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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1094

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Chapter 1094

These days, there was a rumor going around among second-year Matou students that there was a werewolf roaming around the roof of the dormitory.

Of course it’s not true.

The identity of the rumor was Kazan Edwald. On full moon nights, he would quietly climb to the top of the building and look up at the moon.

And today, Simon was sitting next to him. When Simon raised his wine glass, Kazan also happily clinked his wine glass together as if responding.

Simon quenched his thirst with wine and looked to the side. The man with faded gray hair looking at the moon in his unique squatting posture created a serene atmosphere that is difficult to describe. It seems that people themselves have the power to create an atmosphere.

Simon put down his wine glass and said.

“Thank you, Kazan, for your hard work with the Neutral Zone matter.”

“I would have said thank you was okay.”

Kazan continued speaking while scratching the scar under his eye with his fingertips.

“It is my job to help you.”

Simon just laughed. Although it was a simple mission, he seemed to be doing it with sincerity, so I was just grateful. Kazan scooped up a piece of cheese next to the wine with his fork and put it in his mouth.

He was a rather picky eater. I don’t even eat snacks unless they are of the highest quality.

‘Wine and top quality cheese with that scary face.’

“Are you dissatisfied?”

Simon shook his head in surprise at Kazan’s sudden words.

“What about your complaints? haha!”

“I heard that I went to the Ghost Palace this time.”

“As expected, Kazan knows everything.”

“I just heard it by chance.”

Kazan answered like that and twirled his wine glass with a complex expression.

The scary scars under the eyes and sharp eyes, but the delicate movement of shaking the wine glass like a high-ranking noble creates a strange balance.

“The reason you came to see me like this is because you want to know about the Ghost Palace.”

“Did you come to see Kazan’s face?”

“Over the past two years, only the shamelessness has increased.”

Simon couldn’t hold back those words and burst out laughing.

Everyone found Kazan difficult or scared, but Simon somehow felt at ease when talking to him. Because we performed so many missions together and crossed the firing line together, we seemed to feel comfortable as colleagues.

“It’s a ghost palace.”

Kazan quenched his thirst with wine and then opened his mouth.

“It is a key location in the Dark Alliance whose importance goes without saying.”

If Jin Arskalt, the Grand Duke of the North, who maintains his territory by fending off the Northern God’s undead pouring in from the northernmost region, is a hero to humanity, then the Ghost Princess, who is blocking the ghosts pouring out of the Ghost Palace, is as legendary as Jin Arskalt.

Ghost princesses existed even before the Dark Alliance was established.

In the age of knights, they were called shamans and played a role in blocking corrupted spirits pouring out of the Ghost Palace. In an empire that hated necromancers, he was the only necromancer who received permission from the emperor to operate.

At one time, a small kingdom included a ghost palace in its territory, but the kingdom suffered financial difficulties and cut off all support and expenses for the ghost palace.

<The princess is deliberately maintaining the dungeon under the pretext of preventing abnormal phenomena and is demanding enormous financial support from the kingdom. If the kingdom’s warriors go, the dungeon will disappear and you will be free from a useless financial burden.>

When funding was cut off, the ghost princess of the time seemed so angry that she stormed out of the ghost palace as if declaring a strike. At that time, the vast territory of the kingdom was devastated by the ghosts pouring out of the Ghost Palace.

This is the ‘Ghost Stream’ that is always mentioned in continental history books. It was a clear example of the sacrifices the Ghost Princess was making for the continent.

The territory was trampled and the people died cruelly due to the ghosts’ attacks. This phenomenon spread across the entire continent, and ghosts even invaded the kingdom’s capital. It is said that many strong men of the time entered the Ghost Palace, but not a single one could return or went crazy. In the end, the king went to see the ghost princess on his own and begged her to return to the palace.

It is said that the princess returned to the palace and the devastated nearby territory finally regained peace.

“That’s an amazing story.”


Kazan scratched his scar.

“The molting season is the only gap in time for the princess. The Dark Alliance is also watching closely. “There is a reason why I sent you there, as you are a trusted strongman in Keygen.”

“Kazan is praising me, so I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s not a compliment, I’m just stating the truth. In fact, your internal evaluation is excellent.”

“thank you.”

Simon, who answered like that, looked straight at Kazan.

Kazan, who had been drinking wine in silence, narrowed his eyes as if he was concerned about Simon’s gaze.

“What else?”

“Is that all you want to talk about?”

“Why do you have such doubts?”

Answering a question with a question. Simon smiled bitterly and opened his mouth.

“Ghost Princess Tenerife. I met him this time and I felt a little out of place. Or should I say it’s a sense of disconnect?”


This time Kazan turned his head and looked at Simon. Then I closed my eyes and turned my head to look at the full moon in the night sky.

“As expected, I shouldn’t give you any more information.”


“What do you think of the Information Guild’s information?”

Kazan’s eyes sank.

“It’s a mixture of people’s rumors, eyewitness accounts, and many other factors. Information is not ‘fact’ and it is even less ‘truth’. “No matter what tangible or intangible information is, it is processed and distorted through human perception and prejudice.”


“If I spread a rumor here, you may fall under my influence and lose the opportunity to show your true insight.”

Kazan quietly looked into Simon’s eyes.

“Simon. Your intuition is much better than mine. Go to the Ghost Palace yourself and make your own decisions. “That’s the best.”

Simon let out a slight exclamation.

“I’ve been seeing you for over two years, but as expected, Kazan has deep thoughts.”

“haha! Yes! Kazan was always like that!”

Simon and Kazan’s heads turned back at the sudden sound of a third person’s voice. A young man can be seen lying down on the floor of the rooftop and burping ‘kkeok’.

He was ‘Azel Bringer’, who was a candidate for student council president last year but now returned as a repeat student and came in third overall.

“Senior Azel, are you okay?”

Simon asked worriedly. Eisel and Kazan have been hanging out a lot these days, and after taking a few sips of Kazan’s wine, he looked like that. His face was reddish from the alcohol.

“Okay then!” I’m fine, Simon. lol!”

Simon laughed mischievously.

“Please be careful. “If a rumor spreads that the student council president neglected a drunk student, it would be a big problem.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry! “If you worry about things like that, you’ve become the student council president!”


Azel got up and sat up straight. After activating the jet black in my body, I puffed and blew my nose. It seemed like he was getting drunk.

Simon said looking at him.

“Isn’t it difficult to handle the 329th students’ mission?”

“Aha! “It’s still worth it!”

Azel mainly traveled around the continent and was in charge of controlling or supporting the third years of Keygen.

Because the influence that the Keygen 3rd graders can have on the continent is so powerful, Nephthys brought Azel with them as a kind of control measure. Most of his duties involved stopping third graders from running rampant.

In fact, it was a job that Simon, the student council president, had to do, but since Azel took almost full responsibility for it, Simon was able to focus on his personal affairs and missions while enjoying quite a bit of free time. It was a fortunate thing.

“Have a good time on this Ghost Palace mission! If anything goes wrong, we can meet at the ghost palace!”

“I see.”

“Who are you going with? “Because it’s so important, I think the school will assign at least one more person.”

Simon answered plainly.

“Lord Tenerife nominated Mérida for second place overall. Do you know Pantasus senior’s sister? “I think we’ll probably go together.”



Then Azel and Kazan simultaneously shook their shoulders.

“iced coffee. You mean Merida….”

“Why is it Merida?”

Simon tilted his head in response to something unusual.

“What happened?”

“That’s it.”

According to Eisel, Merida, who recently fully awakened, has become so powerful that she cannot control herself. That power is reminiscent of Pantasus during his heyday as student council president, but he cannot control it properly, causing damage to those around him.

It seemed like Azel went to stop him and went through a lot of trouble.

“As far as I know, Merida Hugh Eckel’s mission is overdue.”

Kazan said.

“If you don’t return before the next Ghost Palace mission, maybe Simon. “You will have to catch it yourself.”

Kazan’s prophecy immediately became reality.

* * *

-Simon Student Council President. Bring Merida. It seems like something has happened.

Simon decided to bring Merida as his partner before going to the Ghost Palace.

The place where Merida was currently dispatched on a mission was a territory named ‘Frolois’, which was expected to be one of the hideouts of the Order.

According to the mission profile I read, it was an ordinary small to medium-sized town with developed commerce.



There was chaos right from the entrance to the village. It had turned into a toy world instead of a village. There was a toy house made of wooden blocks, with dolls walking around and balloons floating around.

Simon knew the identity of that black magic.

“…in a trance.”

It was the original Pantasus’ black magic that transformed the area into her dream world.

The impact varies depending on the dream image: Phantasus creates a lake or sea, and Merida opens up a world of toys.

Simon walked inside with great strides.


-Caw! Crackling!

Villagers can be seen lying on the ground here and there. Everyone was asleep and laughing as if they were having a happy dream. This is a typical symptom of phantasmagoric sleep that causes good dreams.

And next to it.

“Ouch! Hehehehehe!”

We see rugged men constantly circling the rails on a toy train. In a half-asleep state, I muttered, ‘Please put me down now.’

Simon looked at the documents he brought with him. It was the face shown on the document.

‘Ah, he is a desperate collaborator.’

The organization’s collaborators were being subjected to dream torture in various ways.

Some people were running and panting on the endlessly moving toy floor, while others were caught by a bird-shaped doll and spinning around in the sky.

Simon walked quickly past them and soon arrived at the square, the center of the village.

-Hmm. Hmm.


Merida Hugh Eckel was asleep, floating in the sky, oblivious to the world. Sleeping with droopy arms and legs and saliva in his mouth, he was like a typical neighborhood kid.

Simon sighed deeply.

‘Wake up from the sleep that senior Pantasus told me about.’

Simon gave Merida a direct slip several times and then took a step back. and.


I clapped my hands vigorously. Then the floating Merida came down and the toy figures around it quickly disappeared.


“Did you forget to fall asleep?”

One by one, the villagers stood up from their seats. They were fine, but the members of the gang who were being harassed were stretched out, out of breath, as if they had been overworked. Some even fainted.

And finally.


Merida rubbed her eyes and raised her upper body.

I looked around with eyes still full of sleep.

“…Who woke you up? The person who can wake me up from my sleep is a fellow sleep user…”


Merida finally looked back.

Simon was standing with a smile on his face.

“The next mission has been decided. “Would you like to do something with me?”

She opened her mouth with a dazed expression.

“Mission? Where?”

“It’s a ghost palace.”

At those words, her sleepy eyes turned bright.

“…I wanted to go there at least once.”

Apparently, the legend of the Ghost Princess was also a fantasy for Merida.

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