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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2909 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2909
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It didn’t take long to wait. Within half an hour, the six people present suddenly noticed an unfamiliar and powerful aura flying over here. Wu Kuangyi, Hua Yulu and others frowned secretly, but Yang Tai was rejoicing, watching over there.

After a while, a half-old man with gray hair came to the front of the group of people, stood in the air, and lightly nodded at the group of people.

“Brother Gong!” Yang Tai immediately clasped his fists, full of enthusiasm.

“Brother Yang has been waiting for a long time.” The old man surnamed Gong responded with a smile, apparently a familiar person with Yang Tai.

“It’s okay, it didn’t take long for us to converge.” Yang Tai chuckled. It was indeed the case. They waited for Yang Kai for several days and waited for a while since Yang Kai arrived.

Turning to Wu Kuangyi and the others said, “This is the one this Yang is waiting for. Brother Wu, do you know who he is?”

Wu Kuangyi frowned fiercely, glanced at him, recalling Yang Tai’s words before, vaguely guessed: “Your surname is Gong, does it have anything to do with the Heavenly River Valley Gong Family?”

As soon as she said this, Hua Yulu also brightened her eyes, and looked at the old man surnamed Gong with interest.

If this half-old man really came from the Gong family, it would be a great help.

Yang Tai laughed and said, “Brother Wu is really knowledgeable. Brother Gong is indeed from the Heavenly River Valley Gong Family.”

Wu Kuangyi said coldly: “The Heavenly River Valley Gong Family has a great reputation. Although Wu is ignorant, he has heard of it.” He was still a little annoyed at Yang Tai’s previous practice, feeling that Yang Tai had abandoned the agreement between the three of them, raised the head and looked at the half-old man and said: “How do i call you?”

The old man surnamed Gong smiled slightly: “Gong Yue!”

“Gong Yue…” Wu Kuangyi groaned, suddenly his expression shook, clasped his fist and said, “It turns out that it is the former Patriarch of the Gong family, i was rude!”

He had obviously heard of Gong Yue’s name and knew his origins. He didn’t dare to be big at the moment and gave the other party the respect he deserved.

Gong Yue smiled and waved his hand and said, “I’m just an old man now, I’m just walking around in my free time. You don’t have to be like this.”

Yang Tai said: “I went to the Heavenly River Valley Gong Family a few days ago to ask about the restriction formation, which coincided with Brother Gong’s departure. After seeing this restriction formation, Brother Gong really liked it, so he wanted to come over and take a look. Brother Gong’s invitation to the little old man is really hard to refuse. That’s why this happen today. The little old man will apologize to brother Wu, don’t be angry.”

Wu Kuangyi said with a cold face: “It’s nothing, Brother Yang is worrying too much.”

Gong Yue said, “It was Gong who came here uninvited. You guys should blame me. Brother Yang was also forced to be helpless. Of course, Gong was only interested in the ancient restriction formations and wanted to see it with his own eyes. It would be great to be able to participate in the cracking. But if you feel that there is something wrong, then it’s okay for Gong to go back home.”

The Heavenly River Valley Gong Family, although not a top-notch power, is also very impressive, and its fame is related to the way of formations, because this family is specialized in researching formations. There are many formation experts in the clan, and many sects in the Southern Territory have to ask the Gong family members to come out and assist when setting up formations.

Previously, Hua Yulu wanted to go to the Gong family to ask about the restriction formations of the ancient cave mansion, but it was just a thought, she didn’t really go.

Now it seems that Yang Tai has the same idea as her, and Yang Tai seems to be a little familiar with Gong Yue, so that he can speak with him.

The people of the Gong family are obsessed with formations, especially the strange formations that have been lost in ancient times. It is understandable that it would aroused Gong Yue interest and came here uninvited.

After understanding this, everyone present immediately knew why Yang Tai had said those things before, if it was Gong Yue’s words. That really helped them a lot on their treasure hunt. This was the former head of the Heavenly River Valley Gong Family. There are few people in the world who have reached the pinnacle of attainments in the way of formation like him. If they had his help, it shouldn’t be a problem to crack that ancient formation.

Wu Kuangyi pondered for a long time, staring at Hua Yulu from the corner of his eyes, secretly communicating something through voice transmission.

He didn’t hide it, so everyone saw it clearly and guessed what they were talking about.

After a while, Wu Kuangyi said, “Dare to ask Patriarch Gong, do you come here only for the ancient formation? Presumably you also know what we are going to do. If we get any benefits in the ancient cave…”

Gong Yue immediately said: “The formation way is the road i choose, it is the only one, and it is eternal!”

This answer is enough. There are 3000 roads between heaven and earth. Gong Yue pursues the way of formation. No matter how valuable other things are, there is no such thing as an ancient strange formation.

Yang Tai laughed and said, “Brother Gong just wants to see the formation and participate in the cracking. There is no other requirement. Of course, if everyone feels wrong, Brother Gong just said that he can go back home and will not force you. Well, the premise is that some of us can break the formation, otherwise we will have to come back empty-handed.”

He, Wu Kuangyi, and Hua Yulu were preparing for half a year, not only to find a reliable helper, but also to make a lot of preparations for that formation in the past half a year.

Hua Yulu wanted to go to the Heavenly River Valley Gong Family for advice, but Yang Kai took care of the formation matter a few months ago, so Hua Yulu didn’t go to Heavenly River Valley.

On Wu Kuangyi’s side, the cold-faced man who had been invited obviously also had some research on the formation way, because at this moment Wu Kuangyi was looking at him and seemed to be asking for his opinion.

The man named Fang Zhuo remained silent for a long time, and nodded lightly.

Wu Kuangyi understood his mind, and said: “Since everyone has no opinion, please invite Patriarch Gong to accompany us. This trip will also depend on Patriarch Gong.”

“It’s easy to talk, the old man must do his best.” Gong Yue smiled and stroked his beard.

At this moment, Yang Kai took a step forward and said, “Is it really the Old Patriarch Gong? Could he prove his identity?”

With a word, everyone’s expressions were stunned, and Wu Kuangyi seemed to be awakened for a while.

The reason why he trusts the other party who is known as Gong Yue is because he has heard of Gong Yue and knew that he is the former head of the Gong family. Secondly, Yang Tai’s words gave him preconceived thoughts, which convinced him.

Now that Yang Kai mentioned it, he was suddenly alert.

He hadn’t seen Gong Yue, so naturally he didn’t know what Gong Yue looked like. Maybe the person in front of him was really Gong Yue…or maybe not. If he is really the former Patriarch of the Gong family, he can be trusted one or two, but if the other party is an imposter, then he have to be careful.

Thinking of this, Wu Kuangyi glanced at Yang Tai leisurely.

Yang Tai still smiled, turning his head to look at Yang Kai and said, “This little brother Yang Jiu really loves to joke around, can anyone pretend to be a brother Gong? That’s wrong.”

“I’m only asking something i don’t understand, what’s wrong?” Yang Kai also turned his head to look at him, with a smile on his lips.

Yang Tai frowned, and said, “Yang promises in his own name that Brother Gong is Brother Gong, the former Patriarch of the Heavenly River Valley Gong Family.”

Yang Kai laughed and didn’t say a word. Yang Tai seemed to know that his guarantee didn’t have any weight at all. He hadn’t seen Yang Kai before, so how could he guarantee anything? Moreover, Wu Kuangyi seemed to be a little suspicious, and suddenly said with a bitter face: “Oh, how can this be done? How about going to Heavenly River Valley first to verify?”

This is obviously impossible. Heavenly River Valley is far away from here. It takes at least two months to come and go. Who has the time, his proposal is the same as saying nothing.

The more Yang Tai said so, the more Wu Kuangyi became suspicious, his eyes kept turning around Yang Tai and Gong Yue, as if he wanted to see some clues. But what disappointed him was that Yang Tai had nothing suspicious, and even though Gong Yue was questioned, he was still unperturbed, showing the same demeanor.

This made him wonder if Yang Jiu was a little too careful.

Gong Yue said, “Although I have Gong family tokens on my body, I think it’s useless even if I take them out. Since this little brother is questioning, then Gong should prove himself, but how can I prove it? Little brother has suitable method?”

Yang Kai smiled slightly and said, “As far as the formation way is concerned, it can be proved by the formation way. Who has researched the formation way?”

When he said that, everyone vaguely understood what he meant.

Wu Kuangyi quickly looked towards Fang Zhuo.

Although Fang Zhuo was taciturn, his mind was extremely exquisite. He immediately understood Yang Kai’s thoughts. He took a step forward and took out a few array flags without saying a word. It was thrown into the void and disappeared.

His movements are fluent and smooth, and he really has some research on the way of formation, and even has extraordinary accomplishments.

Gong Yue smiled unabated, as if he had guessed Fang Zhuo’s plan, and let him do it.

And under Fang Zhuo’s actions, a large void suddenly became distorted. After he hit the final flag into the corresponding position, the place where Gong Yue was located suddenly changed, and then the whole person disappeared.

Everyone looked into the past with Divine Sense, and only felt that there was a formation blocking them, and could not be seen by the naked eyes in the slightest.

“Oh? It turns out that Brother Fang Zhuo is also proficient in formations?” Yang Tai showed an unexpected look.

Fang Zhuoxi’s words are like gold: “Understand a little.”

Immediately, he put his hands on his back and squinted his eyes to look at his formation.

This is obviously a Trapping Formation. Although it does not have any lethality, it can trap people in a certain position and cannot move.

If the Gong Yue trapped in the formation is really the former Patriarch of the Gong family, it should not be too difficult to crack it, but if it is an imposter, there must be no corresponding formation level.

This kind of test is simple and clear. Although Gong Yue’s identity cannot be completely determined, it can at least eliminate everyone’s suspicion of him.

For a while, everyone was holding their breath and paying attention to the formation, wondering what the final result would be.

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