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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2926 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2926
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Gao Xueting was stormy and thunderous, and she want to destroy the half of the demon thought while she was talking, but Yang Kai had already flashed to the front of the demon thought, reached out into the light of the Ardent Sun Mirror, and grabbed the demon thought.

“Junior Brother, you…” Gao Xueting’s face paled.

Yang Kai grinned at her: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen, please help me protect the area!”

Others avoided this demon thought, but Yang Kai was unafraid. The experience of several years in the Thousand Imaginart Dreamland made him understand that a single demon thought could not do anything to him, because his body also sealed an extremely pure ancient Qi of the Ancient Demon Black Pupil. The so-called barefoot people are not afraid of wearing shoes. This is probably the truth.

But there is no way to explain it clearly, so he can only start with it first.

At this point, Gao Xueting couldn’t stop it, and she urged, “Be careful, if something is wrong, let go immediately!”

“I remember it.” Yang Kai nodded.

He sat cross-legged in the void, closed his eyes, and communicated the half of the Demon Thought with his Divine Sense, hoping to spy on Gong Yue’s whereabouts.

Chen Wenhao, Gao Xueting and Feng Ming, surrounded him in a triangle shape. Gao Xueting stared at Yang Kai’s figure with her beautiful eyes, unmoving for a moment. As long as there is something wrong, the light of the Ardent Sun Mirror will envelope it.

Chen Wenhao and Feng Ming looked at each other, and both saw a hint of admiration in each other’s eyes, facing this kind of weird demon thought, the two of them didn’t have the guts to do this kind of thing, but among the strength of the group. Yang Kai, the lowest of them, took risks. This matter is worthy of admiration.

It was also at this moment that the two of them had a feeling that was produced by talented people from generation to generation, and they can now cultivate to the 2nd order Emperor Realm. Naturally, aptitude and understanding are all the top choices, and they were all leaders when they were young. He is the leader of the young generation, full of vigor and determination, just like Yang Kai in this moment.

Times are changing, but what remains unchanged is the endless genius talents.

There was silence all around, and dozens of martial artist in that small sect didn’t dare to move until this moment. They were scattered in every corner of the mountain, watching their own sect master explode and die inexplicably. The tremor and fear have penetrate deep into the bones, looking at the four people in the sky is like looking up at the gods, and even the idea of ​​revenge for their own sect master can’t come out.

They didn’t know that their sect master’s death had nothing to do with Yang Kai and others. They thought that the sect master was killed by the guy named Feng Ming, but they felt that these powerful men from the big sect were more detestable than the others, and lacked humanity.

In the darkness, Yang Kai seemed to be walking in the emptiness and gloomy place. There was no light in the surroundings, no sound, nor even a single thing. He was using his mind to communicate with that half of demon thought. Tracing back to the source, to explore the whereabouts of the other half of the demon thought, as long as he find the other half of the demon thought, he will find Gong Yue.

The progress is not too smooth, this is the first time Yang Kai has done this kind of thing, without much experience, everything has to rely on his own exploration.

After exploring this endless darkness for a long time, he changed his strategy and separated a part of his mind to perceive the outside world.

This time it finally had an effect, and in the midst of it, Yang Kai felt that this half of demon thought had a connection with something, and he followed this weak connection to explore.

The darkness slowly changed. Something seemed to appear in front of the field of vision, but it was too blurry. He can’t see clearly.

Yang Kai urged the power of the divine soul more fiercely, and even accepted that half of demon thought into his own consciousness sea. Wash it with the power of the divine soul, wash away all its disguise.

Slowly, things in the field of vision became clear.

It seemed to be a mountain, a lonely mountain, the scenery on the mountain was beautiful, the scenery was pleasant, and the world’s spiritual energy seemed very good.

Suddenly, Yang Kai felt that this mountain was a bit familiar, and he always felt like he had seen it somewhere, but because everything in his vision was not very clear, he would not dare to confirm where it was for a while.

This is through the omnipresent connection between the half of demon thought and Gong Yue, so as long as he can confirm the location of this mountain, he can determine Gong Yue’s location.

He once again increased the surging of the power of the divine soul.

He saw a few more things now. There was a figure on the mountain. The figure looked a bit similar to Gong Yue. He was standing quietly on a certain part of the mountain, motionless, as if he was dead.

Yang Kai’s current situation is very peculiar. It is as if he is in a thick water polo. Some outlines can be vaguely seen on the outside of the water polo, but it is not clear anyway, which makes him quite anxious.

Suddenly, Yang Kai seemed to have heard some sound. The sound was vague and intermittent like an image, making Yang Kai unsure.

The voice came again, and Yang Kai heard a little more clearly now, as if it was a dog barking, barking constantly. As his vision turned, Yang Kai did see a dog-like thing, standing not far away from the blurry figure and barking vigorously.

After barking for a while, the little thing actually rushed forward and gnawed at the figure.

The figure remained motionless, as if unconscious.

At this moment, the figure seemed to perceive something, suddenly raised his head, and looked in the direction of Yang Kai. The sharp gaze seemed to be able to break through numerous obstacles, colliding with Yang Kai’s vision through the endless void.

The blurry scenery changed at this moment and suddenly became clearer.

Yang Kai was shocked and opened his eyes suddenly, dumbfounded.

“Are you okay?” Gao Xueting’s palms were full of sweat, and she hadn’t been so nervous for many years after she was promoted to the Emperor Realm, but at this moment, she asked with a trembling voice, for fear Yang Kai would be corroded by the demon thought.

Yang Kai shook his head, his expression a little dull.

“Did you find it?” Chen Wenhao asked in a deep voice.

“Spirit Sword Peak!” Yang Kai stared at Gao Xueting and replied softly.

Gao Xueting was startled upon hearing the words: “What?”

“Spirit Sword Peak, Gong Yue is in the Azure Sun Temple, on my Spirit Sword Peak!” After Yang Kai said this, he felt absurd. He always felt that what he saw just now was not true, but an illusion, no basis can be found.

“Gong Yue is in the Azure Sun Temple?” Feng Ming also widened his eyes, obviously a little skeptical.

“This is what i see.” Yang Kai stood up, cast a spell to force the half of the demon thought in the consciousness sea out, stretched out his hand to squeeze it, and now that the whereabouts of Gong Yue has been traced, the half of the demon thought has already been traced. There is no use anymore.

“Why would he go to Azure Sun Temple?” Feng Ming asked.

“I don’t know!” Yang Kai shook his head, Gong Yue not only went to the Azure Sun Temple, but also went to his Spirit Sword Peak!

The Spirit Sword Peak was obtained after Yang Kai became the elder of the temple. The entire Spirit Peak is relatively remote in the temple, but both the scenery and the spiritual energy are extremely good, and it is guarded by the formation.

Yang Kai felt that the mountain was familiar at first because of this. Although he hadn’t stayed on Spirit Sword Peak for long, it was his site after all, so how could he not be familiar with it?

Gong Yue was the former Patriarch of the Gong family. He was extremely accomplished in the way of formation. The formation restriction on Spirit Sword Peak could stop others, but not necessarily the same for Gong Yue.

If only this is the case, Yang Kai still feels that everything he has seen before is an illusion, a means used by Gong Yue to mislead them in the wrong direction.

But the last dog barking made him confirm that Gong Yue had really gone to the Azure Sun Temple and was really on his Spirit Sword Peak.

Because there was indeed a black beast on the Spirit Sword Peak that looked a bit like a puppy. Although the beast was a bit peculiar, its strength was not strong. Yang Kai had only seen it twice and didn’t pay much attention.

“Why did Gong Yue go to the Azure Sun Temple? Is he seeking his own death?” Chen Wenhao frowned. Gong Yue’s strength lies there. Even if he encounters the four of them, there is absolutely no possibility of surviving. It is reasonable to say that he should hide. But, he ran where it was dangerous, and actually ran into the Azure Sun Temple.

The experts in the temple are like clouds, where can Gong Yue go?

“I can’t get in touch with them, Junior Brother try.” Gao Xueting remained silent, and after learning that Gong Yue might have gone to the Azure Sun Temple, she took out her elder jade plate and tried to contact the people in the temple.

What surprised her was that the elder jade plate didn’t work at this time.

Upon hearing this, Yang Kai quickly took out his elder jade plate and poured his Divine Sense into it.

After waiting for a while, he looked at Gao Xueting and slowly shook his head and said, “There is no answer!”

Although this place is a little far away from the Azure Sun Temple, it is not to the point that it cannot be contacted. If an elder in the temple receives a message, he will definitely give an answer. In fact, the two tried successively, but there was no news.

“Something happened to the temple!” Gao Xueting’s expression changed.

“Go!” Feng Ming let out a deep voice, and realized the seriousness of the problem.

Yang Kai immediately summon his Flowing Clouds Shuttle, the four of them get in, the Flowing Clouds Shuttle turned into a light and disappeared.

After the four had left, the disciples of the small sect who had been worried about them gradually eased, and they all fell to the ground, with cold sweat behind their backs.

After waiting for another moment, it was determined that the four experts had really gone far and would not come back again. The remaining dozens of people began to gang up for the position of the Sect Master, their blades facing each other, and they fought fiercely for a while.

In the Flowing Clouds Shuttle, both Yang Kai and Gao Xueting had ugly faces.

Chen Wenhao comforted: “Although i doesn’t know what Gong Yue is doing in the temple, he is undoubtedly throwing himself in the net. With Palace Lord Wen sitting in the temple, Gong Yue can’t make any waves. Don’t worry about it you two, maybe when we get there Gong Yue is already put down.”

Gao Xueting’s worries continued, but she replied symbolically: “I hope so.”

Yang Kai was observing her expression, vaguely aware that something was wrong, and quietly transmitted a voicce to Gao Xueting: “What happened in the temple? Is there something I don’t know?”

Gao Xueting glanced at him and replied: “The Palace Lord is completely distracted at this moment. If Gong Yue really makes trouble in the temple, the Palace Lord will not be able to take action.”

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