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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1090

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Episode 1090

Simon had an extremely busy time as the student council president of Kizen.

First of all, this year, in celebration of the ‘transfer season’, I visited Aland, Sierra, and Moiran, which are known as the three major necromancer schools.

Aland’s campus surrounded by the vast forests of the Poeta Forest.

A Sierra campus located on a red, high rocky mountain.

To Moiran’s school floating in the middle of a large lake.

The atmosphere was quite different from when I came in my second year, but all the students at the three major necromancer schools welcomed Simon with enthusiasm. Simon once again felt at other schools that his awareness had increased compared to last year.

And of course, a ‘transfer evaluation’ was held, and the results were obvious.

-Kizen’s Simon Pollentia’s student council president wins!

-Overwhelming! I haven’t touched it even once! This is a complete victory for student council president Simon Pollentia!

When I came as temporary student council president in my second year, I struggled with the unique stadium environment and the original black magic of the opposing student who lacked support from the school, but after I became a third year, the game was decided with a few hand gestures.

Originally, I was going to bring out the opponent’s skills to the fullest and then defeat him, but Jane said with a serious face.

-In a duel between necromancers, especially in a transfer evaluation match, it is not polite to give


So he was defeated overwhelmingly.

I took out a few skeletons and showed off Bone Armor and Bone Prison Control, but the opponent

couldn’t even use them. There were no students who could bring about chaos or even the SS against

Simon, let alone Death Knights.

Simon, who was a little anxious, asked Jane implicitly.

-Are transfer students this year less skilled than last year?

-It seems plain to me. The student council president must have become too strong.

When I went to Moiran, the last school, I received Jane’s permission and sent away the student council member Arthur, the Mercenary King, whom I had brought along for a field trip.

Arthur was so happy that he made his debut courageously.

In Moiran, where there were many necromancers who manipulate water, the opposing student continued to throw reinforced waves, but Arthur ran away, smashing all the waves with his fists.

A subsequent headbutt to the forehead reduces the barrier gauge to 0%.

After confirming his victory, Arthur took out a sword he had not used and raised it, which must have been so shameless that the corners of Jane’s mouth turned up slightly.

She said, pleased with the performance of the two boys.

-Recently, the top three schools have been rising up, but they won’t even dare to take over Keygen’s position until at least next year.

I returned from the transfer evaluation competition as student council president, realizing how much stronger I had become rather than through interactions.

Afterwards, a ‘club season’ was also held.

All kinds of balloons and party flags were hung in front of the Kizen first-year campus, and various booths and banners were displayed. Even though I experienced this lively and energetic atmosphere that is unique to the club season three times, it was quite enjoyable.

And Vice President Maylin, in charge of overall management, once again declared that the ‘club fee’ would be divided based on thorough performance and personnel. Sophomores went out of their way to seduce freshmen.

-Join the dungeon research club!

-From the air racing club to the glory of winning awards!

The mutant club that Simon belongs to also prepared hard.

Fitzgerald, who was the club’s manager last year, handed over the position of club manager to Princess Molly. To put it bluntly, the third graders no longer had time to manage the club. So we prepared for the club season with Molly at the center.

Then today Toto made a suggestion.

“Simon, Fitz, the second years will take care of themselves, but shouldn’t we go and have a look at it at least once?”

“It’s good.”

The trio of 3rd year mutant club members, who were already feeling bad about leaving everything

to their juniors, and now they have become parents, walked leisurely towards the mutant club booth.


“Is this our booth?”

The mutant club booth was showing surprising popularity. It was a club with a strong tendency toward summoning, and even though it was an eccentric club, it was crowded with applicants.

“ah! Seniors!”

“Seniors are here!”

Even though the mutant second-year members were busy, they smiled brightly and clapped their hands when they saw Simon and his group. Fitzgerald strolled over and raised his glasses.

“I came to see if you were doing well.”

“Hello everyone!”

Fitzgerald gave advice about the banner, and Toto chatted and laughed with the second graders.

Simon was looking at the flyer.

‘Well done.’

Although it was a little embarrassing to see that it was written on the big screen that it was a club

affiliated with Simon Pollentia. She took one with the intention of showing it to Benya, who later graduated.

“Get the club flyer!”

A female student approached Simon and held out a leaflet. She turned around and saw Simon saying, ‘Huh?’ He made an expression like this.


When someone said this, Molly Dresden, the new club manager carrying a bag full of flyers, looked shocked and covered her mouth.

“Simon, student council president! You came! “It really helps me a lot!”

“Hi Molly. however….”

Simon sweatdropped and looked away.

“The outfit….”

The attire was ceremonial attire. A skirt shorter than a school uniform and a top that exposes the shoulders. He had something like a shiny sticker stuck on his cheek. On his head, he wore something

that looked like an ugly, crooked slime doll hat, and it seemed to symbolize a mutant.

Rather, is it okay to dress a princess like this who is said to make even flying birds fall? If it were

outside, the entire club would be executed for insulting the royal family. This could only happen in


“I imitated the passion of last year’s seniors and prepared thoroughly this year!”

Molly’s tension was quite high as she spoke with her fists clenched. Simon said with a slight smile.

“Isn’t it difficult?”

“It’s hard! I’m so happy! I’ve always practiced old-fashioned etiquette at the royal palace, but this is the first time I’ve felt this sense of freedom! Oh, are you a first year student? Would you like to take a leaflet? thank you! “Be sure to come for the interview!”


It seemed like school life was just what Molly was used to.

“Brother Simon!”

At that time, Sasha, wearing the same weird slime hat as Molly, ran up to me and hugged me by the waist. She turned to see Simon smiling.

“There you are, Sasha! “Are you feeling okay now?”


Molly’s forehead, as she watched, was stiff and tense.

“Sasha! How many times do I tell you not to call the student council president that? “It’s an order

from the manager!”

“It’s my heart!”

She stuck out her tongue and hugged Simon as if showing off. Molly’s face turned bright red.

However, as more and more first graders began to flock to the booth, the fight between the two soon ended. They immediately came out to the booth holding flyers.

“You’re a freshman, right? Would you please take the flyer? thank you! huh!”

“Write it. If you make eye contact, take it with you. “Is second grade funny?”

Although they have completely different personalities, the two girls representing the future of Keygen took the lead and promoted it by handing out flyers.

As a result, Simon and other third-year teachers naturally had nothing to do, so they sat far away at the back of the booth to avoid the blazing sunlight. Simon felt a little itchy.

“I feel sorry that we are the only ones resting.”

“I know.”

I wanted to help in some way. When Simon and Toto wanted to help, they picked up a few leaflets

from the stack and tried to hand them out, but the second graders ran out with a cold look on their faces and tried to stop them.

“Please sit down! “Please sit down!”

“Seniors, there is no need to do this! “We will do it!”

The second graders almost twisted their bodies and expressed their sincere apologies.

“We’re sorry that you seem unreliable! hey! run! Do it while running! “Seniors are trying to step forward!”

“Oh, no. “We were just trying to help.”

Simon and Toto looked into each other’s eyes.

‘I think getting out of the way helps.’

‘I know.’

Fitzgerald smiled and said something.

“There’s no need to take away second year’s work. “If we just wait a little longer, it will be our turn.”

As Fitzgerald said, there were indeed things third graders did during club season.

The competition to attract new students during the club season was fierce, and many fights broke

out near the booths, especially with the students at Noblesse, whose booth was nearby, raising their


“Why do you keep coming to our side!”

“Where is your side on our side of the school campus?”

During the fight, when the mutants’ momentum seemed to be losing ground, Fitzgerald, who was resting in the shade, slowly got up and approached.

Students wearing gold badges have absolute influence on campus. The stubborn students who had

been questioning Sasha, who was ranked first in their grade, immediately put their hands together and became polite when Fitzgerald appeared.

However, after a while, they also called the third grader, as if they had not been able to turn back after being treated like this.

“Come out to the person in charge of this booth!”

3rd grade is blocked by 3rd grade. Elisa from Ghost Fleet, who has been in the top 10 for two consecutive years, appeared in person. Her second graders, who called after her, were elated.

“Elisa, what’s going on?”

Simon, who was sitting at the mutation booth, stood up and waved.

Elisha’s face turned red and he said, ‘Ah, ah, it’s nothing!’ He shouted and ran away. In the middle

she said, ‘I didn’t tell you there was Simon Pollentia!’ And she even got angry at her juniors.

With the combination of the 2nd and 3rd years, the Mutant Club received the largest number of applicants since its establishment.

* * *

The club season is coming to an end safely. As soon as Simon finished his daily routine and returned to the summons department and dormitory, a new broadcast sound was heard.

-Simon Pollentia, student council president, please come to Professor Jane’s lab right away.

Jane’s call.

As expected, the student council president had no time to rest. She quickly draped her black coat over her shoulders and flew towards Jane’s lab.

Simon arrived in front of her lab in 10 minutes and knocked on the door with the back of his hand.

“Professor Jane, this is Simon.”

When the answer came back telling him to come in, Simon carefully opened the door and entered.

Jane was sitting in the same place as usual.

And a new person appeared next to him. Simon recognized who she was at a glance.

‘no way…!’

“Student President, please say hello.”

Jane spread her palm and pointed to the side.

“This is Tenerife Echeverria, commander of the 4th Corps.”

She looked back at Simon.

He is very tall, and stitch-like wounds can be seen here and there on his pale skin. The flowing dress made of spirits, the hair that looks like scattered fog that can be seen when you look up, and the

pearl-like eyes are impressive.

A person with both respect and fear. It was the ideal image of a female corps commander that people could think of.


Her mouth opened. I thought it would be a creepy voice that sounded like scraping metal, but what followed was a voice as sweet and soft as honey.

“I wanted to meet you once, Commander of the Army of Betrayal.”

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