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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2903 English [Readable]

Martial Peak Chapter 2903
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Yang Kai retracted his gaze and exhaled softly.

He has seen the result of the war between these two races. As he expected, the barbarians won after paying a huge price. The invaders were driven out and killed. As for the two demon saints who flee, even though their hands and eyes are open to the sky, there is no hiding place for them in this vast world.

This experience was very successful to a certain extent, and Yang Kai himself also gained a lot, especially his understanding of ancient wizard technique, which is unmatched by anything recorded in ancient books.

The only flaw was that the Wizard Niu died, but in the situation at that time, Yang Kai, as the Wizard Niu, couldn’t think of a better way to resolve the blow of the Great Demon God.

There is only one last question left…

Yang Kai turned his head, looked at the petite woman next to him, and asked seriously: “Who are you? How should I call you, or should i call you as…Butterfly!”

Buterfly smiled, seeming to notice some dissatisfaction in Yang Kai’s voice, and said softly: “I am a witness and recorder of history. What you have experienced is only a drop in the ocean that I have recorded.”

“You created this illusion?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

Butterfly shook her head and said, “I am only responsible for witnessing and recording. What kind of illusion encountered when entering here is entirely the choice of the experiencer.”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “I don’t remember choosing anything.”

After he entered here, he woke up and became the Aniu of Dark Blue South Village. Has there ever been a choice?

Butterfly smiled and said, “Some things in your body will help you make choices.”

Yang Kai thought for a while and said, “The Ancient Demon Qi?” Only the Ancient Demon Qi had some connection with the illusion of the battle between the two races.

As soon as he spoke, he was shocked again. He remembered that he had unlocked the gold and silver seal at the lower abdomen. He had already been demonized, but now he didn’t feel much discomfort. He wanted to check his own state, but now he has no body. He appears here in a spirit-like way, communicating with Butterfly, so he can’t check his own situation at all.

Butterfly sensed his thoughts and said, “Don’t worry, everything is stopped here, wait for you to go out before dealing with your own difficulties.”

Yang Kai nodded, and pondered: “You said you are the witness and recorder of history. Can I understand that you are the illusion itself?”

Butterfly’s eyes looked at him brightly, and said: “It’s really smart, yes, I am the illusion itself.”

Yang Kai said: “The illusion experienced by everyone who comes here will be different, right, what I experienced is the invasion of the demon race, the war between the two races, if other people come, maybe they will experience other things.”

“That’s right.” Butterfly smiled softly, feeling that talking to smart people is not tiring, “And this time you experienced a scene of a war between two races, maybe what you will experience next time you come in is another thing. Everything is changing, and everything has cause and effect.”

“Does this secret realm have a name?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“Thousand Imaginary Dreamland!” Butterfly replied, her petite body suddenly turned and burst open with a hit.

Yang Kai was slightly startled, but quickly settled his mind, staring at a giant butterfly in front of him with blurred eyes.

The place where Butterfly originally stood is now occupied by a tall, colorful butterfly. The butterfly is brightly colored and gives a feeling of beauty to the extreme. It gently waved its wings, and the fluorescence flowed, looking dazzling.

Butterfly’s voice came from the Butterfly: “I am Thousand Imaginary Dreamland Butterfly, the controller of this secret realm!”

“It turns out that you are the key to open this secret realm!” Yang Kai suddenly realized.

Princess Lan Xun once told Yang Kai that some of the many secret realms on the fifth floor of the five-color pagoda require a specific key to open. Since the elder Tan Junhao of the Star Soul Palace was killed by Yang Kai in Flowing Shadow City, the Golden Armored Heavenly Book also fell into Yang Kai’s hands, causing some of the disciples of the Star Soul Palace who were experiencing training in the Grand Void Imaginary Land to be trapped in it and unable to leave.

In order to retrieve the Golden Armored Heavenly Book, the Star Soul Palace had to agree to Yang Kai’s request to enter the five-color pagoda for a month.

The key to the Grand Void imaginary Land is the Golden Armored Heavenly Book, and the key to the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland that Yang Kai has experienced is the Butterfly, which is also the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland she transformed into now!

Butterfly chuckled softly: “The key? I am not just the key. I told you just now that I am the illusion itself.”

Yang Kai didn’t know the difference, but instinctively felt that this so-called Thousand Imaginary Dreamland Butterfly seemed to be more advanced than Grand Void Imaginary Land in Lan Xun’s mouth. He nodded and said: “I roughly figured it out, but since you are in control of this secret realm, why do you appear by my side as Butterfly? Are you monitoring me?”

Butterfly said: “I can easily understand everything in the secret realm, and I don’t need to monitor anything. As for why…i’m just doing whatever i want. I slept for quite a while, this time I was awakened by you.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, and said with a hint of interest: “So what is special about you? Can I take you away?” After a while, he changed his words: “Will you follow me?”

If he can take the butterfly away, then he can control a secret realm. Moreover, it is a mystery that is ever-changing and suitable for martial artist of all levels to enter and experience in it. He is now the Palace Lord of the High Heaven Palace and has to consider many things.

Every large sect has its own foundation for establishing sects, such as the five-color pagoda of the Star Soul Palace, the Divine Movement Mirror of Azure Sun Temple, Stellar Astral Wind of Plain Palace, and the Martial Intent Temple of the Heavenly Martial Holy Land. Each has its own irreplaceable role, contributing unimaginable power to the development of its own sect.

The strength of a sect is not only enough to have a few strong people, but also to consider the future development and the growth of the disciples.

There is no shortage of strong people in the High Heaven Palace today. Several monster kings are the high ranking guest elder and are also commanded by Yang Kai. There are emperor formation expert, emperor pill master, and emperor item refining expert in the palace, as well as cross-domain space law formation. In the north and south, cultivation resources are not a problem. Yang Kai is still working on the matter of Tian Yan. If he can help Tian Yan reshape his body and get him out of the divine movement mirror, then the High Heaven Palace will have a great emperor-level powerhouse as the backing, even if it is not the great emperor’s sect, it is not far off.

What High Heaven Palace lacks is a foundation that can help several generations, or dozens of generations of disciples to grow.

Thousand Imaginary Dreamland is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

So Yang Kai wanted to take it away. The Thousand Imaginary Dreamland is one of the many secret realms on the fifth floor of the five-color pagoda. Butterfly is the secret realm itself and the key. As long as Butterfly can be taken away, the High Heaven Palace will have their own secret realm.

As for whether it would be discovered or blocked by the Star Soul Palace, Yang Kai didn’t think there was anything to worry about.

Many secret realms are sealed in the fifth floor of the five-color pagoda. There are some secret realms that even the people of the Star Soul Palace cannot open or find. If you take one from it, the Star Soul Palace will definitely not know.

What’s more, what can they do if they know it? This is the benefit that Yang Kai has gained in his experience. The Star Soul Palace cannot forcibily block it. That would also be a blow to the reputation of the Star Soul Palace.

Thinking of this in his heart, Yang Kai asked, and at the same time, he quickly thought about how to persuade Butterfly if she refused, he was not very sure about this proposal.

“Yes!” Butterfly said softly.

“Wh…what?” Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, never expected that Butterfly would agree so readily, and the few words of persuasion he had just prepared suddenly rot in his stomach.

“I said yes.” Butterfly repeated.

Yang Kai was speechless for a while, Butterfly agreed so easily that he suddenly couldn’t handle it.

On the contrary, Butterfly saw his concerns and chuckled: “I have seen historical changes and interpretations in you. I need to record them. It is not convenient to stay in this place.”

Yang Kai grinned: “I don’t know what the future will look like, but I think my future should be very exciting. You may record many things.”

“I hope so.”

Yang Kai stretched out his hand towards her, Butterfly gently instigated the colorful wings, the beautiful body suddenly turned into a stream of light, and rushed to Yang Kai’s hand.

Yang Kai gently held it, and when he looked down, there was something like a butterfly hairpin in his hand. It was small and exquisite, and it looked exactly the same as the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland Butterfly transformed by the Butterfly, but its size had shrunk countless times.

The butterfly disappeared, turned into a butterfly-shaped key and left in Yang Kai’s hands.

Everything around him suddenly twisted and became bizarre, and then Yang Kai felt an irresistible suction pulling himself, pulling himself in an unknown direction, as if it was about to throw him into hell.

He couldn’t resist, he could only guard his mind.

With a rumbling, Yang Kai only felt that his divine soul seemed to have traveled through an endless tunnel of time and space, and suddenly came to a familiar residence.

He opened his eyes and confirmed for the first time that his divine soul had returned to the flesh body.

But the physical condition is extremely bad.

The rich demon Qi envelops him, his flesh and blood Qi are swollen, and it delivers an extremely dangerous aura, which impacts his divine soul, making him turbulent, as if he might be demonized at any time.

He [Become Devil] in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland, his body really gave a very real response. In other words, although the experience in the Thousand Imaginary Dreamland is only the fantasy, there are still some inextricable connections with the experiencer itself. For example, in the current situation, Yang Kai has become demonized in the fantasy realm, and he really demonized in here.

Without time to think about it too much, Yang Kai hurriedly urged the power of the colorful Mild Soul Lotus in the Consciousness Sea to guard the clarity of his own consciousness, and then immersed in the Mysterious Small Boundary, pulling the sealing power of the gold and silver trees in the medicinal garden into one’s own body.

The light of gold and silver gushes out quickly, flowing through the body through the meridians.

Under the power of that magical gold and silver seal, the Demon Qi surging in the limbs and bones and flesh and blood cells is like encountering a nemesis, rolling back all over, rushing towards the dantian, as if a rabbit is avoiding Falcon’s pursuit, revealing a sense of panic.

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Martial Peak [Completed]

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