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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2919 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2919
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The quarrel between Yang Kai and Yang Tai buzzed like flies in his ears, making Gong Yue extremely irritable.

He raised his hand and presented a few Formation Plate, laying down a few layers of formations to guard him, so that no matter where Yang Kai sneaked from, he would definitely fall into the formation.

“That’s it!” Yang Tai laughed and shouted provocatively into the sky: “Boy, the old man admits that you have some abilities, but it’s nothing more than that. If you want to survive, it’s not too late to escape now, otherwise I’m afraid it will be too late.”

He was really afraid of Yang Kai’s secret techniques, and he always felt that those secret techniques were specifically designed to restrain himself, so he hoped that Yang Kai would get out soon. As for whether Yang Kai would reveal the secrets of this place after he escaped, it was not what he need to consider.

He just needs to open that door.

There are five people left here, including him, enough for the blood sacrifice, which means it will take a little longer.

Gong Yue’s expression sank when he heard this. Although he and Yang Tai set up a trap together, it was for the entire Gong family, so he didn’t even think about leaving anyone alive, including Yang Tai, who was also the target of his slaying. How could Yang Kai be allowed to escape alone?

His mind turned, he opened his mouth and said: “Little brother, you said that there is a demon race behind the door, but what evidence is there? Yang Tai told me that there is the ultimate secret of Martial Dao there.

Yang Kai’s cold snort came from the void: “Do you really believe it? If you really believe it, then you are a fool.”

Gong Yue whispered: “I have spied on the mystery of that word, and it told me that Yang Tai didn’t lie.”

“That’s the texts of the Demon Race! You were deceived.”

“What?” Gong Yue’s face changed drastically, and he lost his voice: “Demon Text?”

Under the shock of his mind, there was a slight flaw in the layers of formations he laid down.

Yang Kai suddenly appeared at this moment. No one could see exactly how he appeared. When he revealed his figure, he was already standing three feet in front of Gong Yue.

The panic on Gong Yue’s face disappeared instantly, and his eyes flashed with shrewd light. Everything just now is obviously a disguise, a means to lure Yang Kai to show up.

Yang Kai really showed up. He sneered, his heart moved, and he tried his best to urge the power of the formation around him to drag Yang Kai into the formation. This time he would not take it lightly again, and secretly decided even if he was distracted, he will deal with Yang Kai.

However, a simple little bell appeared in Yang Kai’s hand, and a huge bell suddenly swelled as it whirled away.

The ancient and desolate aura permeated, Yang Kai was trembling all over, as if there were signs of loss of strength, but the big hand that was dragging the bell was as solid as a rock.


There was a thunderous sound, and everyone felt that the eardrum was pierced, feeling dizzy for a while. Before Gong Yue’s layered formation could be activated, it was swept to pieces by the bell, and suddenly collapsed.

Not only that, but being hit by the Mountains and Rivers Bell close at hand, Gong Yue was like being struck by lightning for a while, his chest was sunken in a large piece, his back bulged, and his whole body was flying like a rag sack. He went out and crashed down on the side of the cave wall.

He has the 2nd order Emperor Realm cultivation level and should not be so vulnerable. But he thought he had the chance to win, and he was unprepared. The whole person suffered a violent blow from the frontal blow of the Mountains and Rivers Bell, and he suffered a lot of injuries.

The sound of bells raged in his flesh and blood and meridians, making him unable to breathe.

Without his hosting, the Six Directions Dominion Formation was finally broken. Hua Yulu, who had been suspended in mid-air, fell like dumplings. Everyone was surprised and inexplicably shouted.

They are all in the Emperor Realm, but at this moment, they are all falling down, like babies who have not learned to walk, falling to the ground and unable to get up, awkward.

Although most of the power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell was eaten by Gong Yue, it still had some influence on them. In addition, they had been controlled by Gong Yue all the time, and lost too much blood and was already weak to the limit.

Now, even the power of ordinary people can’t be used.

The only thing that is better is Yang Tai. He entered the formation late, and although a lot of blood has passed away, he is much better than the others. He just staggered on the ground and stood firm.

However, this sudden blow made his head a little dazed. Everything went smoothly. Unexpectedly, the situation suddenly changed in the blink of an eye. After standing on the ground for a while, he finally reacted, and his eyes stared at Yang Kai with extremely bitter bitterness, gritted his teeth and said: “Why, why why…”

Killing intents were like a tide, and it suddenly enveloped Yang Kai.

Yang Kai also staggered, using the Mountians and Rivers Bell blow made him use all his power. At this moment, he was like a lamp that has exhausted the oil, even the Emperor Yuan in his body was a little unable to function, seeing Yang Tai Divine Sense locking himself in, he was ready to take action immediately. He hurriedly took a deep breath, squeezing the little remaining power from his dantian, and chants sounded in his mouth.

Yang Tai was startled, his anger seemed to have been poured with a basin of cold water, and it was extinguished at once, and his expression became a little timid, afraid of Yang Kai.

He had suffered from Yang Kai’s attack in the illusion before, knowing the power of this strange secret technique, it seemed to be his own natural enemy, so he instinctively feared when he heard this obscure spell chanting.

He took a few steps back before he found a sense of security.

Yang Kai also kept silent in due course. He is now at the end of the crossbow, he can no longer use his power at will, Yang Tai doesn’t move, and he doesn’t bother to shoot first.

The current situation gave him a bit of a headache. The seven Emperor Realm were weaker than the other. Yang Tai’s situation was considered the best. If he was really going to be ruthless, Yang Kai could only hide with Hua Yulu. Returning to the Mysterious Boundary Bead, he could no longer control the life and death of other people.

But Yang Tai was really terrified of Yang Kai, and he dared not attack him anymore.

The fading light on the side caught Yang Tai’s attention. He turned his head and looked at the scarlet door, and let out a cry: “No, it can’t be like this!”

Previously, the blood sacrifice was under the control of Gong Yue, the light of the scarlet door was getting brighter and brighter. The ancient restriction had been opened for a time, but after it was destroyed by Yang Kai, the blood sacrifice was interrupted and the light gradually dimmed, and the ancient restriction become stabilize again.

Yang Tai roared a few times, not knowing what he was thinking of, turned his head and stared at one of the people present, then reached out and grabbed him.

“Yang Tai, how dare you!” Wu Kuangyi yelled, resisting intentionally, but there was no such power, and Yang Tai picked him up like a chicken.

Under all eyes, Yang Tai stretched out his hand and patted Wu Kuangyi’s body several times, then threw him towards the Scarlet Door.

Wu Kuangyi screamed in pain, and then stopped abruptly.

He slammed into the Scarlet Door, perhaps because of the force of the impact, or perhaps because of the power of the few palms that Yang Tai had previously shot on him, his whole body suddenly exploded into a cloud of blood, no bones left, the thick blood and minced meat all stuck to the scarlet door.

The fading door shone again with a hint of light.

When everyone saw this scene in their eyes, their expressions were horrified. Wu Kuangyi’s death made the remaining few people feel a sense of sorrow. No one knows whether Yang Tai will make another move using them.

“Not enough, not enough, not enough!” Yang Tai seemed to have a mad look. After killing Wu Kuangyi with his own hands, he showed a very annoyed look, muttering constantly in his mouth, and his eyes flowed on the remaining few people one after another.

At the same time, a faint black Qi appeared on his body again, that was the Demon Qi that Yang Kai knew well.

Everyone he saw involuntarily looked away, for fear of offending him, only Yang Kai looked at him coldly, sneered and said, “Give up, Yang Tai, your plan is no longer working, this restriction is impossible to be open again, you have been demonized, it is not a pity to die!”

On the other side, Gong Yue, who was injured by Yang Kai and finally got over his head, stared at the Demon Qi on Yang Tai in a daze, pointed his finger at him, and tremblingly said: “You, you…”

He finally saw that something was wrong. The traces of Demon Qi on Yang Tai’s body were so obvious that it is impossible for Gong Yue to miss it.

It wasn’t until this time that he somewhat believed what Yang Kai had said before.

Yang Tai is really demonized. If this is the case, then Yang Tai’s promise is worthless…

At this point, Gong Yue’s heart was ashamed. He took a huge risk and went into trouble with Yang Tai. He didn’t expect it to be a scam in the end. He didn’t know what Yang Tai was trying to plot, but he knew that there was absolutely no mystery of the ultimate Martial Dao behind the door.

“Give up?” Yang Tai didn’t notice Gong Yue, he yelled hysterically, “My mission is not completed, how can I give up?”

Yang Kai keenly grasped something, and frowned: “Mission? Is it your mission to open this restriction? Is it the mission given to you by the thing behind the door? Has it communicated with you?”

Yang Tai stayed silent, seeming to realize that he had said too much, his eyes swept across the crowd, and sneered: “A bunch of trash, even if you sacrifice all of your blood, it’s not enough!”

In fact, if Yang Kai hadn’t interrupted the blood sacrifice, it should be enough, but after being interrupted, everything was lost.

Yang Tai was completely mad, opened his arms, as if he wanted to embrace the whole world. The Demon Qi on his body appeared so strong for the first time. It was pitch-black and it made people look frightened. He opened his mouth and said: “Your dog eyes can see clearly, the new era is coming, and you will all be ants in the future!”

He yelled an inexplicable word, then let out a crazy laugh, turned and rushed towards the Scarlet Door.

Yang Kai’s eyes jumped when he saw it, and the others were also dumbfounded. No one had expected such a dramatic turn of events.

Yang Tai’s posture seems to be to use his body and blood to break the ancient restriction.

No one tried to stop it. Once Yang Tai was so unpredictable, it made everyone so awkward. It is really not a pity for him to die. Secondly, Wu Kuangyi was killed by him just now and used for blood sacrifice.

So everyone is sitting on the sidelines.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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