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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 999

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 999

breakthrough begins.

When the five Arakmurads open their hands, countless green objects pour down towards Simon.

Brick cogwheel chairs, iron plate dishes. Simon boldly threw himself into the green objects that were randomly pouring down.



And as expected, the enlarged objects have different sizes, shapes, and directions of movement. Objects often bump into each other or get tangled up.

“What are you all doing?”

“Don’t disturb… Ouch! “I don’t feel well.”

“Do it after this guy fires.”

It looks like there was a quarrel among themselves. Simon gritted his teeth and ran, swinging his great sword to cut down only the objects that came in front of him.


Although there was a lot of rain, it was avoidable. The movements used by the zombie butler before served as a hint. As Simon slipped through the objects, he suddenly saw the entrance to the building in front of him.

The moment you are about to enter the door.

“I expected you to come this way.”

“Goodbye, Corps Commander.”

The two Arak Murads appeared as if they had been waiting and raised their right arms.

Simon did not back down. It’s a battle of speed here. He stepped on the ground, accelerated his body, and shot forward.

The two Arakmurads also created green objects in their hands.


Instead of the huge object that had appeared at first, a cogwheel and a brick the size of the palm of one’s hand stuck out. While they were shaking their pupils in confusion, Simon walked past them.


The heads of both Arak Murads flew high into the sky at the same time. Simon gasped and looked back.

‘Totally as expected.’

The root of that technology is the green energy floating around this city.

Even without that, the army is moving and burning the trees that emit energy. The five Arakmurads were expending too much energy, causing the energy around Danny to quickly deplete, and at a critical moment, a smaller object popped out.

Simon took advantage of this confusion and entered the building.

‘Is it here!’

Various facilities that appear to be part of a private organization are visible. Simon opened the subspace and released zombies everywhere, attaching them to pillars or putting them in cabinets, etc.

‘Bear! What about vital reactions?’

“It’s the room next door!”


When Simon broke down the iron door and burst in, he saw countless corpses.

It seemed that they were people who died because they could not accept Arak Murad’s power.

And next to the corpse is an old man and a child.

[We’ll help you get out.]

Simon immediately put them on his waist one by one, carefully controlled the zombies until the last moment, and then escaped through the back door of the building. One Arakmurad chased after him, but it was already too late.


Simon clenched his fists.


With a deafening explosion, the entire building collapsed from the inside.


Everywhere is full of smoke. Simon fled with the two survivors, and the other, Arakmurad, spoke.

“You got it right. “I’ll chase after that guy.”


One Arakmurad disappeared to chase after Simon.

And the remaining two Arakmurads, who were looking at the collapsed building with empty expressions, scratched their heads or squatted down and spewed out sewage from their mouths.

“Oh, it’s ruined. “I won’t be ‘myself’ anymore.”

“We let our guard down. Big wow! I was so excited. “Now I can feel that the 7th Legion is really strangling us.”

“What should we do next?”

Behind the two Arak Murads who were mumbling like that, another Arak Murad came down happily.





The heads of the two Arak Murads who failed to protect the base were cut off by sharp blades and blown away.

The two torsos, with only the head remaining, fell down, and the one-armed Arakmurad, who was hanging on a chain in the air, gulped and ate his mouth.

“Is everyone listening? The concentration of force in the atmosphere has dropped too much.”

He rubbed his eyes and added one word.

“From now on, we will fight as an elite few. “If you decide that you are weak, let’s die on our own.”


Simon safely handed over the rescued old man and child to a group of other survivors. The reunited survivors were happy with tears in their eyes.

-sorry! And thank you sincerely, Commander!

-Cheer up, corps!

Simon waved his hand in response to the shouts of the Shahed people, then turned his back and walked away.

Even those who initially ignored the 7th Corps had a different attitude. Now everyone in the city is actively helping the 7th Legion.

Information was shared with them that the ‘black tree’ was close to the root and body of Arak Murad. The residents rolled up their sleeves and carried the oil mixed by Alaje to the top of the tree and used all kinds of means to light it.

Simon also gained strength again and walked down the street.

‘I need to contact Erzsebet first.’

To contact her, you must find her web. Simon is looking around the ruined street at a fast pace.



There was a strange sound on the street.

Simon quickly eliminated the presence and moved in the direction of the sound.


In the middle of the street, Arakmurad was lying face down on the ground, banging his head against a rock with all his might.


Every time I hit my forehead against a rock, it gets covered in blood.


Eventually, the flesh began to fall off.

But it didn’t stop.

‘what. ‘Why are you doing that?’

Simon’s body froze at the sight, which was so bizarre.

At that time, Arak Murad, who had hit his head on a rock, creaked and looked towards Simon.

“Well, I found the treacherous commander here.”

‘I got caught! Are you planning on fighting?’

Simon quickly took a fighting stance with the Great Sword of Destruction in front of him.

Whoa whoa!

Arakmurad made the final move. His head hit the sharp edge of the rock and his body went limp. After sharing the information with other Arak Murads, he committed suicide.

Simon got sick of the eerie feeling and left the place.

‘That’s creepy. Are all desperate saviors like this?’

Simon, who was quickly moving away from the location where he was discovered, soon saw another Arak Murad. This time, he climbed onto the roof of a tall building and jumped off on his own.


After a while, the sound of flesh being crushed was heard.

Something is about to happen.

‘Hurry up and meet Erzsebet… Ah, I found it!’

Fortunately, I found the target I was looking for in time.

Erzsebet’s Web.

Although it is difficult to distinguish it from a regular spider web, Simon, the corps leader, was able to recognize it at a glance. Simon approached the spider web, coated it in jet black, and tapped it four times with his fingertips.


-Oh my corps commander! I kept looking!

A voice comes from the spider web. Simon pushed up Pier’s helmet, put his mouth as close to the web as possible, and spoke.

“I’ll report the situation, Hergé. “This is the way to destroy the spot where Arak Murad was created.”

-Woohuhu, as expected, it blooms with the corps commander!

“But I just witnessed several Arakmurads taking their own lives. It’s not serious. “Hergé, did you get any information?”

Again and again.

Erzsebet smiled as she talked to Simon through her web. Next to her, a desperate researcher was hanging draped in a spider web.

He was the same researcher who asked for a ‘deal’ when he first came to Bell Heights.

[Of course, the girl figured something out, too.]

She pushed the researcher’s body away, causing it to sway left and right. I was afraid of Erzsebet’s threats, so I spit out the information, but I couldn’t say more because the curse cast by the association was activated and I became an idiot.

[First of all, about Arak Murad’s ‘body’.]

-Really? Have you found out who the main body is?

I could feel the intense joy in Simon’s voice, heard through the spider web. But Erzsebet shook her head with an embarrassed smile.

[To conclude, for Arak Murad, there is no concept of substance. [It could be.]

Arakmurad scatters himself like the seeds or spores of a breeding plant. It is said that multiple selves are born and there is no concept of an entity.

However, there is one case where the body is determined.

[It seems like all Arak Murads will disappear and only one final Arak Murad will be chosen as the main body.]

– In the end, we have to keep fighting until the last one remains.

[That’s right.]

Simon, who had been listening to the communication with Erzsebet, closed his eyes with a troubled expression.

As a savior of a notorious organization, the conditions for defeating him were extreme.

After thinking for a moment, Simon spoke to the spider web again.

“Then why are some Arakmurads taking their own lives now?”

– Didn’t they come to the conclusion among themselves that, as the number of trees decreased, the number of Arak Murads who were using too much force should be reduced?

“…Even if you come to that conclusion, you’re going to follow it obediently?”

-After all, they are all ‘Arak Murad’.

When Simon heard those words, there was one person who naturally came to mind.


White was an experiment considered to be the core of the organization, so much so that he was even called a ‘prince candidate’.

When dealing with Kilovanian, the first savior, Simon’s first impression was that he was a ‘complete White’. His ability is attack reflection, but the prerequisite for reflection is ‘absorption’.

Although White could not achieve reflection, he was able to use the ability to absorb the opponent’s black magic or mana.

And one more thing. There were many whites.

They looked completely identical and had an ’emotional bond’ between them. When one White decided to betray the Order and recorded his voice and played it to the other Whites, the other Whites agreed without a second thought. Their inclinations and personalities are completely consistent.

The same goes when White hides his identity and lives as a sophomore in Keygen. White changed hands several times, but no one noticed that they were not the same person.

This gives us an idea of Arak Murad’s abilities.

‘It seems that several saviors were involved when manufacturing White and gave it little by little its power.’

If we dig a little more into White, we might be able to find out in advance the powers that other saviors have.

However, this is only possible if you defeat Arak Murad. Right now, I had to focus on the battle with Arak Murad.

‘Back to the original topic, no matter how much energy in the atmosphere has dropped, why would one die on one’s own?’

Coo coo coo coo coo coo!

Simon, who was in trouble, felt an unstable flow and looked up at the sky.



Over Bell Heights.

The one-armed Arak Murad was floating in the highest sky.

He raised his only arm above his head.



His body bulged, and soon chains were sticking out through his skin. Soon, the chains began to connect one by one in the sky.

An ominous feeling came over Simon. Previously, Arak Murad had created a chain directly out of thin air and hung a weapon on the end of the chain, but this time it was a little different.

After a while.



The green forces gathered in the air created something at the end of the chain.

It was like looking at a miniature version of a small planet.

Dozens of huge circular bodies surrounded by various gases and gas-like substances flowed out, held by chains.

The moment when the one-armed Arak Murad beckons.



A living hell broke out.

Twenty chains began to attack the entire Bell Heights indiscriminately, wielding different planets.

Survivors scream from all directions.

In a matter of seconds, the undead troops of the 7th Legion were reduced to rubble, the building collapsed, and they dug into the basement.



‘That bastard…!’

Simon wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Arak Murad plans to destroy this entire city.


And the one-armed Arak Murad, who wielded the planet, was staring blankly at Simon, who was a long way away.

A signal as if to come here.

Simon smiled bitterly and grabbed the handle of the sword.

‘Okay. Let’s try this until the end, right?’

Arak Murad is also smiling and appearing sincere.

Now all that’s left is the decisive battle.

The one who doesn’t give up until the end wins.

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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner

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After the ‘100-Year War’ between the Necromancers and Priests, an all-time genius who’ll shake the power structure was born. “Am I a rare case or something? Do I have talent?” A potential beyond all imagination. He obtained his father’s undead army and entered the great Necromancer school of Kizen that divided the continent. Geniuses are geniuses, even when gathered among the elites. The research community was flipped on its head by the appearance of a new case. Professors wouldn’t leave him be alone, wanting to make him study directly under them. Officials from all over the kingdom and heads of organizations fidgeted over whether to scout him. “Professor! When can I make a Lich?” “Gimme a break. How talented are you? You’re crossing the line, honestly.” A genius among geniuses had appeared.


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