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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2907 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2907
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“Heavenly Music Treasure Box.” Yang Kai reached out his hand on the box, the sound of the Heavenly Music Treasure Box immediately rang, like a clear spring in the mountains, and like the ghost of an empty valley, which made people listen to it with shock expression.

The jingling sound continued to be heard, and the boxes rose layer by layer and gradually turned into a pagoda. There are nine layers in total. Each layer is rotating, fast or slow, delivering different sounds. And these sounds gathered together to compose a beautiful music rhythm.

Not only that, when the Heavenly Music Treasure Box was spinning, a layer of light blue mist began to diffuse, gradually spreading around, filling a huge space. The light blue mist was like a starry sky without impurities, a little bit starry. It makes people feel like they are in the starry sky, everything around is magnificent.

“Good thing.” Nanmen Dajun looked a little bright. Although he felt that the Heavenly Music Treasure Box did not have much effect on him, for the martial artist below the emperor realm, this magical rhythm definitely can help the cultivation, and makes it easier for people to achieve a state of selflessness. Cultivating in this state will surely be able to get twice the result with half the effort.

“You should be able to let it play its role better.” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile.

Nanmen Dajun’s eyes was bright, and in his mind he had begun to conceive of using this Heavenly Music Treasure Box as the hub of the formation, supplemented by several other artifacts, to arrange a Heavenly Music Treasure Hall.

This matter is not difficult for him, and once the arrangement is successful, the entire Heavenly Music Treasure Hall will be filled with the sound of the Heavenly Music Treasure Box, which will be of great benefit to the disciples who enter the retreat and practice.

Yang Kai is right. This Heavenly Music Treasure Box can only play a greater role in front of an Emperor Formation Expert like Nanmen Dajun. After being upgraded by the formation, the Heavenly Music Treasure Box will definitely be the foundation of High Heaven Palace and the gospel of Emperor Realm to lower base disciple.

“Leave it to me.” Nanmen Dajun cherished the Heavenly Music Treasure Box, looked at Yang Kai with concern and asked, “Palace Lord, are you okay?”

He just discovered that Yang Kai’s condition was a little bad, and his face was abnormally pale.

He has deeply experienced how powerful Yang Kai is. Sect Masters Mi Qi and Li Jiao, who are as strong as the top sects of the Northern Territory, can’t make any waves in front of him, and the three big Monster King are obedient to him. The strong man’s face was pale, so the only explanation is that he was seriously injured.

Nanmen Dajun couldn’t think of anyone else in the world that would allow Yang Kai to suffer such an injury, and naturally it was impossible to think of Yang Kai’s rich experience in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland.

Yang Kai shook his head.

Nanmen Dajun said again: “Do you need me to accompany you? Although I don’t know what the Palace Lord is going to do, but I think it is related to the formation. If I go with you, it will be a little help in cracking the formation.”

“No need.” Yang Kai waved his hand, “I’m fine, and it’s not convenient to take you there this time.”

He was going at Xia Sheng’s request to accompany Hua Yulu to explore an ancient cave. Hua Yulu also said that she could only find a helper, and rashly bringing another one might cause conflicts.

Yang Kai refused, and Nanmen Dajun did not insist anymore, and then reported to him the development of the High Heaven Palace during this period of time, and only then returned to the Northern Territory by crossing the space law formation.

Yang Kai didn’t rush to leave, but sat down cross-legged, first took out some spirit pills to repair the divine soul, and then began to refine the Flowing Clouds Shuttle.

He found that he still underestimated the impact of his experience in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland on his divine soul. He thought since he was guarded by the colorful Mild Soul Lotus. Even if the wound was severe, the divine soul should have recovered within half a month.

But in fact, more than a dozen days have passed, and the Divine Soul hasn’t seen much improvement.

He guessed that this was due to the excessive overdraft of the power of the divine soul, not only because of the injury in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland, but also the reason of time distortion. After experiencing two years in five days, the load on the divine soul is extremely huge, It was equal to Yang Kai consuming two years worth of Divine Soul Power in five days, and if he wanted to replenish it. It would definitely not be possible for ten days or half a month.

The Emperor Grade Artifact is not easy to refine, especially Yang Kai’s current divine soul power is a bit unsustainable.

However, he still spent a few days of work, simply branding his mark in Flowing Clouds Shuttle, so that it was enough to drive Flowing Clouds Shuttle to fly, but he could not exert most of its power.

This is enough. For Yang Kai, Flowing Clouds Shuttle greatest use is transportation.

He set off again and thought about it for a while before confirming the destination. After experiencing the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland, his memories of the past are often a little fuzzy.

Although the land of the Southern Swamp is the dangerous place of the Southern Territory, it is not something like the Frozen Earth of the Northern Territory, but there are many strong people who fall in it every year. What attracts these martial artist into the land of the southern swamp are the rich and rare treasure and various caves hidden in unknown corners.

It is rumored that the land of the Southern Swamp was the place for the martial artists of the Southern Territory a long time ago. Countless sects and powers established sects and developed here, but a catastrophic transformation of the world turned this prosperous area into a swamp, the martial artist of the Southern Territory also gradually abandoned this precious land.

In that catastrophic transformation of the world, countless sects were destroyed and many cave mansions were hidden. From time to time, martial artist who risked their lives discovered the ruins of ancient sects and the inheritance of the strong, and soared into the sky.

In the southern swamp, there are also many special products of spirit flowers and exotic plants. These are treasures that cannot be found anywhere else in the entire Star Boundary, and any of them can be sold at sky-high prices.

In the face of various benefits, a little danger can no longer stop the pace of exploration by the martial artist. A few hundred years ago, the southern swamp became lively and extraordinary. However, as more and more benefits were discovered, the place fell silent again, but there are still some people who are not afraid of death.

Yang Kai has also heard of the land of the southern swamp, but this is the first time he has entered it. He is daring and is not afraid of anything. Even if his divine soul is not restored now, he is not a soft persimmon that can be kneaded casually.

It was half a month after Yang Kai arrived in the southern swamp, and found that this place was indeed the same as the rumors. There were undercurrents in the swamp. Under the swamp, a very dangerous aura was sometimes hidden, like a cheetah waiting for its prey to be caught in the net, ready to threw out a fatal blow at any time. There are many poisonous barriers in the southern swamp. Looking down from the sky, these poisonous barriers are colorful, and under the reflection of the sun, they gather into a colorful spectacle. Under the bright appearance, there are murderous intention step by step.

The existence of these poison barriers alone stopped the martial artist below the Dao Source Stage. Only the martial artist of the Dao Source Stage and the Emperor Realm can resist the erosion of the poison barrier and explore safely in the Southern Swamp.

However, poison barriers can be strong or weak. Even the emperor realm cannot easily resist a powerful poison barrier. Once corroded by the toxins, the strong Emperor Realm may fell in it.

Yang Kai took out his communication compass, found the mark of Hua Yulu from it, and delivered the message.

After half a day, there was an echo in the compass.

After immersing himself in the commmunication compass, Yang Kai turned and flew away.

Two hours later, Yang Kai sensed the existence of several auras, one of which was the aura of Hua Yulu, and he immediately galloped towards that side.

Several people over there were obviously aware of Yang Kai’s existence, and before he was close, they all released their Divine Sense to investigate. The next moment, everyone showed a surprised look.

Because they sensed the existence of Flowing Clouds Shuttle.

Flowing Clouds Shuttle is a Flight Emperor Artifact, and its value is immeasurable. Such an Emperor Artifact is rare even in the Emperor Realm. If Yang Kai hadn’t had Hou Yu refining it for him, he would never have his own flight Emperor Artifact.

After a short while, Flowing Clouds Shuttle flew in front of everyone. After the light flashed, Yang Kai appeared.

Hua Yulu showed her face and looked at him with joy, and then she was stunned.

Because she saw an extremely strange face, it was not Yang Kai’s face at all.

But she soon realized that Yang Kai was wearing some Disguise Artifact, and changed his appearance.

The Disguise Artifact was something that Yang Kai got in the Solitary Void Secret Boundary. It didn’t have much effect. It was basically impossible to hide the traces in front of the Emperor Realm. Everyone could see that he was wearing the Disguise Artifact, but this can conceal his weak and pale appearance.

Without this Artifact, Yang Kai’s pale expression could not be hidden.

Hua Yulu didn’t think deeply about why Yang Kai did this, but since Yang Kai intended to hide his identity, of course she had to cooperate.

“Senior Brother Yang!” Hua Yulu greeted.

“Palace Master Hua!” Yang Kai gently nodded at her, “I’m sorry for being late.”

Apart from Hua Yulu, four people have gathered here, and they are obviously all here long ago. At the beginning, Hua Yulu said that she discovered the ancient cave with two other people. Although entering it broke some of the restrictions and benefited from each, they were blocked from entering before the last level of restrictions.

Then the three of them discussed going back to find their own helpers, each of whom could only find one helper below the 2nd order Emperor Realm, and then come together to explore after half a year.

Hua Yulu was looking for Xia Sheng, but it was a pity that Xia Sheng was stationed at Spirit Lake Palace and couldn’t get out. He could only ask Yang Kai. Xia Sheng spoke, and Yang Kai couldn’t refuse, not to mention that he was also very interested in the ancient cave.

Because Hua Yulu got a small drum in it, the drum is like the Mountain and Rivers Bell, a rare treasure, but it is not powerful.

According to Hua Yulu, among the other two, one of them had a great increase in cultivation level. Originally, the one of the three had the lowest cultivation level, but he had the strongest aura when he went out, and the other one learned a secret technique. It’s unknown how powerful it is.

Cultivation is not only a closed-door practice. Various opportunities for experience are also a part of a must have. Often these experiences and opportunities can be easier to improve your strength than closed door cultivation.

It’s just that this trip to explore the ancient cave mansion was a bit unfortunate. Yang Kai had just experienced the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland, and it was when he needed a rest the most, but since he had already agreed with others, he could only bite the bullet.

Yang Kai secretly made up his mind that this time the experience is mainly about safety, as long as he can bring Hua Yulu back intact, he will not disappoint Xia Sheng’s entrustment.

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