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Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1087

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Episode 1087

Bahil Amagar, the icon and quintessential figure of modern necromancers.

He, who had never held a special lecture, suddenly opened a one-day special lecture.

This fact quickly spread throughout the school, and the response from students was explosive. Wherever I went, there was only talk of Bahil’s special lecture.

The topic came up when eating in the dormitory, during club activities, and even

during student council meetings that started in the student council room.

“Yop, here’s the person who will be taking Professor Bahil’s special lecture next week!”

In response to Dick’s question, everyone except Chiella, a first-year student, and Arthur, a second-year student, raised their hands.

Camivarez flapped his wings.

“As expected, Professor Bahill’s classes are very popular!”

“Hmph, of course I should listen.”

Meilin continued speaking, brushing her long light blue hair.

“Being able to take Professor Bahil’s class is one of the 329th’s greatest benefits.”

“that’s right! Meilin!”

Meilin smiled and looked at Simon.

“Simon applied too, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

A sinister or satisfied smile appeared on the lips of the surrounding student council members who heard the conversation. Meilin spoke to Simon first, which was a huge change since returning from her mission.

“Ah, I’m finally done with the awkward atmosphere between the two of you! It was


Maylin’s face heated up at Dick’s words thrown out of context.

“What, what! We used to be close! “Damn it!”

Camivarez and Chiella both covered their mouths and laughed, and Meilin said ‘Yaa!’ And she got angry, waving her arms. Dick giggled and imitated her cute moves, ending up hitting her hard on the back of the head with her couch pillow.

Even though they all got hit, they looked like it was cheap.

“Anyway, the number of people for the special lecture will be around 50, so the competition will be huge.”

Simon quickly changed the topic. Chiella, who was quietly listening to the stories of her seniors, asked.

“I also only heard about Bahil Amagar through rumors. “I heard he was a genius among geniuses, and I’m jealous that I get to take his classes.”

Dick flirted, pointing at himself with his thumb.

“Ah, while we’re at it, Chiella! “Did you know that when I was a freshman, Professor Bahil tried to make me his first direct student?”

“…Do you mean Senior Dick, Bahil Amagar?”

Chiella narrowed her eyes with a suspicious expression, and Meilin sighed and stroked the top of her head.

“Don’t believe it, Chiella. “There was just a mistake when trying to bring Simon in.”

“I knew so. So, from the perspective of a student who has taken classes for over two years, what kind of person is Bahil Amagar?”

Then, at the same time, the seniors rushed to answer.




While all kinds of stories were being told and people were laughing, Camivarez looked at Simon.

“What do you think Simon? “Out of all of us, you’re closest to Professor Bahil!”


Simon scratched his head.

-If you think that professors always give answers, it would be difficult to say that you, as an educator, have a positive influence on students.

While everyone’s eyes were shining, Simon answered calmly.

“Hmm, a great educator?”

“no way.”

“ha ha ha! “What’s not fun?”

* * *

Just like that, the weekend passed and it was a weekday.

Bahil Amagar’s special lecture has begun.

As everyone expected, the competition for course enrollment was enormous. According to rumors, almost all third-year students, except for a few who were on a mission, signed up for the special lecture.

In the end, as competition for special lectures exploded, Bahil’s lab imposed new


-Must have completed Professor Bahil Amagar’s lower education class during the second year.

-You must have your own special cursed item.

Even if the first condition was true, the second condition, which requires suddenly

possessing a cursed object, was difficult to meet. When this condition was met, the

number of applicants was drastically reduced, and the number of students was confirmed to be around 40.

Of course, since Simon had recently obtained ‘that item’, he was given the right to

board the teleportation magic circle to go to the special lecture location. Other than Simon, all student council members failed to take the course.

After some time, a letter containing the location and time of the teleportation magic circle was delivered, and Simon hurriedly headed there after finishing all of today’s classes.

Kizen teleportation magic circle on the southern mountain hill.

There, 40 students were chatting cheerfully.

“You brought the cursed item properly, right?”

“Oh, of course! “I contacted the family and said they brought it back with great difficulty.”

Simon also walked while listening to the stories of several students. Fortunately, he

had many familiar faces, and Fitzgerald and class president Jamie even came to say


“Students participating in Professor Bahil’s special lecture! “Please board the teleportation magic circle.”

At that moment, Chief Assistant Cheheckle appeared to lead the students.

One by one, the students walked to the teleportation magic circle for the special lecture. Soon all 40 people came up and the teleportation magic circle was activated.

It’s the now familiar feeling of floating with your feet floating. Simon closed his eyes and then slowly opened them after feeling his feet touch the ground.


The students, including Simon, opened their mouths at the spectacle unfolding before their eyes.

It was a dark night here, and there were many stars in the sky. And you can see a very huge baobab tree in front.

A night sky full of stars and a large tree standing tall.

There was a strange feeling. I didn’t feel like I was in reality, but rather like I was inside a dungeon or some strange unknown space.


Everyone’s eyes turned to the familiar voice that rang out.

Bahil, dressed in a neat and trendy white suit, was approaching from behind a tree, clapping his hands.

“To all third-year students who came to listen to my special lecture.”



The students cheered loudly. After taking off his hat and bowing gracefully, Bahil’s

pupils turned to one side.

It was in the direction where Simon was.

A slight smile appeared on Bahil’s lips, but he quickly wiped it away and walked away.

“ruler. So, shall we start by checking the supplies together? “I will take the time to

introduce in front of my classmates what kind of cursed item I brought.”

As it was a special lecture, the class was held in a informal and free atmosphere. The students stood in a circle around Bahil and took out cursed items one by one.

“It’s the dagger of the serial killer who caused an uproar in Langerstine, and it actually has a bleeding curse on it….”

“It’s a cursed cup! “If you add water here, it turns into poison!”

Starting with cursed artifacts, there were even cursed books, totems, and ancient items that were quite rare.

And now it’s student council president Simon’s turn. Everyone’s attention was focused.

‘hmm. It seems like things are going as Professor Bahil intended.’

Simon took out a sword from subspace.

“What is that?”

Bahil asked naturally.

“It’s a magic sword.”


The students burst out in exclamation. Some students immediately backed away from the magic sword.

“Are you going to handle the magic sword as well?”

“Aren’t you going to lose your eyes like Jules?”

“I guess they’re just storing it.”

Many stories were being exchanged among the students.

“It’s a magic sword, also called the king of curses. “It is the pinnacle of this field.”

Bahil clapped his hands. Then she turned her head and looked at the last student.

“Of course, it seems like there is one more person who is the highest peak.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to one side. The crowd split to the left and right, and Jules

was seen standing in the middle of it.

Simon was surprised.

‘Jules! ‘When did you come?’

I thought it was unexpected that Jules came. I also wondered why he, a magic sword user, needed these classes.

Anyway, the introduction of the cursed object is over. In front of a large baobab tree, in a space full of stars in the night sky, Bahil began his special lecture.

“Before I start the lecture, I would like to ask you one question.”

Bahil said, waving his hand.

“Are you cursed?”

The students looked among themselves with slightly embarrassed eyes. Some students scratched their heads or shrugged their shoulders.

“Probably not most. Living with a curse brings many difficulties in life. So how can

you who are not cursed deal with the curse?”


Bahil spread his palms and performed a simple curse spell called ‘Leg Down’. The

students laughed uproariously because it was just a memory curse for first graders that is rarely used anymore.

“Yes, it is. It is the power of pitch blackness, mana, and runes, magic letters. We are the lucky ones who are not cursed and can deal with it. How convenient and useful it is. “I would like to express my gratitude for the hard work of our predecessors.”

He lightly placed his hand on his chest and closed his eyes.

“But this is how the magicians in the closet who value constant evolution and efficiency felt. “For a person without a curse to use a curse is-”

Bahil’s eyes opened softly.

“It’s inefficient.”

no way.

Eh, a.

The students mumbled and rolled their eyes with worried expressions, but Bahil laughed.

“So I thought. I want to use stronger curses quickly, but I don’t want to avoid getting cursed. That dirty desire is the staircase to evolution. So the magicians finally started to look around.”

Bahil spread his arms.

“Can you feel it? “There is a curse hanging over ‘this place.’”

The students quickly came to their senses and looked around. It was the same for Simon, but he didn’t feel it.

“It’s actually natural for us humans not to feel. “The curse hanging here is a curse that hinders the reproduction of plants.”


Simon, who heard those words, belatedly observed his surroundings in detail.

There was nothing around except the big tree in front. The grass growing on the ground was also very short.

“Our brains think this curse ‘won’t harm’ us and filter it out so we can’t detect it. then.”

Bahil himself spread black magic formations in the air one after another. Even the

movements of his magic circle were elegant and full of dignity. Soon, the rune words in the magic circle flashed and disappeared as if melting into thin air.

“Let’s collect them so we can feel the curse.”


At that moment, intangible energy began to gather in Vahil’s hand, just as the surrounding wind gathered in. The students let out a short scream and stepped back. The jet black that had gathered in Bahil’s hand went somewhere else, and only its residue swirled in Bahil’s hand.

Bahil continuously moved his hands as if he was molding round bead-shaped pottery, gradually increasing its size. When he threw it into the air, which soon became

larger than Bahil’s body, it stretched out in two branches from the sky and hit the ground some distance away.



The students stepped back and covered their faces with their arms due to the pouring roar and wind. And Simon finally felt it.

The concentrated scent and energy of this place were flowing out, and this was the

curse placed on this area. As they gather in large quantities, even living things can

detect threats and feel this for the first time.

“It is not a curse created with rune words, but a technology that draws on and utilizes curses that have been given somewhere or that are spread throughout the region itself.”

He opened his palm.

“It’s called Noxietas, which is the core of this special lecture.”

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