreading on the mirror surface.

“Grandma…” Gao Xueting rushed forward, squatting in front of the middle-aged woman, and asked nervously, “How are you?”

The middle-aged woman smiled miserably, revealing a smile that was even more ugly than crying: “I can’t die, go and see the Palace Lord…cough cough…”

She seemed to be seriously injured, and was obviously beaten. After speaking a few words with Gao Xueting, she vomited a mouthful of blood, her expression extremely depressed.

Gao Xueting didn’t care too much. She remembered Wen Zishan’s safety and immediately rushed in to find Wen Zishan’s body.

Before Qiu Ran came up, he took out a few elixirs and gave them to the middle-aged woman.

Yang Kai looked at the middle-aged woman’s face, vaguely feeling a little familiar, and hesitated: “Are you Grandma You?”

The woman raised her eyes, looked at him and said, “Hey, the kid back then has become an elder. You are growing up so fast.”

“You are really Grandma You.” Yang Kai was taken aback, “Grandma has changed a lot.”

He didn’t know the real name of Grandma You, only that she was guarding the mirror. He remembered that when he came here with Xia Sheng and the others last time, Grandma You appeared in front of him as an old woman with a hoarse voice. It’s hard to hear. Later, when he was practicing in the Divine Movement Mirror, he was chased by this Grandma You.

Grandma You mastered a force called the Divine Movement Kingdom in the world of the Divine Movement Mirror, and the powerhouse under her were like clouds. At that time, Yang Kai escaped several times.

Later, he went out of the Mirror World, he heard that Grandma You was imprisoned by Wen Zishan, and then he never heard of this Grandma You. Now it seems that Wen Zishan has completely subdued her and she still responsible for guarding the Divine Movement Mirror.

This time Wu Kuang got out of trouble, and Grandma You was obviously injured by him.

Gao Xueting’s shout came not far away.

Everyone was shocked when they heard it, and hurriedly went over there. In an isolated stone room, Wen Zishan’s physical body was intact, but he was sweating like pulp for some reason, as if he had encountered an attack.

“Grandma, the lord is not dead, but he seems to be trapped in the mirror and can’t get out. What can you do?” Gao Xueting asked.

Yang Kai assisted Granny You and walked over. One of them was injured, the other was exhausted, and their faces were not very good-looking.

Grandma You first glanced at the state of Wen Zishan, then glanced at the changes in the Divine Movement Mirror, and sighed: “He is not trapped, he is not coming out by himself. I am afraid that the world of the Divine Movement Mirror has encountered some problem? What happened on the outside?”

Without time to explain it too carefully, Yang Kai simply used his Divine Sense to pass the information he knew into Grandma You’s mind.

She was silent for a moment, reviewed the information, and said with a stern face: “Demon Sealing Land? The demon thoughts breaks the restriction? So it seems that the thing that rushed into the Divine Movement Mirror before is the Demon Thought…”

Gao Xueting was shocked: “The Demon Thought rushed in?”

Grandma You nodded and said: “Yes, it rushed into the Divine Movement Mirror, and then the senior… suddenly woke up, wounded me, and left this place.”

Yang Kai said solemnly: “That’s not Senior Hongchen, that’s the Heavens Devourer Great Emperor!”

Grandma You narrowed her eyes when she heard it, and said softly: “So that’s the case, no wonder that Senior shoot at me for no reason.”

“Demon Thought can actually erode the Divine Movement Mirror?” Qiu Ran’s face was heavy, and his eyes were fixed on the mirror. After such a short time, the black light on the mirror surface was a little bit more dark, and exuded the Demon Thought Aura.

Yang Kai said: “The Divine Movement Mirror is the world of the Divine Soul, and the erosion of the demon thought is aimed at the Divine Soul. The Divine Movement Mirror world is the nourishment for its growth.”

“What you said is reasonable, you have to find some way to stop it, and I don’t know what happened to the Palace Lord inside.”

“I’ll go in and take a look.” Yang Kai said.

“I’ll go too!” Gao Xueting hurriedly expressed her position. Although Wen Zishan’s body is intact, Gao Xueting, who hasn’t seen him, is still uneasy.

Yang Kai nodded and said to the others: “You guys, brothers and sisters, protect the area!”

Chen Qian said: “You don’t look good Junior Brother Yang, I will accompany Senior Sister Gao in.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “I can resist the erosion of the demon thought, and I will be fine.”

He persisted like this, Chen Qian couldn’t say anything more, she could only tell to be careful with everything.

Time is running out, Yang Kai and Gao Xueting immediately found a stone room and walked in, and meditated cross-legged. After the stone room was closed, Grandma You held up the spirit to cast spells and opened the passage of the Divine Movement Mirror.

Two mysterious lights rushed out of the Divine Movement Mirror and poured into the enclosed stone room. Yang Kai and Gao Xueting were shocked at the same time, inexplicably giving birth to a feeling of separation between flesh body and divine soul.

It was not the first time entering the Divine Movement Mirror, so there was no resistance, letting this force pull the divine soul and fall in a certain direction.

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