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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1093

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Episode 1093

The interview to select the next generation ghost princess has begun.

Simon called the names of the students who passed the document through the

school broadcast and ordered them to gather at the Rochest dessert shop where Tenerife is located.

It didn’t take long. Female students who passed the documents rushed into the store.

“You are the real Ghost Princess!”

“oh my god!”

Everyone seemed unable to control their excitement when they saw Tenerife sitting in the store.

When Tenerife, who was sitting at the table, lightly waved his hand, he said,

‘Aaaah!’ Screams of happiness poured out.

Simon glanced at Tenerife.

‘As expected, the legendary commander is different.’

However, there was a strange sense of disparity in her expression. It seems like many applicants are smiling, but at the same time, it feels like they are not smiling.

First, Simon took the lead and seated five female candidates at a table. Everyone was taking deep breaths with their chins resting or their hands on their chests with excited faces.

“You know, Simon!”

Elisa spoke in a hushed voice from the opposite table. She seemed particularly excited.

“What did Tenerife say when he saw my resume? You must have been surprised, right? “I heard that a female member of the Celine family applied!”

Simon slightly averted his gaze.

“You didn’t say much.”

“no way! It can’t be….”

“Ah, here we go.”

That’s it for the small talk.

Finally, the Ghost Princess Tenerife appeared in front of everyone.

“Nice to meet you, Kizen students!”



Countless ghosts emerged from Tenerife and floated around the dessert shop.

The students watched with surprised eyes.

‘Ghost Legion of the 4th Legion!’

‘There’s also an Oble Banshee in the Big Race! ‘Every single one of them is powerful?’

When you become a corps commander, you will be able to handle these things without any numerical limitations. While the students watched with excitement and excitement.


When Tenerife pretended to put her hands together, the ghosts all gathered in

one direction and disappeared.

“Everyone must be busy studying, but thank you for gathering like this! But there is only one person here who can enter the Ghost Palace with me.”

The female students swallowed their saliva with nervous expressions.

This is a position to become a corps commander, one of only six on the continent. What kind of test awaits us here? Pressure interview? Assassination mission? Suddenly, it could become a chaotic survival game where people say ‘fight each other’. Students who had taken Keygen’s extreme tests for many years were prepared for any situation.

“Everyone is here to support the ‘Ghost Princess’ who will take charge of the

Ghost Palace during my shedding season, right? …Of course, I came here just because I saw the name “corps commander!”

Several students either flinched or smiled slightly at the Ghost Princess’ words.

“The commander of the corps has great military power, but he has obligations that come with it! From now on, I will explain the duties and restrictions that

the Ghost Princess must adhere to. “If you think you can’t handle it or that it’s

not your aptitude, just get up and leave.”

Just that much?

Everyone’s faces straightened. I had the confidence to endure any test or hardship, but that was nothing. Shouldn’t you just sit down and listen to the explanation?

“Then let me start explaining! The ghost palace where I stay is a place where

ghosts pour out every hour, minute, and second. “It’s the Ghost Princess’s job to prevent the ghosts there from escaping from the palace and threatening the continent!”

Everyone nodded.

That much is a well-known fact.

“To prevent this, the princess must personally suppress and suppress the energy of the Ghost Palace. Do you know what I mean? The princess must remain inside the ghost palace. She can’t even think about vacations. Until her death, she becomes a biological barrier that blocks the terrible hell called the Ghost Palace with her entire body.”

At those words, for the first time, cracks appeared in the students’ smiling faces one by one.

“Then what am I here? Strictly speaking, this is just transferring my soul into an artificial body called ‘Homunculus’. My body is still suppressing the ghost palace! If you succeed me, you too must do this. Of course, it takes time to get used to it, so I might just have to stay stuck in the Ghost Palace for about 20 years without even being able to use my artificial body!”

The eyebrows of some students trembled.

Tenerife was saying that these young students must have been trapped in the

Ghost Palace for more days than they have ever lived.

“Oh, and you know what? If you separate your soul from your body and move

it to another body, you will experience terrible mental side effects that are truly unimaginable! There are over 300 mental problems to suffer from, such as soul depression, out-of-body syndrome, and separate identity disorder! Self-harm and suicide attempts are common! And especially….”

While Tenerife continued to explain loudly.


While everyone was watching, one girl stood up first.

“This doesn’t suit me.”

It was Cindy Vivace, one of my classmates in class 1 A. She quietly muttered that and went out, leaving her regret behind.


Come on.

When Cindy first started, people left the race everywhere. The Ghost Princess

continued her story without blinking, as if she had expected it.


Elisha forcibly raised the corners of his mouth, snorted, and spoke in a low voice towards Simon.

“It’s always nice to see competitors falling apart. It doesn’t matter how much this body is abused. “What matters is power.”

Tenerife’s explanation continued.

“And this homulculus also has to keep changing its parts and organs? “It’s inconvenient because things like my eyes often break down!”

“The soul eventually resembles the body. I myself now think of myself as more

like a machine or a ghost than a person? Sometimes, when you go back to the

main body, you can see that the body is really heavy and the human body is inefficient. “There was a time when I almost died because I forgot to breathe!”

Come on. Grumble.

More and more students, looking fed up, get up from their seats and begin to leave.

“food? You can eat it, but you have no sense of smell and your sense of taste is distributed a little in your throat, so you can barely taste it! Still, I still enjoy eating it because I have that much! Oh, because the digestive system is simplified, if you go to the bathroom after eating dessert, it comes out in a lump just like what you ate, right? “If you taste it sometimes, it tastes the same and is delicious!”

A story about losing humanity, a story about human dignity being shattered.

“Especially during the shedding season, it’s really hard to see anything, especially the smell…!”

The students have all seen only things like the strength, majesty, and power of

the corps commander.

In particular, since he had seen active military commanders like Simon and Hector in action at school, he thought he wanted to become like them.

However, there cannot be only good sides. Simon is a treacherous corps commander who has kept his identity secret for two years, and Hector also became

a half-formed corps commander only after experiencing many complicated events in the dungeon.

The same goes for the position of the ghost princess. No matter how good the

corps commander was, the position of the ghost princess was too risky and too

restrictive. She told herself that she was walking into hell.

“Blood was pouring out of my body and it felt good! Ah, sometimes I wish my

body would die quickly! Ah, this is closed gate syndrome! I’m scared, I’m scared! Anyway, if I live contrary to the laws of the world, I can feel that the world is

trying to kill me. What kind of disease is this again? “I forgot.”

She scratched her head and looked ahead again.

“So now it’s filtered enough?”

WhiiingBefore we knew it, there were only four people left here.

“Humans are politics and power. Humans are politics and power. Humans are

politics and power.”

Elisa Celine is brainwashing herself by constantly muttering sentences like prayers.


Eshu Arzel looks almost half out of his mind.

And the remaining two were second graders.

“good! The story ends here. “Do you have any questions?”

“This is Eshu Arzel.”

Eshu raised his trembling hand. Tenerife nodded her head.

“If you become a ghost princess, the money will be…You can earn a lot, right? My family’s situation is not good….”


The Ghost Princess laughed.

“It brings tears to my eyes to see this sacrifice for my family! But even if you earn money, you will never be able to see your family properly. Wouldn’t that be

an even bigger pain for your parents?”


In the end, Eshu also got up and went out with a tearful face.

Now there are three people left.

“Are there any more questions?”

“This is Elisa Celine.”

Elisa smiled and raised her hand, then spoke in a half-pleading voice.

“Everything you said is exaggerated, right? The big picture is to pressure applicants to drop them and leave only those with a truly strong mentality! Right?”

Tenerife burst out laughing.

“exaggeration? To be honest, I said it a little weakly because I was afraid that

everyone would be scared.”


“Anyway, now it’s the final test!”


Tenerife aroused its spirit.

As the bloody energy spread around him, Simon felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

‘I’ve never seen such a strong spirit!’

She spread her palms out.

“For a moment, let me give you a taste of what you will have to experience at

the Ghost Palace! “If you can endure this, you will pass!”


As she swung her arm, a huge chunk of spirit transformed into a ghostly form

and pierced the bodies of the last three surviving students.

They screamed in pain and fell down on the desk.

Simon approached in confusion.

“Calm down, junior Pollentia. “I just made you go out of body.”

Tenerife must have tried something, and something suddenly began to appear

above the bodies of the fallen female students.

It was something vague that looked like a human torso. Its shape was moving

around in a chaotic manner, and it looked very difficult and painful. Simon waited impatiently and an hour passed.

“great job!”

When she waved her arms, the soul returned to its original body.


Elisa, who was lying face down on the table, slowly raised her upper body.

“iced coffee.”

He moved his arms as if he couldn’t believe it, but then couldn’t hold it back

and burst into tears.

The princess raised her hand.

“It gave me a taste of what I would have to experience for decades to come, just for an hour. Still, it’s great, isn’t it? Are there any of you….”

“sorry. “I can’t do it.”

Elisa ran away, shedding tears and snot. The other two second-year students,

who each seemed to have desperate stories, were no exception. Her face turned white and she ran out of here.

like that.


Not a single candidate remained here.

There was no one to go to the Ghost Palace.

“Hmm, I expected it, but this is what happens in the end.”

Tenerife smiled bitterly.

From the first time she smiled at the many applicants, she seemed to have predicted this situation.

“I can’t help it. For kids these days, personal happiness is the most important

thing. Ah, I am like that too!”

“Are you okay? “Princess.”


“It means that you have been through those things and are going through them right now.”

She pointed to herself.



“ah! Have you ever thought of me? I’m so happy! ”

She burst out laughing. Every time she smiled, the energy connected with the

spirit spread strongly, and although it sounded scary, it did not show it.

“I thought it was because I was destined to be in the Ghost Palace since I was

born. still-“

She pretended to raise her hand.

“Isn’t this something someone has to do?”


When Simon heard that, he thought it was fortunate that Tenerife was a ghost


Even though she has a somewhat eccentric and twisted personality, it is absolutely true that she is contributing to the continent.

“But ultimately, I couldn’t find a replacement for the shedding, so what should

I do?”

“Then you should do what you normally do.”

She got up from her seat.

“And you know my mission isn’t over yet, right?”

“of course.”

Helping her achieve a successful shedding.

That was Simon’s mission.

“I couldn’t find a replacement, so now that things are like this, I need you to come to the Ghost Palace with me, junior Pollentia.”

She got up from her seat.

“Help me shed my hair until the end.”

“It’s a mission. All right. “But since the mission is getting longer, I also have a


Simon talked about Manus and the magic sword.

She listened to the story with a quite serious expression and nodded her head.

“Undead who uses a magic sword! I think it will be a challenge for me too, right? It may be difficult, but as long as you complete the mission, I will take responsibility and help you.”

“thank you!”

Simon cheered in his heart. The condition is to find the strongest necromancer. Just as things are about to work out, they work out like this again.

“Oh, and since I came to Kizen because I knew things would turn out like this,

I asked for one more reinforcement!”

Simon’s eyes widened when he heard those words.

It was good news that I had someone to go to the ghost palace with.

“Who is it?”

She laughed.

“I heard he’s as strong as Simon Pollentia?”

* * *


Today too, there was a girl looking at the sky with her eyes open. A cold wind

blew around her.

“I’m tired.”

The girl with mint-colored hair was lying on the floor and didn’t move.

She began to doze off again, and people were lying around her.


It was a sight created in the city by a powerful sleep curse.

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