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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2930 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2930
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Gao Xueting reached out and supported Yang Kai’s arm to avoid the embarrassment of falling. Yang Kai nodded and thanked her, breathing quickly to calm the blood tumbling in his chest.

Suddenly hearing two “Woo” sounds, the little black dog Return to the Ruins actually wailed, as if he was enduring something extremely painful.

At this moment, its appearance is extremely miserable. It’s unknown what method Gong Yue used to control and stimulate the power in the blood. He used its power to deal with many emperor realms for a long time, but after reaching the limit, it seemed to have no threat. When it was involved in many divine ability, it was even more imperfect, and it was so bloody that people couldn’t bear to look directly at it.

Gong Yue looked at it, obviously aware of something, and smiled slightly: “Well, anyway, the timing is almost the same.”

No one knows what he meant by this, but when his voice fell, Return to the Ruins suddenly retched a few times, and then his mouth soared and suddenly turned into that huge mouth.

From the huge mouth, a bit of cold light bloomed, and one person shot out from the abyss, whirling and rushing out.

The moment the light reappeared, Feng Ming was obviously a little dazed. After he was swallowed just now, there was endless darkness around him, no light, no sound. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer any harm, it seemed that he was just swallowed into a peculiar world.

There was a ray of light from that world by chance, and he tried his best to rush along the light, finally getting out of trouble.

With his gaze swept away, Feng Ming had a decision. He kicked the little black dog who was standing beside him and retching constantly, and directly kicked the little black dog away. Then the spear fired like a dragon and smashed it towards Gong Yue who was sitting aside.

At the critical moment of life and death, Gong Yue did not dodge. He didn’t even mean to resist, his aura was always weak. The ability to fight against many emperor realms was based on the weird ability of the Return to the Ruins, and now the Return to the Ruins is not worthy of great use, even if he resists, he can’t match Feng Ming in the rage.

He faced the call of death indifferently, as if he had already broken life and death.

With a crackling sound, the Spear blasted into Gong Yue’s chest, blasting a hole in his chest, through the hole. Vaguely visible organs squirming inside.

Gong Yue was still smiling: “It’s useless to kill one of me. Time will prove that my choice is right. You are all wrong.”

“Playing mysterious!” Feng Ming snorted coldly, and Emperor Yuan was urged. A beast roar came from the Spear. Then Gong Yue’s body burst open, turning into a cloud of blood, and there was no bones left.

A little black light flew out, Feng Ming’s eyes and hands were quick, and he shot away. He directly spotted the black light, and then heaved a sigh of relief. He turned his head and asked everyone, “Are you okay?”

Chen Wenhao’s face is not very good. Shaking his head: “It’s okay, thanks to Elder Yang, how about brother Feng?”

Feng Ming shook his head and said, “I’m fine, but I still have to check it carefully. That thing is too weird.”

“What does Gong Yue mean?” Gao Xueting frowned. She had been thinking about Gong Yue’s words, but she didn’t quite understand it, but she was very upset, as if something bad was about to happen.

No one knows what Gong Yue said before he died.

Just when everyone was pondering. Suddenly a rumbling sound came from far, and the earth and mountains began to sway. As if something had been broken open, black lights suddenly rose from somewhere in the Spirit Sword Peak. Turned into stream of light in all directions.

“Demon thought…Why are there so many demon thoughts?” Gao Xueting looked up and lose the color on her beautiful face.

Obviously, these black lights are just like the existence that erode Gong Yue, they are all Demon Thoughts, but the number is as many as hundreds of thousands, as if a firework exploded in the air, flying around.

“How could it be!” Chen Wenhao was also a little dumbfounded.

It was the first time Qiu Ran and the others saw Demon Thought. Although they didn’t know how powerful they were, they also felt that these things were extremely difficult to provoke, and all of them looked solemn.

“Spirit Sword Peak… is a land where the demon thought is sealed!” Yang Kai said with a weak cough, appearing extremely weak. “The reason why Gong Yue came here is to break the seal and release other demon thoughts.”

Gao Xueting was startled when she heard the words, and turned to look at him: “Junior Brother, you mean, it is the same place as the one in the Southern Swamp?”

Yang Kai said, “Other than that, there is no other explanation.”

Everyone’s attention was attracted by the ancient cave mansion in Southern Swamp. No one thought that there would be a sealed demon in the Spirit Sword Peak of the Azure Sun Temple. Gong Yue was eroded by the Demon Thought, and he obviously knew this, so he would go straight to this place and use his own formation skills to break through the restrictions and release more demon thoughts.

He did not resist when he was dying. One was because he couldn’t resist, and the other was because it was not necessary. Even if he died, his mission was already completed. As he said before, many people will follow him.

“Damn it!” Gao Xueting gritted her teeth.

“Open the Sect Protecting Formation, these things must be stopped as soon as possible. If they are allowed to escape…” Yang Kai said anxiously, only halfway through his words, the abnormal change revived, and there was another rumbling noise. It came, followed by a loud laughter into everyone’s ears.

Yang Kai’s words stopped abruptly, staring in the direction of the sound source in amazement.

He had already heard who the voice belonged to.

The laughter was somewhat restrained at first, which seemed extremely unexpected, but over time it became more and more unscrupulous and rampant.

A stream of light came from a distance, and the laughter quickly approached.

In the blink of an eye, an old man with white hair and beard, sloppy, and ragged clothes appeared not far in front of everyone, and an indescribable pressure suddenly fell from the sky, as if a mountain was pressed on everyone’s heart, causing many emperor realms didn’t even breathe smoothly, Yang Kai’s condition was not good, and blood was overflowing from the corners of his mouth.

The old man stood in the air and stop his laughter, his eyes swept slightly in the crowd, then he fixed on Yang Kai and smiled: “Oh? You kid is here, too, didn’t expect to see you here.”

Yang Kai frowned, always feeling something was wrong. The old man in front of him was no different from the one in his memory, but his temperament was completely different. The old man in his memory was wise and free, but the man in front of him was full of savvy evil spirit.

Gao Xueting looked at him and said hurriedly: “I have seen the Great Emperor!”

Qiu Ran also hurriedly saluted.

The others was shocked, including several other elders in the temple. They didn’t know anything about this person, but Qiu Ran and Gao Xueting actually respected him as the Great Emperor. There were only a few people in the Great Emperor level in the world, and who is the one in front of them?

Feng Ming and Chen Wenhao looked at each other, and both saw shock expressions in each other’s eyes.

Gao Xueting explained: “This is Senior Hongchen!”

“What?” The two of them were surprised, but didn’t dare to neglect, they clasped their fists together and said: “I have seen Senior Hongchen.”

Among the ten great emperors, except for those who founded sects and established factions, the rest are all ghosts, and among them, the Hongchen Great Emperor is the most mysterious, because he is always wandering around. He will be incarnate in thousands of people, experiencing the various forms of sentient beings, beggars on the street, woodcutter on the mountain, the people in the brothel, the monk in the temple, maybe he is there, just no one can recognize him, maybe they can pass him by, maybe they can treat him a wine and singing, but no one really recognizes him.

Feng Ming, Chen Wenhao and others have never seen the Great Emperor Hongchen, but they believe in Gao Xueting’s words.

Because it is rumored that Azure Sun Temple has a lot to do with the Great Emperor Hongchen, especially the Palace Lord Wen Zishan, who is even more sympathetic than father and son. Otherwise, in just a few thousand years, how could Azure Sun Temple become among the top of the Southern Territory?You must know that apart from the Azure Sun Temple among the top sects, the remaining ones are all long-standing existences, and the Heavenly Martial Holy Land can even trace back tens of thousands of years of history.

Duan Hongchen just smiled slightly, turning a deaf ears to the crowd and looked at Yang Kai with interest.

Gao Xueting said: “Senior, the demon thought is coming back, the temple is in crisis, please help us.”

Yang Kai patted Gao Xueting’s arm lightly, shook his head and said, “Don’t say it, he is not Senior Hongchen.”

“Huh?” Gao Xueting was stunned, and immediately seemed to think of something, her delicate body trembled, and she looked at Duan Hongchen with extreme horror.

Feng Ming and Chen Wenhao both looked at a loss, and they were confused. Gao Xueting said that the man in front of him was the Great Emperor Hongchen. Yang Kai said no, but the old man didn’t mean to refute, so these two outsiders were really confused.

“Wu Kuang, why did you come out? What happened to Senior Hongchen?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice, his eyes cold.

“Duan Hongchen” smiled slightly, nodded his head and said: “Since this king has come out, what do you think will be the end of the old man Hongchen? He has been swallowed by this king! Hahahaha!”

“Impossible!” Yang Kai shouted sharply.

Wu Kuang’s laughter came to an abrupt end, and said coldly: “The hairy boy has only lived for a few years? How much do you know about this king divine ability? The ridiculous old man Hongchen thought he could imprison this king in that mirror. But don’t expect to be swallowed by this king instead. It’s so stupid, ridiculous! How can he resist this king, with the Heavens Devourer Battle Law, how can anyone resist it?”

“Heavens Devourer Battle Law?” Feng Ming and Chen Wenhao were shocked, and stepped back together. Naturally, they had heard of this famous technique. This can be said to be the most powerful and evil technique in the Star Boundary since ancient times. It triggered the battle of the great emperor and allowed the Star Fragments Sea to take shape. Even now, tens of thousands of years later, the name of this technique has made many powerful figure know well.

Chen Wenhao frowned a few times before hesitatingly said: “Could it be…”

He didn’t dare to go on, even a little afraid of the prestige that was so powerful tens of thousands of years ago.

Wu Kuang said proudly: “Yes, this king is Heaven’s Devourer!”

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Martial Peak [Completed]

Martial Peak [Completed]

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