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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2912 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2912
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The monsters 5th or 6th order were not in the eyes of the group of Emperor Realms. Everyone smashed and killed it. The body of each monster beast burst open, turning into blood and flowing into the swamp, not only did it not frightening the remaining companions away, on the contrary, aroused their fierceness more and more, and more and more monsters pounced from the ground.

The sharp screams did not stop for a moment. At a certain moment, these chaotic screams suddenly became unified, and thousands of screams converged into a single wave, forming a shock wave visible to the naked eye and shrouded the seven people.

Seeing them getting closed, Yang Tai shouted, “Hurry up!”

The expressions of Hua Yulu and Wu Kuangyi also became more solemn.

Just when the others were puzzled, a strange scene appeared.

After the sharp chirping sound resonated, the auras of the monsters from the swamp underground actually began to be closely linked, and they quickly climbed from the 5th or 6th order into 7th or 8th order or even higher levels.

Yang Kai shot out an attack casually, took a leisurely look down, and suddenly saw a scene that made him amazed.

He saw that the overwhelming monster beasts actually gradually merged together, as if they were originally disassembled parts of a giant monster, and now they have some kind of opportunity to regroup.

A monster with a length of more than ten meter suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes. This monster beast had double horns on its head, covered with scales, and had eight claws. It was only the 5th order or 6th order monster beast, but exudes the aura of the 1oth order monster beast.

More and bigger monster beast hovered and pursued below.

Yang Kai felt the aura of several 12th order monster beast, and the 10th and 11th order were everywhere.

Those 5th or 6th order that were not in the eyes of the emperor realm, actually have the strange ability to merge and grow with each other, and the speed of merging and changing is beyond imagination.

Since they can survive in this environment, these monster beast really can’t be taken lightly.

With a rumbling for a while, these behemoths wandered on the ground to pursue them, their heads raised high, and they opened their mouths to bite at a few people in the sky, and an unpleasant stench came out of the huge mouths. After a miss, they actually spewed colorful balls of light from their mouths.

Yang Kai could see clearly that those light balls were clearly transformed by the poison barrier that they had swallowed before. Even if it was a 12th order monster beast, Yang Kai could face it calmly, but he couldn’t ignore this powerful poison barrier.

The expressions of the other six people also changed drastically. Artifacts have been summoned to protect the whole body.

Compared with the other people, Yang Kai has no defensive artifact to drive. Although the only Flying Wild Goose Black Dragon Armor has the level of an Emperor Artifact, it is mainly used to cover the body after Dragon Transformation. Yang Kai has never thought of using it to resist any harm. In desperation, he could only urge Emperor Yuan to form a layer of protection around his body.

The ball of poison barrier flew, most of them were broken up by everyone’s hands, a few hit everyone’s artifact, and all disappeared, but the strength of the poison barrier still made the scalp numb.

After blocking this poison barrier, several pieces of Emperor Artifacts actually flickered, and it was obvious that their spirituality was damaged. The Emperor Yuan, which Yang Kai maintained outside his body, was also corroded so badly that he had to continue to urge his energy to maintain his own protection, which seemed quite difficult.

The crowd fled, did not intend to entangle with these monsters.

It seems to be a long time, but it seems to be just a moment. When everyone rushed into a piece of dry land, the surrounding poison barriers were swept away, and the monster beasts that had been chasing them also suddenly stopped, as if there was something in front of them that made them fearful, constantly wandering around the edge of the poison barrier. Staring at the crowd with huge eyes.

“It’s all good now that we are here.” Yang Tai said with a smile, obviously relieved, and pointed at the monster beasts: “Those things won’t be chasing anymore, and I don’t know why.”

The monster beasts gathered at the edge of the poison barrier only watched for a while, and then they fell apart with a crash. It was transformed into a monster with a body length of two feet and only a 5th or 6yh order aura, and then walked towards the original road opened by the monsters, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Everyone is looking at where they are.

This is a dry land. It is extremely unusual for such a place to appear in the Southern Swamp, because the Southern Swamp is full of puddles, and this piece of land is like an isolated island in the vast and horrifying state.

The area of ​​the small island is not large, it only looks like a radius of tens of miles, and it is surrounded by the kind of poisonous barriers that make the Emperor Realm retreat. If everyone didn’t enter from the road opened by those monster beasts. I’m afraid there is no chance to come here.

Yang Tai looked solemn and said solemnly: “The ancient cave mansion is here.”

Although his look was serious, there was a trace of enthusiasm in his eyes that could not be concealed.

Wu Kuangyi’s expression was also slightly excited: “Last time I got some benefits with Brother Yang and Palace Master Hua, but we were blocked by a restriction formation, with old patriarch Gong’s help, it shouldn’t be a problem to break the restriction formation.”

Gong Yue smiled modestly: “The old man will do his best.”

“Thanks to the old Patriarch Gong first.” Wu Kuangyi clasped his fist, and then said: “I want to remind everyone that when you enter the ancient cave mansion, don’t touch things and don’t walk around. Let’s follow old Patriarch Gong, there are many remaining restrictions in that cave. Although it has been around for a long time, they are still powerful. If they are accidentally touched, it may cause unnecessary consequences.”

When he said these words, he deliberately or unintentionally looked at Yang Kai, as if he had specifically said it to him.

Wu Kuangyi’s expression was a little unsightly with Yang Kai’s wandering look.

“Okay, no one is a kid. You know what you should do. Let’s set off now.” Yang Tai greeted everyone with a smile, and led the team towards the place where the ancient cave mansion was located.

The order of the team has not changed, it is still Yang Kai and Hua Yulu behind.

“Senior Brother Yang, if there are any treasures, you can grab it, if you can’t, don’t force it.” Hua Yulu whispered.

“En.” Yang Kai replied subconsciously, as if out of the world.

This made Hua Yulu worried. No one knew if there was any danger after the restriction is open. If there was any danger, Yang Kai current state is going to be bad. She deliberately reminded him, but he didn’t speak well, so she could only make up her mind to be careful.

Yang Kai is indeed a little absent. Since stepping on this island, he has developed a very peculiar feeling, as if something is contacting him somewhere on this island, but when he went to investigate it again. Nothing was found, and he couldn’t even find out where the contact came from.

This made him puzzled. When Wu Kuangyi, Hua Yulu and others were speaking to him, he was trying to understand the situation, so he seemed a little absent-minded.

The island is not big, and it only took a moment for everyone to come to a stone forest. There are a dozen stone pillars of different heights. The surface of the stone pillars is mottled, and there are traces of erosion over the years. They seem to be arranged in disorder, but if you see it carefully, the order of these stone pillars seemed to be by design.

Staring carefully for a while, these stone pillars are even moving slowly, and the speed of movement is getting faster and faster, gradually becoming dazzling.

No one could see that there was a big problem in this stone forest.

Perhaps in a long time ago, this place was an extremely hidden entrance. Even if a powerful person comparable to the emperor realm passed by here, nothing would be discovered, but the outermost restriction was not maintained for a long time, and the effect would always be much weaker, which revealed many traces.

“Come with me!” Yang Tai took the lead, and after he greeted everyone without asking, he walked directly towards the middle of the stone forest.

In full view, he seemed to have passed through an invisible wall, and after walking through the middle of the stone forest, he disappeared strangely.

“Interesting, interesting!” Gong Yue stroked his long beard and watched with interest. His eyes were bright. It was obvious that he had discovered something, but he didn’t explain it carefully, but stepped forward.

After a while, Gong Yue also disappeared.

Followed by Fang Zhuo and Wu Kuangyi.

When it was Hua Yulu’s turn, she turned her head and said, “Senior Brother Yang should keep up.”

Yang Kai smiled at her: “I will follow you closely.”

Hua Yulu then moved forward with confidence.

Finally it was Yang Kai’s turn. When he crossed the invisible boundary, he clearly felt a feeling of crossing the void. The restriction in the stone forest should have the effect of a teleportation array.

The first few people were here, and the place seemed to be a cave. The cave was only a dozen meters in radius, the air was dry, and there was some unpleasant smell, which was not too unbearable.

There is some dim light coming from the surrounding cave walls, which are strange stones specially used for lighting.

However, after a long time, most of these strange stones have lost their usefulness, and they are still working like a candle in the wind, which seems to be extinguished at any time.

There is nothing else in the cave, it’s empty, and It’s unknown what exactly this cave was for in the ancient times.

“It wasn’t this place the last time I came in.” Yang Tai, the leader, looked around for a while, scratching his head, with an embarrassed expression on his face.

Wu Kuangyi and Hua Yulu also nodded. When the three of them came in from the stone forest last time, they did not enter this cave.

Gong Yue smiled and said: “The stone forest is a restriction to control the entrance. We didn’t have any control method, and we are lucky enough to not enter a bad place. The left and right are inside the cave. Let’s walk around and take a look. Find the right way, and maybe you can discover what you didn’t find last time.”

Yang Tai’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, and nodded: “Brother Gong is right, then let’s go now.”

As he spoke, he walked out first, followed by everyone.

After stepping out of the cave, there is a deep tunnel in front of it. Just like in the cave, there are some strange stones on the surrounding cave walls for lighting purposes. Although the light is not good, it’s better than nothing.

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