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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1092

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Episode 1092

Simon Student Council immediately began producing pamphlets and flyers.

Camivarez was in charge of the design, and Dick took the lead in finalizing the text and then went to the Rochester Printing Office used by the school newspaper department to print out a large number of flyers.

And Simon, who saw the completed flyer, was a little embarrassed.

“…Isn’t this too much of an exaggeration?”

“Now, Simon, I have just one question to ask you.”

Dick’s expression became serious.

“What was the request of your client, the princess?”

“…Bring as many people as possible?”

“That’s right! The best way to do things is to reflect the client’s requirements as they are! And we didn’t use the wrong words, did we?”

“Yes, but.”

It felt like the audience had been slightly misled.

The Ghost Palace mission to replace Tenerife during the molting period is the

main task, and the selection of a successor is a secondary part, but it has been

completely turned upside down.

“I heard the princess is conducting an interview herself. What are you worried

about? “You will explain it then.”

“…Yes, in that case.”

All of the student council members dispersed and posted leaflets throughout the campus and in the plaza, fountain, and Rochester Street where many students flocked.

Simon also entered the Summoning Department with some hot flyers that had

just been produced.

“Uh, hi Simon!”

“Simon, student council president! welcome!”

Simon greeted his classmates and juniors with a smile. Then he walked straight to where the department notice board was.

“what? “What did you bring?”

“It looks like the student council is trying to do something again.”

Students who were sensitive to rumors and information gathered one by one,

and their attention was immediately focused. Simon neatly pasted the flyer in the center of the bulletin board and then stepped aside.



Explosive reactions erupted from everywhere. Simon smiled bitterly, as if he knew this would happen.

“oh my god! “A chance to become commander of the 4th Corps?”

“They’re choosing the next Ghost Princess!”

The students chatted loudly, and some ran up the stairs to tell their classmates

this surprising news.

Just one minute after the newsmen went up, numerous students came pouring

down the stairs with a loud crashing sound.

“The next Ghost Princess?”

“I definitely have to go! “My heart is shaking!”

The atmosphere was unusual. It was an explosive reaction, especially from Eshu and her group of female students.

One way or another, being a ghost princess was a dream for young female necromancers. Not only is the ghost princess a legendary being that has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years, but the story of

the romance between the ghost princess and her foreign prince was a classic that is still talked about today.

“Chairman! “Is this real?”

“Where is the Ghost Princess? “I guess she won’t just post a notice and turn a

blind eye to it, right?”

The students’ questions were all directed at Simon. Simon spread his palms and smiled.

“I’m sure you’re on Locke Island now? “I did meet him, too.”


Explosive cheers erupted. There were students who were happy and clapping

their palms together, and even students who were crying and covering their mouths for no reason.

Jump and jump.

At that time, Hector was coming into the dormitory building with a towel wrapped around his neck. Seeing the beads of sweat on his neck, it looked like he

had just finished hard training outside.

“Hector! “It’s a mess now!”

“The Ghost Princess, commander of the 4th Corps, is choosing a new successor!”


Hector’s expression crumpled as if to say, “What kind of bullshit is this?” Soon

he approached and checked the post.

“Am I right?”

“If we do well, we can have three corps commanders from Kizen 329.”

“Isn’t this the generation of corps commanders, not the golden generation?”


At that time, Hector, who had read the entire post, let out a cold sneer, put a

towel on his shoulder and said:

“Don’t dream.”


“Do you think the commander will hand over his corps so easily? “It is obvious that they will be used and then abandoned.”

Jump and jump.

He walked up the stairs upstairs with a dejected look on his face. Clique students immediately followed suit. Among them, a student from the female faction


“Hey, Hector! I’ll support you, is that okay? huh?”

“do whatever you want. “It’s a personal choice.”

Hector and his faction left, and some students who disliked him whispered in

hushed voices.

“He did everything he could to become a corps commander, but he must have

been jealous because he wanted to eat raw for the remaining formalities.”

“that’s right. “The 6th Legion was not officially commissioned, so there are no

Ancient Undead.”

Anyway, students who heard the rumor kept coming down and there was no space to step in front of the bulletin board.

I had no idea the reaction would be this hot. The Summoning Department was like this, but I thought the Command Department would probably turn the dormitory upside down.

In some ways, the Ghost Princess was a role model for countless Command and Command students.

‘Then let’s wait and see.’

* * *

Finally, the day came to submit the documents.

It was decided that the student council would directly handle the submission

of documents. Here, after document evaluation, the plan was to filter out those

who were disqualified and take only the remaining personnel to Tenerife, the commander of the 4th Corps.

“This way. “Arthur!”

“yes! Seniors!”

Mercenary King Arthur was walking, carrying a desk on each shoulder. It was

a fairly large and heavy desk, but it didn’t look difficult at all.

In front of him, Camivarez and Chiella were diligently reviewing documents.

“It was 10 minutes ago. “Let’s hurry.”

Maylin put up a sign in front and gave instructions to Dick.

“Just draw a straight line from here to here.”

“Leave it to me!”

Dick used the red liquid he had just created to draw a line for the students to line up in.



And a desk and chair were set up at the end of the row. Simon sat on the right, and Camivarez sat on the left.

“1 minute ago!”

“Everyone ready?”

When Maylin asked, all members nodded.

“Then open it!”

As soon as she opened the door to the student union building, people poured

in like a flood from outside. Mei-Lin, who was pushed against the wall by her strength, said, ‘Ouch!’ she screamed.

“This is where you put candidate documents, right?”

“me! me! “I’m here to apply!”

Everyone’s faces were full of energy as if they had been waiting for this moment. Among the applicants, there were some faces Simon recognized. Especially one girl who came first.

“Hello everyone in Simon’s student council!”

Cindy Vivace, a classmate from Class 1 A, raised her hands.

“I’m here! How could this opportunity come to me? Hi-Hi!”

“calm down.”

As expected, I thought Cindy Vivace would definitely come.

Because I was so serious about the science of command that I studied it even

before entering school. And behind her, there was a somewhat unexpected person: a female student who stuck her head out as if she was embarrassed.

“Class monitor!”

“Hello everyone.”

Jamie Victoria, who is still called class president even though she is a third year student at Kizen, waved her hand awkwardly.

“I’m from the curse department, but…I thought it was a good opportunity to become a corps commander….”

“Class monitor! Straighten your shoulders! Necromancers must do whatever it

takes to become stronger! “Why are you so observant?”

Cindy laughed, slapping Jamie on the back.

So the two people were the first to sign.

“Everyone get out of the way! Move!”

Suddenly there was a commotion in the distance. I could hear murmurs coming from all over, so it seemed like someone famous had come.


One person who I thought would definitely come.

I saw a female student, panting as if she had run from far away, coming through the crowd of people.

“You’re here, Elisha.”

7th place overall was Elisa Seline of Ghost Fleet.

She came through the crowd and came over! Hahahaha! She laughed.

“Simon Pollentia! Today is the end of offering bread to impress you! I will become a corps commander! “I’m going to have an army of ghosts!”

“Yes, I look forward to it. And you don’t have to buy bread.”

As the greatest enemy appeared, the students behind them murmured in warning.

“You have the Selin family in the Ghost Fleet, and you want to have the 4th Corps?”

“You’re so greedy.”

“I can hear everything!”

Elisha looked back with a bright face and pointed

“The Ghost Palace is a very important political base! A large sum of money collected from the Dark Alliance is delivered to the Ghost Palace every month! “Even if you just stay still, the money will grow to the point where it will rot. What kind of synergy will it create if it merges with the Celine family?”

She scolded me in a loud voice and smiled brightly, cupping my cheek.

“And what you receive as a reward this time is none other than the entire famous ghost army! There are also three ancient undead included…! “You can throw away as much as a fleet!”


Mayrin, who could be said to be Elisa’s opposite since first grade, approached

and pointed behind her.

“Don’t cut in line, go to the back of the line.”

“what? why me? I now…!”

“Go back.”

As Meilin muttered coldly, Elisa walked back, grumbling with her lips pursed.

‘He does that to me all the time,’ she muttered timidly, but Meilin was amused

and snorted at her.

“I think Ji is already a ghost princess.”

Meilin’s comment was met with refreshing reactions from all over the place.

Anyway, the filing of documents continued.

Most of the female students came to become the Ghost Princess with a passionate or serious attitude, but there were also students who were not qualified to

begin with.

“You know, Chairman, actually, I took Command Studies in the first semester

of my first year and am taking it again in the first semester of my third year. “If

this is the case, won’t it be possible to submit the documents?”

“Sorry. “Because completion of at least one year of necromantics classes is a condition stated by the princess.”

“How could it not work? huh?”

First of all, a person who watches in droves.

“I will meet the Ghost Princess and persuade her!”

Although the conditions were not met, there were people who came because they were desperate to just be interviewed.

Simon tried to send Tyler off, but every time he did, the Ice Queen was waiting behind him with glaring eyes.

“Stop trying to persuade me and go!”

After hearing Meilin’s words, the female student turned away with her lips pursed.

And the funniest thing is.

“…Oh, hello.”

Two female students with their heads bowed as if to hide their faces stood in front of Simone and Camivarez. Simon pointed to his collar.

“hi. “Are you here without a badge?”

“Well, actually, we…They are first graders.”


What kind of situation is this?

All of the student council members, including Simon, opened their mouths in


“Well, that’s…! “You may think I’m arrogant, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to give up the opportunity to become a corps commander just because you’re a freshman!”

“I hope you give me a chance to show off my skills! He is an aspirant in our command department…!”

It was both cute and sad to see first-grade chicks who hadn’t yet grown up expressing their opinions.

At this time, Meilin of the world was also a little embarrassed. While Simon was sweating profusely, he spoke logically, saying, ‘This is something that Professor Jane decided, so there is nothing the student council can do about it.’

“These crazy things!”

Chiella, a fellow first-year student who heard the rumor, got angry and ran out.

“Where do you think I am? “What class are you in?”

“Chi, chiella!”

“I’m really embarrassing myself as a freshman in front of my seniors! “You didn’t even get permission from the professors, right?”

It was Chiella who was dragging her classmates out of the student center by the ends of their clothes.

Dick, who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, held his stomach and laughed.

“Today…Beep! The famous line came out! ‘What class are you in?’ This year’s first graders are truly legends….”

Meilin smiled as if she found it cute in her own way.

“Still, kids like that with a strong competitive spirit survive until the end in Kizen.”

I could have scolded them, but what would they know when their protection period has just ended? The third graders said it was cute and moved on.

The second-year students had a dissatisfied expression, saying they had no idea, but the third-year seniors laughed it off and seemed to ignore it in the same way.

All documents have been submitted

Student city Rochester.

“…I don’t know whether I have thoughts or not.”

A woman sitting down, sighing and drinking tea said dissatisfiedly.

She was Jean Arskalt, commander of the 2nd Corps.

“When the coalition made a request to create a successor, they ignored it, saying it was interference in internal affairs.”


Sitting next to him was the ghost princess, Tenerife.

She took a small spoonful of carrot cake, put it in her mouth, and said, ‘Mmm!’ And she stamped her feet, expressing deliciousness with her whole body.

“What do you think? “In the first place, I didn’t have any solution, right?”


“And I did have a successor? “That’s because they die during the molting period.”

She sighed and tapped my shoulder.

“These Kizen kids are elite, so I have high expectations! I hope it holds up well! lol!”

Jump up!

At that time, the cafe door opened and a boy with blue hair walked in. Both Jin and Tenerife looked happy.

Simon bowed silently to the two senior corps commanders and then stood in front.


Simon held out a document.

“This is the list of applicants.”

“Wow! many! Thank you so much!”

The Ghost Princess fluttered through the profiles. Simon said calmly.

“And again, you need to tell the students exactly what their missions at the Ghost Palace are and what they need to do.”

Tenerife nodded.

“Of course!”

Clap la la rock!

The princess, who lightly glanced at all the profiles, stood up.

“Polentia junior must have chosen it well! “Then shall we start the interview in

an hour?”

Simon’s eyes widened.

“Right here?”

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