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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2911 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2911
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Yang Tai seemed to be very interested in the Passing of Time Fruit. At this time, leaving Gong Yue and staying with Yang Kai, calling Yang Kai “friend” from the side.

Naturally, Yang Kai would not tell the truth. The topic was turned away skillfully, and Yang Tai was too eager to behave. In the end, he had to stop and walk away angrily.

The scene suddenly fell silent, and all the seven were meditating and resting, waiting for the night to come.

A ray of Divine Sense suddenly extended towards Yang Kai, and then Yang Kai heard Hua Yulu’s quiet voice: “Is there any problem?”

Although she is a girl, as the Palace Master of Hundred Flowers Palace, she is naturally not a simple little girl. Yang Kai’s previous performance showed her some clues, so she asked quietly.

Yang Kai responded calmly: “When we enter the ancient cave mansion, don’t leave me within thirty feet.”

Hua Yulu was slightly surprised: “Is there a problem?”

If there were no problems, Yang Kai wouldn’t tell her like this, but she couldn’t see anything in any way, so she couldn’t help being suspicious.

Yang Kai said, “You should have heard about the opening of the Four Seasons Land many years ago, right?”

Hua Yulu replied: “I have heard that, I also heard that Senior Brother Yang refined the Extremely Wonderful Pill there.”

The Four Seasons Land is not a small secret realm. It is a palace left by the Passing of Time Great Emperor. Every time it is opened, only the best Dao Source Stage martial artists in the Southern Territory can enter it to experience, and each time it can bring out a lot of benefits.

The last time the Four Seasons Land was in uproar, one was because Yang Kai refined the Extremely Wonderful Pill Spirit Pill in it, which made Yang Kai famous, and the other was because the Ancient Holy Spirit like fierce beast Winged Tiger came out of the Four Seasons Land!

No one could handle the appearance of the Holy Spirit, not to mention that it was a fierce beast that was also known for its brutality in ancient times. It is said that Winged Tiger was the mount of Passing of Time Great Emperor. After the fall of Passing of Time Great Emperor, Winged Tiger has been sleeping in the Passing of Time Temple until the most recent time when the Four Seasons Land was opened, it got out of it.

In the next few years, the powerhouse in the Southern Territory were very worried, for fear that this Winged Tiger would do evil, but to everyone’s surprise, Winged Tiger has no noise and disappeared since then, as time passed by. Everyone’s attention to Winged Tiger has gradually diminished.

Hua Yulu also had a taste of Yang Kai’s power several times, and this time he had to accompany her to explore the ancient cave, so she deliberately inquired about Yang Kai’s affairs, and she also had some information about the Four Seasons Land.

In retrospect, she was already in the Emperor Realm at that time, and Yang Kai was only a newcomer to the Dao Source Stage, but now Yang Kai can sit on an equal footing with her, and she even has to rely on the other party to ensure her safety.

In contrast, Hua Yulu’s mood is inexplicably complicated.

“I once ran into a descendant of the Gong family in the Land of Four Seasons, and got a Passing of Time Fruit with him there alone.” Yang Kai replied.

Hua Yulu said in surprise: “You are lucky.”

Yang Kai chuckles and said: “The world only knows that Passing of Time Fruit can prolong life, but they don’t know that there are two kinds of years of fruit. One of them can really extend people’s life, but the other is toxic. If ingested by mistake, the years will all passed, and aging quickly, the two kinds of fruit are the same on the surface, but the effect is completely opposite.”

“Is this true?” Hua Yulu was slightly startled. Although she is an Emperor Realm, but she really doesn’t understand pharmacology, but thinking about Yang Kai’s ability to refine the Extremely Wonderful Pill at that time, he must be extraordinary in the Pill Way, naturally no stranger to the Passing of Time Fruit.

He said that he and the descendants of the Gong family had obtained the Passing of Time Fruit, and based on his pharmacological attainments, he would definitely choose the Passing of Time Fruit with longevity. In other words, the descendants of the Gong family brought back the poisonous Passing of Time Fruit.

Maybe someone in the Gong family has suffered a lot…

But this is unlikely, because even if the people of the Gong family don’t know the power of Passing of Time Fruit, they will definitely find someone to refine the pill first. And the Emperor Pill Master must have some understanding of Passing of Time Fruit, if that is the case, the Gong family should know Passing of Time Fruit information well. [MSN: well, it’s actually someone who know the Gong Family decendant well that got the fruits with Yang Kai, but i guess it’s the usual.]

But what Gong Yue said just now…

At this point, Hua Yulu was shocked and immediately understood where the problem was.

“Of course, this is just my suspicion. This old Patriarch Gong seems to have been cultivating hard in retreat. Maybe he doesn’t understand what happened in the clan, but it’s always right to be careful in everything.”

Hua Yulu nodded deeply, and stopped communicating with Yang Kai so as not to be discovered by others.

After breaking the contact with Hua Yulu, Yang Kai slightly raised his eyes and looked at the other person. If his suspicion is really correct, then this person has a problem too!

Tonight is a moonless night, the sky is full of stars, shining brightly, but you can’t enjoy this night scene in the southern swamp, and the poison barrier that covers the earth covers everything.

When everyone waited, they suddenly noticed something and opened their eyes together.

“Shhhh…” Yang Tai put a finger on his mouth, signalling everyone to stay calm and not restless, and then condensed his aura, and even used the concealment method. If you don’t look at it with the naked eye, no one will find his existence.

Hua Yulu and Wu Kuangyi obviously also knew what would happen, and they went into hiding like Yang Tai.

Several other people converge their aura.

There were blisters in the puddles in the swamp, as if something was about to come out from below the swamp, and in the perception of everyone, there was indeed a breath of life rising from a very deep position.

After a short while, a figure about a few feet long was suddenly printed in everyone’s eyes.

It was something that looked a bit like a crocodile and a bit like a lizard, with a weird appearance. It had eight claws, a long tail, and two big eyes on the top of the head, bulging like a toad, and a long tongue in the mouth when it crawls, as if a poisonous snake is looking for its prey, not only that, they also exude an unpleasant aura, which makes people snorting and nauseous.

This thing is so ugly that, even if the two women have superb cultivation level, they will inevitably show a look of disgust. Yang Tai looked at it with relish, as if they were some delicious delicacy.

More and more monsters crawled out of the puddles, in an endless stream, uninterrupted, and initially there were dozens or hundreds of them, and they soon became overwhelming.

None of the emperor realm present actually knew what it was. They should be a kind of monster beast, because there are traces of Monster Qi on their bodies, but the strength is not strong, at most the level of 5th or 6th order, and some may not even condense the inner core.

This kind of monster beast can be wiped out at will. No one knows how they survived in such a harsh environment. Although a few people came along the way, they have not encountered any danger, but they also noticed that there are many ferocious monsters hidden under the swamp.

Their only advantage is their large number.

These monsters crawled out from under the swamp, and their goals were unanimously walking towards the poison barrier ahead. There was a rustling sound from the climbing road, which made people involuntarily get goose bumps.

Soon, some of the monsters in the line arrived in front of the poison barrier. Under the close attention of Yang Kai and others, these monsters spit out their long tongues, rolled and collected them, and a shocking scene appeared. The poison barrier that can actually kill the 2nd order Emperor Realm was actually swallowed by these monsters, and after being swallowed, they were still safe.

They actually feed on this poison barrier, and the stronger the poison barrier is, the more delicious it is for them.

A monster can only take away a small amount of poisonous barriers, and it will be quickly replenished by the surrounding poisonous barriers.

But there are thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands…

As each tongue swallowed, the poison barriers in front of them became thinner visible to the naked eye. Even if the surrounding poison barriers were quickly replenished, they couldn’t resist the swallowing of these monsters.

More and more monsters were walking towards the inside of the poison barrier, and wherever they went, they gradually opened up a path for everyone to advance safely.

Several people who saw this situation for the first time showed a stunned look, and then they understood what Yang Tai said during the day.

All things are born with nature, and it is true that one thing confines one thing. If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, who would have thought that these monster beasts of only the 5th or 6th order could actually swallow a poison barrier that even the 2nd order Emperor Realm could not resist?

Moreover, listening to what Yang Tai said before, these monsters don’t seem to be out every night, it seems that there will be a certain time for this, otherwise Yang Tai would not say that everyone just caught up.

The discovery of the ancient cave mansion was simply a miracle, and all kinds of coincidences were indispensable.

But if it weren’t the case, the ancient cave mansion would not be left to the present, if it were really easy to find, it would have been long since discovered.

Although the night is dark and there is no light, but the strength of the people is good, and the night can’t hinder their observation.

The poison barrier that stood in front of them during the day gradually became thinner in front of the dense monster beasts, gradually leading to a deeper place.

However, Yang Tai didn’t move, and the others didn’t dare to move randomly, they all waited quietly.

After waiting for about two hours and seeing that the sky was about to dawn, Yang Tai suddenly yelled, “Go!”

When the words fell, he was the first to urge the Emperor Yuan to fly forward, following the passage opened by the monster beasts, all the way in.

Gong Yue and Shen Bingru, who had been prepared for a long time, immediately followed. Wu Kuangyi and Fang Zhuo were in better positions. The second batch rushed in, only a dozen feet away from the leader, Yang Tai.

Yang Kai and Hua Yulu fell behind again, and Yang Kai pushed her to let Hua Yulu walk in front. This move made Hua Yulu feel warmer in her heart and greatly increased her sense of security.

As soon as the seven people moved, they immediately alarmed the monsters who were devouring the poison barrier. They changed their quiet disguise before, and they all made a sharp chirping sound. The sound was transmitted to the ears, like gold and iron rubbing, making people flustered.

Not only that, but some monster beasts leaped high from the ground, swallowing their tongues and rolled towards a few people, seeing that the posture seemed to drag everyone down.

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