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Novel Martial Peak Chapter 2786 English [Readable]

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Facing the terrifying blow of the middle-aged man, Yang Kai took a step forward, and the moment he landed, the pressure that made Hou Yu and the Nanmen Dajun felt like being hit by mountain instantly melted away.

Gently clicked forward with a finger, it seemed plain and unremarkable, but it was powerful.

The face of the middle-aged man who came changed expression, and he grabbed his hand in a hurry, and the Emperor Yuan surged and fought Yang Kai with a blow.

But with a soft click, the middle-aged man’s aura instantly dried up like a punctured ball, and the whole person involuntarily stepped back several steps to stabilize his figure.

On the other hand, Yang Kai was motionless, his aura was calm, the sea breeze came, his clothes were fluttering, and his black hair was flying.

Hou Yu was stunned, staring at Yang Kai’s back in a daze, almost astonishing Yang Kai as a heavenly man for a while.

‘Did i read it right?’ Can the 1st-order Emperor Realm be so powerful? She and Nanmen Dajun are also the 1st-order Emperor Realm, but under the suppression of the incoming attack, breathing is extremely difficult, but the palace lord of the High Heaven Palace actually make the enemy retreat!


The middle-aged man was also taken aback. At that moment, what he saw was not a finger, but a sharp blade that smashed at him. The breath of death enveloped his body, making him feel unavoidable.

Just when he thought he was not dead and was seriously injured, the other party broke through his defense lightly, just pushing him back, not really want to kill him, or even hurting him, just making his aura slightly disordered.

“You are in the same group?” The middle-aged man also recognized Yang Kai and the Nanmen Dajun at this moment. Two days ago, when they first went to the island, they met. At that time, the other party said he came to ask for a debt. He was naive and actually believe it, but now it seems that the two of them came not to ask for debts, but they were clearly the accomplices of that wicked woman.

If it’s an ordinary 1st-order Emperor Realm, he doesn’t need to look at it, but he just ate Yang Kai’s one finger shot and saw Yang Kai’s ability, and he was really afraid.

If he really tears his face and fights, he may not be the opponent.

After a sudden change in his mind, the middle-aged man recovered his composure again, and he shouted: “In any case, today you woman will either pay the money or pay with your life!”

When the words fell, a group of figures rushed from all directions and gathered around the middle-aged man.

These people have been staying on the island, looking for Hou Yu to pay her debts.

There are more than twenty people, and five of them are in the Emperor Realm. Except for the middle-aged man who is in the 2nd-order Emperor Realm, the remaining four are all in the 1st-order Emperor Realm.

With so many people standing next to him, the fear in the middle-aged man’s heart is slightly reduced. He is not the opponent of that young man alone, but are so many people no longer an opponent? [MSN: Yes.]

A tiger does not fight a pack of wolves, two fists are hard to beat four hands, and the opponent can’t be more powerful than a single person.

And as soon as these people appeared, they all showed hatred and anger at Hou Yu, as if they had something incompatible with her, but they didn’t speak casually either. Obviously, the middle-aged man was looking forward to it.

“This friend, this woman owes me a lot of Source Crystal. If you insist on sheltering her, don’t blame me for not being affectionate.” The middle-aged man turned his gaze on Yang Kai, extremely vigilant.

“Everyone is here?” Yang Kai smiled slightly, glanced across the audience, and fell on the middle-aged man again, and said unhurriedly: “It is only natural that she owes you what she owes you, and I will pay for her.”

“You will pay for her?” The middle-aged man was taken aback when he heard the words, and looked at Yang Kai and said, “Do you know how much she owes?”

“As much as there is!” Yang Kai said lightly.

Hou Yu swallowed her saliva, quietly poke Nanmen Dajun shoulder, and asked, “Is our palace lord very rich?”

Nanmen Dajun glanced at her, hehe sneered: “I have a relationship with you? Anyway, the palace lord will help you pay off the debt this time, and then deduct it from your monthly salary. It is estimated that you will have to stay in the High Heaven Palace for the rest of your life.”

When Hou Yu heard this, her pretty face changed abruptly, and she grasped the arm of Nanmen Dajun and said, “Dajun, you can’t abandon me. I joined the High Heaven Palace because of you. If you want to leave in the future, you can’t leave alone. If you leave, you must take me with you.”

Nanmen Dajun continued to sneer and pulled out his arm.

Over there, after hearing Yang Kai’s bold words, everyone reacted differently, some with joy, some with suspicion.

After all, the amount of debt owed by the woman is not small. The young man actually said he would pay all of it. Does he have the financial resources? That’s not a low-rank source crystal or a middle-rank source crystal, but a high-rank source crystal worth tens of millions.

Even Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace will not be too easy to bear such debts.

“Who is your excellency?” The middle-aged man frowned and looked at Yang Kai. “With such an amazing strength and dare to boast shamelessly, he must not be an unknown person, right?”

“It’s just paying back debts, what are you asking so many for.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Nanmen Dajun said, “This is the Palace Lord of the High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai, you shouldn’t be too unfamiliar, right?”


“Palace Lord of High Heaven Palace?”

“It’s the High Heaven Palace that destroyed Asking Passion Sect and occupied the magpie’s nest?”

“I heard that the palace lord of the High Heaven Palace is a young man, and his cultivation is indeed at the 1st-order Emperor Realm, so it seems…”


Hearing the introduction of Nanmen Dajun, a group of people were shocked. They began to look at Yang Kai again while breathing in a cold breath. The middle-aged man’s expression turned black, and a little cold sweat oozes from his forehead.

It turns out that this is the palace lord of the High Heaven Palace who has recently spread in the Northern Territory!

Asking Passion Sect was destroyed, and there was a lot of trouble in the entire Northern Territory. Although the High Heaven Palace has only just been established, the head is already high above the sky, billions of martial artist in the Northern Territory, who have a little source of information, will not be unfamiliar with this.

The strength of the High Heaven Palace can be imagined, to be able to destroy such a deep-rooted behemoth like Asking Passion Sect. Hearing that there are three major Monster Kings in it, not even a scum was left from Feng Xuan when he was killed, the Sect Master of Asking Passion Sect.

But now it seems that this High Heaven Palace is not only relying on the three Monster Kings to get things done. This young palace lord, who seems to be young, is not an easy one to provoke. With the cultivation level of the 1st-order Emperor Realm, he can easily suppress him, looking at the entire Star Boundary with such an ability, few people can do it.

Fortunately, the conflicts are not deep, otherwise the Northern Territory will not have a place for him in the future.

At this point, the middle-aged man had a grim expression and hurriedly clasped his fists: “It turned out to be Palace Lord Yang, i was rude.”

Seeing him like this, the others hurriedly clasped their fists and greeted him, not daring to have the slightest scorn.

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Xiao Hou is a member of my High Heaven Palace. This time she has caused trouble for everyone. Well, how many source crystals she owes you, everyone can give me a price. This Palace Lord will help her pay it back.”

Everyone looked at each other immediately.

If it is reasonable to suspect that he has the ability to pay back the money before they know Yang Kai’s identity, but now that they know that he is the palace lord of the High Heaven Palace, it will be a headache for them to accept this debt.

After all, these debts are gambling debts, not serious transactions.

If they offend the High Heaven Palace because of this, some of the gains outweigh the losses.

But they’re also unwilling to not accept it, that’s not a small sum.

Therefore, although Yang Kai sincerely wanted to pay Hou Yu’s debts, no one unexpectedly spoke.

Yang Kai was observing them, why would he not know what they were afraid of? With a move in his heart, he looked at the middle-aged man and said, “I remember that Xiao Hou owes you 20 million high-rank source crystal, right?”

“Uh… yes!” The middle-aged man nodded and admitted.

This was what he told Yang Kai and Nanmen Dajun two days ago.

“Then please check, if the number is right.” Yang Kai threw a space ring casually.

The middle-aged man stretched out his hand to take it, swept away his Divine Sense, and knew that the number was correct. At this point, he could only say: “It is indeed 20 million.”

With this beginning, the rest of the people didn’t hesitate anymore, and reported one by one the number of source crystals that Hou Yu owed them or the forces behind them.

The least is about one or two million high-rank source crystals, and as many as tens of millions.

More than twenty people, it took Yang Kai 70 million high-rank source crystal to pay off the debt.

Everyone was happy when they got the debt.

Among them, the first one to come here was not able to even see Hou Yu for a long time, let alone getting back the debts, but now this happiness suddenly fell from the sky, making them all a little happy.

Taking back the debts money means that they don’t have to suffer here.

“The money has been returned to you.” Yang Kai held his hands on his back and looked at the people lightly. “This palace lord has small favor now, I hope you can help me.”

The middle-aged man looked solemn, clasped his fist and said, “Palace Lord Yang is wise and bright, I will admire it, and if you have any instructions, just speak up.”

The rest also echoed in unison.

Yang Kai smiled and said: “After you go back, please spread a message for me. If any sect or someone gambles with Xiao Hou in the future, High Heaven Palace will not be merciless!”

Everyone was shocked, and Hou Yu exaggeratedly shouted: “Palace Lord, you can just kill me.”

If this news is spread, how can she gamble with others in the future? Suddenly regretted joining this bullshit High Heaven Palace, and now that even her greatest pleasure has been ruthlessly deprived of, Hou Yu suddenly felt a sense of unlovable.

It’s awful!

The middle-aged man was obviously relieved and said with a smile: “This matter is easy to handle, Palace Lord Yang, please rest assured, I didn’t know… Madam is from the High Heaven Palace, if I had known… ”

“You don’t need to mention the previous things.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

There was no idea of ​​continuing to exchange greetings with these people, and turned around to rush towards Hou Yu and Nanmen Dajun: “Let’s go.”

Nanmen Dajun immediately threw the Emperor Artifact Flight Artifact, the three of them entered one by one, and soon turned into a stream of light and flew towards the direction of the High Heaven Palace.

“Want to gamble?” In the Flight Artifact, Yang Kai asked Hou Yu, who looked like an eggplant beaten by frost.

Hou Yu raised her head, her head is nodding like a chicken pecking at rice.

“Return the 70 million high-rank source crystal before talking.” Yang Kai grinned, “It won’t be long, it will be almost a hundred years only.”

Hou Yu rolled her eyes and fainted instantly…

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